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Getting Started with ActiveCampaign: A Complete Guide to Setup & Learn the Essentials

teacher avatar Uday Gehani, Dedicated to make complex topics easy!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (1h 51m)
    • 1. Intro to this class

    • 2. Choosing the Right Plan

    • 3. A walkthrough of the Dashboard Part 1

    • 4. A walkthrough of the Dashboard Part 2

    • 5. Introduction to TAGS

    • 6. The Strategy Behind Tags

    • 7. Setting Up Tags

    • 8. Introduction to LISTS

    • 9. Creating Lists

    • 10. Custom Fields

    • 11. Importing Contacts

    • 12. Creating List Segments

    • 13. An Introduction to FORMS

    • 14. Creating and Publishing Forms

    • 15. Full Walkthrough of Publishing a Form on a Website

    • 16. The 6 Campaign Types

    • 17. Sending an Email Campaign

    • 18. A Goodbye of Sorts

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About This Class

If you're trying to use Email Marketing to grow your business, ActiveCampaign is by far one of the best Email Marketing and CRM systems in the world today. 

But, like any software, if you get the setup wrong in the beginning-  you'll have to spend countless hours and work much harder to get things RIGHT later. 

In this class, I teach you how to set up ActiveCampaign correctly and all the basics that ActiveCampaign has to offer such as 

Choosing the Right Plan.

Understanding the Dashboard. 

Setting up Site Tracking 

Learning about Integrations.  

Managing Contacts using TAGS, LIST and FORMs. 

Using Campaigns to send emails to your audience. 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Uday Gehani

Dedicated to make complex topics easy!



The most essential learnings in life come from Failure. 

The classes below are a result of some of my epic failures and the lessons I have learned from them. 

I used to fail in Business and Investing and so I mastered ACCOUNTING & FINANCE to change that. 

I learned that 'Revenue' is the most important metric in Business so I learned MARKETING to change that. 

I learned Time is as important as money and so I learned PRODUCTIVITY hacks to maximize it. 

Having my fundamentals of Accounting, Marketing and Productivity clear has had a BIG IMPACT on my life and I am passionate about teaching what I have learned to others.    

I hope you enjoy the classes.

