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Getting Started in Apple Motion 5

teacher avatar James Rickards, Apple Certified Trainer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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12 Lessons (3h 31m)
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About This Class

Software Used:  Apple Motion 5

I've been training Apple customers Motion 5 for over 10 years at Apple stores in the UK. Now it's your chance to join me in learning Apple Motion 5 from the ground up.

Starting from the interface all the way up to creating a TV ident for a news show.

It's going to be fun. I cant wait to share what Apple Motion 5 can do.

About Me


My name is James Rickards.

I've spent the last 10 years working in Apple retail training the public and Apple employees how to use Apple software. Everything from Mac OSX and iOS to Apples Pro applications, Final Cut X and Apple Motion 5 - both of which I'm Pro certified in

I have written articles for 3D World Magazine and spent much of my time creating 3D content for clients.

I'm a passionate teacher and love demonstrating Apple applications.

James Rickards - Apple Pro Certified Trainer - Apple motion - Final Cut X

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

James Rickards

Apple Certified Trainer


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1. 1: Hello and welcome to our discover dot TV. My name's James, your Apple certified trainer here at getting started in motion. Five. I really hope you enjoy the training here. If you have any ideas for future training, you can email me at info at I discover dot tv. Our road map going forward will be getting started in final cut 10 followed by going further in motion. Five. Thanks very much and happy training. 2. 2: Hello and welcome to I discovered on TV today. We'll be looking at the interface inside of motion five. So let's go ahead and click on the motion icon, Their small boats there. And here we have it. So the first thing we're gonna see, insider here is the project, Fraser. Um, no. For real symbol of these here, we're gonna look at the something called Motion Products and make sure that this is highlighted. So make sure the yellow box for in this and then we look that word presets. So presets are basically what the project will be based on in this case and most, my demos will be arraigned, broadcast HD 7 20 Okay. And then set to 25 frames per second. So, as you see here that inside here, we can change what would be producing at the end off our animation. So if you're making of something for a four K TV that you'll be wanting this Okay, in this case, it's just gonna be 7 20 p 25 frames a second, so that's really important. Next thing is the duration. So how long is our project gonna be? And you don't really know when you might not know how it's going to be and you want to give yourself a bit of creative freedom here. So why I tend to do is where the number one is there. Just clicking between that press. A delete king. I'm putting too. Okay, so that I'm gonna have 20 seconds off animation time. But you can see here that we can also change it to frames a second. But I want to show time code here again. You can change this later on. So don't worry about this figure. It just makes it easy if you know what you're doing here before going in pick, pick the duration. What? I know we give it, like, 12th more than I need, but that's just make. Okay, so we got our project set 7 20 Got a frame, mater train. Five frames per second. Duration is 20 seconds less. Press open. Okay, So, once inside of our interface, um, we can maximize that. Okay, So we talked through the's pains, so motion calls and pains, you'd be forgiven if you called windows, which is absolutely fine as well. So our first pain is the library pain and as you can see here, the library emotion is is quite big. And that's quite a lot of things in here that I would urge you to go through and take a look out the better. You know, this section, the better you'll be graphics artist, I promise you, because there's lots of cool things inside here basically compact limiters here on this wood here and we see that gives us a little graphic what it actually is, so we can use thes inside of our projects, their role differing as well, so you can use them unprofessional things. That problem it'll Ah, it's lots of really, really nice or graphics in here. And you might be save yourself a lot of time by jumping up in here and seen what they've got. It's a bring one here called cartoons smoking and why this is getting because if I put my curse in this preview and I'm moving around, you'll see I get a nice little feedback. What that looks like. Love that. So have a look inside of here. Don't worry. If you don't understand what it is, will be going through a lot of these within this session. Okay, Next up, then instead of a library is our inspector. So what is our inspector? Basically, what this means is anything we bring into the project. It will show us the parameters off that object. And let me give an example. This so under oppressed the word import Onda should have access. This fire is called assets. Inside, there is a rocket. Okay, Is my eye discover Rocky inside here? So just press import. Okay, So a few things that's happened there when I import this in, but one I want to show you here is unthinking Specter when we get the properties will Now see, it's all lit up. This why it makes sense to have an asset inside of here to show you what this is about. This shows us everything to do with this graphic. And as you see here is show me that we got something called position where it is inside the head of my click and drag. I could change this. Okay, go up or down backwards and forwards make its moment Get big. Why are you got that cool on also, General scales were here. So projects The inspector window is everything about the object you have inside off your project pain. Okay, so everything to do with this image that I've just bought in could now be changed inside of there. So that is Inspector. So now we're gonna move over to the project pain. So, as you can see, we just bought in the rocket by guarantor import window there on this axis a layer. So if you've used photo shoot for this should make perfect sense to you that this is a layer so forced to bring in another lay with sit above it and we have his think or groups on. The idea is that we can put layers into groups and organize our assets really easily. What's also get is is we can uncheck thes. So if you've got loads of assets down here, we don't want to see this particular layer with just one chicken, a little actually hiding. If it sits inside of a group, we can uncheck the whole group and concentrate on her second group of graphics. So really cool. Good to know we're gonna learn a lot about this. But as for the interface, this is the project. When I go over to our canvas. So our canvas is actually everything we see inside of this window here at the black area, the notes thes screen resolution. So in this case, I chose of 7 20 p. So that black every is what the customer or the end result will see anything off this they won't. So in this gray area, I kind of call this like the offstage I like in this to a stage. And we're gonna bring in our little actors on bring him in and animate those in on. I love this. This is such a cool thing. And while I'm here, the shapes that you really couldn't tell CBC The rocket Here, This is our stage, right? If I bring it off on click off it, it's gone. We can't see or rocket unless we click on it. Right. So under the word view here something called show Full View area. I have it switched on every single time. Click on. There you go. It gives us what I call like an onion skin, like an opaque view of what's off stage. So onstage, offstage. So you see here that night graphic is whether you put it as I said that your customers in you, but the end of the animation will see the black area and think it's a degree out. The white cease. This is called to bring your law assets around our project before we bring them in and fly them across etcetera. Okay, so that's good. Little quick tip under view. Show a full view area. Love that. Okay, so that was our canvas. Now, when we go down to here, this is our timing pain. Okay, now our time in pain. That's obviously like people are timing window as well, but you'll see here, this is our kind of play head. As I move this play head up on dame. This denotes how long a particular graphic is your canvas for. In this case, we'll see that if I take my, um, play head over to the end, were roughly around the 22nd. March, 19 seconds there. 24. Okay. Now, as I promised you before, that you can actually change the amount of time this rocket is on the screen for on a simple way we did it is clicking still arrow here. It will say, show project duration Okay. Given a click, you'll see. It says 20. That's what we did when we opened up the air project Razor. If I put my cursor on here, click and hold and drag up. You see that we can start to extend the time off our project, which is really vehicle. So if I go Teoh 30 seconds invented a whole yesterday. 10 seconds more. You'll see. Now it We're still seeing the original sort of just on 12 seconds. If I move my Chrissy and there's this little clown notch here. See that? If I click and drank There we go. We see the rest off that timing pain there. OK, so there we go. So that was original bit. This is what was seen because since grade eight. So I click on here and drink that out, and now we're gonna get the full 30 seconds. They'll OK? Lovely. So that is our time Pain now, as you see with the project pain. When I bought the Rocket in, you'll see it's it's a mirror down here. Okay, so it's rocky there. So under the name this group, double click on the group And just name Miss G. FX for graphics. OK, give it a press enter to finish that you'll see here. That was actually changed it down here as well. So there is there, so anything will bring it to here will automatically have a timeframe attached to it. Right. Okay, so that is our interface, guys Askew. See, it is quite lovely. There's, um there is a lot more inside of here, but we're gonna try and do these projects. And teacher emotion is we're gonna learn a lot more as we go through it. But I like to give you kind of basics of what things that cause for as we start going through it, you feel a little bit about familiar with it. There is lots in here on a promise. You we have lots of fun. So when let's go ahead and create our first projects 3. 