Getting Started with WordPress - Up and Running in No Time | Andrew Walton | Skillshare

Getting Started with WordPress - Up and Running in No Time

Andrew Walton, Designer & Wildfire Solutions Co-Founder

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12 Videos (1h 35m)
    • Part 1 - Introduction

    • Part 2 - Installing WordPress

    • Part 3 - The Dashboard

    • Part 4 - Basic Settings

    • Part 5 - Understanding Themes

    • Part 6 - Using the Customizer

    • Part 7 - Editing Pages

    • Part 8 - Posts, Categories, Tags and Usernames

    • Part 9 - Widgets and Plugins

    • Part 10 - Menus

    • Part 11 - Looking Ahead

    • Part 12 - Time to Dive In!


About This Class


It's your website - it should represent you! If you're new to website customization though, it can feel a bit daunting to get started. Never fear - I'm here for you. 

In this quickstart class you'll learn the basics to making your WordPress site your own. Along the way, I'll show you some tips and tricks learned over years of professional web development. Build upon core WordPress themes and add your own styling to make your site unique. Extend your learning with examples and suggested plugins to take your new site to the next level. 

You don't need any real experience with WordPress to take this class - I'll take you from a blank setup to unique look and feel. Learn at your own speed and ask questions in the community area for help. Complete the project and walk away with your site customized to match your style. 

This class will prepare you to take the follow-up "Quickstart WordPress Custom Child Theme" class, preparing you to take even more control over your custom theme. 





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Andrew Walton

Designer & Wildfire Solutions Co-Founder

Andrew is an experienced communications manager and creative team lead with experience at top-tier, established and growing schools alike. A licensed teacher from New Brunswick, Canada, Andrew's background is in international education and multimedia communications.

Andrew has lived in Asia for over eight years, spending two years in South Korea, and six in China. In 2012, Andrew joined the internationally-known Western Academy of Beijing (WAB) and served as the PR & Communications Man...

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