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Getting Started with Email Marketing | Design & create with Mailchimp

teacher avatar Tamino Primo Haas, Digital Marketing Expert from Europe

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Set up Mailchimp

    • 3. Audience/List Configuration

    • 4. Create Campaign

    • 5. Domain Verification

    • 6. Email Design

    • 7. Automated Emails & Shopify Integration

    • 8. Set up "Sign up Form"

    • 9. Wix Integration

    • 10. Reports, Analytics & Integrations

    • 11. End

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About This Class

Hi guys my name is Tamino an email marketing expert & creator and in this course i will show you everything about Mailchimp.

MailChimp is an awesome online tool that will enable you to build your own email list, do
email marketing and to automatically send emails to that email list. Let me show you what we
were cover i this skillshare course.

  • I will show you how you can sign up for free mailchimp account that contains 2'000 subscribers,
  • I will talk about your audience, also known as a list, and we need to get people on that list.
  • I will show you how to import someone manually, how to import lots of subscribers at one by
    coping & pasting but eventually you want everything in autopilot and creating a sign-up
    form so people can opt-in automatically.
  • We will talk about sign up forms that come with mailchimp but also i will show you how you
    connect shopify to your mailchimp and collect emails there as well.
  • We will talk about creating tags that will help you to split your audience in to groups.
  • In that way you can send specific emails to specific groups.
  • We will talk about Thank you Pages, maybe you want to give an e-book or a free webinar
    or something else in exchange for their name & email address.
  • We will talk about sending an automated email right after people subscribe, so you can offer
    them an discount code for something or an upsell to your course or product.
  • And we will talk about creating an campaign also known as sending emails to people.
  • Il talk about the design of your email.
  • And of course we will talk about the results and analytics of your email campaigns to see
    how people respond and how you can improve things.

In the description of the course you can see timestamps so if you want to go to certain
parts of the course you can see it there.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tamino Primo Haas

Digital Marketing Expert from Europe


Hello im Tamino Primo Haas, I worked 1,5 year for a webdesign company that done work for big companies all over the world. I've done Logos, Graphics, Photos, Videos, and Another 1,5 year for an IT in the niche software, system, network & marketing as well.

