Getting Started with Sketch: Design a Beautiful Profile Card | Christian Krammer | Skillshare

Getting Started with Sketch: Design a Beautiful Profile Card

Christian Krammer, Web-designer and Sketch app pro

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10 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Class Project

    • 3. What is Sketch?

    • 4. Setup of the Card

    • 5. Add the Basic Shapes

    • 6. Create and Style the Text

    • 7. Build Some Icons

    • 8. Complete the Remaining Elements

    • 9. Export Your Card

    • 10. Final Thoughts


About This Class


Do you still design your website or app the old way in Photoshop? Do you want to know a better way to create UIs? Time to start something new and dive into Sketch App, the best tool to design great-looking interfaces and icons. Sketch is fast, light-weight and easy to learn and just costs a fraction of Adobe's pendant. In this class web-designer Christian Krammer will create a Twitter Profile Card and show you everything you need to know about Sketch.

Christian has shared his knowledge about the app for the last two years on Be sure to have a look at his site and follow him on Twitter @SketchTips.

If you want to learn even more about Sketch check out my new advanced Sketch course Master Sketch and Design an Amazing App.

Who is this class for?

Everybody who wants to be better at Sketch or just wants to find out what it's all about. It's great if you have some designs skills or already know your way around the app, but if not you are also ready to go as Christian will teach you everything you need to know.

What will you learn?

  • What is Sketch?
  • Basics of Sketch, layout of the app
  • Artboards and shapes
  • How to use masks
  • Add and style text
  • Build some icons
  • Learn some shortcuts to be more efficient
  • Shadows and gradients
  • How to export your icons and card

For some inspiration visit and have a look at Twitter cards that other people already have build there.