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Getting Started with Digital Drawing: Tools and Software recommendations for Newcomers

teacher avatar FMB Artist, Every second happens only once.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. What to expect from this class

    • 2. Option 1: Graphic Tablet Review

    • 3. Option 2: Monitor Review

    • 4. Option 3: Standalone Devices Review

    • 5. Software and apps for drawing

    • 6. Homework and Social Accounts Community

    • 7. Upcoming tutorials - Stay tuned!

    • 8. Get Started With This Tutorial!

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About This Class

This class is intended for people who want to start digital painting or illustration, but who are not equiped yet. I will review and suggest material from the best of my knowledge and experience. The links I'll provide are affiliate links, it means that if you decide to buy from it I'll recieve a small comission, which supports this course and the channel! 

French version of this class available soon/ Version française bientôt. 


Please take a moment to visit my social media accounts and join my community!

Next, you will find a copy the material I use.

Option 1: Graphic tablet


This one being the entry level option, it's not expensive at all and it is excellent to experiment your first steps with digital drawing. However, you must be aware of the significant learning curve getting used to the material.

Option 2 : External monitor


Such a device needs to be plugged into your computer. The price range is quite large, from 200$ to 1500$ and even more.

Option 3 : Standalone device

What I mean by that is an iPad (or other tablet) or a flip-screen computer. Those systems are autonomous and portable, and you need complementary accessories.



iPad series:

Please also evaluate the other brands option.

I tested the Canadian version of most of the material listed above. I cannot guaranty it fits exactly your needs, so please read carefully the product descriptions also rely on your judgement when purchasing something. If you have any question, please write in the comment section of the course and I'll do my best to help!

Software and apps

For the computer, you can use Photoshop which has a paid plan from 20$ a month, or Medibang which is free. The first one is excellent for colors and software ergonomics, but the second one is best for the lines. I use both. Medibang has an online community evolving around manga.

When downloading Medibang, there sometimes propose other addons and search bars that you don't want, so just make sure to install only what you need!

For the tablet, explore your app store and try the free trials. You'll find the one you like the most. I use Sketches as a free app, but it's limited at some point unless you subscribe to the paid plan. Procreate is also a very trendy app at the moment, it's about 15$ and you can buy extra brushes. It has a really good user experience.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

FMB Artist

Every second happens only once.


When I ask to my family and friends, they say I'm a diversified person. I do arts, yes, but I'm also passionate about sports, writting, programming and pedagogy. I deeply believe that every human being should expand his skills and interests in several fields! We are not supposed to be repeatedly doing only one thing for the rest of our lives! We need to go out and learn new stuff, get out of our comfort zone and start being more than just one thing!

Here on skillshare, I think I can share my knowledge about digital arts and drawing, and I can also learn a lot. Knowledge is now accessible more than ever, and I really hope my input here will bring good value to your life!