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1. Intro to this class: hi there, and welcome to my class on active campaign. One of the best email marketing in CRM software is in the world, but I teach you not only how to quickly set up, but to send your first or even your 50 70 email marketing campaign. If you're moving from any other platform with experience, I've learned that the best email marketing campaigns start with the best lists, and the best lists are created by setting up your email marketing platform correctly and getting your foundation right. Keeping that objective in mind in this class we go are picking the right plan for your budget and business, collecting information from your contacts, using forms keeping aspect such as design and functionality in my organizing your contacts using tags and lists. And last but not it all the least. After setting up the correct structure using the campaign feature, an active campaign to send the right message is to your audience for maximum engagement undertone. So I really hope you decide to spend some time taking this journey with me. If you do, grab a coffee or any Berries of your choice and let's get started 2. Choosing the Right Plan : active campaign has a lot of bells and whistles. What I mean is that it's a software which is very feature ridge, so it can be a bit confusing for a newcomer to decide which is the best place to start and work the best planets. If your stock asking yourself that question, then welcome to this video. Maybe learn more about choosing the right plan on active campaign. In order to find a comparison between various plans, simply go to the active campaign website at www dot active campaign dot com. Click on the pricing Burton, and you'll see the various pricing plans pop up. Now The first question you have to ask yourself is how maney contacts do you have, because the pricing on active campaign is based on the number of contacts. If you're starting fresh from scratch, you could start in the 500 contacts plant. But if you're migrating contacts, we should already know the number of contacts you have, and you can simply was the stroller in order to see its plan best suits you. So if you're coming from ive ever for example, and you have 2200 contacts, then simply use the schooler to see the 2500 contacts plan, and you will have the pricing on the right. A big advantage if using active campaign or some off the other email and CRM software providers is that an active campaign number of contacts is based on the email address, so person can be a part of several mailing lists and still be countered as only one contact that is in some of the other Softwares. If a contact is mentioned multiple times in different places, the software counts them a several different contacts. Now, if you are migrating, you can do the migration yourself, or you have the option for active campaign to do the migration for you with the free migration plan. Learn a bit more about the migration plan. Click the three migration Martin right here, and you'll be able to see more details about it. If you choose to move contacts yourself because you're a d i Y type person, then you have a pretty comprehensive migration guide to help. The good part of doing a migration yourself is that it gives you some pretty good insights into how the software functions. I mean the nuts and bolts before you really start using, let's go back and talk about pricing a bit more when you're choosing a plan. Another thing that you have to consider is the monthly option. Worse is the yearly option. If budget is not much of a constraint, you might consider using the yearly option, which gives you a better for discount on whatever plan that you would like to go ahead with . So let's talk a little bit more about the different types of plans you have. The light level, the plus level, the professional level and the enterprise light level is a good option if you're a solo preneurs or someone who's running a blob and who doesn't really want a CRM feature. Because after the light level, all of the other plans offer the CRM functionality. Let me explain a little bit of our board of CIA remedies. CRM stands for customer relationship management, and it's a tool which gives additional insights into your interaction with any contacts. For example, I run a small business, and when one of my employees called the customer the right about the interaction with the customer on the CRM system, so the next time when someone from my company calls their customer back, they can read the previous comments and know exactly where we had left off as a company, see atoms also include many more fields to the core data about the customer, such as where they work their website, some of their social media links and so on. The intention is to use this data and build a good relationship with the customer. Now see, atoms are commonly used in call centres, insurance companies, banks and credit card companies, and so on. What you will need to do is decide if you need this additional functionality. Another difference between light and the other plans is the marketing automation feature forces the sales automation feature. Let me explain this in a bit more detail. A marketing automation is something in which automation Stryker in a highly digital in nature. So, for example, if a contact enters a CRM through a website or a Facebook lead general or an automation throughs, a PR or anything completely digital, then you can trigger a marketing automation. The marketing automation could be that when someone subscribes for a credit card or form through a website. Ah, thank you. Email is sent to the customer. Ah, sales automation, on the other hand, intrudes board digital and real world physical automation. Let me give you an example. You may call a call center and verbally talkto person, in which case they could add you to the CRM system and you would still get that Thank you email. You may also be added to what's called a pipeline in the CRM system for a sales rep to call you back. When that someone called you back and discusses the various features with you, you may move toward different stage in the biplane, so you see there difference. Marketing automation has worked largely digitally, and sales automation can work board digitally as well is in real world scenarios. If you decide that you need the CRM in the sales automation feature, then you'll have to pick one off the plus professional or enterprise blends. If I have eliminated the light option, I have to decide between the plus professional enterprise plans. The next thing that I will probably think about is the number of users that are going to be using the software. The plus plan gives you 25 users. The profession plan gives you 50 users and the and the price plan gives you unlimited number of users. The professional plan is for organizations that are really, really big. Now. A lot of features in these plans are pretty self explanatory, such as one on one training SMS marketing and so on. So let me dive a bit deeper into certain functionalities, which mean not be that easy to understand. Let's start with corn. Bactine lead. Scoring the contact and lead scoring feature is something which literally gifts. People points when the end other active campaign system. So if someone visits your website, they could get one point. If they visit a website five times in the past week, they could get 10 points. If they open an email, maybe you can give them two points when they click a link in your email, four points and so on. As a contact accumulates the score, the score will help you understand how hard or call these leads are, and you can even trigger alerts. And automation is when contacts hit a certain score. You can set these points to expire as well, so that you maintain an up to date point system over time. The next feature, which I want to explain with starts in the plus plan, is deep data integrations. Sweet. Especially helpful. If you have an e commerce store on some of the leading e commerce platforms, such as Shopify Who Commerz, big commerce or square, it helps active campaign. Recognize things like leaving an abandoned shopping cart before checking out and sending your contact and email reminder or cross selling products. The M L signs in the professional plan indicate machine learning. This is the active campaigns E. I really kicks in with features like Win Probability and Predictive. Sending win probability and predictor sending can work in tandem. They refer to active campaign juice of data crunching and giving you the odds off a contact becoming customer. Knowing the VIN probability will help you prevent any waste her time and money on long shorts, for example, a person with of improbability off 91% is much more likely to convert than a person with of improbability of 41%. Knowing this number can help you by focusing your resource is on the prospects, with the highest win probability starting at the professional plan. You also have spread automation, which is great for users who are analytic streaks like me and like a B test. Instead of creating dozens of separate automation ins, you can split test a single automation to see which of the automation splits works best. Finally, at the enterprise level, you can get your own dedicated silver. You can also get your own dedicated account rep. You can also get some three design services, some three social later and phone support for even a more comprehensive look. Just scroll down to the bottom and click. See a full comparison. It will give you a really granular view under different options available with the different plants. I hope this helps you choose the best plan for your needs. Thank you so much for joining me in this video, and I will see you in the next one. 3. A walkthrough of the Dashboard Part 1: Hi there. How are you doing this finding? Before really diving into active campaign, I'd like to dedicate this lecture and give you a quick walk through off the dashboard. So let's begin. What you're seeing in front of you is the dashboard and the screen that you re greater with every time you log it. The dashboard is full of widgets, which are interchangeable. That means that you can drag and drop them around. However you would like based on the type of business that you're on, you may want to see some widgets and choose to hide the other ones. You can hide a Vigen by clicking on exporting on the top right of the rich, see how they're disappeared. If you wanna take a look at any of the hidden midgets, click the arrow at the bottom of your screen and a small window pops up. But all of the hidden regions, if any of the hidden with its off interest to you, just click on them and they will re appear on your dashboard. I strongly suggested you pause this video right now and see what visits off interest to you on your active campaign dashboard and arrange them in any order that you would like before we move on so that each time you log in, you'll be able to see a quick snapshot of the numbers that matter the most to you. Some of my personal favorite digits are the contacts widget, which allows me to see all my contacts as well as my active contacts with other do. Favorite visits are interaction rate, as well as the interaction train, the interaction rate and the interaction turned. Allow me to see what person of my audience opens their emails and how engaged there with my content. After you've set up your evidence, The next thing that you'll find of interest is the activity screen on the right. This will be blank if you're just starting out, but it'll start to fill out as you use active campaign more and more. It's sort of like a constantly updated Facebook newsfeed. Only this tells you what's happening with the contacts you have on your system. For example, if a portion subscribes, UN subscribes off. When they click through something in your email, you'll be able to see what's happening. I really like this feature because it allows me to measure the pulse off how my business is doing in real time. On the left hand side of our screen, we have the menu. Let's walk through each menu. Item one entertains. The contacts screen allows you to see all of the contacts you have in the system. In the contacts section, you can take a look at all of the contacts together, for you can search for individual contacts by clicking here in the search box. The search box allows you to find any unusual contacts, or you can find categories of porn packs based on the tags. They have the list there in what status they have, for example, are the active, unconfirmed unsubscribe or bounce vigor. Get really deep in bags and lists in some of the videos that follow. But for now, just remember that this is the place where you'll be able to find contacts with a certain tag or which are in certain lists. Next, we have the campaigns button. It's in the campaign section, where we create, customized and see the analytics off all our email campaigns. So, for example, if Christmas is coming up and you want to create a Christmas campaign. You'll do it by clicking. Create a campaign right here. After that, we have the automation feature. This is where geeks like me really like to have fun. Active campaign makes it really easy to set up automation using their dragon drop interface . So if you want to send emails when someone visits your website or