3: Hello and welcome back. Next up, we're looking at supportive file formats inside of motion and had to import those into motion. I would draw your attention to this website which have included in the Read Me file which shows us all supportive formats. That motion does support. As you see this quite a few in the whole time I've used motion, I have not went toe and difficulty importing photos, video, audio. It might be good here to have a look at this to make sure that what you are importing is supported. And I said, I'll include that interviewed me far. Let's go ahead and open motion. And as you see, we are presented with our project bright as before. Be sure, motion project is highlighted. Broadcast 7 20 and doesn't mean matter for this, but let's just make it 25 frames on duration is 20 seconds. Let's go ahead and depress Open? No. Same. Make sure that's my big. So here's a canvas. We know this is our project pain, and it is our kind of ah, library inspector. So we're gonna be using this import button to bring all of our assets into our project. Let's go ahead and press imports. Let's do Michael the simple stuff First, less import a rocket. So we're inside the assets folder, but you'll find I'm not download there. Andi. It's just a PNG so on a press import. So the minute I do that, you see, it's put it nice and big on my screen, depending on the size of it. Remember what 7 20 p display here on this graphic is actually been built quite big, and I can rotate it by using this sort the handlebar here around the country to scale of it . Okay, If I hold down shift, it will keep the actual ratio of that as well. So if I was Mitch side like that, hold on shift and dragon let me do that. So there's my rocket, and you see, it's going to a group into my layers. Here I paint that's press import again. Onda, Uh, what else we got inside a model photo and this is a J pic. So I could import that as well. Okay, No problem, then, that you'll see the word model photo there is on top of their Okay. So again, no problem bringing a photos. Nice and simple. I want to do some skin. Delete these layers Cake. That's that one to click on it. Impressively bomb. So this time, let's open up a PST. This is a photo shot file. Now, what's great about this is that I bought this Photoshopped filing, obviously from Botia, but it's contains three layers of house motion gonna handle this photo shopped fogs. I might want to animate each layer individually without having to import all the assets separately. This is one image she sees got clouds and the sun on a rocket launchers. Good press import. And I love this because this is a good feature of the new motion is the fact it's actually asking me, Do we want to bring in as a flattened layer emerge layer, So just one layer. But now I don't I probably want to animate away the individual elements. So by clicking on this, I can now say all there, So bring it down in, as in all the layers separately. Or I can bring in individual components off that there as well. So if I press all layers impress okay, you'll now see It says the PST is called Rocky montage. And so we have the rocket, which I can now move independently. Perfect, with some Okay, in the background. So this is really cool off. Obviously, it's within kind of the yet format that it was made in such made in quite small, I think 500 pixels wide. So I guess that's how you bring in a psd. Nice, simple. So click on that, but still icky press import again. On this time, we're gonna look at a new audio sample. Okay, so, Bill, that press import. Okay, cool. Now, one thing to mention here that you won't have switched on, which I have already. Is this audio button here in case this is a lovely up in blue. So when you first bring in the audio clip, you'll notice that you don't see it in a timeline, Okay? Because this is just set toe white here, but inside what we call the many time nine here, you will see the audio samples want to do is take. My players click inside here played impressed the play bond, which is just die inside here. Okay, So that that's actually doing is saying this is a piece of audio this piece of audio, but I can't see this way form inside of my timeline. This is when I would normally click on this. Okay, so now I can see that way form, which is kind of cool. Okay, so I could be beside it If I want to zoom in under here, I can go down here short my timeline. Sure. It's on the damn. You see? Stretch out by doing that. It's a bit like moving this back and forth as well. I'm old school. Like gonna drag it like this. You can see that audio clip inside of there. So that's something that a lot people Mrs. Where is that? In my time, I need to go on Eddie or take something out of it. If I go to my specter, you'll see because I've got the audio sample highlighted here where the properties of see it has no physical size, so properties would normally showers. Things like, you know, um, sighs rotation. If I click on audio track, it's got its own little panel inside here. So that level so I can increase say, under this audio here, I can panic from left Speaker to write speaker. Okay. And if you're very good with your room 5.1 surround, you couldn't make it jump out those speakers as well. From there, so already is pretty good in the white handles. It is pretty awesome as well. So close that so that's how we handle handle audio inside of here. You also notice in the in the project pain that it's actually in here. Now I want to leave that somebody give a click President leaking So there's nothing in my time anymore. The audio is gone completely, really important Bringing that into motion Next up gonna press import again And lastly we're just gonna look it. Ah, video far eso video fall It's very much the same as importing a picture. It's every all the kind of aspect ratios and things you've got A applies to this If I press import So they go with pressed import and we bought in that people film there. Now what's so cool is we might not know much about this video, but if we hit the word media, you'll see it's written aside here the frame size, which is 64 by 36 It's a very small video on If you see only occupies a small section off our canvas there and it sets a 64 by 3 60 You'll notice in the timeline out videos inside there. So if I move my play headed back with affords, you see up playing that video Nice. Simple. So Paul's plate, the space bar, works to say, Stop in Stocks were in the window here. Okay, so nice and simple. You'll see that we've picked on the project pain that the media section possible about that , which is great. We could, um, hide the video spoke clicking inside of our layers tap there. But also, if you look at position here things that it's important it directly in the middle of the screen. So every time you do import media into motion, you'll notice. State does put it slap bang in the middle of the screen. So if I want to change that, I can bring my sort of position inside here. Click and hold. You get back to the side, go up or damn or push it back. Wasn't forts inside space for musical that zed space or see space. If you're American, they go all because she grabbed hold of it and move it around. Okay, so let's click on that and delete that. So that's how you gonna import media into motion. 4. 4: Hello and welcome back. Today we're looking at key framing inside of motion. So first for what is Q framing? Well, basically, it's a way of animating a graphic or piece of text government one position to another. Let's go ahead into motion, find out a little bit more. So here's a motion project. We're gonna put their broadcast 7 28 d 25 frames a second here at time code. It's a twenties. Let's click in between that. That's just make that maybe, Ah, 30. That's fine. And then press open. Okay, let's maximize that. Okay, so here we are, inside of motion. So first thing you do is find something Teoh actually animate. So what we'll do to make it fun? Let's go to our import button inside here when our Assets folder We've got the Rocket, which has seen before in previous lessons. Let's press imports Now, as you can see the rockets coming at the quite big size, it's filled my timeline full of content down here on when I need to do is resize this. So let's look at re sizing this graphic versatile like him. Grab board of the corner on Dragon and kind of make it short Fattal or will ever wanted a But what I want to do is keep the proportions the same. So if I just press commands at it under Isil that form a so commander and said to undo, hold down the shift key and simply put my cursor in the top right corner in track down. And as you'll see it constraints that size perfectly for me there. Now, likewise, another way of doing this is going to our inspector. Remember? Got the rocket selected here. There were properties in inside the scale tool here. It's good to know where these tools are. Should be using koala is double king side there and just type in five five every game. You'll see it does it for us. No. Sometimes people find it quicker to do it like that. OK, so they get in a quick way of getting out there. So here's my rocket. Now you'll see this little bike, a little handlebar here that makes me to click and hold and drag it. Arrange a rotation there, But likewise, as I do that, if you look up in this corner here, that's our dragon. Gradual cities show me the rotation angle there, which is also critical Right now. What I want to is key frameless. Now let's take this rocket and we basically get Make it simply come from here. Fire away to the end of the screen of that something really simple for us to get head around if I put my rocket off the stage where I call this off stage in. This is officer cannabis, but it's just my preference called off stage. Remember, you won't see it. The This is our cameras that your customers will see and you know it will be on screen. But this is off. So I need to be able to see this by Can't have my topped it from before for company The Word for you and hit the word show Full view areas. Readers help. They go again next year. Off screen. Perfect. So let's look at key. Furman. So this is how I would normally approach this on. All we can do is look back into our respective sermon inspector and it has properties. Tabby on. We'll see. It's not here. That's what you call position and rotation. If I hold click on the position button here, you'll see, Got an X y and said, OK, thanks. But the moment where is its times Where is in kind of this TD space? So if I click on this and hold my curse and drag down, you'll see eggs puts my rocket left, left and right. OK, so X is left and right. Which means why must be you can hold up on Dane. Okay, And is that which will both be using this tutorial? But just to show you is a Pharrell far away. Well, close up. Okay, So double clicking this president about tourists. So you see, the X will move backs and forwards on Why will move up on Dane. So in this case, I want it to go from here to here because of the values that it's gonna used to do that changing inside of the inspector so less put a key frame. Initially, I'm gonna look down. Here is what saying Time is doing that here. So this is our key frame sits at a key frame, so click and click there as well, and that's hell's us in the time nine sees little red diamond looking things here. This tells us that at this moment in time 00 time the rocket is sitting here. Now, if you can't see these little diamonds, I'm of jury attention. It's that, like, on over here UK, this is a key frame. I quit like a gutter because it sits in between. But basically, if I saw that connects this show or hide key frames so we wanna make sure we've got the answer. We can see those key frames and then tell you what, want you switch that on. You won't ever switch it off. Okay, So simply we've got a key friend and it says 00 I want you to go forward. So all you do now is say, Well, how long is it gonna take for the rockets? Get from here. All the way to hear what All we're going to do is move our timeline. Let's move it. About sort of 10 seconds there, 10 seconds. OK, so we'll take for 10 seconds to get from here to here. Not all are going to is drag. I broke it off screen like that, and as you see automatically, it's created the key frames to do that which is brilliant. So we didn't do anything there, you know. It didn't click anything there. It just automatically filled it in for us. So let's hit me wind. Then that's hit play and magically, we've created our first piece of animation inside Emotion on It was super, super simple. There we go, symbols that right? So now we've done that. Some people say, Well, took a bit of time to get from a to B warning if I want to speed that up. So I had to delete this and we started. No, you don't. This is the beauty of having this little blue thing created is all I've got to do is grab hold this little ember diamond there and drag it half the way. So roughly about there's about five seconds, I think, to bring this back. Um, but the so if I drag, it's about there. There There's your five second. So I've now decreased the amount of time. So she got a lot quicker there we get. Look at that. So very, very