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Getting Started with Sketch: Design a Beautiful Profile Card

teacher avatar Christian Krammer, Web-designer and Sketch app pro

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Class Project

    • 3. What is Sketch?

    • 4. Setup of the Card

    • 5. Add the Basic Shapes

    • 6. Create and Style the Text

    • 7. Build Some Icons

    • 8. Complete the Remaining Elements

    • 9. Export Your Card

    • 10. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


Do you still design your website or app the old way in Photoshop? Do you want to know a better way to create UIs? Time to start something new and dive into Sketch App, the best tool to design great-looking interfaces and icons. Sketch is fast, light-weight and easy to learn and just costs a fraction of Adobe's pendant. In this class web-designer Christian Krammer will create a Twitter Profile Card and show you everything you need to know about Sketch.

Christian has shared his knowledge about the app for the last two years on Be sure to have a look at his site and follow him on Twitter @SketchTips.

If you want to learn even more about Sketch check out my new advanced Sketch course Master Sketch and Design an Amazing App.

Who is this class for?

Everybody who wants to be better at Sketch or just wants to find out what it's all about. It's great if you have some designs skills or already know your way around the app, but if not you are also ready to go as Christian will teach you everything you need to know.

What will you learn?

  • What is Sketch?
  • Basics of Sketch, layout of the app
  • Artboards and shapes
  • How to use masks
  • Add and style text
  • Build some icons
  • Learn some shortcuts to be more efficient
  • Shadows and gradients
  • How to export your icons and card

For some inspiration visit and have a look at Twitter cards that other people already have build there.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Christian Krammer

Web-designer and Sketch app pro


Christian Krammer is a web-designer from Austria, who lives there with his wife and 9-years old son. He loves to do sports and watch a good movie.

He is now a web-designer for almost two decades and has participated in countless web projects since then, mostly on large-scale corporate projects.

For a large part of his career he used Phtoshop to design everything he build, but as soon as he got a Mac he switched over to Sketch App and loves it ever since. He publishes great tips about the app for over two years now on and tweets everything Sketch on Twitter. He loves to answer questions about Sketch and to help you to become a better user of the app, so either ping him on Twitter or ask a question on

