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Getting Started in Digital Art (for Beginners)

teacher avatar Banashree Das, Digital illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Setting up Workspace and Creating the right Canvas

    • 4. Introduction to the Basic Tools and Options

    • 5. Introduction to my Tool Preset

    • 6. Basic Layer Options and Arranging Layers(With Example)

    • 7. Sketching and Cleaning up Line Drawing

    • 8. Adding Colors, Blending, and Adding Details

    • 9. Saving Final Drawing

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About This Class

Are you a beginner Dinitial Artist or maybe want to learn Digital Art but not sure where to start? Then this class is just for you, in this class I am going to teach you how to start drawing digitally as a beginner, I will walk through the complete process and you don't even need to have any prior knowledge in digital art to take this class but some basic knowledge of drawing would be handy. I am using Photoshop as most people are familiar with it but you can take this class even if you are using a different software or application  as the basic process is  same regardless of what device or software you are using. Photoshop is mainly a photo editing software, so I will introduce you to only the basic tools and the ones I use for my art. 

 You will learn :

  • Setting up Workspace and Creating the right Canvas

  • Introduction to the Basic Tools and Options 

  • Introduction to my Tool Preset 

  • Basic Layer Options  and  Arranging  Layers ( With Example )

  • Sketching and Cleaning up Line Drawing 

  • Adding Colors, Blending, and Adding Details   
  • Saving Final Drawing 

 Materials you will need :

  • Desktop or Laptop 
  • Photoshop  (CS6 or later) installed on your computer
  • Graphic Pen tablet is recommended (mouse will work too but it will be more time consuming and you might find the process harder)

Download the brush pres et 

You can also find me here :  InstagramYouTube , Gumroad

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Track: Serenity — JayJen [Audio Library Release]

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Banashree Das

Digital illustrator


Hello, I'm Banashree ( online - MuzenikArt ), a freelance illustrator from India. I love to draw female characters and enjoy working on expressions a lot. I have completed my graduation in Computer Science but was always  passionate about art which led me to become an illustrator instead. 

Join me on Instagram to see my daily artworks, progress works, tutorials and any other updates.Use #muzenikart on Instagram when sharing your class project there to get featured on my IG story.
You can also find me on  

