Getting Through It On The Way To Getting Over It! | Kelly Russell | Skillshare

Getting Through It On The Way To Getting Over It!

Kelly Russell, Enlighten, Encourage, Empower!

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    • 2 Samuel 22 30 Going through it on the way to getting over it%21 Part I

    • 2 Samuel 22 30 Going through on the way to getting over it Part II


About This Class

We have all had those episodes in life where we get blindsided by the affects of poor decision-making, abuse, or the abrupt actions of others.

These things can stop us in our tracks and put our lives on hold - or in the most tragic cases cause lives to end.

This lesson targets the approach that King David took when traveling from the Cave into the Kingdom!

And through the spirit of such situations many of us have gone through in our own lives, we can know that going through it, is the road that leads us to getting over it!





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Kelly Russell

Enlighten, Encourage, Empower!

Over the course of the last five years Kelly Russell has committed his personal and professional life to capturing the hearts and minds of children, colleagues and communities!

Born and raised in the piedmont region of North Carolina, Kelly Russell is a trophy of God's amazing grace and a spirit-filled servant to the Savior who set him free on July 16, 2011. Saved from a twelve-year addiction to alcohol, the former special education teacher is now pursuing a full-time career in educat...

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