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1. Introduction: I am sitting Kama represent from Austria, live there with my wife in the nine years or in this class, we will design a beautiful Twitter profile card, which boys so X as a class project. I would show you how to create the card from start to end. Easy tips for the last two years of Shipman knowledge. It's catch Tipster Info introduced countless tips to bring out the best of PM who is cast for everybody who wants to be paid its catch. Just wants to get started to decide. It's great if you have some Descents. Kids have already know your way around, but if not, there is a ready to go. As a teacher, every single need to know what what is. Catch a failure, but it's basics in the layer of there. Are you can it, but shapes what? Amazed how to use them. Some text in standing. We'll always have the basic gets together everything. Some shortcuts to be more efficient are you can achieve those ingredients family, how you can export it. I would love to welcome us a student of Mackerras, and I'm really looking forward to your own booth next three day with William, or particular project in its different man stones to usedto 2. The Class Project: I and welcome back. I'm so excited. It's trying to scale. Jackass departs kitsch in this video. Italian More about a class project that, with a profound card, make it easy for you to for low and post young work exploded Ability, friend milestones with dedicated video. The first, really will be about to set up off the cart. Its background. The overlay as the blur of the cart in the second video with daily about the basic shapes off the card, the wreck banging the search for the hour, the image and the mask, the syrup video. It's all a part text, or you can add it, how you can style it and both out of things I need to know about textiles. Catch in the fourth reader. We will descend before I come together, and in the fifth video, we let the remaining elements that button the separation line, the shadows and everything as you can either use your own Tate or come up with a virtual press like I did. If you need to music photos, you can get them from random used of me. It was a big ground to visit and splashed it. Come, there's always a plaintiff. Inspiration for the card tripper, if you remember there at laugh you to post their finished design in the next three days until your parts catch its most important features and the late off the Web by. 3. What is Sketch?: after showing the destruction Twitter card in the last Really er that's focuses. Cage now sketches and make on the your I design a proper human coding intoxicated on the APP store for 99 years. Torso, euros. But there's always a fully functioning private version of a leper. If you haven't bought it yet, I recommend you to tone goatee trad version for the course sketches, fast, light, weight and easy to use. It is a vector based, which means you can to or the way into your documents. Everything is still shop, but it still has a pixel note, which shows you how everything off you two signs will look like in the browser are when you export your assets. You can separate any sense, either in different outputs, which means one output for each sign on layout, but also in the different pages, which means a different section for every part. What you're saying like this in this one, it's very easy to export a citizen's catch. You can define different presets said to different resolutions like one x two x three x you can set different are fixes and finally, different file types like P and G J Predictive, BF GPS and SVG review your dissents on different devices. There are various options available. He does catch Mira, which allows you to review realty science on an IRS device. Oh, uh, in the latest better, it's possible to preview your the science right in the problem where you have or off your outputs and over a few, and you can click on the different outputs. Okay, The big of you, if you are not only descent, but boys need to co dirty science sketch makes it very easy for you to get the properties off. Get a science into the coordinator. You can kick read on each layer. Select Co PC says attributes. Go to your coat editor in paste or the different properties there. Yes, of inspiration of a liberal sketch. But if you need to be educated with it, develop it that works. And windows they're playing till for is to provide to the science to her like a barcode to come. Oh, separate Tateo. Most have free travel versions. Check them out Now I want to keep in a wolf. You off the layers, catch on top of the toolbar icons for the most used functions and catch. It's always a positive for to customize toolbar and set your own icons, which are displayed there on the left. Italy is list we chose only differently is a fillet out? It can be audio layers. There you can lock them impulsive anymore to move them around the accident. You can hide them here, and it's always a possible for toe Kubilius into different groups so that you can move around all of them by ones, and not only different parts of it. On the right side, you have to inspect off sketch. We chose the properties Ophelia's. For example. If it's like the rectangle, we can see its exposition. It's via position. It's why it's and it's high it. Input fields can also be used to change the properties off your layers. For example, it's exposition. It's my position. It's what and its height since May, the medical operations can be wasting this input fields you can add 20 picks is subject founded pixels or much placate Beto, for example. The inspector can also be used to change other properties off your layer. It takes time for people of the radios, your capacity, the car. Love to feel grant queen ready border, for example, a red one changing sickness or when you peer late, the straight off the card. And lastly, we have two main product sketch. The cancerous sent its infinite. You can use order really per space for it is signed. In our case, we have fused so called outputs to show the different steps off the descent. But the main usage of outputs is to show the area screens off your website. Or you can also use output to show variations of phone screens, decided rather to the Tikkun decide with 20 spanner in an extremely would finally start with the design of pickles, poor tricked, namely its background and the set up off the couch. 