getting alert when someone subscribes to a list, then this is the part of active campaign that you will be spending a lot of time after that . The next dollar sign is their deal section. Now the deal section is not available for the light plan and requires a plus plan or higher . This is where the CRM part of active campaign really kicks into gear. Our deal is kind of like an inquiry with your business or your website receive, and you're trying to convert them. Go paying customer inside the Deal section. You can create these the step by step boxes, Accor pipelines, which is like active campaigns or Jennifer sales fun. You can then went into the various deals where customers move from one stage of the pipeline to the next biplanes air. Great way to see where customers drop off and what percentages move from one stage of the pipeline to the next. You can get greater insight into any of these deals by going into the report section right here and checking order Deal reports. More details on that coming up a bit later. But for right now, let's move on to our next Barton, which is the conversations feature. The conversations feature allows us to add attack box on our website if you install it. The chat books allows us to have conversations with potential customers and have their data saved an active campaign. But there is an additional fee associated to this. After that, we have to list feature. Let me explain what lists are within example. Let's see that you have a health block. Now you can separate lists an active campaign based on who is interested in what type of content on your blogged. For example, there may be people who are interested in certain types of nutritional contained, and some people may be interested in exercise. You can order is based on the type of lead magnet they subscribe toe over there in the website. They've entered active campaign from so you can create separate lists for each category of people. You can have a list color dieters list, for example, in a list called Exercises List. Segregating them into separate lists allows you to send different sorts off messaging to them. So, for example, you can send emails about the most nutritional juices to drink to your dieters list. And you can send other types of emails, such as the correct technique to use while doing crunches to your exercises list. You can create as many lists as you would like, or you can simply use their tagging feature where you use a limited number of list for the high number of tags to segregate your audience. But I digress, probably because I'm so excited to share this information with you and even more excited for you to see how the software can give you a leg up in your website and in your business . So we'll cover tax soon enough, and let's move on to the next part off the menu, which is the forms. Forms are exactly what they sound like their forms, which you can add to your website, but not all forms are created equal and you will have different types of forms to pick from , Let me show you. Let's click the Create a form link, and here you'll be received the different types of forms that we have. You have in lane forms, which are embedded into the page. Floating bar forms, which are sort of like the ribbons on top of your page floating boxes, which pop up from the right of the page, and mortals, which are pop ups which appear on the center of the screen. Moving on to our next Barton. We have the reports Barton, which we've already spoken a bit about. This is the part where you can download and analyse the various reports available on active campaign. This can really help you with your strategy going forward, and we'll have an entire lecture dedicated to marketing reports later in this class and finally in the lower part of the main menu. We have the apse, and we have the settings, but I want to go a bit more in depth with these. So I dedicate the next full lecture. This I hope for now, this lecture is giving you a good overview of some of the features more coming up next. Thank you so much for joining me in this video, and I'll see you in the next one. 4. A walkthrough of the Dashboard Part 2: I've kept a separate lecture for the last three. Barton's in the main menu because I want to dive a big, deeper, especially in tow, to off them, which are the apse Barton and the settings partner. Let's start by covering the easiest of the three, which is the refer friends Barton. The Hardship Barton stands for the active campaign referral program, which is really self explanatory. Refer people and the more people let's sign up, the more commissions you make. After that, we have the Hapsburg. The apse Martin is where the integrations happened. Your you see a bunch of other popular applications which active campaign can connect. There are several ways in which you can connect. You can have director integrations, which are done through using an A P I key and a P. A. Ki is like a piece of court, which allows Tuapse to talk to each other. Certain integrations will require you to use the key, which active campaign provides toe. Find the A P I key. Simply click the gear icon right here, which is your settings. Barton. Go ahead, click developer and you'll be able to see the A P I key if there are no direct connections with active campaign. Then you can always use in other app with the scores. Appier, which is sort of like the Swiss knife off integrations. It allows a bunch of different platforms to connect with each other. Let me quickly show you the behind the scenes of my personal is a peer account. If you take a look at this, this is the behind the scenes of my Z appear. Account I am used appear to connect my Facebook legion its with my active campaign account , so that whenever I get an inquiry from a Facebook lead Denard, it automatically gets added to my active campaign treat abyss. There are also a bunch of different functions that they appear can do with several different APS. So if you haven't heard if it I highly recommend you check it out. Some of the connections are free, but others you'll have to pay for another popular integration inactive campaign is the one between active campaign and WordPress. In fact, with WordPress being one of the most popular content management systems, active Campaign has built its own WordPress blogging. If you do have wordpress, let me show you quickly how to install the plug it at the backing off your WordPress site. Simply go ahead and click plug ins. Click. Add new active campaign in the search bludgeons field. Click. Install now and go ahead and click. Activate. So there you go. My active campaign blogging has just been in started. We'll be coming back to the active campaign blocking a bit later in this video. For now, let's go back into our active campaign dash sport. If you need help setting up any other sort of integration, you can simply find the integration. For example, let me find one for you, which is Dr Leeds and, like search. Once you find your app, simply click on it and you can scroll down. An active campaign will have instructions on how to set up. For example, Here we have the Thrive leads, integration documentation moving on the final Barton. That we're gonna take a look at is the settings Martin amongst all of the settings that you can change. I would like to talk to you about the most important thing that you need to do right now. You need to set up site tracking site tracking will give you insight on what individual contacts are doing on your site. Beyond that, at a later stage, it's going to allow you to set up automation. Zand automatically create personalized experiences for each of your contacts as they interact with your website. For example, you can trigger a message with a coupon cord to be saying 30 minutes after a contact to use your product page, but only if they didn't make a purchase. You can increase or decrease a contact or lead score on the basis off the number of visits and views of specific pages on your website and a lot more so to set up side tracking. Simply go to the tracking Barton and make sure that you're tracking toga list or no. After that, you can white list your Web site by typing the name right here and taking ad. Make sure not to add the X, GDP or etc DPS. And if you're using square space weeks or any of the other CMS is which are not wordpress. Simply copy this court below to the footer off your site. You can copy it by using control plus C and then go ahead and place it on the photo of your site. But if you are using WordPress, you probably already have installed and activated the active campaign. WordPress Blogging. I showed you a bit earlier in this video. The next thing to do is go back to your WordPress screen. We hear Go ahead and click Settings. Active Campaign. You'll have to provide WordPress with your active campaign. A p I u R l an a P I key. You might remember that we did that a bit earlier in this video. So let's go back to active campaign and get our You are Ln ky From there. No one's here. Here. Just go to a developer once on this page, copy or you are l and copy your e p a ki for security reasons you Shirt and Shea or a P I key and a p I u R L with anyone. Let me go ahead and click Connect. When finished, click the update settings. Barton. Go ahead and click the install accord. After that, you have your track by default or don't track by default. The track by default option allows you to track all the contacts by default without explicit consent. The do not track by default option allows you toe only track people who give you consent. After that, go ahead and hit our great settings and we're done. Let's go back into active campaign and see whether this worked out. And there we go. Our site tracking has been connected. Now we have two sorts of tracking on active campaign. The second type of tracking is called event tracking, and it's beyond the scope of this course because it requires customs, be it according. But if you were like, you can still click on the set up tutorial link and you will be able to see their documentation on how the set up books. Well, that's all for now. I thank you so much for joining me in this lecture, and I will see you in the next one. 5. Introduction to TAGS: Hi, everyone. This is your friendly neighborhood marketer Bodega honey, and a very warm welcome to you intellectually, where they're gonna be talking about tags on active campaign. So let's start by asking this question. What are tags? Think off tags labels for your contacts that help you stay organized. You apply tags based on the information you have learned from a contact. And so once the attack has been added, it helps you categorize your database as realistic action on that date. If you set up your tracking system correctly, not only does it give your database proper structure, but it is a very powerful asset, since that information can help you send correct targeted messages to your segmented audience and increase your conversions. Other things that tags are useful for bags are used to track user behavior. For example, before contact has downloaded a lead magnet based on what type off lead magnet has been down ordered, you'll know what the contact is infested. It bags can help you trigger other actions in the system. For example, if someone has bought something like a Christmas tree from your e commerce store, you can add our tag called for chest Christmas tree and start sending the customer other emails related toe poor chasing their Christmas trees, such as Christmas ornaments or something of that sort tags control the floor off your messaging. For example, if someone keeps opening your emails, you can apply our tag, which then triggers, and next one in the sequence of females. But if someone doesn't open your emails, let's say for three or six months you can unpack them with the tag called Not Responsive, which then automatically send them an email saying, Hey, would you like to unsubscribe? Now? I believe that tags are absolutely the most important thing to get done right before you do anything else, because this will help you take advantage of the Adwan. Segmentation features an active campaign. If you don't set this up correctly, it's pretty easy to turn your database in tow. One giant Dumpster. Let me quickly give you an example of how tags work, and after that he will discuss the strategy behind bags and how to set them up on active campaign. Let's say we have our health and fitness site that makes money multiple ways. The first way is that it offers online courses on health and fitness, and the second way is that it makes affiliate commissions. So someone uses a coupon court called Fitness 3 60 to buy certain products. Our website makes money. Now let's see. Ah, visitor named Joey comes through a website and read an article on running. He likes the article, and Down Lords are related. Lead magnet called the best three Running tips to avoid injury as soon as he don't load the lead magnet. We then set up a tag on active campaign to be applied to joy. Thirties Down ordered that lead mag Ah, second bag then gets applied to him saying that he's a lead for running affiliate program, which triggers a sequence off running related emails to him with different subject lines. One email subject line states how to train for your first marathon and other email states the best time to run. Burn the most calories and then, in other email