Website   YouTube   Facebook   Gumroad   Etsy

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1. Introduction : Hey, everyone, I'm Bonus tree and welcome to my class Getting started in digital art for beginners. If you are a beginner digital artist or maybe want to learn digital art but not sure where to start, then this class is just for you. In this class, I'm going to teach you how to start drawing digitally as a beginner. I will walk you through the complete process, and you don't even need to have any prior knowledge in digital art amusing for the sob, as most people are familiar with it. But you can take this class even if you are using a different software or application, as the basic process is seem, regardless of what device our software you were using for those up is mainly a photo editing software. So I will introduce you do only the basic tools and the ones I used for my art. So by the end of this class, you will learn setting up workspace and how to create the right canvas. Then you will get familiar with the basic tools and options next introduction to my tool presets. Then you will get to know the basic layer options, and I will show you how to arrange. There's effectively with an example next, sketchy and cleaning up line drawing, then coloring, blending and adding deep aids. And finally, how to export your final drawing in different form, it's 2. Class Project : for your last project. Draw in your piece characters in your own way. We're free to get creative and at anything you want, or maybe use a different pose. You can also take me on Instagram to get featured on my story. Find the full images in the project dictates and make sure to share your artworks to get fit big. 3. Setting up Workspace and Creating the right Canvas: in photos up workspace is the entire working area. So first of all, we're going to change workspace to painting. You can try the other workspaces as well, but I'm using painting for this class. So when watching this class, use the painting workspace tow. Avoid any confusions. Next, drink out the press preset and close it. Then open the tool preset window by clicking window and then to preset dragon dropped the new window above the layer. Bennell like this. Now go to the tool preset menu, then replaced to grease it and select a painting pres. It's a shared with you. If you haven't downloaded it yet, you confined to downloading in the about section or project gallery. Now we will create a new canvas, open the file menu and select new. A pop up window will so up now. Name your gun first. You can do that while saving defined later as well. Then click on the preset, drop down and select a one you prefer. I use international paper and custom most of the time, Then select the size from the size. Drop down. When you select custom, you don't have to do size. You can directly under wit and hide in the respective pills. You can change you need in the drop down next to the weight and height boxes. Always make sure to use minimum 300 TB I for print and for Web minimum. 72 d p i. In the painting workspace. Forget all the tools we need, but feel free to drive other works basis and find out which one suits your needs. The best in this works peace. First, we have swatches, colors, watches, a receipt of colors. You can create new swatches and delete the ones you do not need to add us. What's Greek? An empty spot in the Stretches panel named the New Sweats and Greek. Okay, you can also create the new slots. Aiken at the border off the swatches panel, aren't select new sweats from the stretches spanned a menu. Name your sweat and click OK to delete us what's drag it to the dress skin at the bottom Abdullah Swatches panel. To see this. A drop spot is as library. Select a safe swatches from the swatches panel menu. Name it and save. Make sure the find extension is dot a coup. Next we have done. Navigator the navigator. Bando is a dual for monitoring and image. You can jump in and out an area of your canvas afford Leslie with the help of this tool. 4. Introduction to the Basic Tools and Options : for the stop is full of different tools and settings, and showing them all would be possible for me. So for now, I'm going to introduce you to the very basic tools and options available in photos up. You get many options to do the same thing, and it also has sort goods for almost everything to view or edit keyboard sort goods, select edit and keyboard shortcuts all you can press all plus if plus control command in May and then gate. The vertical bar with different tools is called to a bar and the horizontal bar. So's you. All the available options for the selected to and it's called Option Bar. Now we have the tool preset picker to a presets, let you safe and reuse two settings. It will keep changing, along with all the options available in the bar whenever you select a different tool from the toolbar. I have shared the preset amusing in the about section and project gallery, so make sure to download it beforehand. Now the breast tool is selected so all the options in the option bar will be applicable to only the press to the options available for breast too and a razor are almost the same. Here. You can adjust precise and hardness Next in the more drop down, we can change or apply different plan. Moz Toe obras Next. Here you can adjust breast capacity and then adjust breast flow. Now let's introduce you. Do the tools first. We have to move to. It allows us to move a selection or entire layer. We cannot move the big ground layer as it is locked by default. To unlock the big round, you need to convert a big round to a layer. You can do that by double clicking on the big ground there and renaming the layer, but we're going to leave it as the big round and create new layers above as needed by clicking the I I can we can hide or so that particle earlier. Next we have the marquis, too. We can use it to make rectangular elliptical single gholam or single rose saved selection and we can cut, copy, crop or delete it s needed. The next one is last two. It is also a selection to, but with some different options. The next one is the quick selection to with two different options. Next we have the crop to it allows us to crop and resize our canvas. Next, the eyedropper. Dude, it animals you to change for ground or big round colors by lifting them from your confers. The tools Arms keeping are not really required for a basic painting process in for the soap , and I don't use them myself. The next one is the breast. Do we will be using breast tool for drawing and painting and to make sure breast to for blending. Then we have a razor. We will be using the first razor tool only. The next tool is bucket. We will be using the paint bucket do in this class. The next one is blur, too. It can be used to blur, sharpen or much any area often image. And then there is depend, too, with different options. Next one is type two to a text. The next two is the safe, too. With this, too, we can create different shapes. Then we have the navigation, too. With the hand, we can move and monitor our canvas, and with