simple. Adding a key frame to make the rocket go a certain way. Call. So that is what a key frame is, it's taken a piece of animation from one place to another. Now what's great about this is we can keep keep the animation in but changed directions. Let's move that start point there. But clicking on the anchor on the end point and you see would actually go in any direction is really, really quite nice. Okay, but see, what need is there was just changed the orientation of our rocket of this case. I love it, So that's a simple way of animating from something. Point A to point B, right? So what we did, let's undo all of that. So let's stick on a rocket expressed elite. Let's rewind. So I assume this time, Mr Bring in their rocky it once more. So here's our rocket. Okay, lets go and change the size. Let's make this 5% think it waas. The area is 5% and that's or less automatically rotate this. It's actually see as I'm rotating it with my inspector open is telling me what it is. This is 89.4 of when I make sure it's dead on top miners make that 90. Okay, so it's going to get across from here to here. So let's kick that bit off staff with. So the rockets highlighted key frame key frame. At that point it started. We're gonna say about 10 seconds in roughly. There we go. But then they moved this to its end position there since the start off screen hit you Wind Press plate, Fantasticks, you just click on the year off the the stage. There, its neighbor will have to move through their perfect Okay, so there's that nice and simple. So next up, what we do is gonna get a background and move that across as well. So regardless nice of animation working for us. Let's go to a city wide. Let's go to you, import you click on our clouds background there. That's press import. Cool. Let's hit the animation again. Now the rocky isn't then The reason is because we now go take a look at our project pain because we can see here that a rocket sitting underneath the clothes along to do is click on the Rocket, click and hold and drag and drop on What's gonna happen now is it? No sits above it. Perfect, Perfect! Perfect that he gets a press play like anywhere in sort of the off the stage there, we'll see that our rocket name was across. Okay, family. So gawkers, first key from in there. So what if to make us look a bit more Ristic that the clouds actually move also, But in this direction, So they're gonna move across. But as you can see, I don't have much room by starting even. They're starting to run out of room. So what I'm gonna do here is make this picture bigger. Next is a vector Should scale quite nicely. So on the whole dang command and hit the minus buttons. A command on minus on. What you can see that does. Is it less museum in and out of the interfaces commanded miners or command? Plus, Does this come under minus this whole dinner shift key and drag our cloud so it's it's bigger. OK, so I am just so you can see evidence White will be seen by the user. Morgan is gonna move this across very, very slowly. Like that case I make shorts in screams. It is Slow it down, probably to there. Okay, so already. So we've got our clouds highlighted here We've made it bigger. Okay, It's back it. 000 over here. We gotta properties on. It's got its own off. See position within sight of the space they hit the plus plus moovit processor. You see that the rockets gonna be there, we're gonna find the end point, which is just within sight of their at all I'm gonna do, folks. It's just Iraq that that you see that red line appear in? See if I got back was it doesn't matter if I do this all this. I'm not gonna ruin it. Let's keep it straight, though. On this ticket to about there there we give slots is in position, okay? And then I'm gonna let go. So the minute I let go, that's when that key frames been added into there. So let's hit, rewind. Best press play. There you go. Families. Okay, so I can do now is return this back to you. It's sort full screen if I come up here. Your seats, us 50% spores that second so says 50%. If I click on that, you'll city would fit which it does. It does fit, but you'll see that is showing us here. It's kind of dark bits. You won't see that bit on your TV. So what I'm gonna do is press command minus okay. And you'll just make that like that that we go. So can you see the animation working? Fantastic. Right. So that is your first look at a piece of animation. All done using key frames. Really, Really simple. Perfect key fame motion, nice and simple. 5. 5: next up. We're looking at loading, saving and exporting are finished project. So let's go ahead and open in motion. So here we are. Now, let's quickly create something brand new on. Then we're gonna look at saving it, loading it back in and then exporting as well. So let's go ahead and do that. So this trip 25 again, that's fine. Press open. See the other side motion again. We're just gonna go through emotions of motions of getting the rocket in. Okay, that she is. If it I was gonna quickly animate that cause the screen. So inspector properties I'm doing is very quickly populate this In the last one, I talked to my 10 seconds ahead. Yeah, lovely on them. Just booth across that. Okay, so if I press, rewind, press play, we learned that from the previous territorial. It's nothing big this time. Okay. Says our bit of animation I wanted to do very quickly. It's just bring that back drop in. Asked. We did through a previous one. So it's called clouds background spring that in on, Remember, let's change the way that looks that we go to view that across there we go So let's pretend we made a really big project. Consists off our clouds andare rocket on and that's the animation is going to be doing. So First thing we do is save the project, so it's quite simple. Going through would file and then hit the woods safe. It's a shortcut. There is commanded nous. So let's name this rocket, uh, rocket man. Okay, that says, Where you going to save that? So just for ease saved two desktops. You can see it really easily. And here's the really important thing that I always tell my customers to be aware off. There's a button here which has collected media again. Most people go rocketman desktop safe and they won't not look at this party. Is this reimport we take? No thing it says collect media on what we wanted to is make sure a copy to Folder is always highlighted. OK, so copy to folder And for me, that's one of the most important thing. So on a show your reason for that right now we're gonna press save so markets could Rocket Man is on the desktop. It's copping it to folder. It's not using the word off and press safe. Okay, that's it. It's done. Now that's close motion. It's emotion and quick, and our desktop is indeed Rocket Man. There it is. If I double click on a folder, we have the motion file. And then we have this media file, which is really clever. It's incorporated all the media for us automatically from removing this folder around. It will contain those two assets so we could have actually pulled the clouds from. Maybe that was not documents forward initially, or the rocket may be sitting on the desktop on what it's done is it's neatly packaged, the whole thing together. So when you move the Rocketman folder, it will contain all the assets for us, which is very cool. Very nice. Okay, so let's go back into motion. So all did. Busby went file and we hit safe, and it said collect immediate. If I go to file save house, you'll see that all we did boss repressed file copy to folder on again. I urge you to do that every time. So it collects those assets together and keeps them in that folder for you. So we'll see here. This is our animation, okay? And we're gonna look at now exporting this animation out as a finished film. Okay, so let's go ahead on. Look at exporting. That begin to would share and you'll see that the school would share their on. The share is also over here on the right. I tend to compare and you share here each month is exactly the same thing. And you'll see the word export movie. So what? I'm so we want to export this piece of video. Now what? I love hear you. It's nice to all them demonstrations. Green here, left and right. Okay, so preview the animation you see here exports same A source export movie in the same form as original project. What if I click on here? You'll see I've got all these options inside of here exporting it to play the best coffee it can be, but your sacrifice sort of file size If you weren't personally quite big like this, I tend to always stick with hate. Start to 64 here. Is that what apple use when they create apple movies on I choose. That's good enough for that. It's good. Nothing may okay. Nexus open. Quick time player for the duration of the film is 12.12. So happy with all that was good. Press the word. Next you'll say. Okay, so the project was called Rocket Man. But what's the name of the actual animation that we've complete this So I can type in here on the affirmation one, Because this is gonna be part of a film. So physical animation one would say, With the desktop for East, it's safe. And then what could do is render that out. Surrendering is basically taking all those key frames and creating a finished film with it . So this is one they can now play on your iPhone or iPad or Apple TV. So here is and it's basically it's opened up for us to see the finished thing on. You'll notice. Actually, graphics look a little bit nicer. Everything's a lot more smooth. They're fake play, and there's are finished film markets are finished movie film done there, perfect. So I can close. That's let some go to motion. That's minimize that and that See worse that what is put that there So there isn't desktops called animation. One said these two falls are completely different in the fact that this is the end result. Yeah, that's what we've created for motion. That's what will hand over to you, our potential customers or put on YouTube, etcetera. But the RocketMan file firepower from Before member contains the motion file on the assets reviews inside of that, but let's take a look at other ways of exporting this movie. Let's go back into motion his art projects as before, that sculpted a word share, and you'll start to see here that here's the other options you've got for sharing that movie. Now I jump straight to export movies. This is why it tends do for my client base. Right now. They just want the movie as is. But as you see here, we can do it for many other things. Got Apple devices here. This allows us to send it basically a zits exporting it. It would change the file size to fit the content in this case. IPhone, iPad, Apple TV, McAbee, Mac and PC. You'll see what it does is once speak press share. You add it to what our choose library of that piece of animation to be ST Vai I choose and uploaded into one those devices. The beauty of just doing it for iPhone is it's only gonna make it for that size screen. So where the farm size and only be quite small, etcetera. Okay, so just press share, and it would actually render the out on automatically put into argues for me. But next up, it's DVD and Blue Ray. So the idea here is that all make it compatible for those devices. Next up for that is email, something I never read done. The idea here is what I'll do is it will compress the file on allow it to be sent as an email attachment. I don't think our infrastructure is there at the time that we can't do this because actually see here it wants to smash that film down into something ridiculous in size, which means the call to be awful. This is something I really wouldn't suggest you. Did you do? Other than that, we've got YouTube Facebook, and they know said those three things here are all social media, and the idea here is it went to YouTube each of these ones video, etcetera, would ask me to log in to my account, give us a description. Siskel The words sign is dry away here. Sort of the sign in with my YouTube became Samos video on, then obviously put my tags in, etcetera on, then pressed next. Then that would go ahead and actually try and publish that Director YouTube. That is great. If you just need Teoh, do something quick of Fasten that some will see it from the other side, the world and sent to YouTube on off. It will go such under the quick way of motion of exporting that file there. Okay, so hopefully this has been useful and you've enjoyed it on day. I'll see you in the next session. 