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Getting Success on Instagram as an Artist

Banashree Das, Digital illustrator

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12 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Let’s get drawing

    • 4. Setting up an effective profile

    • 5. How to get best picture quality for Instagram

    • 6. How to caption your post

    • 7. How to use hashtags effectively

    • 8. How to Use Analytics

    • 9. When and How often to Post

    • 10. How to Get More Engagement

    • 11. Bonus (Tips for better engagement)

    • 12. Tackling Criticism

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About This Class

Welcome to Get Success on Instagram as an Artist

When I first set up my Instagram account in 2018, I never actually thought of growing my followings, but after posting some of my art for few months I decided to take it seriously, because compared to Facebook and Twitter I was doing far better on Instagram and more importantly I actually felt connected with my followers. 

Now over the 2 years my audience have been grown to more than 50,000, and in this class I am going to share whatever I have learned throughout these years about getting success on Instagram 

You Will Learn:

  • How to Create an Effective Profile 
  • Let’s Get Drawing an Decide Which Artworks  to Post 
  • How to Get Best Picture Quality for Instagram 
  • How to Caption Your Post
  • How to Use Hashtags
  • How to Use Analytics
  • When and How often to Post
  • How to Get More Engagement (with bonus)
  • Tackling Criticism 

This class is for everyone who wants to use Instagram or is already using Instagram to share their art and want to get success.

I truly believe if you put some effort and follow all the steps I share  in this class consistently you will start seeing results very soon.

See you in the class !!!

I am going to feature each and every artist on my Instagram story who completes the Assignment for this class !