the rotate few, we can rode it to converse. The next one is zoom, too, with this, we can zoom in and out any part off the image. Next, we have the color picker to pick any color of our choice. Color swats on top is the foreground color, and the one underneath is the big round color. Also, make sure to save the file SPS de before you start your drawing to save press control plus s in windows and in May, command plus s name it and then save. 5. Introduction to my Tool Preset : for Sketch and Leinart. I used the sketch bra's rightly to adjust precise and hardness or with the painting tool Selected President rule plus option on make and great left and right in order to decrease or increase precise and drink up and down to decrease or increase breast hardness on windows on plus rightly and Rick left and right to decrease or increase breath, size and up and down to decrease or increase, press hard, please. For solid and bold strokes, you can use the pen. A textured press will give you straws with a little picture in it. Then, to paint an ed color, you can use the hard presses. The first press is highly pressure sensitive. It gets darker or lighter, depending on the pressure applied this little icon off if you don't want this press to be presser sensitive. Second, hard pressed is also presser sensitive, but its highest capacity is 50%. Then the mixture Bruce is for a blending, and the razor is for raising off course. If you don't want to use my tool preset, feel free to use the default process. You can also customize in Europe the process and save it as a new press. Select this icon to toggle the breast panel, and you will see all the absence available for customization. You can drag and drop the spanner wherever you prefer to save a customized press. As a new press preset, select the breast preset pain. You, the new press, Preece it, name it and click OK to import or export. Plus click this icon at the bottom off the breast preset panel to export one breast or more presses as a set. First, select the breasts or breasts is and then click safe state, then name it and save to import a new press or brass it fully clothed and select the breasts or breasts it you want to import and load for blending. Use mixer breasts from the breast, too. There are more ways to blend colors in fort ourselves, but using the make sure breast is really an easy way to blend. So in this class I will show you only how to blend colors using the mixer breasts 6. Basic Layer Options and Arranging Layers(With Example): in the layer panel. We have four different options to lock a layer. The 1st 1 logs to transparent pixels, so anything you do will be applied toe only that layers image area not toe the transparent exults. The next one is to love the image pixels, that is, it's the opposite off. The 1st 1 you won't be able to draw are erased, but it will still be movable. The next one blocks the layers position on the you can use any other tools, pretty except moving or transforming. But you will still be able to move or grants from an area after selecting it. With this addiction to and the last one lost layer completely so you won't be able to do anything while this lock is turned on. In this drop down, you can see it's a layers plan more or layer mood, and next to it, there a passage E and feel. Then, here we have a few different options to fill their layers at the bottom. This I can expert deleting layers. The next one is for creating new layer. Then we have group players, Then the next Aiken is to add in adjustment layer It allows you to make different adjustments, like adjusting hue, saturation and brightness. Color burdens apply photo filters and much more. After death, it's option for creating their mask. Then this one is for adding Lear style and next to it, I think there's as this class is focused on the basics on Lee. I won't be using all of these options, but feel free to try them on your own. I'm going to name the layers beforehand to so you. The arrangement on Lee. You don't necessarily need to name layers before you start, but as a beginner, you might find arranging layers easier after naming them. So feel free to try whichever you want now. First, create a new layer on this layer. We're going to make it off, sketch off our idea or whatever we want to draw. The next layer is for our finals church. Here. We will address the rough sketch so we can have a clear out thing over drawing to move a layer in the layer panel dragon. Drop it where you want a layer. Create another layer underneath the other two and name it color. Now add one more layer on top and renamed it two decades. We will use this layer for adding any extra details for coloring. We will need more dentist well there. So whenever you need a new layer, create new layers above or below the color earlier we created. And once the basic gathering is done, you can keep adding more layers on top off the rest for adding details or to meet any fixes . When we was separate layers for sketching and covering different areas, the whole process gets a lot easier and less complicated. Having this gates or outlined earlier on top enables us to pain with the support. Yes, you would be able to see the outlines clearly, even when you were painting you. For those who likes to have both outlines, having the sketch or outline earlier on top is even more important. Other rise. You might have to spend time repeating the same steps later. Here is what happens when you place your color layer or layers on top up your schedule. Here, you have to be extra careful so you don't over live or cross the outlines when you have your sketch. Lear below the color Lears And when the skit is more complicated, it becomes even harder and time consuming. Do you want those black lines showing and you were covering on top of the skates layer or on the same there. Now, off course, that would take a lot of time. But when you have the color earlier, underneath the sketch, things become way more easier. And if you don't like it went, outlines are sewing. You can simply to lead it. When done. Coloring or lower debt layers a passage e So at all the color leers you need below sketch until you were done with the basic covering and after the basic coloring. For any changes or to details, you can use more layers as required, like the details layer here. 7. Sketching and Cleaning up Line Drawing : first make a rough sketch off Whatever you want to draw on the rough layer, it doesn't have to be perfect. You can always use references. If you are not sure about a particular pose or a part of your skits. Doesn't seem right. - Flip your canvas to see whether you're drawing is in proportion or not to flip the can. First goto, edit, transform and then flip horizontal. You can also use the other transform options to fix your drawings proportions, but try to use it when working on the rough sketch. If you use it in the later phases, it might affect your picture quality. Next Lord er off. There's capacity toe almost minimum, but make sure you can still see it. No president off skates carefully on the sketch layer to get clear