4. Setup of the Card: Okay, So good to see you again. I hope you are s ex edited Me Finally started. City, sign off the class project after we have added a new document. Now, with my new or comment and the key, but will lead an output and our but X like a minute document between your mains catch document. It had some restraints to it and also makes it easier later to export data science. So we can know it is elect inside, but or press in the keeper. You know, as you can see, sketches already some re defense as it's here. Like, for example, for the F antics or for areas econs wasn't paper says it's like a four or a five, but for the moment we will let a custom. But now, so drink directing here It doesn't matter how big a dissident moment. Now let's change the properties, rename it first tree to cut, then said deposition to 00 and says to 800 a 600. The reason they have chosen serious student for the output position is if it had some other outputs later and have a bit different origin, and they can align every sing nicely the size of the out, but they said to 800 for 600 because I want to late export. They hold to sign the Draper knowledge into the paper image. I've already corporate it so they can incident now is come and be Now let's zoom out a little bit, his command minus You can tell me and again with Command Plus and this is the first thing that you may notice since catch. If you move some things around, you get automatic alignment guides so you can easier land stuff. Get up left to department, right Descente. Now let's bear the image. But first we need to resize it. Just answer Pleven back a little bit here a little bit. Here. You quit the department red to see another part of damage. Then we selected player richest court course in play here, licked it and toned amount of little pit down to five pixels. The data player is not too intense is now that we're finished with. The frequent image will take care of two colored overlay, so the first thing we'll do is to make erecting either pass, electing insert shape Rex finger over bracing are on the key, but so they are directing your door now. So let's go from the top left off the output to the port in Red Joe erecting or the way down. It doesn't make it a moment that we don't see the picture anymore. We will take here parties later. The first thing is to make the actual radiant, as you can see. You know, we now have a fill with a different Karloff gray. I'm sketching, allows toe have different after feels first things. It's solid field. Next thing is a linear radiant. As you can see here, we can have a radio Creon. We can have an angler and garlic radiant associates round. We can have a bedridden, and finally we can have a noise feel. But for the moment, we will make clinic radiant. So were selected here, and as you can see, we have to. Carlos, did you give the start, Carla in the end. Carla. So since we don't want the creating that runs from, let's created Dockery, who will select the Carlos that we need for their radiant. So I will Kobe it from another document I have prepared first, let's take the first Carla Co p it Come on, see convicted the other project and now select to fill again. Select the first color stop and into the Carla. It's still the same Mr Nix. There. Concarneau up, convicted the other project again. Select a second corner copacetic in it. A color overlay depicted in a project and select the second color stop either here on the canvas or here on the Carl Overly. So let's see the next color stop. And now we have the sad radiant, but they don't want it to run from the top to deport him. But today, from the top, left to bottom. Right, So we selected first color stop and drag it the top left. As you can see, we already have. We have toe the, uh okay, it's again this march. Goods we reach snap automatic Carlito, the edge of the off the output. So, as you can see the great entrance name from the top left, it puts bread and runs from green to blue s a sad, but we still don't see the background image anymore. So we will change the opacity. As you can see here. This is later which allows us to change capacity from 0 100% and everything in between we can also employed. Keep what? For this. I am special there in the miracle keys, so will have and a pass ity off 10%. You can respond toe 345 and so on. 400% you have to press zero. But at the moment, let's take apart 50% that which looks pretty good. And no, we can or so see the beckoned image again. I want to tell you more about the Carl overlay in sketch now. So if he's elected creating again and call it a friend Carla, then about from dragging this circle around you can always change to Hugh starvation and practice with billions directly. If you take and input fields and changed the way less with, they keep word and the aero case consideration their brightness. Of course, you can always so direct this letter off the hue. If you have a Carla on this cream that you want tohave for field, let's say you're a thinking. Then you can always use Take Carla Pekka and you get a huge car level a pictures everything below it And if you click, get it for the faith. Karloff directing it Well, you can press complicity in the keeper for the same effect. You can raise a Change it to another part of the screen. Thanks to prove here, you can always add change to Carla model from ages be the entropy you feel wine Did this that of Carla Model. Then you have the hex failure off to select Carl here, the co pay it sprayed in the Takata editor and and I don't know, they were future here. It's this box. We chose it in most pre confused Carlos in the document. So we have here the blue from their great aunt. We have changed earlier, or the cream and for temporary for change this books to read in the Orissa If this right here in the Karla books. Now that we've finished a state up off the background of the card with the background image and the colored overlay and we have talked about the Carlo billions catch, I want to tell him