subject line states how to monitor your heart rate while running. Now, if he happens to open the one that says, How do money though your heart rate we can then have active camping automatically apply and other tag called interested heart rate. Now the interested heart rate bag, when applied, then automatically sends an email to Joey after two days saying that there's this latest apple fitness watch with a fancy heart rate monitor for just 30% off. Simply use our coupon cord fitness 3 60 get the discount. If he goes ahead and vice with our coupon, you give him another party stag that he has bought so that we don't send them any other emails relating to heart rate monitors. So you see how powerful attacks can be in tracking behavior and then segmenting our customers to send them exactly the right messages. But here is the key. To get bags right, we need to think about them from the start. It's really easy to go tak crazy. And if you don't get them right from the start, I guarantee you'll go into active campaign six months from today and say, What was that bag for again? Or I can't remember why we had that back. So here is the real question. How do we do that? How do we get back set up correctly? Well, I'm gonna leave you on this cliff hanger here because that's the topic off our next lecture called The Strategy Behind Tags. Thank you so much for joining me in this lecture, and I will see you in the next one. 6. The Strategy Behind Tags : Hi, everyone. And welcome to the lecture on the strategy behind bags. This lecture is gonna be a big, different, unusual. And there's a couple of reasons why the 1st 1 being that you will not be using active campaign in this lecture and being the fact that this is an active campaign course that would be considered a bit unusual. The second reason being that this is a really practice oriented lecture. And I really want you to pause this lecture a few times and actually do the exercise, I suggest so please schedule at least 10 minutes of quiet time to finish the exercises in this lecture before you move onto the next radio. Not that the vigilant in this case is deceptive, and please add at least another 10 to 15 minutes to your schedule for this one the plus side toe. Adding this time is that I absolutely guarantee that you'll be tanking me toward three years from now that I made you pull out a piece 10 to 15 minutes from your very busy life. Okay, so get your keyboard ready, grab a coffee and let's begin depending on which platform you're watching. This, please check the project section or check. The resource is off this lecture for an attachment named the complete Guy through tagging on active campaign. Once you find that, please open that spreadsheet. The spreadsheet. You have a look like the one on the screen in front of you. You will be reviewing this document together first, and you will also be doing exercises on it. So once you open this document, you will see the instruction stab, which has four steps. Please complete step number one and make a copy of the sheet by going to file. Make a copy or you can download the sheet as an Excel attachment. Once you down, order your own copy. You'll then be working on Step two and Step three in this lecture, and we'll be doing step for in the next one. Let me start by walking you through work you'll see on the second dab, which is the category step. We're starting with this step to start because we're gonna be categorizing Are tags here? I added a sample list of categories with the prefixes, the purpose as well as some examples you will need to use this template and add remove or edit Discarded, please for your own business. Let me go through each of them so you understand the context around them, and I will give you a good idea on how to create your own. But first, let's answer this question. What is a category and why are we categorizing? Are tags? Let's say you go to a supermarket master store clerk there. Can I get some carrots? And he tells you, Go to the foodstuff section for you. Ask where can you get some cereal? And he sends you to the cereal aisle. You see how this categorization makes your life and, for that matter, every employees in the supermarkets. Easier categories give a logical order to things and help keep us organized in the same way . We will first create categories for your specific industrial business using this Google doc as a template. And then we will come up with specific tags in our last step. Okay, so going back indoor track categories, you'll see the four different columns. The 1st 1 is the categories. The 2nd 1 is the prefix is the 3rd 1 is the purpose and the 4th 1 Other examples. Let's go through the categories one by one, The action category represents an action that happens somewhere else in the system. You may remember the example of Joey in the last lecture. Have enjoy open and email with the subject line. How to Monitor Your Heart rate while running. He got a tag, which triggered an action of sending him an email with the coupon cord. Fitness 360. Well, that's the purpose of an action back act Laker Domino making the next domino fall that is, triggering some other action in the system. The next category is the check out category. This category is only valuable if you haven't online payment system, and you don't need to worry too much about this one. If you don't, here's another thing. If a category does not port into your type of business, go ahead and delete it. Simply click on the corresponding number on the left, right click it and Click Delete Role, and that will delete that particular category are typically for people who take payments online. They have poor three pages which follow their customers journey. For example, our favorite customer joy could see a productive fitness website and add that productive the shopping cart, which would then take him to the payment page. And once he pays, he gets redirected to the thank you page or the payment confirmation peach. So there's a number of steps here the check out back and help you identify what step a customer has taken. And more importantly, if they build somewhere in the journey before they purchase, we can send them an email saying that came Mr or Mrs So and so you still have some items in your shopping guard. Would you like to finish? Your porch is now. The next car degree is the event category. In this category, you contract people based on multiple events, such as landing on a sales page, opening an email, etcetera. After that, we have the frequency Katic this status especially useful if you're a content market off. And if you send a number of females on a regular basis, there are some people in your audience who may be pretty busy and want to hear from you, but don't wanna have a daily update. So they were in mind getting a weekly or more occasional email bart daily emails might be too much, so if you're sending out such regular emails, you could have a forger saying that Please reply to this email. If you want to reduce the frequency and when you're contact replies, they get a frequency tag added, which automatically moves them from your daily automation toe a weekly or are occasion one . The next two categories are the lead car decree and the lead magnet category. You can decide to keep one or you can decide to keep put. Let me tell you when keeping two of them really helps. Let's say you're setting up active campaign in the service industry and you're a dentist lawyer or a C P A. Who gives free consultations. If someone requests you for a consultation and fills out a form on your website, you could pack them with the lead tag. But if they download an e book on your site, you could give them aceptar to lead magnet tags. The separation of these two attacks will let you get really granular if at a later point in time you want to sit and analyze this data. Next we have the messaging bag, which can help you identify where the customer is in their journey with your business. So, for example, they may be in an on boarding sequence or a nurturing sequence in a notching sequence. They're still relatively new to your brain, and you know they need to get to know you a bit more before you send them a sales email. You could also have Ah messaging bag, which is for a post sale sequence where they've already purchased from you. But you're trying to up sell them. The next tag is the promo tag, which allows you to identify what promotions you've offered to your prospect so you don't keep offering the same promotion to them over and over when they're clearly showing no interest. After that, we have the Forge a stag, which is pretty self explanatory and should be applied to identify what the customer has purchased from you and maybe start an upset automation. If you have any up cells, after that, we have the steepest AG, which helps you segregate between your customers. So let's say you have two people. Joey, who has protester heart rate morninto watch from you and Bob, who has protest your yoga online course. Now in this case, both of them will have poor chased and have a porch a stag. But if you want to know who put a swart, you could have a different status tag applied to each of them. Or in other cases you could have a status V I p tag for customers who purchased multiple off your products because you need to be aware off who your brand champions are following that, we have the topic tag, which is really useful if you have multiple car degrees under your brand or business. So we've spoken about fitness a lot already, so I'll give you another example. You could have an online food blogger and you could tag people based on topics they seem to be interested in. For example, organic food vegan for juicing. Except finally we have the Webinar car degree or the webinar, which gets added based on the type of webinar. The prospect has shown interesting what has attended. Okay, now that you know the different categories off bags that you have, here's your first out of the two exercises To be done in this video was this video and identify the categories. You have it in your own business. Add any car degree you think may be of value to you and remove the ones that don't apply to you on the sheet. For example, You may not doing Webinars and may not have any plan to do webinars in the future. So go ahead and delete the webinar attack. If you don't have an online check out sequence, then go ahead and do lead to check out back. Also, if you want to change any prefixes based on how your head works, go ahead and do it right now. They're in taxes. I should take between five or 10 minutes. And I'll see you in this video when you're done. Great. Your back. I'm hoping that you pause this video and have none the exercise if you haven't done it, I'm watching you, you know. Go ahead and do it right now. And if you have done it, great job. Let's move on. Now, whatever categories are left with, you will need to be developed further. And so we're gonna move on to our final time, which is the my specific Tags tab. Let me show you the examples I've shown in front of you are for our fictional health and fitness website and you'll have to learn from these and develop your own. For example, I have shown the lead category and I have written the specifically tags that I would warrant under the lead category, such as lead for the running program. Lead for the nutrition program leapt for the yoga program, as well as a meditation for the leave magnets. I have mentioned to lead magnets which are the best warm up for running and best juicing recipes. I also recommend writing known the purpose and the usage of these tags to get a full understanding off a particular tag, such as purpose to identify contacts who are leads for running program or purpose to identify contacts who have shown an interest in meditation. Finally, we have usage usage can be for segmentation and tracking for monitoring conversion rates or anything that you believe you can use a tag for. If you're not too sure what to use in usage, you can leave it blank for right now. You know a lot more about this as you keep going through the course and learn more and more about the softer Okay, so you get the idea. Last but not least, it's your turn. This is your final exercise in this video. Fill out the sheet to the best of your ability. At this very moment in time. Keep in mind that this sheet is meant to be a reference guide for you Now as well as in the future. It's supposed to act like a central database. So that Vic time you have hundreds of tags. Keep in mind that this sheet is meant to be your reference point. Now as well as in the future, it's supposed to act like a central database so that with time when you have hundreds and hundreds of tags, you will still feel completely in control off your system and you will remain organized. Also, that makes so important that you keep updating it every time you add, remove or edit any tax. Okay, Now, go ahead. Remove some time and please finish this exercise. And I do have a small request from you. Once your sheet is done, even if it is in her draft, form it. Please go ahead and upload a snapshot or link off your specific tag. Stab in the project section of this class with the name of your industry in the project, right that the others from your industry may get some new ideas and it would really help them. So please help out your fellow classmates. And also it's