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1. Introduction: Hi guys. Minor misdemeanor and the discourse. I will show you everything about male Jim. Mel. Jump is awesome online tool that will enable you to build your own email list to email marketing and automatically send emails to that email list. Let me show you what we will cover in the school share course. I will show you how you can sign up for free male Jim account that contains 2000 subscribers. I will talk about your audience, also known as a list, and we need to get people on that list. I will show you how to import some one manually, how to import lots of subscribers at one by copy and pasting. But eventually you want everything in Alta pied it and create a sign up form so people can opt in automatically. We will talk about sign up forms that we'd come with Mayor Jim, but also I will show you how you connects Shopify to your mail gym and collect emails there as well, as well as in weeks or in code to your own website. We'll talk about creating tax that will help you to split your audience into groups in that way you can send specific emails to specific groups. We will talk about sending an automated email right after people subscribe, so you can offer them a discount code for something. And we will talk about creating a campaign also known as sending emails to people. I'll talk about the design off your email and, of course, we will talk about the results and analytics off your email campaigns to see how people respond and how you can improve things in the description. Off the course, you can see time stems, so if you want to go to a certain part off the course, you can see it there, So let's start with the course. 2. Set up Mailchimp: First of all, we need making account on Male Jim, just go to www dot mail Jim, don't come and press sign up for free after decide is loaded. Just type in your email address. You can choose a user name. I will take mail, Jim Tutorial Tamino. And also take a strong password and just press get started. If you want to say if you pass what you can do it here or you don't save it. Now check your email. Go to your inbox. Press the reload button, click on the male jump email and press actuate your account if you may provide a ask you if you want to open that link, press yes or continue Belgium. Then ask you if you are human. Yes, we are after debt, just lugging with the credentials you used before after you signed up Joe's to plan. That's good for you. We will go with the free plan with 500 contacts, type your first name and your last name. What's the name of your business? We take here the exam to business type in your website. If you have one and press continue now you must at your address type in your address. It's necessary off the can spam act. You can type in your phone number as well, if you want. Do you have this list off email subscribers? And now we press no continue Also, we don't want to connect social media. We can press continue and we find our marketing path by own so press. Not right now. We don't want to do this this as well. We press Let's go After you set up everything correctly, we go to the account. We press on settings and contact information and proof that we provide male gym Every information we need You can type in here billing informations for maybe your selected plan you have here your audiences. In this account, the audience name will be the same name as your business like example Business. You can edit audience information as well. Remind people how they signed up for your audience. You can type here anything you want. I go with you are receiving this email because you opted in via our website. How can recipients contact you? Go here with the credit Actually want for me It's good right now and press safe. First of all, we wanna integrate or import our list or our contacts press audience 3. Audience/List Configuration : go on, import your contacts. You can now choose from three different options. You can import contracts from C S V or TXT files. You can copy paste from a file or from XLs or Excellence X file. You can all also integrate service like Google Drive constant contracts. Who are other email providers you were be before, for example, reasons we go with normal txt foe. You then can upload the file, choose to email list you want and press open attention. Maybe Mel Jim give you some information that importing contacts called raise your account above your current plan. Just ignore it. If it's not over 3000 contacts, you are allowed in the free plan. Go continue to match you, then can give this audience a specific tech. We go with newsletter and we create some, um, tacked by our own and say are clients press enter to a proof? Chose the status of your contacts. If these contacts were already subscribed, press subscribed or press unsubscribed. Update existing contacts. You can leave this because we don't have any contacts that are like the same in our email list file. Go to continue to review. Since we are only importing one column we can go to edit. We can go to continue, and it's importing only a single column because we only have email addresses in the list. If you have, for example, names or addresses off this email list a swell, you can give them specific tax in the edit section. If everything is OK, press import Melcher will now import your audience. You can see it here by notification audience import to example. Business is currently running in the background. So what we want to do next, the next thing we should do is creating a campaign creating a campaign. It's really easy we can hear Skip this with I legislated. I'm good. I don't need to see this anymore. We can go on the 4. Create Campaign: pains. Then we see your audience has 1039 contacts. We now can create a campaign. Mel Jim asked us what kind of campaign we want. Do we want the email campaign, an ad campaign, a landing page, a postcard, a social post or sign up form? We get to sign up forms later. So for now we creating an email gift, a campaign in name or to specific email. We can go with test email. Campaign press begin. Belgian asks us to which audience we wanna send this email out. We can go to edit recipients and we can hear Choose our audience. Since we're in the free plan, we are only able to handle one audience at the time. But we can choose a different segment or tech so you can split your audience into different tax. As explained before we go now with our Italians, we can personalize the to field. If we have names in the specific email list, we can go to with F name L name F name and L name or custom F name stands for four name and I'll name stands for last name. You must have anemia, a list with names on it to handle that kind of personalized to field. So we leave this unchecked press safe. We can then go to edit from and type in the name we can type In business example, we can choose also the email address we want to send from. We go to the main verification later. Press safe. We now can at a subject to our email like, Hello, this is, Ah, test email. We can also add emojis here we can go to the preview text. It's the text right next to the name off the email. We can say that's are first email we send out here. You see if it's a good subject line or give you some tapes to the subjects. Press safe. We now can change the content off the email or the design off the email. Press on the side, choose