1. Introduction : Hello, everyone. Welcome to my class. Getting success on Instagram as an artist. When I first set out my INSTAGRAM account in 1080 I never actually taught up growing my father weeks. But after posting my art for a few months, I decided to take it seriously because compared to please book and to dirt, I was doing far better on Instagram and more importantly, I actually felt connected with my followers. Over the two years, my audience have grown to more than 50 thousands and in this class I'm going to share everything. I have learned about getting success on Instagram. So throughout this class you will learn how to create an affective profile for Instagram. Then I will tell you how to make enough drawings to post every day next, how to get best picture quality for Instagram after death. I will tell you how to caption your post, then how to use plastics. Next, I will show you how to use analytics After death, I will talk about friend and how often deposed. Then how to get more engagement along with some bonus steps for better engagement and finally, how to take a criticism, which is probably one of the biggest fears off a lot of beginner artists. I will tell you how I deal with criticism and how we use it to improve my art. So this glasses for everyone who wants to use Instagram or is already using Instagram to share their art and with the grow their community. By joining this talent, you will be able to apply the steps I have shared in this class, which will help you understand Instagram's process better and how the small steps can help you broaden your community. So have patients and stay persistent. I cannot guarantee you, but I really believe that if you put some effort and follow all the steps consistently, you will see a difference Super excited to share the steps with you. Hope you guys are excited to now let's dive. 2. Class Project : for your class project. All you have to do is join the two week challenge and learn how the simple practices I have shared in this class can help you grow on instagram and have fun. So first real on instagram account. If you don't have one yet, then decide an exact date to start the challenge. Next, take a screenshot of your followers count or noted down for future reference the day you start the challenge, Then follow the steps as sure throughout the class. And once you have shared your first post on instagram, submit the same artwork with caption and has text to your class project. At the end of the challenge, take a look at the outcome and compared your new followers. Count with the number of followers you had when you got started. The last thing you need to do is check individual post insights and at artwork to your glass project that has gained the highest engagement and, if possible, include the caption and has takes as well. I have uploaded a class project for your reference. Feel free to take a look if required, also include your instagram using name so that others can visit your page or follow you if they like. If you have in equations are doubts or need more dips, make sure to let me know in the discussion. I would be happy to help. I will be featuring all the artists who submit their assignments, so make sure to submit your projects, forfeit big and to get featured on my story. 3. Let’s get drawing: you will be needing enough artworks to post regularly for the next 14 days after joining the challenge. So the first thing you can do is to draw one artwork every day throughout the challenge, which will help you improve your art as well for draw more than one when you can. If you happen to have enough free time, try to meet as many drawings as possible. But don't need to put yourself too, huh? Just make sure you pay more attention to the quality of your work because quality is always better than quantity. Focus on improving more than the number of artworks you were creating. And if you don't have enough time to draw, this is the perfect time to share an old artwork you really like. Secondly, you don't need finished pieces for each and every post, so you can confidently share your riot images or videos as well. But maintain a get off 23 days between your wire proposed and finished drawing pools. Otherwise, your audience might get annoyed or lose interest if they keep seeing post better identical several times in a row, so it's always better. Do maintain again 4. Setting up an effective profile : when setting up their INSTAGRAM account, you need to make sure your profile represents who you are properly, and the first thing you can do is to choose the right using him. Actually, it's quite hard to find a unique use the name on instagram, but you can always try to make it relatable to your knees, so death people know that your account is relevant. Toe art. You can also include your instagram name. Do your user name. That way, it would be easier for people who know you find you true. The search bar, However, if it's already taken by some other user, do not add any strange or hard to remember characters or words. He was only simple characters, if you must. I don't really consider my use name to be an ideal one as it's needed related toe are or to my name. Actually, I didn't know that choosing the right use the name Medicis to when I got started on Instagram. But as it's quite simple and easy to remember, I believe it's not a bad one either. Next it was the website field to link your website or other shows, a media to add multiple websites. You can offer tools likely entry or sore. Be then complete your bio in the bio section. Include who you are, what you do, and, if you like, you can include your aspirations as well. Also had a clear call to action, like visiting your website, following you on other source of media or literally anything you want your followers or believers to do when they're visiting your profile. I have mentioned to email me for commission. Next, add your contact details. If you are planning on taking commissions and would like to get emails or calls from clients, then you can add your email and phone number. Lastly, upload a profile picture for your profile. Use an ordinary artwork or use your real photo. You can either use a new photo or imported from Facebook completely. Avoid using others artwork at any cost, because that might make your account look on original. Then set your profile privacy to public and to make it public that the tree dash Aiken on top right of your profile. Then select settings next privacy and then account privacy and the off private account. If it was said to private earlier, if you keep your profile private on your folders would be able to see what you're posting and without seeing what you were posting. It's very unlikely that someone will follow you, so it's a must tow. Have your profile, Privacy said to public, If you want to reach a bigger audience, once you are done setting up your profile, you were ready to take the next step. 5. How to get best picture quality for Instagram : Instagram supports to aspect ratio, and they are 1.91 by one and four by five. So to get the best for the quality, the height of your image needs to be between 566 pixels and 1350 pictures with a writ off 100 pixels. But if the aspect ratio of your photo isn't supported, that is, it has either lower or higher resolution. The picture will be Croft or enlarge to fit the supported ratio. Therefore, it's always a better choice to addict your photo to fit the supported aspect ratio, then losing quality. 