a really nice thing to do, and you'll have some good Carmine Dane coming up next. We'll see how to move the specific tags you create into active campaign. Thank you so much for joining me in this lecture, and I will see you in the next one. 7. Setting Up Tags : Hello there. In this video, we're gonna be covering the final step in our four step process Off developing are tagging framework where I show you how to copy and paste your specific tags into active campaign. I'm assuming that if you've made it this video that you've already finished, you're tagging worksheet. So please have your tagging worksheet open with the third tab front and center and in another window, please open up your active campaign account. And within the contact section, you'll see a button called Manage Tax. Go ahead and please click on that. Once you click on manage stags, you'll see a screen Miss looks like the one in front of you. With this many window on the left hand side, you'll have to take the tags from your Excel sheet and copy and paste them into this mini window. So highlight the specific tags that you've created from the specific tag column and copy, which is control and see and go back to active campaign and based them and hit I Thanks. And there you go, the magic off active campaign. All your tags added in one shark, So, for example, you can see our tags lead yoga, lead magnet best juicing recipes, lead magnet Best warm up for running and so on, Keeping you super organised. Now let's go through a managed tag screen of it on this screen, you'll be able to see how maney off your contacts have particular tags. So, for example, I can see this is one of my older tags, which is applied to Penn Contacts as well as you'll see how many of your tags have been applied in autumn ations. This is actually pretty important for two reasons. As you spend more than more time with active campaign, you will have a lot of automation is, and this feature is awesome to keep things organized. Second, I want you to be aware of one thing. If you change the name of her tag here, it doesn't mean that change automatically applies to your automation. So if you have a tag with the name tag ABC and you wanted to injure to tag X rays E, we'll have to change it to your forced in the tag manager by clicking, edit and changing the name of the tag. And then you also have to click the automation once you have it and go ahead and change it in the automation as well. Other things that you can do on this screen are you can select and you can delete attack. So let me show you me click lead meditation. Delete. It's asking me if I want to remove these tags from all contacts and move all contacts or different tax. We're going to remove these tax from all contacts and click delete electric tanks. I'm gonna go ahead and click close. You can also search for specific tags by clicking in the search box right here. And finally, we have our Marge Barton this morning partners pretty handy if you have to similar tags and you want to march them at a later point. So let's say if our health and fitness website had a diet tag, as well as a nutrition tag applied to many of our contacts and later on we decide that we do. We really need two of these. Then, at that point in time, the March feature would come in pretty head. Just make sure when you march or you edit any tags, you go to the automation section and make the changes that as well. Well, then, that brings us to the end. Off bags for now. Thank you so much for joining me in this lecture. And I will see you in the next one. 8. Introduction to LISTS: Hi, everyone. We're done with the videos on tags, and I want to congratulate you on making it this far. You're doing a fantastic job, and at this rate you're gonna be a pro on active campaign in no time. It's time to move on to another element off active campaign, which is lists. So let's start by asking a question. What are lists? Well, to put it simply, lists are kind of like a storage facility. I want you to think about the bookshelves you've seen at your local bookstore or library. Well, you could think off lists on active campaign as the book shells and contacts as the books, which gets stored within them. Now, usually in bookstores, the bookshelves are categorized US. Fiction, nonfiction, business, self help, ex cetera, which helps keeps the bookstore organized and makes finding things pretty easy. In a similar way. Having different lists for different contacts makes it pretty easy for us to identify the types of contacts an active campaign. But here is the $1,000,000 question. Since active campaign gives us the capability to create hundreds and hundreds off less to feel really want you to. How do we know the right amount off lists for our business. While there are many ways you can approach this, I prefer to have a minimalist mindset while building lists. What I mean is that I always try to keep the number off list to a bare minimum. Why? Because too many lists can be a bit cumbersome. And if you change your mind later and already have a bunch of contacts added into each of them, it's really tough to go back and then reduce the number of lists. Okay, So even though I recommend keeping list to a minimum, I fully understand that it's still pretty important for us to get a complete picture off our customer in their journey with our business. So I recommend go tag heavy instead with the tagging framework of covered in the previous lectures, and also segregate your contacts into something called list segments. A list segment is a subset off a list. So, for example, you could have all your part tax and have a list segment within it, which is all women contacts or all contact your parents or pretty much any demographic. A list segment is basically like a subcategory Virginia list and you can pretty much have it be anything you like. The idea off. A minimalist framework centers around creating three lists, which are a main list, a customer list and a test list. The main list is for everyone who has opted in and giving you their details. It's for all your corn tax code. The customers list is for those who have made a purchase from you. You can easily set up in automation that once a poor chase gets made from you, then the customer gets added to your customer list. Just in case you're wondering, hiding a person into your customers list does not mean that the customer exists twice. That's because of Primary Key and active campaign is the customers email address. And since the email address can only exist once on the system, active campaign identifies the customers one contact, even if you will replicate them multiple times in many different lists. The most important reason I advocate having a separate customer list from your main list is that when a person most the customer list, it gets pretty easy to identify them, and it's really important for you to identify your purchasing customers because anybody who has bought from you ones has already bought into your brand and your message. I recommend you build a long lasting relationship with these people and give them lots of value, because in the end, these customers are your biggest supporters and end up truly becoming your brand champions . And just remember, as you build your business, you may add new products and offer new services, and it's always easier to Upsell or cross their toe these existing customers, then for you to get new ones. Lastly, with this minimalist approach, I recommend you have 1/3 list, which is a test list. It's good to have a test list to be able to test campaigns in any new automation you create . So there you have it. A simple yet effective three list system. No, I'm not gonna be ending here because I fully realised that there may be reasons you may wanna have more than just three lists, and I encourage you to do that. If that's the right fit for your business, for example, let's say you have an event management company and you have suppliers for your events as well as customers in such a case. Having two separate lists may just make things easier for you, because you have talked differently to each group. You may have to send your customers e mails on event times, reminders off events, ex cetera. While your suppliers make completely not being dressed in this. Some other reasons you may have additional lists is that you could have a product related email sequence, and you just want to keep your customer separate. So, for example, let's say joy from our last lecture and a bunch of his friends border heart rate monitor watch and also opted in for our 90 day running talents. Now, if we want to email these people daily for the next 90 days, it's a simpler to create a new list. Other reasons for having additional lists. Maybe if we're integrating to an external system click funnels off Facebook are perfect examples. In such a case, we can create a list call an action list, which is just a list where you stole contacts temporarily and then move them across the respective lists. The action list is just there to process incoming people from an external soft simply because of certain limitations between two software's at this moment, so it's a bit off of work around. Okay, So before I wrap up this lecture, let me conclude by saying as we move on to the practical side of this and you're actually trying to decide how many lists you should have, Well, I wouldn't stress about her too much because there's really no definite right answer to this question. Off course. Fewer is easier to manage. But if a higher number off lists makes more sense to you and is required for your business , well, then go for it. In the next video, we're gonna put the theory of what we have learned into practice. So please have your active campaign account open and follow along and loan with me. Thank you so much for joining me in this video, and I will see you in the next one 9. Creating Lists: OK, in this video, we're gonna talk about how we create lists on active campaign. If you've seen the previous video already, you know a lot about less strategy, and you know that I recommend using a minimalist framework for creating your lists. So let's go ahead and create the three lists that we spoke about in the last radio toe. Go ahead and create list. The first thing that you do is click on the list icon on the left hand side of your screen . When you're new, screen opens up. You'll notice that I already have a list for one of my websites called Accounting superpowers or call. So please ignore that for the moment and we'll be creating three new lists. True that we click on add illustrate. Here we give a lister name so this could be our main list I put in my list. You are l. So I'm gonna important my UL for another website that I have, which is learning super powers dark. And then it's asking me for a list description. Remind your contacts why they're on this list. This will be viewable in email sank to this list. The reason It's important to fill this out is because if a person forgets why they subscribe to your list in the first place, they could unsubscribe mark us spam. And that could hurt your delivery ability rating. So I highly recommend filling this out. You can fill this out with something like you have subscribed to receive the learning Super Powers News letter. Okay, learning superpowers, dark comb news, liquor and I click add. And there you go. We have our list created now when we want to create the other two lists, which are the customer list in the test list, we can simply go ahead and click the drop down menu right here. Click, copy and copy everything except the contacts. Actually, we don't even have contacts at this moment, so we can copy everything and click coffee list, and we do that again for our final test list. So we click a copy and copy list, so we have a three lists. Now I want to rename this list, so I click the Drop down arrow click Edit and I teens the list name customer list. And if you would like, you can change the list description to keep this video short. I won't be changing the list description right now. Catholic safe. And then finally in our last list. Go ahead and click Edit and we have off best list and I kick save. So there we go. We now have our main list, our customer list as well as our test list. You now not only understand the theory behind lists, but also know how to create German active campaign. Thank you so much for joining me in this short video. I will see you in the next one. 10. Custom Fields : Now that you know how to create lists, the next piece of the active campaign puzzle is what pieces of information about your contacts do you want to collect? The D four stores of information can be seen by clicking the manage fields Barton on the left hand side of your page. And once your new pages loads, you'll be able to see that active campaign already has the first name last name E meal, phone, gender and profession s fields. But you can always add more fields by clicking the arrow. Feel Barton on the top right off your page. I had a field. You begin by typing the field name Common feels that you may want to use our address birthdays, fax a work phone number or whatever else that you would like. The next thing that you would have to select his group. Right now, the only group that we have is the General Details Group, which is already provided by active campaign. But you can add more groups. Let