a template. We also have here themes. We have some free ones as well as some paid ones like here began a council debt. Get back to that in a moment. So now we can press on finish later. If you have a custom domain and you wanna prove you're allowed to 5. Domain Verification: 10. From his email, you can go to your account president settings go to domains, and you can go to verify your domain. You see, here the domain is verified. You can authenticate the domain as well. Press on art, indicate and make a unique DNS record entry on your hosting like a C name with the record order. Well, you off this with this will us well and created txt record for proton mail dot com with his email. Just authenticated you domain If it's a business email address. If you were, use a free hosting email. Don't do that. If you already activate your account, you're able to send from this email address as well. So let's 6. Email Design: go back to the design off the email, go to campaigns, choose your email coat, design email and choose a template. You can also connect your store to the male Jim, but we will get back to that later. You now are able to put in a logo. I used this example. You are also able to edit this logo with edit it e edit email or set my logo. For now, we just insert. You can read. You make a here to size. You can hear. Make the style, and you have here settings like alignment. You can also import code. You can import a divider. Give this settings. You also can import images you're able to import social follow. You're able to import buttons and like this, you can create your email. But I show you a better way to do email deciding. Go to www dot strip o dot email. Create an account and you will see that platform. Go to templates, finished templates and choose a template that fits your style like Rico accommodations. Compress your to do promo newsletter, and you can change here everything pretty easy with a good looking template as well. The only thing you must look. Go to the bottom of the email. Delete that section off the email. Leave that unsubscribe section in the email. Press on it. Now you get here. Two options go down, Mark. Unsubscribe. Go to website. Grow down, go to Mel gym and go to unsub. This is necessary to send from male gym, because otherwise your email will be get blocked. You then are able in the free plan off stripe Oh, to export your template to male James four times for free. Go to export. Go to male gym or any other Eva provider you want. For now we go with Mel Jim, type in your user name and as well your password and a template will be sent to male drip. You can now close this course as well. Safeties template. Two years dry per account. You can now go to campaign builder. You can go to template switch templates, go to safety templates and you can choose here your new template Press on it and president change template. You must also press here on monkey rewards and chose to monkey reword style you want. This is only for the free users because Belgium want to put their patch under, but mostly email. Because you're using the free plan, you can no scroll down and you will not see their bets right now because you will only see it when you send the email. You can now go to continue and your email is ready to send. We don't do this now because it's just for test reasons or, for example, reasons we go now with finish later, you're also able to. 7. Automated Emails & Shopify Integration : you make automatic emails in the section off automate e mail. You can make here welcome email re present that we go to begin. You have heat a really crummy email. You can go on, start sending No, you started your automation. Get back to campaigns Now with the setting Right now, every new subscriber off our list will becoming a single welcome email. You're also able to edit these email and the template as well, like a shown you before on the example. Email. You can go and pausing at it. Pose and you are able to change everything you want. Let's now make a pop up form to collect email data to our list. That's pretty easy. If you're working with Shopify, go to your shop. If I store, go to APS, visit to Shopify App store. Go to search APS and type in shop sink. Press on this logo. Connect your storage male Jim shop, sing at the AP two years Shopify installed APP, agreed to terms of fuse and confirm you're now able to integrate the male Jim to your shop . If I'd press on connect now, a new pop up will appear. Type in your user name and as well as your password and press Logan. The site will now reload. You can now select the list. You want to import the contacts to male gym. For our reason, it's example business. You can take a Shopify attack if you want to have attack with the audience. A swell press attack You can enable Double Upton double it, and it's another confirmation that two people to the list. You then must press Connick to male jump and start sinking. Your sink has started. Got it? You are now able to import on Male Jim under campaigns. If you have products, add it to your shop if I store. 8. Set up "Sign up Form": you can add these products on your emails if you press on edit Design Jews Standard template if you want. You can also do this with striper, for example, reasons I used now the male Jim Custom theme. You can add a product here. You can replace it and you can choose one from, for example, Shah P. Five. Since we have no products on our Shopify, we are not able to do that, so we just leave it. But I want to show you that it's possible. So now we are also able to created pop up form, unsure up if I So let's go create campaign. Go back, go to the bottom of the page Press site up form, pop up form. Example Business begin. You can now decide your pop up form you can moving to the right. You can have it fix it down on the bottom of the email air off the Shopify store or in the middle. You can displayed it immediately after five seconds after 20 seconds if you scroll to the middle of the page if you scroll to the bottom, off the page or on exit. If you do that with your mouth. Then it will appear you can change the phone, the text color also to text and everything else. You can go unnecessary fields like first name, last name, address, phone number, and you can say if it's required or not. Then we come to go to content. You can type here your text. You can make it footer, and you can upload an image. You can then press on. Publish. You can press again on publish, and the pope up form will now appear on your shopping. Five. Maybe it takes It takes a little bit, too. Um, displayed on trumpet five Shops Inc is not perfectly sink like You can force a reason here . Press force resync and the pop of form should be appear on your Shopify sore. If you want to integrate that pop up form to any website you want, press on design email. Go next we need is test pump up. Go on next selected welcome template for the pop up. Go in safe and continue. Go again on next and then you can press start sending and again on start sending Perfect. We got an automated email sent toe to pop up form subscribers off our email list. You can also integrate pop up forms to your own website. Press on 9. Wix Integration: create Sign up for him embedded for him. Choose the audience. You want it, Um, have to pop up. Form goes press on. Begin. You can now hear Design the pop up form and copy and paste debt coat to your