6. 6: in this lesson will be looking at creating a identity for a company called Rocket Media. So you take everything we've learned so far to produce a small six second advert. Let's take a look and see what it's gonna look like. So here's the kind of flesh things. That's it we want here. Just press play. Okay, Cool. So the party is about six seconds long. Let's just go through what we've got happening here. So you gotta clouds moving across from right to left. Okay, so there's that bit there. A few seconds in that rocket comes in and they had this sort of ignite in here of the the flame coming in that which is brilliant. Then we have the text coming in. So not learned text yet. This would be quite nice to bring that into this point here. Okay, they dio it's just take it once more. Okay? We've also got a sound effect in there as well, which is gonna be in assets fullness. So let's go ahead and create our first little identify. This company called rocket Media. Right. So here we are, inside of motion, and it's always this The project prices So we got projects at motion up there. We're gonna build. It's 7 20 just to make sure it's nice and quick and simple for us to build. Let's go. 25 frames here, you see. Set to 35 seconds. Let's just drop this to about 10 seconds. Okay? Click in there and just, uh, talk that in there and then press open. Okay, So now inside of here, Listo. It's nice and big. So there's a folder called Assets, which would have downloaded So we'll go ahead and start bringing those in as we bring in. We're gonna start using this project on pain here. And the idea is we're gonna organize all our assets so they sit correctly inside of here on . We're really gonna look a timeline as well. Jonas Project to see how it reacts and have the assets react with the timeline. So let's go ahead and press imports. The first we're bringing is the background, which is called clouds Background. Dr. J Peg. Okay, there is. We've seen Isil preview written this press import. Okay, so that's filled the screen, but you'll see the minute it came in. A few things are happening here it's gone into something called a group. Okay, so we're group and it's got close background. Now when most people look this to say, Well, it looks like I've got to two pictures of the same thing, But actually, if I close that little triangle there, you'll see that we've actually only got one. So the group contains one asset called claims clots. So if I double click this group, call it a background like that. Okay, good. So on a crest, that'll triangle and you'll see that it just sits inside that group. And what we're gonna do now is create a separate group. So if I go to the would add object which is new to us and you'll see that all these funky options inside here and we use the word group again cool. So with the good group highlighted, we're gonna press imports and we click on the word rocket dot PNG said areas. We've done this before, so this press import So there's our rocket. Now, before I do anything else which small scale that So Inspector properties on me. No foot uptick in here in type in five, it scales up Dame Force beautifully, right? So the word rocket. As you see, we see two of them again, and it's got the word groups on a double click on that, I'm gonna call this rocket. Okay, there we go. So I've now got two groups with one piece off. I've got two groups with one asset in each one. But what do you see now is that I can actually grab hold of this rocket and drag it down into this group called Background. So you see that a group can contain more than one asset in this case, I've got the cloud and Rocky and neighbor got a rocket. There's nothing in that group. It all. And the idea here is is that we can lock a group down, but pressing that way, that means I can't interact with anything on here. If I click and try and drag my mouse here, we've locked all those assets down, which is really good when you finish animating a group that we'd lock it down, stop anybody sort of interfering with it. It's nothing worse and quite a bit of animation. And so we accidentally move something they shouldn't have done. Let's go back and undo it, also looking something down. It's a really good way of make sure the assets stays where it needs to, but in this case, I move my word rocket back up to the word rocket group there so that both singing through. That's why groups were important, that we can lock them off when we've finished interacting with right. So that's, ah, openly some that's unlock everything through when I still wanna play our hand and move it. So just thinking on the each one, those individually to unlock them. So here's our timeline down here. So what happened is when I bought each those assets, saying, We'll see what's happening here. It's also what's happening down here. So all of our groups are listed here. Background plays back, Gramm picture rocket, rocket picture and each one of these items here last the same amount of time on the screen . So always through to about 9/2 seconds here, all the way through. Now, if I want something to be on the screen for a certain amount of time, what we can do is if I click on the word clothes, for example, the client is represented by this long block here. If I put my curse on the end of their you sit changes to this. Okay, for click and hold in drag, we can no sort of say, stop there. And sudden the screen goes black because what's happening here is it's evident all way through here once against To here, it says, there's no more left. So we're just going to see the rocket which follows the whole timeline here. Okay, yeah, start to make sense. So if I look back at the clouds and I want to shorten where cares appear? If I put my curse on the side there and drag it out like that, you'll see now in the timeline. If I press play this just the rocket. Now that's a cloud. Now that's just the rocket again. This is a great way of exposing graphics at certain times with inside of your projects. Liken it again. I can put my curse above this click and drank it, Okay, but it's really cool. Okay, well, just extend it in the different areas, like so So it's a cool little thing that we found out there with. Is the timeline that these little bars are visual cues as to when the asset is visible on screen. Okay, so in this case, we want to be on the screen for the whole time, which they are by default when you're being a graphic, it Okay, so we got the rocket we've got the background in. So what we'll do is we'll maneuver the rocket in. So would have been the rocket over here. Remember, this will handle bop from before the click and hold a drag. We can do something like that. There you go. So I want this to kind of come in and sort of land about here. Okay? So if I track moderate, they remember we can't see it. So I could go to the word view show full view area. Now we can see it. Well, this okay, There it is. Okay, so that's where I want it to. Bay number four actually go any further. Let's go to the clouds and we're gonna extend the clouds. Passed Are viewing area. Remember this thing called, Ahem. Sort of offstage. That's press command and minus what that does is that let's assume in and out. But likewise, we can go to here and we can go into you 50% 12% big. A tiny tiny or 200%. So it's a good way of moving around are like shortcuts, the command and minus command. Plus, let's just do that. So let's go. Come out. Minus possible. We're gonna make this clouds nice and big for us to, ah, neighbors to maneuver that rancid taken hold and drank that make I drink tonight. Okay. Now, when it drag it down a little bit like that, skilled. And we want this to be about five second movement from sort of here, and it's gonna move across, it's gonna take about five seconds to move that across. So let's, um Let's bring that to their measures within side of our screen. It we see there. Okay, distributor about their Okay, lovely. So let's animate archives first. So lets people there. Okay, Right. So the first thing today is one of the key frame this sense. So we like to keep him before. So the word clouds highlighted. We go where properties there hit this little Ahem. This will diamond here. And remember, we're going left right, sir. We only really needs it. a key frame at 00 So he went things in Missouri. A key from there. Okay. And we'll see. A little key frames appeared down there. That's gonna move for full sort of five seconds across the sublet. Look of this. Okay, has about there. Okay, so all I've done is I've clicked on there is put a little pointed Now I've moved my play head Just might play head here to the five seconds and I'm gonna click and hold and drag this through to its finishing point about there. There we go. OK, they go. I actually let go of the the most there, and you'll see automatically put a key frame in. So if I click and hold above here and I go back with Ford's now we can see that that has actually workforce perfect. Perfect. Okay, so it's just press play. Never. Look. Yeah, that's quite nice. Speed as well. Lovely. Okay, So our next bit that is to bring our rocket back into the scene less command, plus zoom in a little bit. Let's think on a rocket. So probably has a good chance to and I were happy with the background. Is just to look that day and so put a little lock there. So now I can't accidentally do anything without knowing love here is going a little sort slashes through this to show us that that's a lot. He says that will find areas. Then that's telling us that this is all been locked down. Make sure it's done that. Okay, good. Right. Let's click on a rocket. So, a rocket. We want to sort of come through and kind of land about hicks and your text to go somewhere here. So let's, um, about here, so wish to about there again. It's fine. This is circum. Good. So what we want to happen is this. We want a bit of animation of first, Um, you wanted to start making before we before we suddenly start this movement. So let's take a little bit here to maybe there. Okay, So, roughly right that one second mark, I'm gonna put our first key frame in. So this is a good idea to do it on the X and the y. Okay. So put two key frames in there that, uh and now we're gonna be forward. Says I got to get a small space for this to move into position. Okay, here we go. Remember, I can go wherever I want this. I've got my finger depressed in the mountains, so it's not gonna be let go until I It's not gonna create that Kiefer until I let go. So I think it's roughly about their They get sent to their service. That g o baby a little bit higher. There we go. Cool. So something look. Yeah, and there is Our key frame board was put in to see how cool key frames are that factor. We know if I go through my clouds one here, the key frame starts there, and this one starts here. This is how we get his assets moving independently. There we go. That's that Done. Perfect. Now we want to do is get our little flame on here. Okay. Saw flames gonna appear at this point as it stops. Okay, which is on that little kind of 204 there. So we're gonna bring in a flame up at this point that But before I do that, I need to actually look at my group is here on. I need to create a new group for this flame to go in because it's a bit of complex animations built into our library. It's free first to use. Let's go to add object when the