what about the basic shapes off the cart in the next video with the right thing. I was an image, Mr. So I can and support in victory so to you later 5. Add the Basic Shapes: after we have taken care off the background in the last video, we will at the basic shapes of the car now. So the first thing is will at directing, so go to insert shape. All right, Thank you. Or press are in the Keeper. So that's trophies won. And I can We can use their lineman cads off sketch to align this rectangle. Do this send off their books since it wants tohave. But with the radius on district thing, we will drink this letter here a little bit about six pixels. But catch also has a free defend shape for around the drink thing. We can again go to insert shape that you can see here. It has around a drink thing. He always a quick breast. You want to keep it, so if you at one you see it has rounded cornice right from the start, the next thing is to add to the circuit. So going into shape and over like its court here, or press over in the key but jagged again here. As you can see, when you moved the mouse around that don't get a circular door, just any lips. So if a press shift on the key part the movement, this Restrict it and together Perfect. Okay, take one with the body says, and again, we can use this mouth guides to align these two shapes With this land and this land, there are no other shapes and sketch you can add. So if you have a look at inside shape, then we can see that they are the lines There's an aero, that star and foreleg only the triangle. But most of the time you would get away fine with circus and directing is as we want to make this rectangle a little bit bigger We can either drag decide here. I just can't see It just goes to the left to be ableto make it go In post ways we compress art on the key, but and as you can see, we expand it in both directions. But of course we could always there used the inspector to make it say speak up. So, for example, if you know we want to attend speechless just at plus 100 and the advocated again. But again it just went to the right so you could also use diesel engine gets here. Do a line these two shapes again. So it's like those by pressing shift and taking on these two shapes and Prestes alignment Aiken to land it. Horace Anthony. No, it could take both and drag it here. You can use the land that gets again and sent it. And the other thing is, if you precisely, layer yes, you can see it can go in any direction. It isn't restricted, but if you'll select this little lock lock taken here and cake on it interesting as it again, you see that the ratio off the layers restricted to save same can always be achieved if you press shift on the key. But then again, the ratio is always the same. It doesn't change when you resize it. Since orontes two shapes during the expense each other, we can use the so called pulling operations off sketch. I have prepared a new document to showcase this feature to you the first bullet operations union. So if I select is two shapes repressing shift in selecting them and kick on union, then yes, you can see they emerged interesting shape, but I still can move each shape around it, redeveloped the next one his sub strict. So I want to cut this Circe away from this wreck thing. So again, as I like this one in this one and get on substrate As you can see, circuit is cut away from the wreck thing. But what if I'm going to cut the greatest rectangle from the circle, then a Just go to the latest list, change the water off these two layers and as you can see here, this little I can determines how the shapes and egg And since I want to cut it away again, select subject and no, the great thing is captivity from the circuit. The next one is intersect. And this polling operation just shows the part. We had these two shapes, Dutch. So if it's a lyric both again taken into sex No, I just have to stand. It'll piece here, but both shapes touched and again I can use. I can move it shape around, and this thing in the middle remains the last polling operation and want to tell you about this difference. So first, select these two shapes again and kick into friends. Everything remains. But we have these two shapes touch a hole was cut out. So let's get back into our other document and center voter one. Since we want to cut away Mr King from directing, we select both and click on Abstract and bam for half district thanking with the circular our on top. But still, one thing isn't right in district thing. It has a great background, but we need a ride one so recorded to feel take on it, drag it all the way here and change it right The next thing we want to it is this circular about our image here. So in today, sir. Okay. Embracing, going to keep upholding shift and dragging this circle here again, we can use the smart guys two line post of T shapes, corporate image from the other document. It's come and see. Come on be. But as you can see, these elements don't interact it. Or so first thing is to say, like both of these elements and group them into layer group either Prep resting on the crew button here. A select in command G on the keyboard? No. So that this images showing into the circle we use something court a mask, expand this layer group kick on the over, make a right kick. Intellect uses mask. Now this image is gone. But as soon as we move it into the circle, you can see that it's just a round shape. Now we want just want toe this exit against it more often, which is shown so breast shift or suppress art so that you can resize this image from the middle. So look it here again. Used the alignment econs here, move it. Trust in the middle of their Okay, it's a leg both first land it horizontally. Then they landed for its own security. And we have this round about that image. Now I want to tell you about the latest listing for the control here. First thing is to change the water. So if I have to our damage and want it to be below directing in northern the top off it, I simply drag it below the rectangle. The layers list, as you can see it to meet immediately covered by the rape. Thanking the next thing we can tow is to hide and lock layers. So if I have these two background