website. We are also able to integrate Male Jim to your weeks Website. Goto Whips editor Present Ad President contact and put in ethics form. You can no go to your website settings. Go to marketing tools, marketing integrations and connect Male Jim Go to connect contacts for debts. You need bricks premium but if you have premium, it's like the same way. Like on Shopify. You just choose which audience you want to integrate into weeks forms and you can collect from dear. So let's focus now on reports press on report and you will see here the opens 10. Reports, Analytics & Integrations: anti clicks off. Off your email. Press on your report. Yes. Hear, hear how many subscribers you have collected that means how many people signed up to your audience on male dream. You see here how emos has been sent. It's now zero because we never send it. An email you see here is well, if you integrated your Shopify or Wicks, Um, how many orders you gained? How many revenue you made and how much is the total revenue you see here? A swell. The open rate of your email. It's now on 0%. If you have links on your email, you see, too, click right here off very specific link as well you have here how many people opened the email, How many How many people clicked on the link on the emails we have here. How many emails get bounced like landed in spam or didn't even come to the customer? And we as well see here how many people unsubscribe from our list on our email you have here a monthly performance overview and you have here the work floor email like the welcome message we sent to our customers, which opted in via our pop up form. You can also create landing pages, postcards or social posts, but that we can cover in another male Jim tutorial. We can go now back to campaigns. You can also organize yuille males. If you do, If you're creating folders, you can say automated automatic emails. You can then say OK, if you do see this circle, that's not a mated email. You can press on that and we can press on debt. We can go to move to automatic emails, and we have this in our folder. If you go on all you will see every time all the emails, if you see your ongoing you see the active emails running. Now, if you go on draft, you see the emails that are, um that are saved as a draft. You can see here to completed emails. Since we have never send emails to our email list. We have no email in completed emails. You can also, um, sort sort to campaigns by type like e mails, automation ins, landing pages, as well as ATS postcards or so social posts. Since we have not created the net a postcard or a social post, we are not able to see any email in there as well as in landing pages. You also have a calendar view. What? You see which emails go out? On which days, If you are a premium user of male Jim, you're able to shuttle your emails to a specific day. That's pretty cool you have here in the top notifications we see here, all the input is complete. Off example Business. We can dismiss this and we don't have any more, Um, notification. You also can connect sites like Shopify. You see it here you see here to pop up for Miss active. You can also add an abundant card email you can press at. You think you can design a content that's in this email? Go on, design email. Select a template you want. You can also do this on stripe. Oh, you can go on safe and continue. First of all, you should design this email whether you're old logo with your, um, text. But if you if you have here like product title, it will show automatically to product title off your product from Shopify onto that email, you can now press safe and continue start sending and Shopify will recognize that you have an automation female on male gym and won't be sending emails from Shopify to their customers. So now they will get only the email from Male Jim, you can go to start sending and press start. You can also do this with other things like product, retargeting, email or order notifications. You have a lot to do with male Jim. You can also create your own templates on the brand and templates and create a template you want to use. For example, we have here to template from stripe Oh, you can also create on stripe Oh, and put it in the side here. But remind with this free plan off striper, you're only able to export four times. We can create here our own template we can hear manage our domains. Since we have not unknown domain, we are not able to do that. You can see here your integrations. You can integrate Facebook, Twitter, surveymonkey, Google analytics contacts and talks. And of course, su who you can hear view to connected sites. For us. It's This is a store to test from male jump. You can see here how it's been connected to mail at two Shopify Shops Inc for Shopify store connected Science February 24 2020. You can also add another side if you press here and you could have a lot to choose. Like squarespace bird press. You can make it custom site. You can import a custom side. You can import event can va. You have a lot to choose from. Also, I will show you something some more about stripe. Oh, in stripe haute. You have different settings you can choose from. You can type the you can insert structures like this. Insert a picture, text or a button. You can insert a different structure like this, or like this. You have blocks that you can insert like a spacer order spaces. Then, like this, you can also insert a banner and insert a picture, for example. This, you contend, insert filter like it's a little bit blurry or a strong contrast. You can also give this picture link toe a website to a male to a data from FTP were after PS just Skype, a telephone number, and as mess or in another political type. You can also share it off Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or une mail you can hit type in here an alternative text. You can also put your own coat onto death email. You're also able to move this section to a different part of the email, and you're able to take from models different part off the Miller and inset Demas. Well, you can just changed text. If you market, you can change the image if you press on it and go to changed picture. You can change the picture size, and you can change to filling off the picture. You could also change the alignment off the picture if it's not in a block and you're able to insert videos, timers and many other things you can even inside your own code. Much is pretty cool. Just press under hey html code and you can insert your coat. If you're finished, you can preview it here. You concede a swell on the mobile phone and on the desktop. If you're gonna have a full overview off that press here opening in you tab and you received a whole email on a new tap. You see, we have here while failure. What is it? Oh, okay, it's the AMP. Html Tech. We can press on close because it's just a test email 11. End: So that was me with our skill share Course. If you have any questions, please leave a comment down below, and I will respond to the message as quick as I can. I help you all like to course, even if it's mass information at once, you will get to into male gym pretty fast. It's a pretty pretty cool, too. 2 May email marketing and as well, other things you can do campaigns you can do, like pop up forms. You can collect people to your list, and it's pretty amazing. I hope you enjoy. Enjoy disclosure course, and you will give me a good feedback.