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Getting Started with Reflective Practice

Dr Neil Thompson, Expert in human relations and well-being

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5 Videos (34m)
    • GSWRP Intro

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    • GSWRP Lesson 2

    • GSWRP Lesson 3

    • GSWRP Conclusion


About This Class

An introduction to reflective practice as a basis for improved performance. The course clears up some common misunderstandings around reflective practice and presents a foundation for developing good practice.





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Dr Neil Thompson

Expert in human relations and well-being

Hello, I'm Neil. My focus is on helping people maximize their learning. I base my approach on the three Ps: People | Problems | Potential. Where there are people, there will be problems, but there will also be potential. I help individuals and organizations to tackle those problems and realize that potential.

I am a well-published author, an international conference speaker and a sought-after trainer and consultant.

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