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Getting Started with HTML Learn HTML

Laurence Svekis, Web technology Instructor

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19 Videos (2h 6m)
    • Promo Video

    • 1 Intro to Basics of HTML

    • 2 What is HTML

    • 4 HTML page Structure and Template

    • 6 Heading in HTML Foundations for HTML structure

    • 7 HTML content Formating

    • 9 HTML Building tips

    • 10 Introduction to CSS styling

    • 11 Divs Spans Styling Help

    • 13 Hyperlinking with Anchors

    • 14 Adding images into HTML pages

    • 16 HTML list types

    • 18 HTML tables and styling

    • 20 Semantic Tags HTML5

    • 22 Creating an HTML Form

    • 23 Make a form using HTML5

    • 24 HTML5 Form types

    • 25 Tweaks attributes for form building

    • 27 HTML Tips


About This Class

Getting Started with HTML Learn HTML
Step by Step guide to learning HTML for everyone. Learn the core foundation to writing HTML code for Modern websites
HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the standard markup language for creating web pages and web applications. Learning how to write HTML code is essential to anyone who wants to create online content and the starting point for web page creation. CSS and JavaScript rely on HTML structure in order to provide styling and interactivity within web pages.

HTML is the fabric of the web, all online content is built upon HTML. Once you start learning about HTML you will be amazed at how easy it is to write and how quickly you too will be able to build web pages.

HTML elements are the building blocks of HTML pages. This course will introduce you to the core fundamentals of HTML elements and show you how to use them to create web pages. Learning how to use HTML opens the door for so much more.

Explore how you can create HTML to create structured documents using structural semantics for text such as headings, paragraphs, lists, links, quotes and other items. Create website content for modern web design, build HTML to be ready for the real world.

Learn to build a web content from scratch
See the tools and resources used to create HTML files
learn HTML how it works with CSS
Source code is provided so you can use and tweak as needed
HTML in the real world presented by an instructor with over 15 years experience in web development.
I am here to help you learn about HTML. I'm ready to answer any questions you may have.

Nothing to lose, there is a 100% Money Back if you don't like it. This course is the perfect starting point to getting started with HTML.

Want to know more, what are you waiting for take the first step. Join now to start learning to create web content today.





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Laurence Svekis

Web technology Instructor

Providing Smart digital solutions online since 2001. I am considered a true web technology expert. Having professional experience in a wide range of digital areas. Everything from Search Marketing, Video Marketing, Content creation, User Experience, application architecture, and web programming.

Understanding how users flow through the web and learning what drives users to interact online has been the cornerstone of what I do. The more seamless the process the better the user experienc...

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