me talk about this for a moment because it's pretty important in order for you to keep your fields organized. Let me cancel out of this and let me show you that by clicking Add Group. Here you can add more groups of custom fields. So let me explain this to you with an example. Now I can create a group called Engagement Toe. Basically see how engaged customers are with my business. So let's do that. Let's click Add Group and I can type engagement and I could create under engagement. I can add engagement related fields such as I had a field last open date. This is for when the customer open our email last and adds under the engagement group, I pick feel type date. I'm gonna go through the different field types shortly, but for right now you think date, click add. And as you can see, it comes under the engagement group. And just to illustrate the point a bit further, let me add another one. Let's say last sight. Visit like it. Engagement and a clicker feel like date and I click. Add. So, as you can see now, fields are divided into the general details off Any particular contact as well as engagement. Show you how this works on our contact screen. Let me click on contacts and let's say we have our contact name Benjamin right here. Now, when I click on Benjamin, I would be able to see the gender details of our Benjamin. And under that I'll be able to see an other custom field group, which was called Engagement. So that shows the last time he opened her email and the last time he visited our site. Pretty cool, right? Let's go back to our custom fields to see what else we can do. So let's go on lists and let's go back to manage fields before we move on. Let me just show you that all of these fields Air Chief created are a simple click click and delete if you don't want to keep them. So I'm gonna delete this and you can delete the entire group if you would like, so I can click delete, and it's selling me to delete engagement. Move the group's fields into another group, so cancel and I can use this to drag and drop, and then I can delete this new group that we created court engagement. So you now also know that you can drag and drop items from one place to another as well as you can delete or edit anything that you would like now, like we spoke about a bit earlier. Let's finish off this lecture by talking about the different field types that we have. We have the text input. The text input is a general text field that collects any short piece of text that a contact were typically type. You can use this feeling most of your forms to collect names, phone numbers or pretty much any short piece of data that you can think off. The next one is called Text Area. The text area allows contacts to write multiple lines of text, allowing you to collect more data than you usually would. You can use this to collect longer type responses when they submit a form. For example, multi Cendant's answers to a question or north are anything else. Then we have something which is pretty self explanatory, which is the date where a contact and puts their month data in your you can use their date field to collect birthdays, anniversaries, events and more. Then we have the drop down. The drop down is a standard drop down menu. My contacts can select any of the pre defined set of answers when they submit a form, you can use this feel like when you have five or more options that you want contacts to choose from. Next, we have the list box, which is also a selection list. This also displays a list off redefine options, which contacts can choose after the list box, We have the radio Barton's, the Radio Barton's also allow your customers to select later, but it's are different visual representation for them. So, depending on the look and feel of your site until off adding drop down the list boxes, you can simply choose Radio Barton's. After that, we have check boxes. The check box Feel type allows contacts to choose from one or more answer options from a pre defined set off options. And finally, we have the hidden fields. This custom field type is a text field and is not visible to contacts. You can use this toe assigned pieces off information to contacts when they submit a form. So well, Now you know a lot about custom fields. You know how to create custom fields. You know how to categorise them. You also know how to edit and delete them. I thank you so much for joining me in this video, and I will see you in the next one. 11. Importing Contacts : I realized that while many off you maybe just starting out, there are also many off you who are switching toe active campaign from other Softwares, such as a Veber or mill jump. In such a case, you may have to migrate your contacts. Or while active campaign offers a free migration service to new users, I thought it's pretty important that I create a video for anyone who wants to see how to import contacts by themselves. This video will also be very helpful for those off you at a later stage in your active campaign journey would like Toa import any contacts into the system. The most important thing to note here before you import contacts an active campaign is that each contact your importing has to have an email address. If a contact does not have any militarists, it cannot be important. The second thing that you will have to note before you proceed is toe. Have your data already as our dart CS we fight. You can change the format for any excel a Google doc file in the saver section by changing it into a comma separated value or C S. B. For short file let me show you. Simply go to the Windows icon on top and go receive eyes. And in other formats you'll be able to click the CSB format and change any file in docs referred. Now that you know that, let's move on, you'll see that I've already created in sample contacts to be imported into active campaign in a file that I've cleverly named sample contacts to import contacts. You will have to go over to your list screen on active campaign. So here I am on my list. Green on active campaign. Once you're on the screen, choose the list that you want to import the contacts toe and next to the list, you'll see an import cornerback Spartan. Simply click that Martin. The screen changes, and you'll have to click the blue button on top to import contacts. Interactive campaign. There's also and other way to do this, which is to copy and paste your contacts but vehicle import from RCs refile. So I'm gonna click import from file. I'm going to select my sample Pontiac Start CSP. Once the next screen lords, you'll see that the EI inactive campaign has mapped out whatever feels it could so you can see other. It's already mapped out the first name with the first name last name it last name and the email address. The two fields that are left are gender and phone so I can select gender, and then I can select the phone. In the next step. We have the option to select one list or multiple lists your select multiple lists. If you want your data important into more than one list, I'm gonna leave this at one list for right now. Next, we have the ID tags box. This is an optional box where you can apply attacked all of the contacts that you're important. If you remember. Tags are pieces of information that help identify in segment our contacts. Let's add a tag for this import justice Assemble. So let me choose their tag. Let's say lead magnet L M. Best juicing recipes is my tag when I click on that. After that, the final step is the import option. Step here. I can choose to update any existing contacts while importing. This may slow down the process of it, but it gives you the option to update any off your existing contacts. unless you have a specific reason, nor to you almost always going to select the Spartan to update your existing contacts. Finally, we click import now Barton. We then give active campaign sometime and based on the volume of contact your importing a message will show up when you're import has been completed. The next important step in this process is to click the view. Report Barton to see if your import was done correctly, so we see total items found. 11 There two rows, which have not been important so we can take a look at the failed rose. So there's one empty row it showing that with no email address and there's an email empty row with no email address one of these roses, almost always the first trough RCs free file with headings. So, for example, that would be this room. This is one of the rules which usually never gets imported because it doesn't have any villages. To find the second contact which hasn't been imported, you can simply go back to active campaign goto the lists, and as you can see, nine contacts have been important. So in case that you didn't import any contact What you could do is go to the main list and you can actually export out your contacts that have been uploaded and do a comparison with your current file, and you will be able to find any gaps and be able to find why a particular contacted, not upload. This gives you a good idea on how to import foreign tax an active campaign for right now. I know my data is accurate because it's showing nine contacts, and in my CSP file, I have a total off. 123456789 But if you have any doubts like I mentioned, you can always go back to active campaign. Export your data out and compare it with your CS. We upload to see the difference. Well, that's all for this lecture on importing contacts onto active campaign. Thank you so much for joining me in this lecture. I will see you in the next one 12. Creating List Segments: we went over. Worthless segments are a bit in our previous video on introduction to lists, and in this video we're gonna go or how to actually build your only segment and active campaign to refresh your memory. You may remember that I mentioned that a list segment is a subset off a list. It's a category veteran. Your list, For example. You may have a list segment, which is all women in your list. If you want to segregate your list by gender, let me show you how this is done with our list of sample contacts that we've uploaded in the previous lecture. I've gone ahead and added the gender for each of these contacts, so that now we can go ahead and create least segments off male and female. In order for you to work with this segment's, The list segment's feature can be accessed through multiple places, an active campaign, but the easiest place to do it is in the list screen. Once you click on the list screen, Barton simply go head to the list where you would like to add duelist segment and on the right hand side, click the drop down menu and select segments and underneath your main list, you'll have another window pop up that's gonna show you any existing segment surf we already have. Right now, we have none. So we can simply go ahead and click new segment to go ahead and create a new one. We give our segment the name and I'm going to start with woman and a hit create segment. When the next green loads, we're gonna have Patel active campaign the conditions in which to put people into the segment. He do that in this case by telling active campaign that whenever the custom feel for contacts is female and that person to the woman said, Let me show you how this is done. Now that I've gone ahead and given all the contacts in my mean listed gender, this should be pretty easy. I take the first drop down at all and select custom fields. After that, a select gender, the next drop down gives us a choice off. It is is not contains does not contain greater than etcetera. I'm gonna leave it at is for right now and I'm gonna put female in the last box which stands for females as for our sample contact list. Now we could add another condition if he wanted to. By clicking the plus add another condition function. This opens up and as well as four condition here. He could give active campaign multiple conditions prior to a person being included in the list. Segment, for example, is a female and Hazard rendered of Evan R. Or is a female and has not attended a webinar exit. But let's just keep to this one condition for the time being. So let me access out okay and let me click Save another all this segment to save. Let's go ahead and look at our list segment by clicking view contacts. And there you go, the four people on our list who are female. Well, you add this. Let's just go ahead and create a meal. So simply go back to lists and once again go ahead and click segments in your mean list. Click new segment like men hit, create segment, select the condition. Custom feared gender is man and hit safe to see a new list segment of men Click view contacts and there we have it are six contacts on our main list, which are mean to conclude. Let's go back to lists and under segments you will be able to see the men segment and the woman segment. And if you would like toa, add any demographic as a segment that you would want. If at any point in time you want a view your contacts now divided into segments, simply click on them and click view contexts, which will show you your list segment. Now you know how to segment your list. You're well on your way to become an active campaign expert. Thank you so much for joining me in this video and I will see you in the next one. 13. An Introduction to FORMS: Before we dive into all the technical details of forms and active campaign, we're gonna talk about a couple of things