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Getting Started with analog photography

Baptiste Plichon, Analog photographer

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5 Videos (11m)
    • Introduction

    • Why go analog in 2018 ?

    • Getting a camera

    • Choosing your first film

    • How to get REALLY started


About This Class

My name is Baptiste, and i'm a french analog photographer. I learned to shoot with film for a couple of years.

This class is about shooting with film, when you have no experience with analog gear.

I will give you some tips to get your first film camera, choose your first film, and load it without making any mistakes.

This course teaches you the basic, but i plan to make it more complexe with time.






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Baptiste Plichon

Analog photographer

Hi everyone, 

I'm a pro photographer from France. I learned photography by myself a few years ago, and started shooting film about two years ago. 

I still shoot digital for my clients, but i try to include analog photography in every work i'm doing ; editorials, wedding...

Trying to succed in freelance photography is not easy, and i believe it's easier if ou can find "your thing".

Film Photography is my thing.


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