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Gary Vaynerchuk, Wine Guru and CEO, Vaynermedia

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10 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Assignment

    • 3. Wine Primer

    • 4. Tasting Notes and FAQs

    • 5. Sparkling Wine

    • 6. White Wine

    • 7. Red Wine

    • 8. Shopping

    • 9. Closing

    • 10. Hungry for More?

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Project Description

Pop a new bottle and write some tasting notes.


Your assignment is to write tasting notes for a wine you're trying for the very first time. Don't overcomplicate this. Tasting notes are simply your discoveries as you LOOK, SMELL, and TASTE wine. Be brave, and be honest.

New to this? Ask yourself those basic questions.

  • What color do you see? Is it light, dark, or golden?
  • What scent do you smell? Wet newspaper? Fruit?
  • What flavors do you taste? Fruit, chalk, butter, vanilla, dill, rocks, racquetballs . . . ?
  • Bonus: Are you picking up your own memories? A favorite childhood candy?

This is a creative venture that you all should take. In just 10-20 minutes, you'll set yourself on a journey to truly enjoy, know, and love wine. Remember: When I'm looking through the gallery, I'll be looking for honesty. Do not let the "seriousness" of wine take away from its pleasure.



Don't overcomplicate it. Tasting notes can be very simple. In your Project Workspace, post:

  • The name of the wine
  • What you taste (and see and smell)
  • Totally Optional: Any other creative visuals (photos, drawings, video)



The way I see it, you can use any wine for this assignment. Here are 3 options to get you started.


. . . Go Rogue. Try any wine. Seriously. Just make it one you've never tried before.

. . . Wine Library Skillshare Taste Along Kit. To try the prosecco, sancerre, and cabernet sauvignon from the lessons, we've put together an exclusive bundle for Skillshare students via the Wine Library, with all 3 wines available for $39.99 (retail value $60). Purchase the bundle here.

. . . Go Local. Here are alternatives you might ask for at your local wine shop.



Gary Vaynerchuk Skillshare Wine Taste Along Kit (via Wine Library)

WineLibrary TV (on YouTube)

Jancis Robinson - esteemed British wine critic, journalist, and editor of wine literature

Robert Parker - arguably the most influential wine critic in the world

Wine Spectator - 315,000+ expert wine ratings (including full reviews, tasting notes, and more)

@WineDeals (on Instagram) - plus, explore hashtags like #wine, #pinotnoir, and #cabernet