layers here and either press command shift, Ellen keeper or select Look players from the right click. Then if I click on one off death as even see it just can't moved him around the accident in the more which is perfectly handy if you have these layers here and just want to be able to move this but nothing else. One important feature for means catches that they can move around, and precisely it's what to keep What. So if it's elected card, background and press shift and the every case, then you can see I can you move around this layer. Vatican Orissa Recess layers with the Keeper If I press shift in command and he was the right Eric even make it bigger. The left Eric you'd make it's more. Now that we have aided the basic shapes off the card and the mask, I will tell you how you can get in style Text. In the next video, please be sure to upload and updated CASS Project according to the steps. After all, new, So see you soon 6. Create and Style the Text: Hey, and welcome back to the skills, your class apart catch And this really will take care after text. So let's go into the text. Or now it appears, electing instead to text in the torpor oppressing d on the key. But a kick in the cannabis now and into the first bit of to text Stop it Eating this bad you can either press command and down to keep it. What is Cape key for the rest of the text? A prepared document from the every Corbett a text? No, I will rearrange it saying to some of the texts are present or the chief key and taking the regarding layers. Then it will change the land in tow center and sent the text itself by clicking on this alignment. I can't. Then, uh, moved this text old every year. As you can see, this text grows out of the box. So we're pressed the R key and the keeper to recess it from the center and move it so it that it fits into the box. It's only impact again. Now let's rearrange some of the text move taste one here, the user name. Here, take the little pit up this location here. You're really looking down. Now we can use the land. Get chicken to Atlantis, reliance of text. So move them here loosely and as you can see, then move on the same lane, which is very handy. Now let's tell the text first, different sizes. So let's elect I'm off the text place again by pressing and holding shift and kicking on the layers and in the inspector kick on the size field and use the arrow keys to go to 14. Pitiless doesn't make these two lays a little bits Moreland. But this time we used to keep what so press, art, command and man is in the keep it to make it to pick this morning. Since the name is the most important part of the card, let's make it a bigger. But instead of using the input field, let's drink here and go all the way up to 30 pixels. Now let's stay in process. I'm off the parts of the car in this case, the location and change it capacity like before you can eat attracts later here. Oh, praise for X number five on the Keeper took at 50% capacity. Now we want to keep the U. S and M Person properties so we can make a red click on the location and select copy style . Select the user name and click based. And as you can see the properties of this layer if gave him do this layer, the lamb is off. The tech still isn't perfect. The first let's move this a little too town and then use the custom cuts of sketch they landed. Text showed them Preparation. Command are in the Keep it, if you can see if already prepared, some to it a new one. Just click anywhere on this bar to remove it. Drag it out of the cameras. So let's make this takes play a little bit smaller. The land to this cats drinking metea and it of the medical is next to the first land and drag adores on the red, and it snaps or so here. Then take the left path, move it, select the right path, move it and that it snap in the middle part, selected and always at the cameras again. Use the land and air Come and the same for the Parton text selected. Select the background. Okay, Can the lemon God. Now, let's emphasize that made me more than making it board the doors of press. Come on. Being the key, but and change its Carla like before we can use the most freakin just Karlis Kikhia. And as you can see, we have to prove him earlier. So selected The same goes for the euro area. I liked it. Select the Carla and Nick Brew, or so to make it on the land that kick price. Come on A to select everything and command you will they keep it to keep it on down the line. The last things tourist Increase the lion head off this text. So compacted inspector again. Go to spacing. Kicking the deadline. Hatfield Use the arrow keys and created a little bit. The text looks good now so we can start to make peace for a company. Next lesson. Buy into your soul 7. Build Some Icons: we'll come back after the text is in place. It's focused on before I continue. But first, let's go back to the project. They kept the trip before Many Americans and shapes can be created, but just companions and basic elements. So firstly, to mean a little bit his command, plus and paying their own but bracing space caking with the cannabis to focus on the four lovers outcome. So for potatoes. Circe the press award. Horton chief to get the perfect Okay, a little bit the next thing we need. It's another round shape Batista meeting in lips so it doesn't need to press shift. Just dragon now Atlantis. Two shapes just moving around. Do you think this mouth gets the last element? We need the right thing so press are and select. Explain. Firstly, Orissa landed to Riyadh elements, but it is time to report them. And in the middle of the lips, let's make it a little bit bigger. But just holding, shift and training the lower red point. It doesn't quite look like they're conveying unmanned, so let's use to pull in operations I already told you about. So first, let's campaign a round shapes by selecting the 1st 1 taking on it. Holding shift to select 2nd 1 Now have post elected and you stay put in operation. You immune compliant these two shapes, so if you click and drag it now, you see that you have a single shape first it to ground layers. The next thing we want to toe is to cultivate a rectangle from the lips. But instead of using the polling operation