object is a group. Okay, there's a group I alighted. Now, if I go to the library such leave the group hard to that we just created there. Let's go to the library and we're gonna look down here the size of since you before. This is a really great at resource for you on. There's lots of cool things happen inside of here. Now we got a single particle emitters. We see we've actually got quite a few little things that we could use. This little son inside here steam vents, lots of legal stuff. But I'm looking for something particular. So if I come down here, there's little search icon. This is his search. If I type in burning on lovely, because what's done? Is it said burning match? Okay, so this is a good little sort of finder here for us to find what? Looking for this case? This is what we're looking for. The little burning match. Okay, so I want this to come into this group OK on. It's gonna come in at this point. It's important. I've got my play head at the point that I want this to come into so on a press applying. Okay, so it was good. There is the fact that it's coming okay on that. It's created all of these wicked groups. They requires the graphic to use that we'll see here, there, Underwood Group There it's come in. Let's create a separate groups that needs all these things for this to work. Okay, so let's press play and see what happens. Okay? It's just there. It's in the middle of the vile graphic there. So it's okay there. So that's what should be happening in your scene right now. Okay, so there is now that flame. So that's why it's a good idea to put our play head at the point where we want the animation to happen. Otherwise had to pick all of these things up on move them around. So let's look at our rocket. We finish animator rockets. That's lock that day, a spring up play head back to here, click on our our group that were treated there, and we drank that reigned, Okay. Parker's in middle name of its Chris. Quite tricky. Hold down. Command press A plus bun. You said we could move really close into here. Okay? So don't actually drag one of these. Okay? Parker, sit in the center. Click and hold. Drink that. Drop it about their like that that we g o Perfect. Seela says it comes Telstar Force Marvis. Okay, so, Commander, minus since the good few tips there. Teoh, get that to work. So that's press plate and have a look at this. Now that's our fires. Lets them click off the word. That group there, I said, you wind suppress play again. I think when it gets there to this point here, this 204 to 5 whatever. Is something there? Okay, so once it hits, that's what the word rocket needed to appear. Let's go at a group. Case is called Group to weaken. Double click That type in here Text. Okay, so put text in here, so getting everything ready system. What is really cool. That's local. These day nights, we're happy where everything is. So I got the word text. There's nothing in in a moment because no little diamond next to no trying or fister depress. Let's go over to our textiles. This is new, Okay, so if I give the textile single click, nothing happens on the screen. And this always throws people when they first look at this emotionally. Press the TV text on the waiting for a flashing curse to appear on screen. It doesn't, and the reason for this is because what you have to do is actually click on the screen. Let's do that, Okay, so you'll see that it's give me that fashion care so that I thought I would find initially and there is It's there. So you go ahead and type in rocket okay on that press, enter media. Okay, so when I pressed Enter, you'll see that it didn't finish type in. In other words, that motion will allow us to keep typing anything that I wanted. A more type I keep pressing. Enter it will go on forever. So how do I finished typing? Because obviously well done, there is I've got in there. I typed the word rocket media in Onda, and the curator still fashions to say, What else do you want me to do? Well, I only wanted to that. So what we'll do is we'll press the escape key. Okay? So top left of our keyboard should be escape key when I pressed that. Okay, there is our handlebars that you want. So that was really important. Pressed Eva text click type. What you want when you finish typing what you want, you then press escape, and then you could not maneuver this wherever you want it to go. Okay, so then we got the word rocket media there, So let's make this bigger. So attempted to grab hold of this, which you could do hold on the shift key and drag it out. Okay, we should, which would make it bigger express commands at all. We could come over to our inspector, go to our properties, and then we see the words scared in here, which will neighbors to scale this up. So you will spend a lot of time inside off here when it comes to text, cause you'll see that we got the word rocket. There. The properties, This is all about rotation position scale. Sheer a pastie. Can we see through it? Okay, so this sort can we see through it all right, but we'll see this guy's own tab suddenly appear. Click on that tab, and this is broken to format appearances and layout. Okay, so let's look at format. So that tells me what fund it's gonna be. So, fund, I've chose impact. Let's remember that from before. So I think initially it's gonna be like something like Ariel that it'll come in us. But as you see, we can pick any fun we want. If I have got one there cords flat. I can't see that Flatbush. I think it says, which actually was quite nice as well. But what I do is let's go back to you where impact That's when I've used. Okay, this is really important. This whole properties here is really important when it comes to the way our text looks. I love this tracking those of this. Okay, So lots of stuff inside of here that whether you may be family with it or not, we'll see that unfortunately, the text has been obscured a little bit by the clouds. Can you see that with the clouds? Go past. Okay, So what won't do is make that text punch out a little bit. Let's look at the word appearance says click on appearance. Okay. And again, we can see here. This is the way we change the color of the text. Okay, so click honest. A little since his face. Okay, click on the lower, then we can move it around and change the color. But I'm happy with white. So what I need to do is give it an outline. So if I press the word outline, okay, we suddenly see by default. It's chosen. Read as an outline. So that's just press command. Plus on my keyboard. So you see that? There we go. Nice and big. There again, which So cake the reds. OK, but I want to choose Escape Are black there. Okay, We just started to punch that wording out from behind there. Let me get the word wits here. Okay? Which really starts to make that punch there. Okay. They got with blur here blows quite because I should blow it. Look, it starts to make that nice. There. You get a look at that. It's really pushing that word. Rocket media out there, which is what I want. So I've used. So you got properties We've made it bigger using our scale to We've gone to text. But the face never looked at the outline point putting a ticking there. We've selected the black color we've come with with and then become with a bit of blurred there. As you see, I think that really looks pretty good. Ah, former I think we need to do is just make that central. Okay? Which is now done for May. So we got left justified. Central etcetera. So now I've clicked on the center. We could move that back. Nothing. That looks pretty good There. Okay, that's that Done this press command monetise. Jump back a bit. There we go. Let's hit the rewind. And that's press play. Okay, well looking good. Safer the way we animated the text. If you remember, the graphic before Looks pretty good now. Yeah, I'm happy with that is we put the words in from the right hand side with a clever little graphic. And this is called a behavior Cain. So let's click on the word rocket, okay? And then we're gonna go to the word behavior. Okay, Now, this is new, but inside behaviors, we've got hundreds of things that motion conduce automatically. In other words, it can create brilliant graphics without you have a key frame anything, and a lot of these graphics assented around or behaviors have centered around text. Just look at something called a text, energetic and just look, it'll these There's hundreds right, And one of her pick is the one called Speedster in. Okay, so we've gone to behavior. We've gone to text energetic, and I fly away down here to speedster in See That and we're going to click. Okay, so automatically knows that a I got the word rocket highlighted and that is put that effect at the very start of that, which is this to two seconds in. So let's hit, rewind and press play. Fantastic. That was cool. The behavior can create a set graphic for us set of fate, which looks pretty awesome and saves us a lot of key framing. There we go. All that's left now is for us to put in a sound graphic, which again we've not done before. So the first thing you do is bring that sound in on pressed wood imports, and then he should find the word wish dot mp three. So let's press import. Okay. Now, on my many time night show me that has been imported in but in our project because we're dealing with assets here, it hasn't. But we'll see that there's a separate audio, that layer here and there is wish inside of there. But we need to time it with this rocket coming in, but we can't see it. But remember, treatable from before, we'll see that there's a film pain. Okay, And then there's an audio pain, and there it is. Okay, so let's see that it's bought in at 00 Okay, so we need to move this to the point that it comes in, which is roughly about their suspects. Play soldiers click and hold drug. It's up. There you go. Perfect. We can also track that things We don't need to see that all the way through there. But once we time that in Cole. Okay, so there is our finished two d graphic for rocket media there. I'm just looking at text. I'm thinking that there's nothing wrong here by going back looking are layer. That's why it's good to Neymar layers. Okay, lets go. Teoh rocket appearance que make sure it's not locked, because if it's a lot of weapons to play with it without the word outline with If I made that bit, There you go. Look at that. Perfect. See that this is you will do this a lot when you actually creating graphics like this that you will go through and just change your mind about the way things look express playing that looks great. Really happy with that. Okay, so we've kind of finished. Our graphic ness always do is export this out. So I touched on this with our import in an export in far from before. So let's go to the world share on under share will see the word export movie. And this is why I always use for my customers bike Wiese's. Before we mentioned that we go to YouTube and Facebook. Convenio. If I just press export movie, it will say Okay, Hazel movie. But we'll see now that the movie is actually only about six seconds long and are duration products has 10 seconds. OK, but we only really have six seconds, probably seven seconds of usable content. And if actually, you know, we carry on with the whole of a few seconds. They It could take some time to render. So what I want to show you his press council is Look at our project area here, so let's have a little So we from here all way through the animation Gonna stops roughly about that There. See that? Stops about there About 45 seconds in says, take it to five seconds. Was this icon here? If I click and hold and drag this, okay, we'll see everything to the right is starting to go darker color. Okay, five seconds. Let go. There. So this is sort of within the play range, Okay? That's gonna hit there and say I can now choose just to render up to this point here without you having to render all these frames that I don't really need anymore. Because my project of changed my mind. If you'd like that, I don't want to be a whole 10 seconds, which went to last till five seconds. So at this point, OK, I'm happy that so we brought this over from here to here. We see the cut off there. So when I go back now to share and I hit export movie, which would did before. Well, nice. See, it says use play range worth before it said entire project. Okay, so I don't want 10 seconds. I want to use play range, and that will quicken the render process up. Okay, so now that's gonna be taken up with the whole animation. Fantastic. And I used to export Hey, talked to 64 as well. I always use that on number. You pressed next. Okay, watch when I call it. So rocket media G FX graphics cases, sex to stop and press save. So once this renders out, it will show me that preview. And there's that preview there for me. You'll see. Also, it's just dropped that rather that so I press play. They can, and that's our 1st 2 d graphic. 