6. How to caption your post : captioning. Your post is probably the best way to get connected with your followers. It has the ability to add even more context to your post and a perfect way to receive better engagement. To be honest, I am not very good at writing captions myself. But after trying a few different approaches, I have noticed that you can do a few simple things to make your captions more engaging. And the first thing you can do is to ask a question to your audience. Most of the time I ask anything I find interesting and trust me, it's really fun. It is also a great way to know your followers interest better. Here. You can see I posted time lives, often artwork I posted earlier, but this time with a different question. I asked them the meaning off their names, and it performed pretty well. Also, feel free to ask your followers about their birthdays or their countries or any other similar type of questions because people love to answer this type of questions. You can also set about an experience you had or talk about hobbies, or maybe something related to the drawing you were posting when you share your personal experiences. It brings you closer to your audience, and they feel more connected. Another way to get engaged is to ask for help with your art for asked. Forfeit Big. I often end up making two versions of the same drawing, and when this happens, I posed four versions and asked a few hours to commend the one they prefer. Here is another one. I made a comparision off my own art from two different years and asked which one they like more. I think the Styx proposed do better because people love to help course it makes us feel good. And secondly, choosing between two options is actually kind of exciting. 7. How to use hashtags effectively : another way to get in front of the right audience is to use has sticks. When used properly, they can be extremely helpful. You can add the has sticks to your caption or post them as a comment right after you post your artwork and the post will be visible on the corresponding has stepped page. For example, let's say you were using the hair step eugenic drome, IOC. If someone searches for the tastic, it's very likely that they will come across your foes, Uh, as now be Book and follow has takes two. It's even more easier to get found through Hess Tex. And if someone is following the has stick you have used in your post, it might appear in their feet event if you are not for each other, for instance, here you've been see this poster bearing in my feet because I'm falling. The hysterics they're using Instagram allows you to use up to 30 plastics, but you don't necessarily have to use them on. It. Looks kind of spending. I used within 25 mostly, but feel free to do some experiment and find out which number works best for you. When searching for hysterics to use. Make sure you use only those has techs that are relevant to your news that is art, or you can narrow it down to illustrations or traditional art or digital art as well, whichever should your account best you can also add, Has Tex related to the materials you use for your art, or maybe something related to the drawing you were posting? Don't use those has text that already have millions. Stop post. If you do so, using her sticks might not be very effective. And if you don't know how to take the number of post ahead, Stick has just take a look at the number mentioned right underneath the hashtag 20. You type it in the search bar or comments or while writing your capture. Now let me tell you why you should not use the creaminess or commonly used test. It's suppose you were using the has stepped out. Changes are few seconds, or maybe a few minutes later, your post will get buried by some new are well performed. Forced who have also used the same has stayed. It's because people are using it very often. So unless you have a huge following on your content is great. Amazing. It won't perform well under death. Heston therefore, if you just started your account or have a few hundreds off bowlers used, has tex that have 102,000 or 2000 and increased that amount gradually as you grow your followings. If your post performs very well and instagrams algorithm is in your favor, there's a chance that your post might appear and explore bridge, which means more engagement. So keep that in mind next time you post your art on instagram. But do not get frustrated if it doesn't work from the very first time. It took me months to find listings out. So take your time, be consistent and have patience. 8. How to Use Analytics: to see the analytics. Your account must be a professional account. That is, it needs to have a business or creator profile as we are. All are just here. Creator profile would be more suitable to cedar insights. Start by stepping on the menu icons at the top right corner of your instagram profile and then click on the Inside step, which will open the analytics for your profile. Here, you can see an overview of all the post ordered by the number of times they were seen and all your stories ordered by when they were posted in activity. You can get a detailed insight off dimension timeframe. Here in directions is the number of actions taken on your account, and you will be able to see the number of times your profile. Waas viewed the number of steps on the weak side in your profile and the number of times here in mirrors. Next reach is the number off unique accounts that have seen in your pure boost. Then impressions is the number of times your posts have been seen during the time frame, and lastly, the audience section is all about your audience, where he will be able to exist More details about your audience in top locations, you can see the places where most of their followers are from. Then you can see age and gender distribution of their followers, says, Really, the our option under followers. So is the every time when your followers are active on instagram, and in the days option, you can see the days off the week your followers are most active next to see the inside of an individual post the step you insight here, along with the numbers off likes and comments, you can also see the number of times or post has been sent to someone and how many times it has been saved when checking opposed inside. If you don't know what the terms mean simply the information symbol next to that I don't and it will show you what exactly dami 9. When and How often to Post: you can post 123 times a day for better engagement. Do not make the post to similar. If you decide on posting more than once, my recommendation for you is to post one time a day and post at your big our that ISS. When most of your followers are active, that rate you don't have to push yourself too hard. You can take your insights to know the time when most of your followers are online and make sure the post at that time every day. 10. How to Get More Engagement: one way to get better engagement is to use captions effectively, which they have already covered in one of the previous videos. So in this lesson, I'm going to share a few other ways to receive better engagement. There's the same that you only get what do you give? And I have realized it's applicable to everything in life, even to instagram. So if you wish to get better engagement, give the same away. When you really like something posted by someone, give it a life comment and sheriffs. You can also follow them if you find their content inspiring or with