in the Tora Bora, we can go right into the layers list and trick the rectangle right into the compound shape you already have. But the restart is not what we hoped for. The word off the laces already correct, because the top most layer where is intact, Mr Von Below it. And so the rectangle should interact with their lips and cut away from it and the lips true picture would interact with, say, circuit below It and Toby combined. He's pulling operations already, right, because it's, you know, and the circuit and the over should be combined, but direct anger should be subtracted from the circuit. So let's let's obstruct here and now you see, did you have to decide to start Now let's take the little pit. Select the Libs. We're gonna shift that art recited from the Santa Wolf it down like directing or it's moving down sited more off the lips can be seen And that wasn't Make this actually little bit Marla that the proportions are red now the shape have created Looks like a human head, Mr Party below it the next I come instead tweets I come so with the stock commend again and draw and lips again. Oh, and so what? The respondent? The first thing I want to tell you know, tasted every shape it's catch consists of different points If you either make it up briefly con the shape Oh, uh, presente You see this ellipse consists of four points and each of these points or so has Sampson court handles which Controller Howard a curve looks. If you drag this out, the kerf gets bigger, you could drink it in It's morning. How it is points treated can be controlled in inspector. Yeah, were it is selected, which means that if you track one point the other point it's dragged out in the other direction. If you select is connected and correct one point then the other point stays in the same place, and you contract them individually. You can always a use in metric, then this points remain on the same line, but you can track them individually. I wasn't in and the other point Orvis tasted the same place. The last step. You can select it straight, which means that there's no kerf it or but it runs into a corner. So if you draw a rectangle going to the point North Descente, you see that the elephants points, uh, straight points. Let's go out of two point note with Escape Delete District. Thank you, because I don't want we don't need them, please there or backspace. So let's elect its shape again, co. It's the point mode again and percent this point mirrored point again so that we have a curve and stretch it out a bit. The next thing you can do with shapes is to insert points at their lines. If you're over over the land to sea, that this land segment gets highlighted. So if you kick here, you're incident point and you can move around this point. Thank you. Want it also has to handle soaking candidate the kerf drinking around change its point mode , and you're very wrong here, but that's not what you're on. So let's go back a few steps again with Command said. But we need to other points here and here. Let's click on this part of the line, kicking this part off the line and drag the middle one out a c c. They wanted to remain video changed. It points us trade land, Move it out of the pit. And the first part of this econ is ready. But just like for the other, reckons we can lead a solid Carla by the poor, desolate change from so late field reporter. Make the sickness that bit bigger, but we don't want such a sharp eight year. So they changed the property of reporter at the G. I come changed it, joints surrounded so that where these two lines touch Get around edge another shop. One to finish this I community a few surfaced in the inset, so let's press Oh, 14 Chief, to get us Okay, select this circuit, Horgan Art and drag it out to get a coping. Release Chris Arctic in and check this one out again. Get even spaces between these three Circus select or three of them Holding, shift and use this distribute I can hear which distributes these three Americans evenly to replace it. You haven't even space between or of history like them. What we did today in middle with their case took it become a precision changed to Carla without the one this control. See you to get the Karla picker and the second is ready. But the next one which is this one we need around the break thanking Skechers has a short cut for this one. Bless you. Hold shift to get this square And like for the other like, um, we don't need a solid color. But the border it's a little change again from the field, their border making this sickness bigger but for the apartment and use a shape the trust 80 plus semper with the text or suppress teeth at the pass Ember No good Here. Make it a little bit bigger. It's hard command And it Christine, look it again and change to Carlos Concourse C. But you don't need this one to be text but the shape so that we can easily it did it. And so will be converted to outlines with this, I can it your bar. So it was elected. Now presente you see Get to half the points Which a candidate leave this mode with escape and Dysart, A chemist rating. Put it for us at come the location. I can hear the first thing we to Is that okay? Oh, or drift dragster. Okay. Going to dear white moat with Santa and drag this lower point which is already selected to deport him. Change the tack to straight and we have the shop. It's here in a little bit more acid. It you can see it. Then we used a polling operations again to cut. And now the whole world out of here. So we had another. Okay, No. Sit here to the center. He was still angry. Kids select this been and this holy layers list and used to subtract pulling operation. Now we have a Howard. It said I've just been just moved in a circle pit next to keep it down. And it was this easy before. Second is ready, but they're still wanting to do. We haven't changed from may Feel reported here. And if you come out with command zero first, the second title Big and the Karla isn't right because we need a green card and not agree. Carla but its recessed This one organized this air campaign, selecting or off to belong shapes and grouping them. Miss Comanche so that you can easier he says it that last one selectees shape and like this shape or is