7. 7: hello and welcome back to motion. So in this session would be looking at lights inside of motion. Let's go ahead. Com motion. I got 25 frames in this press open. So here we are inside the motion interface. So what we do is look at creating a shape which will be a rectangle. We'll put some text on the and then we add some lights and see how that works for us. So let's look at creating some shapes to start off with us. We've not done this previously, so I shapes are located right down here. So I click and hold. You'll city where the rectangle circle and line. So let's click on the rectangle and you'll see that a rectangle hasn't appeared yet. You know, it's in blue. It's set my curse up that I can actually draw that rectangle. Okay, if I hold down the shift key, you'll see that actually keeps it as a physical square on a gnarled old three d plane here . Okay, so there is a square Now if I finish drawing on a press, the escape key and that says I can now pick it up and move it around otherwise, what happens is this breast commands it on. Do that. If I click on my rectangle click and drawer, I don't press escape. You see, I can carry on drooling my shapes here inside emotion, which is okay, So if I press escape, you'll see now that are actually all individual elements ever looking my sort of project pain there, they're all there. Okay, so let's get rid of those Click off C inside here. We've got our circles. Well, so again, a circle isn't appearance like click and hold, you see, and gets a lip shapes from here. If I wanted to be holding that shift key, it automatically makes it constraint it to be a full circle on. Then we'll also get click down here at line. I'm a lot as well. Okay, so let's get rid of all nights. So what we want this session is just a rectangle now. Gonna make the rectangle a little bit bigger than my scene there. So on a mixture, cover up the whole thing There on let go. Okay. If I press escape, we can see that it actually overlaps my actual viewing area by about a centimeter or and which is absolutely fine. So I'm gonna leave that there, double click the group and call it background. Okay, That's my background. So what I would do is create another group name, I think, and this group is going contain my text. Okay, that I want to go inside of here. Sort of. Neymar takes, but double clicking and clicking on that. Get a text to you. Click inside my window and type in what I want. So type in I this cover dot tv. Okay, now I'm gonna press escape now, what's happened here? Well, the text is actually the same color as the background. So I need to go into my inspector. And already you can see that the text habits suddenly appeared here and under appearance on the word face is here. So I can click on there and then make that black, which is exactly what I want. Okay? And I forget properties. I can change the size of that. Okay, Let's click and hold and track that in the middle. There somewhere there. There we go. There's yellows, lines. Let me know that that was the center off our graphics for press play. Nothing happens because all we've got is a white rectangle andare black text there, right? So now, folks, what you want to do, Let's bring in our light. Let's go ahead and click on at objects and in here we see the word light. This is important. We need to make sure that we go switch to three D case or something dramatic that's already happened there. A light has been put into a scene. It's called a point light. It's put it dead. Center off our graphic there. So if I look at the light is highlighted here. But it is so strange looking them red green and there's actually a blue arrow, but it's pointing directly at your face, which is why it looks like a spot. But trust me, that is actually a blue arrow pointing directly at you. So if I come over to my panel here, you're seeing the inside the inspector. That's the word light inside of you got point night and then we have a color rights before I start messing with that. Let's go. And so have rockers over that red arrow. You see, it turns to yellow, which lets us know that we've actually got a hold of it. So if I have to take that now, have click and hold my left. My spun and drag left a while ago That Okay, so the further I go left, okay. And the feather ago, right? It's actually getting darker and lighter. A really, really nice A fate that could be a little eye dent for sort YouTube channel straight away. If that was the case, obviously, I could animate this to go straight across, so let's just see that. So if I bring it there, There she is. Okay, go to my properties of the light. Okay. Position. Just put a little key frame in there and you'll see inside of our timeline. There's a key frame. Move this forward. Okay, lets go back five seconds. There's about that, and all you do is put my cursor on that riddle Red arrow and drag across. Okay. Magic. Your six, ultimately. But the key from in there for May. So rewind, press play. And that is all. First that light. And that could be something we one day you straight away. Okay? It's really nice to see how powerful light can be. Just by absolutely white. It's got a point. Lightest. That's it's working right. Let's click on that key frame. Let's get rid of that. Let's stick on this key frame. Get rid of that. And let's take a little closer look at our little lights as gravel that read. So because what's happening is because we've got a strange, sort off cursor looking thing we've not seen before. This little blue one here, this actually works inside space. If I click and hold in drag, it's gone behind the rectangle. It is coming front to the rectangle. Okay, so actually working. It's kind of like pseudo three d space at the moment, which is really, really cool. Okay, so read what? Bring it back with Ford's and off. See, Green goes up in Maine. Okay, so let's look at the parameters off on light as it stands, we had come over on light clicking the light tab here. So laptop is eyes. Point like type is point and the color so I can move this around straightaway, We get re nice colors coming through love. This absolutely love him so I could make it sort of funky yellow intensity. Okay, have right, that light iss on the one. Really? I'm notice the most Here is fall off. Start to see it. Okay. So likes falling off the edges. Okay, which is really cool. This one's pretty good. So it was like having after five. What? That light bulb in and suddenly, like having a brighter range there, Okay. And then a diameter of the light. In this case, it's not really affect this point light. Okay, cool. So there's a few little tricks there straightaway inside of there. Now, let's look at this world point because we haven't just got one night. Always. Other ones here is well on the one of a kind of brought drawing attention to is spotlight. Okay, so spotlights don't exactly what it said it would do. It's just put a little spotlight onto our thing. But now we see that all three little circles and these are all kind of Michael three D spot circles. So if I click and hold on this one, you'll see Does this really cool? Um, what's it like, a lighthouse light ice effect here. Then this one goes up and down against not really helping us inside of here. this one that we character That cool, right? Okay. I can if I got to the word. Hide them. Reset parameter reset. Everything I've just done inside of there for me. Okay. Back to default. So there is under the word like controls. He's got the would hide reset parameter. Okay, so that was pretty cool. So we're still in that light, okay? We just give us this background. It's become play. Had to stop. Let's go ahead. Go again And at another life. So light. So lights work like everything else in motion. I can double click it and name Miss Anything I want read. Go toward light. Because blue Okay, at a light green. Okay. So each light can do something different and be its own color. So let's go to read all first. It's true ragged over here. Okay, let's click on it. Nice like that. Okay, the blue one. Click on here. Let's make that blue is it can be. We'll leave that one in the middle. The green form we're gonna drank over here. There we go. And then make that green cool. So again, what's happening is we're looking. This is a three D object here. These little orbs, They're just showing us the position of this. If it was to export this, we wouldn't see his little balls. OK, so don't get too perturbed by seeing those so again, lights pretty good. We can click on the blue one there, go for properties. Here's all my position. So exes left and right. So you see, as it moves, it starts to actually bleed in with those colors. And they actually really, really good. Okay, love that. All right, so that's having three lights. Now, What we do is let's go back to the red one. That's grab this little green thing here, okay? And then what we do is go to, um, natural light tab. Get a point. Let's make it spotlight. Okay? And this drink that. So it looks like that I can see that Cool Ghettopoly one trek across again to here. Let's make that a spotlight. Okay, lets go. Teoh, let's go to here because you see that I can grab hold of it and truck it across. Yes, the column, which but it looks pretty good. It's gets about that Blue Arrow speaker back in line with that and that funding gets for green one get moving across track that time. Onda. Let's turn it into a spotlight. You do, Trent, this corn, right? That guy looks pretty good, right? Just like we traded again our own little sort of motion graphic there Just by having a white background and having these light in here and each one those we can anime individually. Okay, Looks pretty good, right? That's become the night. Just like that one STD, that one, just like that one. So now back with I discover, let's go to add objects, we're gonna bring in a lie again, Okay? Sitting here. Okay, so it's sitting right above the text layer. Okay. So less bringing out the way for a second. Okay, One again to Underwood. Lie tickets. The which shadow a stick on that. Okay. Said nothing's happened because the light it's passing over the white trying white rectangle with a text on it. But if I think on the text and go to my properties and on the sets, lift that slightly off the ground. So you see a pushed up seven points, Okay? Didn't go behind for press minus. It goes behind the white rectangle, so I'm pushing it forward. There we go. Okay. So sitting in front of it, samide light now is casting a shadow. Okay, See that? Really cool. Right? So that light is casting a shadow down on because we've got a white background. That shadow is being projected onto the background for me since I go forward inside, outside. So a really, really nice effect there that lights can actually cast a shadow. And we can keep frame this light to do whatever we want. Okay, so we're gonna be using these lights in the project later on. But they'll be quite nice for you to see how lights do work inside of motion. Okay, Cool. So you grab that, like, push it backwards or forwards that we can. Okay, that concludes our little session inside of here with lights in motion. 