outlines I have lowered . This gets layers a pass ity as well, but you don't necessarily have to do that. If you need to work on your skates more, Feel free to use more layers, and once you were done making the RAF's gets create a new layer to dress to find a sketch. You can delete the rough skates layers once you have your final outlines or Margit with the skates layer. After lowering capacity 8. Adding Colors, Blending, and Adding Details : now select the color earlier and start adding colors. I recommend using separate layers for each color. You can also feel the sketch with a single color first and then proceed to add colors according to your preference to different areas. Next, I made another earlier to pain skin underneath the hair color earlier. Then I used to love so to to quickly select her skin and used color bucket to fill it with color instantly. If I would have had the skin layer on top of her hair color earlier, I wouldn't be able to select the area that quickly. But now I have the skin there below are here, they're so I don't have to worry about her here, leer at all. That's why arranging layers is really important in the digital art. Next, I added a new layer to paint hark loading as our clothes covering her skin. I greeted the cloud layer on top of her skin layer, but below the hair color earlier because her here is covering her head and a part of her outfit as well, then added one more layer to paint. The prince entered on clipping mask. When we turn on clipping mask the bottom. Most layer, that is the based lier acts as a mask for the layers above it to turn on clipping, mask good layer menu and create clipping mask. Next layer is for painting her clothing, the dates lower capacity if required. I have grouped all three layers and named it out. With this way, it is easier to find a particular earlier and make any changes. The group layers press control on windows and command on make tense left all the layers you want to group and breast G. Next, I have created a new layer on top of the skin layer for further coloring and group them s face. Then I have painted the darker areas off her skin and changed plan more to multiply lower capacity to 73%. You can add just a pass ity as you like. Now we're going to blend so big the mixture breast from to precede. And if you are not using my presets, select mixer breast from Press two, then merged layers under the face group. When you have find a nice to content or blears, you can merge them to reduce the size of your emits fights when you merged their study data on the top, there's replaces any data it over lives on the lower layers to march layers. First, select a layers are groups you want to merge, then open the ER manu, then select march layers. Also make sure that the layers and groups you want to merge are visible Theun smart Using the mixture Bruce. When we march 2 or more layers or groups, the final layer takes the name off the layer at the door. That's right. The skin layer steam has been changed to layer tree. Also remember to use different, precise as required. Next, I created a new layer to paint her eyes and eyebrows on top of the skin. There, there ist layer tree. - I am going to move the eye color earlier out of the face group and move it upwards. Next, I created a new layer underneath and being. Did I write birds? It's not actually Bure fight, so make sure the lower this layers capacity when painting the eyes now creating a new layer again to paint, said does. This time I painted it Blake, then toward capacity to 31%. Next, I group all the layers I used to paint her eyes and named it I, now big to her face next , going to work on her outfit 1st march, the clipping mask clear with the base layer to march. Several layers in a clipping mask said, like the bass player in the clipping mask. And make sure the bass player is arrest earlier. Then Jews march clipping mask from the layers menu, then send it. If you like the blending very smooth, then take your time and blend until you get the desired result. So do the blending part, depending on how smooth you wanted. Once you were done, munched outfit layers as well. Next, observe your artwork carefully and make any edits if required. Now you can merge all the layers to reduce the size of your image. However, do it only after finalizing the contents. If you are not sure, no need to merge them now, as I'm not planning to make any changes to the layers. So I'm going to merge all the layers accepted details. Layer for the soap slows down and legs. Sometimes when I used to mean layers, that's right. I try to minimize the number off layers as much as possible. But if you don't have that problem, feel free to use all the layers you want. Now if you still have something to it or make any modifications at a new layer on top of the final March Lear next , I'm going to work on the details layer. - I'm also adding some details to her hair. - Once done, March board the layers all leave it if you haven't finalized him yet. If you haven't merged all your layers, you can always go back to specific layers to make any kind of changes, if needed, were free to add more layers when you used layers properly. When starting your drawing, the painting process gets easier, and when you were done with the basic coloring, you can freely keep adding more layers on top of the rest. I'm repeating this us. I really think it's one of the most important part you should focus on, especially when you are a beginner in digital art. Use a separate lier for this kind of a dates, and after some practice you will be able to use him there for distinct off. For tasty. I'm creating new layers to their details as required, and merge Onley after finalizing the content. Next, I'm bending the highlights again . Merced with the details layer. Now I will add some greens to add Green's first duplicate er there so we don't lose the original file. If you decide no to merge all the layers, you can group them all and duplicate the group and merged the Obligated Group. There's that way you won't lose the layers, and at the same time you will be able to proceed for the next step with the most layer now or to filter menu. Then select filter gallery and then picture and juice green. Select a green type soft, but feel free to dry that rest options as well. And at just in density and can dressed according to your preference, you can also use different actors. Use England moods for debt. You don't need to merge layers. What's my class on land? Moz. To know more, you can also try adding adjustment layers to meet any color adjustments. No 9. Saving Final Drawing : Now you're fighters ready to export. To save a file, go to file menu, then savers and select a file. Form it. You want to save and click. Save a pop up window will so up. If you have any requirements, select the options according to your needs else. Greek Okay to save it as a P NZ or with a transparent background had a big run earlier. Rest of the process is seem wear done. Make sure you let me know if you have any doubts or questions in discussion. I will reply as soon as I see it.