force just to make sure we're on the same page. The first thing that you need to be aware off is that not all of the form types are available in the light plan. The light plan gives you access toe only the in line formed right. The remaining forms can be accessed by having the plus professional or in the price plans. If you're not sure what in in line form is well, then keep watching as we will be covering that and much more about forms in this radio. So what are farms and what can we do with farms? Well, the most important thing that you're doing with active campaign is gathering contacts in their information. Before we do that, though, by now you know what I like to look, which is always think about strategy first before you get going with implementation before teaching you to set up forms. I want you to have a think about the four foundational elements that make up forms. The first is the design Here you will have to answer this question. What would you like your forms to look like? And how would you want your users to interact with them? The second is the function in this foundational element. You have to think about the fact that once you've collected the data from your contacted the front end using a particular form, what are you gonna do with it? Since active campaign provides a host of things you can do with data, deciding what you have to do is critical to engagement. And if done correctly, this element alone can single handedly place you far ahead of your competition. The third essential element with forms is thinking about any third party integrations that you might want the start party integrations act like power ups and can take your data collection to the next level. Finally, we have security. Which brings us into our debate about single and double opt in. So let's talk part. Each of these foundational elements are bit more deeply formed. His aim at the time of this recording, Active campaign has four types of forms you have in line forms which embedded directly into a website. Then you have floating words which appeared at the top or bottom off a webpage. The floating box is a small box that slides in from the bottom left of the bottom right off a webpage. And finally, we have more dial phones, which are also commonly referred to US pop ups and can appear on the top or bottom of your page content. Your choice of form will depend on the aesthetics off your website and what you want to achieve. After you decided under design and know how you want to collect the data. The next thing you have to think about is its function. While thinking about the function, you have to decide what you want to do with the data. Once you've gathered it, that is, how do you want a process? It One of the things that you have to think off is wilder data that you've gathered going to a single list, or do you want to segregate it into multiple lists after you're done? Deciding that the next important part, which you need to think about is tagging? Do you wanna add just one tag or other multiple tags that you weren't a contact to get once they fill out a particular form. Lastly, would you like to trigger any notifications for yourself, or maybe any stuff that you might have? Once you've thought of this and you want to get all of this properly dialing, you'll be able to learn a lot more about this in autumn. Ations integrations. You can also integrate your forms to other third party services if you really want to add more bells and whistles. Some of the more popular software is that integrate with forms are lead pages, click funnels Dr Leeds and Xabier. Off course, there are many more to choose from. An active campaign is constantly adding more, the latest worsens of which can be farmed by clicking the apse Burton on active campaign security. Finally, when a person fills out a form, you need to decide if you want to set them up with a single or double locked in. Just so we're clear, let me explain the fundamental difference between the two. A single often is a one step process and only requires a person to enter the email address or contacting for one time in the sign up box on a website. No confirmation is required, and they immediately become your subscriber are double opt in and Walter two step Process where a person first enters the email in the signer box, and after that, they receive a confirmation email where they must click to confirm that they want to be a subscriber before getting added to your subscriber list. The key difference is that a single often doesn't require confirmation, and our double often does require confirmation. This is a debate that's been raging on for years amongst email marketers. Which one's best? Which one's more conducive to building a quality list of Leeds? Which one can grow your business quicker and so on? This is one of the main decisions you need to make for yourself, and it's critical that you look into it from all angles and weigh the pros and cons of each approach. I won't be deciding this one for you because it really depends on the type of person you are and the type experience you want to give your customers off course. If you just type single or double opt in and Google, you'll have many opinions from many well established marketers on which is best and what works best for them. So that's enough discussion on forms and the strategy behind forms from my side. Let's go ahead and see how to create forms in the next video. Thank you so much for joining me in this video, and I will see you in the next one. 14. Creating and Publishing Forms: Hi there. And welcome to our new video on creating and publishing forms to create a form on your active campaign. Die sport. Simply click forms on the left hand side navigation menu. Once your new page loads from here, go ahead and click the create a form Barton on the top. Right, Give your form whatever name that you would like. So I'm gonna name a form learning superpowers News nectar. You may remember that in the last video we discussed that the first thing that you will need to decide with forms is their design and how you need to pick the form that best fits your respective platform of that page. They're different styles that you can choose from our in line form floating bar form, the floating box form and the model for for this example, I'm simply gonna leave my selection at the inland for when you create a form, you can then go ahead and choose from different actions. That will happen as soon as a former submitted. This is where the functionality part off farms kicks in. So, for example, you can subscribe to a list. I'm gonna go ahead and select death list. You can also add other actions by clicking the art inaction Barton. So let me add a tag and I'm gonna be selecting my tag as source Google. This means that the contact has come through Google s u I could also select source Facebook If I know the inquiry has come through Facebook, where you can also embed forms more on that coming up a bit later when we talk about publishing forms and you can also send an email to someone if you would like to notify them once a farm has come in, the last action that we have is called add to or delete toe. Let me click that you may consider using their deals feature when you get a big, more advanced as it refers to the CRM. Part of fact of campaign, when you add your deal means that you're telling active campaign that the information in this form should had information pertaining to a potential sale of business opportunity. I'm gonna leave it as it is for right now, since I want you to take small and easy steps towards becoming an export active campaign, and this may be a bit or kill it. The state's Tonga X out from here and I'm gonna click. Create Barton Once you hit, create the next page that opens up. It's called the form Below the form. Baylor is the place where you can really customize the design off your form to your preference on the center off our pages, the canvas where you can change the headline or their descriptive feels, or anything else that you were like in the form. If I want to change the headlines, I simply click on the headline, and I don't make changes directly on the canvas but on the right hand side, by clicking there and selecting and delete, and you can see that the change happened on the canvas. Also, on the right hand side, you can see the three tabs, which are the feel stabbed, the style lab and the option stuff. Let's score these one by one. The field stab allows you to grab any feel that he warned, and drag and drop it into your form. You can change the order of the fields by clicking the crossing the right and dragging and dropping them wherever you would like, So I'm glad drag and drop this below the email section, and there you go. If you want to remove any fields, simply click the X Barton and click OK and feel disappears from your form. Next, we have the style Step. The style tab allows you toe addict appearance of your form. The first thing that you can do a switch between the horizontal and the worker. This place. You can also change the background color off your form by selecting the background Barton and choosing a different color, so I'm gonna make our form slightly publish. You can also change the foreign colors by selecting, and there you go. You can add a border by clicking this Parton and let's say on the really take border 12 part, let's make it green. Wow, that's a pretty ugly form, but I'm gonna roll with this in our example. In the next car degree, you can change the call to action Barton. So, for example, let me click and make it green, and you saw that our call to action Barton chains from black to a green, and if you want to get really fancy, you can use the box located at the bottom of the style tab toe. Add your own custom. CSS Last but not least, we have the option. Step here. You can choose whatever message that you would like to show up after the former submitters . So let's say right now we have Thanks for signing up. We can change the stool tanks, or you can also add a You are, if you would like, by clicking open you r l and adding Are you are l so I can choose at c t. P Colon four slash ford slash earnings Who are powers dark Next? You can also change the list if you would like from right here. Or you can also add tags or change stacks. Something important from North here is next to art subscribed to a list feature. We can click the gear icon, and the new window that opens up allows us to select between double opt in and single up. If this struggle is turned on, that means we have the double opt in feature turned on, which is the feature which is enabled by default. If you're choosing the single often, things are simple enough, but if you go ahead with their double opt in. Then you also have the confirmation action feature where, after a person confirmed the email, you show them a message or redirect them toe. You are l on your website. I'm gonna leave this that single opt in for right now and I'm gonna click Save Finally. To publish your form, you can click the integrate Burton on the next screen. You see four different publishing options to choose from. The 1st 1 is the embedded option. You'll have to choose between the simple embed or the full in bed. The simple embed uses javascript that you can paste an embed into your site. Any changes that you make to the form in your active campaign account will be reflected in your published form right away. The full embarrass option uses both CSS and HTML cord, and you can base this endear site and it's only available for in line forms. This can be tarred off as a sort of almost static form. While this option gives you more control away accord, Any changes that you make to the form on active campaign will not be reflected in your published form. Next, we have the linked up the link tab is a shareable version off your phone. And if you would like to share your form with someone else, you'd come here. Copy and paste this link and send it to that person. Next, we have our WordPress tab. We've spoken a big about our WordPress blocking and one of the previous videos. Better install insured you the plug it. So if you have the blood and installed in the form directly integrates with your WordPress website and finally, last but not least, we have the Facebook tithe. Facebook tab gives you the option to add the form directly to your Facebook page. Once you go down and get started, a new window will pop up where active campaign will allow you to select your Facebook page and follow the instructions. The form will appear on one of the left tabs off your Facebook home pitch. Well, now you know how to create and publish your own forms. I strongly suggested you go ahead and do one for yourself right now. And that's all for this Lecter. Thank you so much for joining me in this video. I will see you in the next one 15. Full Walkthrough of Publishing a Form on a Website : Since there are so many different ways to publish forms on your website. In this lecture, I thought let me take a deep dive and show you one of the more popular ones, which is adding the embed code to your website directly. Now, there are two options you have here are the simple embed code or adding the full embed code. Now let me tell you the difference between the two. The full embed code will incorporate the complete courtier website. But the downside is that it will not automatically update on your site if you make any edits to the form on active campaign directly. Which is why what we're gonna do in this lecture is we're going to focus on adding the simple embed code to your site. Adding an embed code to publish your form requires a place where you add HTML to your site. So no matter what the platform, just find a way to add HTML and you'll be good to go. In this lecture, we are going to be using element or with WordPress. And I'm going to show you how to add a simple embed code. Thanks a lot and I'll see you inside the lecture. Once you're logged into the page section of your WordPress dashboard, simply go onto the page that you want to add your form. Do so I want to add the form that I have on the Membership page of this website which I'm creating. So I click edit with element or once the page loads, simply go down to where you want to add the form. So what I would like to do is I would like to add the form right here under the unlocked premium access. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna duplicate it. And once I scroll down, I'm gonna delete this section. And I'm going to go and find the element for the HTML addition. So there we go. And I'm going to drag and drop this right here. And then I'm gonna go back to the form which I want to add. So this is the form that I've created and I'm gonna click integrate. And I'm gonna take the simple embed code. And I'm going to press control C to copy it. And I'm gonna go back here. And I'm going to paste my HTML code. And there you go, the forms being created and I'm gonna hit update to update it. And I'm gonna delete this section right now because I don't need this. Right-click. Delete. And I have my form rate here. So once I go and update, and I can preview my changes by clicking here. And as I scroll down, you will see that the form is right here. Alright, fantastic. So we are done. If you want to test out your form, you simply add your information right here. So I am going to add, for example, my email ID at visiting And I hit submit. And it says, thanks for signing up. And I can go into my active campaign account and I can see if the details have been submitted. So let the page load and I'll be there in 1 second just to show you the confirmation. Now, once inactive campaign, I click contacts and I go search for my name just to see if the form is working correctly. And I believe this is the email idea, Putin. And if you scroll on the right, you'll be able to see the Recent Activities. And it shows that I subscribe to the list and I have entered the automation completed automation as well as it's showing the site tracking that's working. Alright, so that's enough for a lecture on how to publish a simple embed code on your website. And hope that our thank you so much for joining me and I will see you in the next lecture. 16. The 6 Campaign Types: so far in this class, we spoken a lot about how to keep contacts organized by using tags and lists and by creating custom fields. But now it's time to take things up a notch and talk about communicating with your contacts . The primary way in which active campaign lets you communicate with your contacts is through email sending out emails. Your contacts is done by clicking on the campaign's Barton on your left hand side navigation bar and then clicking create a campaign before we dive deep into sending our campaigns. I'd like us to discuss the six different campaign types that we can choose when we want to communicate for attack lines. The first campaign type is called Standard and can be taught off as a broadcast. Email it convey be sent immediately or scheduled for a later date. This campaign is perfect for newsletters or sharing announcements with your contacts. The second campaign type is called automated. This campaign redirects you toe the automation below so you can create any automation that you were like. This is the best option if you want to create a drip campaign or create an on boarding sequence or workflow, the third campaign type is called an auto responders. This is sent immediately after someone subscribes to your list and can be used to send a welcome email to your new subscribers. The 4th 1 is called Split Testing. This option allows you to send multiple versions of her campaign toe portions off your list . This helps you gauge with subject lines, and the information or content generates more opens or clicks. This campaign type is best used when you want to test which wording or campaign types of contacts engaged with most. The fifth campaign type is the artist s triggered one. An artist s triggered campaign is ST When an artist is feed you specify is a bleacher. The campaign type include content from your RSS feed. You might want to use this campaign type. Notify your block subscribers off your new post or share your latest news with your list. Finally, last but not least, we have their date based campaign this campaign type percent based on the date feel off your contact records. This means that the campaign might be center different times for different contacts rather than all at once. When setting up this campaign, you have the option to send the campaign before, on or after the date contained in the contact dates field. This campaign type is especially useful for sending birthday emails or to inform a corn fact that their subscription is expiring. Well, that's enough off the different campaign types with this video. More on sending campaigns coming up next. Thank you so much for joining me in this video, and I will see you in the next one. 17. Sending an Email Campaign: Hi there. I know this is the video that you've been waiting for. Very learn how to send either your 1st 57th or maybe 107th campaign to send an email campaign. The first thing that you're free do is click the Campaigns Barton on the left hind site Navigation bar. If you're creating your first campaign, a new window is gonna pop up which its creator campaign. But if you've created a few campaigns before, it won't be this window, but rather you have to click create a campaign burden on your top right side of the page. Because this is our first campaign for this new account. I'm gonna click, create a campaign right here. Now, the six Options Lord in front of us. We discussed some of these in our previous video. I'm going to just leave. This is the standard option for right now. Keep things simple, and I'm going to give our campaign a name, which is best campaign. As you see, A can be a very original. Once I've selected the test campaign, I simply click next going to the next page or here you can select the list that you have that you want to send the campaigns true. I'm gonna go ahead and say like best list. One of the things that you may have noticed is as soon as I clicked s list. There's a window that pops up right below. Now this window signifies any lists, segments that are included in the list. So, for example, in my test list, we have the list segment for men and we have the list segment for woman. So inside the test list, I can choose to send my email, either men or either woman. If you remember, we have created these lists segments in our list segment video, which we had done a bit earlier. So for right now, to keep things simple, I'm gonna not send this to any this segments on were a keeper open and send it to our test list. After you've selected your list simply Gordon, click next. This is whether design aspect of active campaign comes in. As you can see, there's a lot off pre made templates, but you can choose from. If you would like to preview any of these templates, simply click preview on any of the templates and a new template for Lord along with how it looks like a mobile. I'm gonna click X four rate. Now, another thing that you can do is if you don't like any of active campaigns pre made templates you can always choose build from scratch. Once you choose this, you'll be able choose a template type. You have newsletters, write columns, left columns. You can also do some customers html and next. Only if you choose any of these, what's gonna happen is they'll be a dragon drop builder that appears right after you've chosen one of these where you can drag and drop and create your own template. I'm gonna go ahead with one of the pre made templates for right now somewhat of cancer. And I'm going to use one of my favorite templates, which is the Christmas Temple. That's cause I really love Santa. And I love Christmas, so I'm gonna click. Use this template. The next window that pops up shows you a few things that are Who is this email being sent from? You can change the name right here. Also, the email lady that this email campaigns ring saying from you can change it right here you can choose to write an email subject line such as this. Email is, uh, hello from learning super flowers Dark call, which is my website, and I can click continue rate your and when the next page finally loads, you will be able to make changes to your template by using the dragon drop builder on the right. So, for example, if I won't add a button somewhere, let's say I wanna add a button on top, Take and drag and drop the Barton right on the page and you'll have a Barton over here. You can also edit Parton by kicking this. You can drag and drop it down the page by clicking the cross. And let's say that we go. Okay, that's move this right, the bottom There you aren't symbol in another feature that I would like to show you on this design pages. If you click the settings Barton, you can change any of the things that you have seen previously, such as I can change my subject line as well. From here, I can change my from address on my reply to address. I also have a couple of toggles right here with some of you may be interested in his. You could enable or disable mobile responsiveness. You could automatically generate text version of this email. You could turn that off. You can also send yourself a test version off the campaign and also here where active campaign doesn't spam check for us. So as you can see, my spam checkers failed. That's cause I'm using a junk email address I'm gonna use if I use a better email address. Lake. So one of my primary emails and I could close and I click settings again. It'll show you that the spam check has passed is a pretty good feature their active campaign offers because it enables you to see whether your campaign that you're sending will actually deliver or not. So I'm gonna kick close right now, and we will move on to our next step, which is the summary step. Oops. Here you see their text version off are tempted. That's because I turned one of the toggles off in the previous screen. Let me go back and make a correction on that. Once the previous Green Lords, I simply go ahead and click the gear icon again and don't back on the goggles on click next again and there we go. We've gotten things right again. And when the next piece lords, you'll be able to see your entire campaign summary. You table double checked things like your subject line the from meal. In the reply to emails, you also have the edit Barton on the right. If there's any changes that you would like, you could also click the edit button and make those final changes. You'll also be able to see the number off people that your email is going to be sent out to . There's also a bunch of options that will be available, such as open tracking, link tracking replied tracking Google Analytics Set up. You can also make your campaign public four private By using this option, only contacts who have your campaign archive link will be ever access it under delivery. You conduce to schedule a campaign for a future date by clicking schedule instead. If you want to send the campaign immediately, then just leave this burden off for right now. Finally, you will be able to send a test. Email it to yourself to see what the campaign looks like in your inbox. If everything looks okay to you, simply go ahead and click the same. Now. Barton, on the top of her page and a confirmation window, will appear as a final check on your campaign. Simply Click ST Campaign now and you're done. Active campaign is processing your campaign and and you convey to three seconds it'll show your email campaign is now being sent, and that's it. So thank you so much for joining me in this video. I will see you in the next one. 18. A Goodbye of Sorts: I would like to thank you so much for taking this class back yourself on the back because you learned a lot. But let's not conclude this class just to be good at anything in life. You need toe practice, practice and practice some more and getting good email marketing is no different. It's time to put your newly found knowledge toe one final test. Simply look at the project section of this class and complete one of the assignments that follows. You can either do the easy project or take the road less traveled and do their tough one. And if you're really ambitious, you can move boat. If you have any questions for me, you can click the community dam and ask them I would love to help. If you would like to see any off the future classes I create, please click the follow button on your screen. And if you want to see any off my past classes, please check out my profile. And for one final time, it was truly my pleasure to be with you. Thank you so much for joining me in this class and I will see you in the next one