Getting Started with Digital Drawing: Tools and Software recommendations for Newcomers | FMB Artist | Skillshare

Getting Started with Digital Drawing: Tools and Software recommendations for Newcomers

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8 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. What to expect from this class

    • 2. Option 1: Graphic Tablet Review

    • 3. Option 2: Monitor Review

    • 4. Option 3: Standalone Devices Review

    • 5. Software and apps for drawing

    • 6. Homework and Social Accounts Community

    • 7. Upcoming tutorials - Stay tuned!

    • 8. Get Started With This Tutorial!

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About This Class

This class is intended for people who want to start digital painting or illustration, but who are not equiped yet. I will review and suggest material from the best of my knowledge and experience. The links I'll provide are affiliate links, it means that if you decide to buy from it I'll recieve a small comission, which supports this course and the channel! 

French version of this class available soon/ Version française bientôt. 


Please take a moment to visit my social media accounts and join my community!

Next, you will find a copy the material I use.

Option 1: Graphic tablet


This one being the entry level option, it's not expensive at all and it is excellent to experiment your first steps with digital drawing. However, you must be aware of the significant learning curve getting used to the material.

Option 2 : External monitor


Such a device needs to be plugged into your computer. The price range is quite large, from 200$ to 1500$ and even more.

Option 3 : Standalone device

What I mean by that is an iPad (or other tablet) or a flip-screen computer. Those systems are autonomous and portable, and you need complementary accessories.



iPad series:

Please also evaluate the other brands option.

I tested the Canadian version of most of the material listed above. I cannot guaranty it fits exactly your needs, so please read carefully the product descriptions also rely on your judgement when purchasing something. If you have any question, please write in the comment section of the course and I'll do my best to help!

Software and apps

For the computer, you can use Photoshop which has a paid plan from 20$ a month, or Medibang which is free. The first one is excellent for colors and software ergonomics, but the second one is best for the lines. I use both. Medibang has an online community evolving around manga.

When downloading Medibang, there sometimes propose other addons and search bars that you don't want, so just make sure to install only what you need!

For the tablet, explore your app store and try the free trials. You'll find the one you like the most. I use Sketches as a free app, but it's limited at some point unless you subscribe to the paid plan. Procreate is also a very trendy app at the moment, it's about 15$ and you can buy extra brushes. It has a really good user experience.