to say, similar contents in future. When you receive a comment on your post, make sure to like and replied to it. I consider not replying to comments when you can is actually Drood, especially when someone is complimenting your art. They took the time to write something nice and not responding to it just doesn't seem right . If you are following me on instagram, you probably already knew I dried ripped I as much as possible. The next thing you should do is reply to messages when possible. Another way to get engaged with their followers is to use stories, you can update about your daily post on story and ask your audience to check out. Here is how I proposed to instagram stories. First, you can start with writing little something about your boast and then at a step here or new post give to make it easier for your followers to take a look at your new post. Come, you can use up to 10 has takes on instagram story. So, too, is the ones that of illegible. But you were posting. You can add. One has stick a sticker and the rest can be added. Has text. I always use a border for the caption so I can hide the has sticks behind it to bring the text in front. You just need to place the hasse takes over text and just step the caption next. And lastly, you can also use a sticker tow. Have the image if you like. So death. The fevers have to take a look at the post to see the full image. Also, Instagram, let's you add a direct link to your story when you have 10,000 or more followers Next. As I mentioned earlier, make sure to post at your peak hour every day and always stay away from promoting yourself on a disposed, because it will only make you look desperate. And it's very unlikely that someone will follow you just because you asked them to, at least not unless they're really like what you were posting. Therefore, if you want to build a good following, this is definitely not the way to go. And by good following, I mean an audience who actually love your works, and they're not following you only get a follow back. So instead of asking others to follow, you get engaged with people in your niche and you will get much better results. When you have finally done it all, just relax and have patients. Don't expect to see results battery. I suggest you spend 10 to 15 minutes during the steps and be consistent, and not just for 14 days. You need to continue this if you want to keep growing on instagram, but don't be too ensures or keep checking your instagram every minute. It will only drain your energy instead, dressed the process and stay positive. Give yourself a little break from Instagram and enjoy your life 11. Bonus (Tips for better engagement): in this video, I'm going to share a few other ways. You can try to speed up your growth on Instagram. They will help you to get noticed by other artists and also might lead you to get discovered by a whole new audience. The first thing you can do is follow trends. For instance, you can draw and post something based on a trending topic. Suggest an illustration based on a trending song or maybe a show. People tend to get engaged in this kind of content because they can relate to it. You can also try different trends that are mostly popular among artists like an artist. Support both, or maybe an ad versus artist boost or anything similar. Next thing you can do is to join in our talents or start with. For example, you can join draw this in your style talents, which is trending almost all the time and artist community. You can also join other our challenges like in Tober and Mommy. Furthermore, you can start a drawing challenge yourself Nike, one throwing a Day challenge or enitem improvement, Allen's or literally anything you might enjoy drawing or want to improve. Also, ask others are days to join in if they want. But make sure to meet the challenge for a shorter time, period advised. You might end up losing all your enthusiasm after few days. However, it's totally up to you if you are determined to complete it. Regardless, off the time frame, you were good to go. Next thing you can do is to collaborate with other artists and to do so before artist who has the same or close to the number off bolivars as you. That way it will benefit you boot. For all the artist you were collaborating with, make sure to clearly mention that it is a collaboration post along with the using names off your partners. Another thing you can do is to host a giveaway and make it mandatory to follow. Some routes like to enter the keep away. One must become a fall over, and they have to take two or more rounds who might be interested. You can also ask them to share it on their story, are in their feet. So more p book and know about the giveaway. And lastly, if you were fine with spending some money, you can use Instagram promotions. I don't use it quite often, but it's easy to use and does help when you want to attract an audience with specific interest or from a specific location. From my experience, I don't think you necessarily need to use INSTAGRAM promotions to get success on Instagram . However, if you decide to use it and not your house, just check their help center for the state by step guide. 12. Tackling Criticism : facing criticism is probably one of the common things most artists have to struggle with. Many things there are does not good enough to share, and a lot of beginner artist are not comfortable sewing their works to others, fearing criticism. But most of us don't realize that criticism can be used as a door for improvement if taken the right way instead of trying to avoid it. When I got started on Instagram, it was pretty hard for me to place this kind of comments. There were times when I feel like giving up, but throughout this year's, I have learned how to use it for my own good. So now let me tell you how to deal with criticism in a positive way and grow from it. Criticism can be either constructive or destructive, and to use it in our own favor, we need to understand which one we're dealing with. First of all, when you receive an unpleasant comment or someone is criticising your art, do not take it personally or dried or defend yourself. But I believe the first thing you should do is calm yourself and never respond to this kind of governments out of anger or sadness. You need to take the time to think before responding, even though you do not like it sometimes, but they're saying might actually be right and could be a way to improvement. That is, you can count it as a constructive criticism. So first figured it out by observing your artwork carefully when keeping their words in mind and Jake, other governments as well. If there is just one particular comment, you should probably ignore it because there is no way you can satisfy each one of your audience and you don't have to. But if receiving the same feedback from many 10 pay attention to it because it might be something you need to work on to get better. On the other hand, when you receive a comment with only hit words or makes you feel like you were not good enough, do not respond to it as it's clearly a destructive criticism. Responding to it would be a waste of time. So my final advice for you is forget about those who try to fill a DiLeo between poor to those who show you your mistakes and sharing for those who love your art and all they support you. Most importantly, always keep drawing for yourself. I really hope you found this class help from simply to ask if you have any questions for me .