Getting Started with Mixed Media Collages | Iara Baer | Skillshare

Getting Started with Mixed Media Collages

Iara Baer, Lover of Paper Crafts

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5 Videos (23m)
    • Introduction

    • Supplies

    • Collage 1 - Get started

    • Collage 2 - Mixing up

    • Collage 3 - Spread your Wings


About This Class


Do you want to start a daily art practice but is short on time, inspiration or believe that you are not artistic enough?

I believe that making collages is the easiest way to create art and be happy with what you created. And all you need are some inexpensive tools and materials.

In this class I'll walk through the creation of three mixed media collages from easy to advanced that will build your skills.

Click enroll and start creating today along with me!





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Iara Baer

Lover of Paper Crafts

I am a crafter, a maker , a digital designer and a memory keeper trying to sneak in some creative time every day while raising my three beautiful kids.

I am the owner of Baers Garten Designs, a place for handmade paper goods and printable parties. You find me on Etsy at Baers Garten Designs and Baers Garten Digitals. I am also on Pinterest and Instagram.

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