8. 8: Hello and welcome back. Today we'll be looking at creating three D text in motion. Now, I thought we have been a form of this. So what I've decided to do was go with some sort of fast and furious looking graphic from the films. Eso no replicated completely. But give us an idea roughly what we can do inside of motion. So the first thing I did was take a look at some reference images, so I pulled these up off the internet. So you got the furious seven here and fasten fears. This is kind of what they look like. The kind of on edge to them as I was something glowing in the background. And so is good idea toe. Have a reference image when you're doing anything or trying to replicate anything. Eso I found these two which will help. Okay, And they can you find those anywhere on the Internet. Now what? Walsh, 20 is looking at stalling a fund which is kind of similar to the fast and furious front. There's a really great place I go for all my funds, which is pretty cool. It's a website called de font dot com. Okay, in this case, the front I found which I quite like the look off. I'm not trying to replicate it completely, but I wanna get something. It feels quite similar. Is this one called Bien Elements Okay by Ben's Foncier. So if you never installed a front before, I am being going on two different dot com and sexual front that you like, you find the one you want to see little download button to the right of it. Give other click. Ok, then that will go into your downloads folder. Now, what I've done is I've included this font inside of the assets folder. So if we go along to the assets folder, you'll see inside here the word fast and furious front. So if you click on that triangle, they dio its elements. All you do is double click that we double click it, the actual preview appears, and the press the word install front. And this is so good because once you do this, you can actually grow your front library. Teoh to be quite big on but so is called have lots of different looking fronts around. Just install the fund and this case will see the word actual Funt is called B N Elements. Oh, case, make a note of that. It's once that's installed. I know some people have to restart the computer sometimes or restart the application. They use him for this font. So you if you don't see it inside of a program that you may need to do that. Okay, In this case, I know it's installed, so I'm gonna go to the with motion. Okay. Second is to be a quick graphic is gonna be no longer than probably 20 seconds discovered here. Let's put two inside there. Okay, 25 frames. That's lovely. Again, I'm just taking 27 20. But again, if you want to do something for, you know, another complex, actually moment change that. They're so motion projects is highlighted. Let's press open. So here we are, inside of motion once again. So let's some look at creating that front first. So when we come down to TIF attacks previously, if I click on text, click on the screen talking what I want, you'll see. It's just standard. It's kind of a standard thing. OK, right. But this time, if I hold my cursor down on here. You'll see the word three text appears. Okay, this is complete. New selects. Click on that. Okay, Nothing's happened since waited for me to do something. So that's click inside of here. Type in, um, fast. And if you re I Oh, you us your fast and furious. And I was just good press escape. Okay, so they go. So we've got some three Texan there. Now, let's make it bigger. Okay. Cold. Right. Okay. Okay. You see, I can stretch out. Do you think that that we won't do that with the original one, but just give you an example? What we can do inside here? So there is our fast, fewest text. We see a group has got the word fasten futures on a nameless text. Okay, so let's go to our inspector, and we'll see when I click on the actual text. Suddenly the text appears there, but the word format appearance and layout. So a lot of what you'll see inside a here will be done inside of this one to hear the word appearance. Because from here, we've got all these funky new things that we click on such a depth. Okay. Near to the depth there is pulling in and out. So we start to see that on the edge that if you look over there and get to death, it's actually making it chunkier. Okay, so let's see what that looks like in three day properties, Kate. Then rotation under the why? Come to the white and just give it spin. We'll see. Now it's giving us that furious angle of looking for their come down here and give a little twist. Give it a little turn there. There we go. Nice. Right. Okay. So there's an idea of what having three Texan eyes is to do, and it does look pretty impressive from the get go to build this project. Let's delete this, okay? And then what we're gonna do is we're going Teoh, click on the text up there, and then we're gonna bring our text him for real. OK, so let's take on here. Make sure three Texas highlighted. Give it a click. OK, we noticed on our kind of reference image here that the F in the seven is bigger than the curious bit. Okay, this is the little lines running through here, so I need to do is break this down into three different sections. So the F on the nearest in the seventh, so must move out the way. Let's go ahead and do that stress do the f f. There we go. There's a f. Okay, but press escape. Okay, we're going to text. And they were gonna make the format off this quite big sin. Issa jumped up. Okay, Something like that. We go. Okay, let's go to our three text again. Give it a click type in the Yuria spit. So you are I o u s. Okay, press escape. All right, Look at the size then. Believe that reigned. Something like that. Okay, now we want to the seven. Now, here's a court tip, I suppose Go to text in England going etcetera. If I come to the F hold on command and hit D. Okay, So command held down and then tap d Now, what that's done is if you look at my project pain here, it's actually created a copy or in this case, a D for Dubica. OK, now there is to there, but the thing is, it's on top of each other. So if I click and hold and drag. You'll see now that there was actually another version. Okay, but this is going to known as the seven. So click on that, Amos seven. Okay, now come to the actual graphic. Give it a double click on the graphic and type in seven. There. There we go. And then press escape. This. Make sure that everything it's the same size roughly with inside of here, so I need to make this a little bit bigger. This f Let's go ahead and do that. All right, so there you go. So there's are furious seven. If it ever bring my little I hear your seats, it's somewhere near you. I want to pay again. Just could use it as a point of reference. Okay, so there is our three D text. Now you'll see that all of this has been put into this text group, which now you'll start to see The reason why groups are really cool is because if I click on that group, go to properties under rotation under the Y, click and hold. You'll see. I can actually bring that rained. But something strange has happened. Our three D text has turned into two D wants to go to the side because it's part off this layer. If you click this tab here, this shows us that it's a two dimensional plane. Now, if I click on that two dimensional plane, it turns it to a three dimensional plane. So the three of the layers, all next to each other a case that's really important. So two D three d so just punched the out to be through the night. So you see that from the sides. Okay, so there is our future, so it looks pretty good. All right, so you don't with three tasteful. That's a very simple to do. I want. I want to is look at the depth of each of these. Let's go to appearance, he said. A depth is set to 10. So let's make this. Let's see, where are we? You know, about 21. You see that? It was much better 21. Now I can double click inside here, type in 21 punches, and I to put that on there, 21 that punches are so go to my text layer again. So it's gonna bring them all together. Look at my rotation. There we get to see that we've got a really nice thick text inside that love this. If you worked on graphics before, you guys have hardest create something that's three d like this, and it's stunning. Very simply force. Okay, there is our fury. Seven. Now, when I need to do because if we have a little look at this cause this kind of position and under said and a zoom in on this okay, we start to see that it's kind of rounded inside here, but what I would do is give it a kind of like an edge, if you like. Let's look at a reference image. It's it's kind of got this little edge around it here. Okay, so let's go to the your ius bit, okay? And then we under the word text. Okay, down here, we'll see the word. Front edge is round. But if I click on here suddenly be so you've got all these brilliant options, insider. Here is it square to see its flattened it straight away. Is it beveled? Okay, which is quite good. Range concave. You see all of these? Brilliant on set, but one hour when he uses the word rich you see in sight. Show me that ridge. Okay, They is that rich. Looks for really, really good. I now, um, with that ritual. See, we've got, like, a dense to that ridge, so make it thin or thick. Okay, let's bring it. So it's about C. Do you have a three? So DoubleClick there make it three, and that gives us that nice edge. Yeah, looks pretty good. Right? So click on the text again, because it's all of this. We want to change. Uh, let's go to. Is that Andre back? Okay, there we go. So we're gonna go to the seven, which applied at the seventies. Wells seven. So united, get a text. Okay. Set to write. And we will not to be bridge. I wanted to be three. It's all copies. Each other than the f is a rich. Okay? And we want not to be three. So now all our text is exactly what I wanted to bay until a furious underwear Texan appearance. You got this thing called basic Here. All facets are this color. If I click on this, you'll see that we can actually change it to any material. Wonder go. It's always amazes selection of material, metals, miscellaneous and scales. They're paid etcetera, cracked paint car paint. Okay, says a lot of fun you can have inside of there. Now we're not going to change it. Then we'll leave. It is basic white, but what I would do is just changed the color. Two black. OK, it says Blank. Let's get on the seven. Let's make that black as well, okay, and then the f and make that black as well. So you're probably wondering why it's not exactly black on the return of this is because it is three text is that it actually got a light applied to the scene. This is Plato, all of the scene. So if under the word lighting lighting style is standard, if I click on this, we'll see that we've got all of these lighting scenes here. Standard medium, and you'll start to see that on, like the color There they are changing light from above. Okay, from below, Kate from dark from the right. So even I cook on these. We can't soon changing. But if I go to the with text harlots, everything inside of that going to properties look at my rotation on the Y and spin it around. There we go. Look at that. See that? That's actually given us like a run through of the texts. If it's was there, we come to that. They're together. Looks really good. So that's that, Like working for So even though it looks a little bit faded right now, that's actually what's happening. It's It's being directed from the right sites. Let's leave it about their Let's go back to the Yuria sign Year is a fractional, direct diagonal, right? You see? Look, if I start believing that arraigned light from above, we start to see the