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1. What to expect from this class: Did you want to drive this or like that? If she said yes, but you don't know where to start. I can help you. My name's effendi. I'm a digital artist. For many years now, though I love traditional heart. I picked on my computer, most of it. I created this online course. So you know about our options to set up your environment for digital drawing. I can guarantee you that by the end of this course you will know exactly what materials you need in order to start very named Digital. Drawing with me. So are you ready? 2. Option 1: Graphic Tablet Review: your first option is to get a graphic tablet. It's really affordable, and it's easy to sit up. So that's the entry level options you can find. Tablet for us. Cheapest $25. Maybe you will be a happier with something about 50 $60 which is a bit larger in size. You can also think about buying you stuff. For example, my first of it was a bank welcome. I use a local website to buy it from someone. Though there were a couple of scratches on, it was working pretty neat, like it's already kind of break. You can find a link of similar products in my notes below. I would have spent more than $100 on such a tough it because it's just a tablet. If you want to spend more, just save money a little longer, and I'm going to present better options for you in a minute. Domain drawback off this set up is the use experience. Basically, you have to draw here, but you have to look there, and that's really hard. When you begin to drop, there's a learning curve, so it's an additional challenge in plus of starting drawing you have to get good with tools . However, it's a cheap option. So if you want to buy this, their first thing to look at is off course. The price. Indus ice and then the texture. First of all, this is plastic suit. It's kind of sliding too much and drawing plastic against plastic. It's really another same feeling as using a pencil on the paper, and that's kind of disturbing when you draw this for the first time. I didn't feel drawing, so I didn't like it are for me. I found a fixed by just sticking your paper on if it's a little crafty, so if you can find directly to write fixture when you're shopping online, do it. The next thing is to look at the buttons. Just make sure you ask them because you're gonna have your shirt gusts here. So instead of using all the time the keyboard zooming, zoo mild or undo your mistake. So that's it for this first option so we can find a link of those or similar products in denotes 3. Option 2: Monitor Review: So you're single option is to get an extra old editor. You're going to see a huge improvement between a graphic doublet and an external monitor because you look exactly where you dropped. That's gonna a low you to have a good precision and really concentrate on learning drawing , getting the right shapes, the right colors good with your lines. Instead, off getting used to the material off course Such a good use experience comes at the price would need at least 203 $100 to get a decent money, but I recommend you go mediated IRS your shirt as the right size and the right quality. I didn't pay more. If you wish, you want to treat yourself there, stuff that up to $3000. Unless you are a professional artists, you don't need such a good material like this. One, for example, is $500. You can find a link in, the notes billow, and it's really above my expectations. Get all of those buttons on the side so you have your shirt guts. Teoh. Cancel what your day, for example, or to sue being ands amount, and it's so smooth, like pretty. It's super responsive than their face is really not in the way between me and my drawing. Another challenge with this set up is the initial set up. So you need to get the good drivers sometimes setting up the resolution and the pressure it sometimes frustrating. But generally, in a couple of minutes or maybe one hour, you're able to find the right sittings by Chin's. There's a lot off communities online that helps you to find and fix up for problems. I would also do my best into comments of this course. You have questions that once it's that is friendly about this set up, I would say it's not super portable. It's better if you want just to create a station at home, working like your stuff there. Well, for sure, you can bring it somewhere else, but you have just too many parts for it to be fun transport. It's too heavy to carry it around. This is the reason why I would come into after good stent. This then will allow you to get your monitor other right eye for a site and of your arming a good buster. This is so important, surprising he has. It sounds. I know people who've got 10 diagnosis and neck problems because they were not sitting comfortably while doing drugs. So either it's for you your job. But it's really worth the price to take care of your health, right? Eso to complete about this. This is really my winter in terms off yours. Experience interface is so, so smooth. It's lovely to use. And it's a good set about home, which is comfortable as well get enough space that's really like this one, in my opinion. 4. Option 3: Standalone Devices Review: your last option and meeting of the less pricey is distant along device, either. If leave screen Computer organized, the great advantage with this is particularly, you can pretty pretty much everywhere. So maybe you like to draw in a coffee shop after parents or even on vacation. Well, you can't do that with this. I personally used a Lenovo ThinkPad. You'll go 3 70 while I about this device is, I could do everything so I can do my day job work. I can go online to search soft rice stuff, write emails, Rosie photo, waiting to do anything and drawing on the same device. This is so useful it comes with this son. It's just like this one. You may want to get something bigger, depending on this, it's reading. I'm using it every day, and you will also have to think about different accessories just like a keyboard and mouse , because when you're using a screen mold, you really need to access your shortcut keys. Those this cooling wheel for zooming in and zooming out for it computer. You'd expect to play something like $3000. It's expensive because you pretty much everything on it. I make sure to look at the specification. You want something sparked fel? That s good memory. Because when you want to run software just like photo shop, it's It's quite hard for the computer. So you need to get a good machine. I just think of similar products into notes on the other side. You have the iPad, Siri's or any other tablets. You don't need to get the latest version off iPad. I'm using I politicians for five years old. That's working pretty well. What you believe for sure is a pencil. I try the apple pencil. It's really dude, and they'll expenses. So I'm using this one, which is off of the price, which just 90% off the same thing. You also need a girl because their screens just like this one are 80 confused touched off your palm and the tip off your pencil. So you're gonna needed to avoid skin contact with. I can also think of the other things you're getting clean screen. Plus it's gonna slice. Move me when you're gonna move your If you don't want to buy one, you can kind of manufacture one at home using a whole stuck and just going. You're holding its let's let's see. But that did you Well, that's where to Price. You know, Apple. It's not, um are you? It's a very good material. I would also recommend that you get a good stand, just like for the monitor, because if you drop flat on the table all the time, you're gonna hurt yourself. Police take care of your physical. It's really important. So for both of those options, get a really good use experience because you're looking exactly where do you draw? So this is amazing for precision, and you can really Did you take all your time to get good at drawing at understanding the colors and shady instead of missing up with battery, I put the lanes off the material I used 5. Software and apps for drawing: 6. Homework and Social Accounts Community: Now that you know what are your options? I have a little homework for you. Please find a link off the pdf contract. I want you to come into to learn digital drumming First, set your budget. Maybe he's gonna increase or decrease a little bit while you're gonna shop. But at least you know the amount of money you're willing to spend on this. Next. Let's set a time frame for a shop. They ended purchasing. If you're an impulsive buyer, you're gonna buy descend as you go to shop. But if you need a little more time, I don't You think about it or just to stay the right amount of money. That's totally fine. But sit and date life is too busy. Something we need to schedule those things in order to fit them in our days and finally, most importantly, police. I'm here. I heard by a comfort that I want to start to learn digital drawing. This is a commitment. I don't want it to remain a blue dream. Foreign, indeterminate future. I want you to start reading and I'll be there for you, guiding you through your first steps. I'm preparing a lot of other tutorials. So when you're going to receive your material would be super excited and your lessons, Really, just I really eager we continue learning together. So thanks for watching and see you soon in your first tutorial off digital drop. 7. Upcoming tutorials - Stay tuned!: 8. Get Started With This Tutorial!: out to draw a gravity using the computer. That is what you're going to learn in this tutorial is if it be odd digital artist and a teacher. I'm gonna show you all the steps you need to know to create a beautiful artwork using digital meets. You'll first learn out of shape your letters and give them the style that you will try to add some perspective effects to it I share with you. My personal motives were in King and we moved too polarizing. We'll try to understand all highlights and shadows interact together suddenly bring the art for it to life used to the old processes. Not that long are it is a lot of little steps involved in it. This is why I believe this classes intimidate you should at least have a good knowledge of forties graffiti and your environment should be all set up way. Need a computer or tablet just like this one. And I keep word a mouse off course, the digital software. I'm going to use many bank for delights and photo shop for two colors. So before I begin, just make sure to fall in my still short page start