a group it, he says it wolf it down. This went down. He's one down and changed the Karla off order Americans. So the green you already used before So go to the Carla. So again, here it was this corner Go here, open the group for us to like the points change to feel Carla Green and bore the Carla boys settle the same Karna and there is a 52nd. But if you just click into taken you selected hold. I can't because it is grouped to select interviewed here parts hold down command and you can't eat a select the place second or reporter. So let's like the plus, I confessed. Change its Fieler green again, Or is the reporter Carla through the same green? This one looks already petticoat, but it's still a little bit toe pick because moving down the staircase and you said it a bit. Finally, let's get some water in the dismissed Here in the latest list, the first collapsed in groups Inter named a country's command Are this one is there or doing? I come dressed up to go to the next I come this morning before the US can paste up putting tweets. Econ That's one its location. But Santa entry water them, betraying them around location I conducted dump. And for those I come Wait, I can. And for one night the treaty card is almost finished now. But we still have some back. Toto, we need to at the Patton. That line initiated for the whole cut, so see you soon. 8. Complete the Remaining Elements: Hi and welcome back to the Skillet Forecast reports Kitsch. I'm getting you still with me. We had quite much request EI country last radio, but this time you can relax a little bit in 80 remaining elements. The baton The line in the shade of for the card. Let's get back to the project. Failed and start Mr Pardon first, literally roll it again was controlled are so that we can land about miss the rest of the content. Now press you for the around the directing it or and draw a rectangle. Change it card out of the green. We already have at the text with tea the Texas toe pick. So let's resize it with this handle here. Move it to the red place changed Carletta White and changed the rates The board Make the button stand out selected and give the shadow so taken. Changes in the inspector changed to Carla to the green. Really? And keep it Ataka Shade dragging this turkey town Leave the exposition at zero because we just want to grow the shadow toe the bottom and not toe. The writer left. So increase the white precision that point seven and changed the player to zero because we want this great edge for the shadow. We always want to keep the partner little highlight. So let's add another shadow. But this time in English Aito and changed the college y it toys. So make the Blur zero and changed the right position minus one. So it's not on the top button. Department sketch is not limited to one shadow, but you can admire the appreciate owes. So if you want another one click on the plus icon trinkets. Carla, for example, changed position so that you can see it or at yet another one and its properties. Example. Declare what a position you can was a reorder the shadows quit just dragging them around so it can move these one here. But this one here for the rate going down. And if you don't want the shade anymore either dragged out of inspector Oh, are just de selected with a check mark, but they don't need to export anymore. So where is the drag it out? The tape, Another shadow. But this time for the text so selected. Okay, come to save us again. The black is fine, but he always wants to grow the text to the right and to the bottom. So increase the exposition and decrease the Y position. Changed a player? No one said. It's just a little bit flat, and this looks fine. The last thing to do for the partners to make detect uppercase Sikota type upper case and ally Inditex. Probably for this purpose. We can use the lemon econs again. So select. Pose the text into Parton and take to line them credit card. The last element onto it is the separation line that the right thing it was our. But this time we're going to use to inspect the recessed element. So for this size that's used 225 for the head to moved to separation in town with the arrow keys a little bit and the land into the background. So select post the line in the background and a mandatory century attentive on terrific, great and feel for the separation line. We selectively immigrated here, let me a little bit so that we can see more and changed the direction from Dr Bottom left the red. We condone it here, and then the points properly and fully start, Carla we want tohave. Why it But an Carla or so what? But in the middle Toronto land to pick Ray. So select one point in the middle by clicking on the linen radiant line Kia in the Great and to land it through the center with five or, for example, Bittle tohave it at 20% or 28 80%. Look, it's kopek to five, and let's give it a great Carla, the selected out of Consider Land so mean and yeah for Lane the transfer. Glad to create a wet Let's some out with command zero to see the card in the fortiori and finally, let's at the shadow for the card. So select the background and the shadow. But this time they only wanted to go to report on, not a left to right. So X is a very coat with zero, but increased the right position little bit three and too poor to seven. So did it's bigger and the Carla and changed after Bailey of the back. So the shadow is not so prominent. Now let's at Islamic at control are paying the descent of the cut. Please come on three and three. The goddess ready the next release all about exploiting to get the parts and eat out of sketch, so see you soon. 9. Export Your Card: after we have finished the card in the last video, I want to show you one of the strongest features of sketch now. Exporting Sketch makes it very easy to export hold outputs just part, if any sign like Bacon's for even thinking layers. But first, you're going to have a look at how the car to look in the process if exporting assets. Since catches victor based, no matter how much you to mean everything stays, shop the matter at which part of this and you look. But you can always a switch on the pixel moat with control be in. See that everything gets pixelated immediately