Getting Started with Evernote: Downloading and Basics | Erica Martin | Skillshare

Getting Started with Evernote: Downloading and Basics

Erica Martin, Teaching about my passions.

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10 Videos (29m)
    • Introduction

    • How to Create an Evernote Account

    • Adding Text to a Note

    • Adding Pictures to a Note

    • Adding Files

    • Recording Audio

    • Clipping Web Pages and Web Page Links

    • Forwarding Emails to Evernote

    • Creating Notebooks and Notebook Stacks

    • Integrating Other Websites with Evernote


About This Class

In this class, you'll learn how to download and install Evernote, and the basics of how to use it to create notes, add pictures, create notebooks, create notebook stacks, add files, clip web pages and add web page links, add audio clips to your notes, forward emails to Evernote, and integrate other websites with Evernote. There are also handouts you can download that go along with the lessons in this course. You can get those at





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Erica Martin

Teaching about my passions.

I have been working from home for different companies since 2003. In 2011 I started doing some freelance writing - I am currently a contributing writer for the website Work at Home Adventures, and also have a few of my own websites, My eBook Journey and Work at Home Tips Online, as well as my professional website, I plan to create classes that focus mostly on different tools writers can use to be more efficient. If you have any topics you'd like to see me cover, please le...

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