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Getting Things Done with Evernote

Tony Staunton, Reading, writing and teaching.

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15 Videos (44m)
    • An introduction to this course

    • What Is GTD

    • Setting up your notebooks in Evernote

    • Adding content to your notebooks

    • Moving Items And Context

    • Creating an Inbox

    • Emailing To Evernote

    • Adding Reminders To Evernote

    • Adding A Completed Notebook To Evernote

    • Actionable Email With Evernote

    • Getting Your Inbox to Zero

    • Your Calendar

    • Filing In Evernote

    • Your Weekly Review

    • Thank You


About This Class

This course is about showing you how to set up Evernote using the Getting Things Done System.

I used to think of Evernote as a tool for storing reference material, documents etc. But having read Getting Things Done by David Allen and searching around for a tool to implement the GTD system I’ve found Evernote to be very useful for managing actionable items as well.

This course will show you how to configure and populate Evernote for your project lists and plans, next action lists and reference material.

For those of you who are new to Evernote this course is an excellent starting point for you to start your GTD journey. If you already use Evernote, then this course will serve as an opportunity to fine-tune or simplify your current system.

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Very helpful, this will help anyone that wants to start using Evernote
I loved "Getting Things Done". This set up is simple,fast, and true to that philosophy.





Tony Staunton

Reading, writing and teaching.

Hi! I'm Tony. I love to read, write and teach and you could definitely call me a bit of geek. I love all things to do with programming, productivity, books and the internet.

Previously I have run my own software business and won several awards from, most innovative startup to best product. After finding out the hard way just how stressful growing a startup into a business can be I have researched all things to do with productivity and I love helping other become more productive and avo...

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