so that you can see How are these things? The assets, the bacons? Well, look, if you export them well, look at it in the Broza. But now let's switch back to the normal mode, is controlled, be again and come out 100% his command. Zero. Another feature want to tell you about now, which you may have already seen in my videos is how to measure distances. For example, if you select this text here and want to know how far it's apart from theology text, just press art and sketch shows you that it's very pixels apart or the text it tells you. Okay, it's 31 pixels. Or is it a patent or the deadline? A path or so? If you move about 2 30 sent around like, for example, the tweet I come, you see that sketch shows you so far it apart from other part if it decides a recent edition, is that you can also use the layers list to measure distances. So, for example, if you keep second elected and want to know if I depart from the Avatar image here, then you can Chris Arctic in into over the Alberta player here and you see that it's 254 because apart or so, if you want to measure distances toe part of the group and not a whole group, you can press art and command Tok ra to measure the distance. For example, notes to this whole group here, but today I can receive this group and see that it's 62 picks apart. But now let's get back to the actual topic off this video exporting. The easiest thing is to export hold outputs, for example, if you want to export this whole output here, selected in the latest list and click on Make export upper on the bottom part off, Inspector. Now we have a few different options. You can set the size at which two as it is exported, for example, one x two x three X You can always set itself fix, which means this body's all the medical added to the file name and family considered to file format. So, for example, P and G. J pick or the hugely Popara s peachy form it. But since you want to export this Carter Tripper, that's true XJ pic. But the export Artress not just limited to one type, but you can always set monte protects to be exported. Just kick onto plants here. You can set another part here so you can simultaneously export your design to various sizes off file for months. But exporting and catches only limited toehold outputs, but you can also export in the video and sets off your design. If you want to export this, I can hear individually Horton command to call it the group country I'd come and just like for the out. But you also have make exploitable here, so take on it. And this time we won't export it toe to different file formats. 1st 3 p and G recently, Resolution of two X and also Tony s Peachy. So click on the plus I come and select SP Chief on the broke down They don't need this our fix you But everything else looks fine so we can click on export. This is like the directory and take on export If you go in the defender now you see it is to file form It's got exported first PNG and secondly, the SPG for the icon. As soon as you have said and estate to be exported, it gets marked Mr Little Knife Iconic Tadeusz Least So for example, if you said other econs to be exported this for less I can hear And before you know I can hear Then you can click on explored in a torpor and ticket presented reason Eyes overly were can select which off this s that could be exported So we don't want to export all of them But it could if it we can explode aware But you won't hear export into video assets So trust these reactions taken. Export Selected director Raking Taken Export, Patton and the Defender. We see that all of this reactions got exported for a second. The falling I can enter treats, I confirm earlier and other way to export. Is it since Kage is to use so called slices? So, for example, if you just want to export this group here with the text, you can select it and make a slice out off it. So either select insert, slash from the torpor or press s click on the group, and you see that you get exported area again here, like for the other city, or to see a preview off. Exported a set whenever you at this life, it not only kids marked in the layers leaves prison that if I come, but also we said Border, which tells you that you have selected about a pretty sign is this lies this way. It's easier for you to know which part you have already selected to be exported slices. If you don't want to see the slices and a taste lines in the cannabis, you can switch them off here at the bottom of the layers list and switched it on again, just like the other is that you have mark to be exported classes, hours a shoulder in the expert overlay. As you can see here in this case, teen for slides. If you need a quick, great export something you can always a Cherokee Trek lay your street asked up. So let's elected second again. Make this cake dream the little bits Mourner and strike this layer directly to the desktop and two you have the second. Now we're pretty much finished business, catch course and skill share. Be sure to watch the last video with some Matich in information about the project, so see you soon there. 10. Final Thoughts: Welcome to the last video off Miss Catch Carson Kill chair in the last hour extra. We knew how easy it is to descend. Some think it looks great in sketch. Now you should know everything. Pretty saying your own car. And so I encourage you to start your cows project or upload everything you've already killed. Awesome inspiration. Visit people to come and have located with a custard. Are the people ready? Have build great to come up Inspirations of Malaya to use a different color scheme. But it's saying a whole set of different icons on more than happy to keep fit Becker into any question that made the reticence killed Share Beat about skater descending trainer or it's appreciatively feet pick apart the project of fellows for more great tips about sketch . Recent 1,000,000 said sketch tip that info and for them yet sketch tips on Twitter. It s a pity letter to answer your questions there for just being me. I hope you have enjoyed because apart urgently under single to it would mean the world to me if you leave a positive review and the courage of friends to take my cows. So I found it. Drugs catch