little lamb Rijs coming, which is exactly what we wanted. Okay, so let's go for directional mikes. I like that case. It should be the same for all of these. Right there We go on the F directional rights. Okay, so they get we start. See all the ridges descending on. That's what we want. Okay, so that's a good look at that. No, actually, want to give the edge a little bit of color. So let's go to your IUs Now It's the wood material single. Let's click on this and go to the wood. Multiple. So start super all these colors that being applied a way through. But in this case, the front edge. Let's kick on this and we could go to the word metal. And in here we'll see the word nickel. Okay, that's just changed. It's likely given it a bit of an edge there. So let's do for the seven multiple frontage metal. I can't nickel that we get than the f multiple frontage metal on the nickel. Okay. It's just gonna give it that little slight color to that edge. Make it a bit more shiny. Okay, let's go to text properties. Look at that rotation on the Y yet. I see that perfect looking good is now. All right. Now might be a good idea to save this. Let's go file safe F f demo so fast. Furious tomorrow. Remember, you can clip media if you like. It's going to stay with the desktop and impress safe, and then we get these off safe. Are next up is we want to create this new background. Okay, this kind of look at this again when you create kind of a nice color background, it's actually gonna animate. Well, let's go ahead and create that name. So I want to create a new group. Okay? The group that stay miss background. And there's that done there. And then what we're gonna do is we're gonna go into a library. Okay? So we're gonna use an asset. It's already built into our projects in our library on, and I look at particle emitters inside of there. Now, again, there's lots of these insider that we can use and again you can use. But sure, when you want this one called after being it was quite nice. Is this analog one which send up people use quite a bit, but the one he used today is aura. So a lot of these fans will be put into us. So let's make sure Aurora is highlighted, and then we press apply. Okay, there it is. And you'll see that all this funky thing has happened inside of our groups. Don't worry too much. Just just collapse that Onda collapse the background there. Ok, so there she is there, and the first you won't do is make sure that this background is where it needs to be to do that click on the text with off furious seven in Click and Hold and direct that. Now you'll see that if it's there, it's the wrong place. We want to make sure it goes that blue lines with sits above its. Make sure that's there, and they get sitting in front of it. Okay, let's go to our background. You'll notice it's got a bounding box around it. Okay, so there's that background lately called. Never put my curse at the top and drank Dane. Okay. And then to put my clothes from their drag up and then drag acts the sites. Okay, there we go. That's when I press, rewind and press play Much better. Much more organic. The way it's doing that for me. Okay. So just resize that aura and something. It looks completely different. Which is I quite like that. Okay, now we'll see. Our timeline is running there to the bag. It's sort of 9 10 Okay, so I don't want to go to further so if I put my curse on the edge here, click and hold. Direct that forward. This is no. Our project is gonna finish. Roughly obey. There. There we go. About their perfect of my orders. Have one I don't need That has to come. That so the audio tab showing me there, which I don't need some for. Click on it. It just drops that back. We had the in my previous session. All right, so there's are quite nice, funky background. They're quite like that. Yes. That's a look at all room reference again. Yep. It's looking pretty good, isn't it? Again, we're not going for ah, direct thing, but it's something similar. Now we'll see here. We got like stripes. And what actually happens in the trader Furious seventies has lots of kind of sparks coming off the side here. In this, a graphic spins a little bit. So what I would do is go ahead and we can create the sparks which appear from the right size. Let's make sure our play head is at the back. Okay, Which it is. It's there on what we do is go toward text here, um, at a grape. Okay. So make sure the group in there Kohli's EMS box. Okay, so they call sparks right now. What we want to you here is do something we've not done before. so under the word sparks, we going to go to You are shaped tool and God line. Okay, now nothing's happened. It's waiting for me to draw a line. I'm just going to click and track, Okay, It's true. Very simple line for me. Okay. On a press escape to say I finished drawing that line on what might help us here, folks, is that I'm just going to click on this word texting, and that's to leave. That and always done is it's just hide those assets for me for a second, so I don't want to see those. So here is my line. Okay, now what? I want to put a kiss in the center. You said trip that wherever one is, let's put it there for seconds. So there's my line I won't do is color it. So let's go to Inspector. They said it would Apple iis collected. Let's uncheck that. Let's go to the word Phil. You see, the would fill if set there to color. Now I'm gonna make this a Grady int. Okay? The minute I make it radiant underneath shows me a grade in Now this little box it shows me some built ingredients and I wanna wanna use is something called burn Timber. Okay, so it kind of has a light in the middle, and it goes darker towards the edges. All right. Said there is my burnt amber line there. Okay, that was re simple. Silver go to color gives me a solid color, and I could pick it to be whatever wanted today. And that's gonna be the color of that line in this case. Radiant Click on a little pilot here. We could always really funky ones that So you got beachfront there? Does it? Sky Purple Dawn there. This quite a lot. So I'm gonna get burnt umber. We should have one. OK, so there is my little line metals first, my spark. Now I want lots of these. So this is a cool little thing. Attaches new. Okay, It's called em as called a particle again. A particle emitter. So I gotta make sure that have my line highlighted. Come over to our section here. The would make particles we're gonna give other click. Okay, now nothing seems to have happened, but trust me is cause if I press play now Whoa! There's my particles now they're all emanating from the center off the particle emitter. Okay, so what I need to do is change this. So they're streaming from right through to left. Now, want to do this to make it work for me easily is bring up something called the HUD. The heads up display on the hut once I click it is here. Okay, The the idea with the heart is it gives me the tools. I probably need very quickly to do a job as opposed to coming over into my specter and trying to find insider here. Okay, so think of the heart is kind of a mini inspector. So inside my heart that highlighted on a click and hold on this white dot here and start to move the Marine. Now, you see that as I move it arraigned the no change in the direction. OK, so I can narrow that to there. Okay, that's pretty good. Right? So, 36 days to come out from all directions and that they are there. So we're going to narrow this field day. Something like that. Got birth rates of how familiar coming out hundreds and hundreds now, depending on this with speed your computer. If you start doing strange things like lots, it'll slow your computer right day. And it's really graphics intensive. Song has been a time to just a few for now. So the word life said they're dying about their If I extend that life will see the Lashley that were dying about there. But now they're gonna pass that lifepoint there. Okay, which is great. It's what I wanted to do. But what I want to do is going in the wrong direction. So for my cursor on the blue area, click and hold and track around. And that's the angle. I wanted to go out when we come down a bit thinner. Okay, Okay. Looking pretty good. Now what we do is his drank that mitt. My grand grooming. Hold the center there. On bringing it to the rights was off the screen. Okay, There you go. All right. So from here, it's a bit of kind of play. Suck it and see if you like. So I closed my Mitter rage now, Okay, I'm gonna bring back my other elements. So my background on my text you start. See, it's all coming together now. Okay, There's my little sparks coming from there. Now, if we click on our meta to make sure that it is highlighted, the emitters should be highlighted it in our inspector. And if I come down here, start to see all the controls, like in use for my mitt, and they're gonna change on the fly as I'm doing it. All right? So if I will look initial number, birth rate so I could make lots appear, but you don't wanna make a few appear on here. Cem, go finish numbers that start off. Maybe got a few this and the city wind. Let's play right. And then what? Really? It's a bit of speed behind it. A case. Lis. Put speed up. There you go. That's looking pretty. Good night, right? Lovely. Looking good. Let's go back to my heart, actually. And that's just changed that admission range. So it comes down a bit narrower because now we have got a bit speed behind it. You start said I coming through there. All right. Probably changed the high a little bit there as well. Okay, that's looking pretty good. Now, when you go through this, there's lots of firm like randomness. So it doesn't all those same. So life renders. So some will die off earlier than others. Which again does make a little bit more organic speed randomness. So some will move slower than others. Summer move faster. Anger. Would that be want change angle or Spain? Otherwise it look a little bit funky. If I do that and scale if some of them bigger or smaller than the others in this case, I think I'll leave that somewhere about there again. This is all about your looking at the graphic and trying to make sure it looks different. Really? Okay, So I'm happy with the way that's coming across there. Lots of little different sparks or appear in across my graphic there. Someone I won't do is obviously the graphical start somewhere about here. So it's gonna halfway through all those little lying to me across here. So what? I wanted to let's make sure the graphics Ah, the actual sparks of filling up the screen about there since by four seconds in. Okay, So what we do is rotate the wood clumps that the text here, I want to rotate this. Okay. This actual text file at this point. So to do that, let's go to our properties on the rotate is gonna come somewhere See from here to there. Look at that. Beautiful. Okay, so that started off about their put little key frame in on there. Now, you see, under my in my time nine there that they have is that point something. Drag this forward. Okay. And then just basically, take this. Bring it. That There we go. Perfect. Okay. And let go. That's hit. Rewind it. A nice place to play. Now you'll see that nothing's gonna happen until comes to their like, that. Really, really nice. Okay, so we've got that inside of there on what we could do is grab all of our text and just bringing up above the sparks there. There we go. So it's sitting ahead of it, which is much better. Does this sound like that again? So let's sparks populate screen. Not fast. Furious seven that appear in their lovely That's from really be nice. Now, obviously, all we need to do to change the speed of that. It's gravel, that key frame and sure in it. Okay, so we get to hear bank, That's it. that's all. Finished point there. Lovely. That's something. Now what you could do with this? It's also give it a slight wiggle. So as I come to here, we could go Teoh text there. Siegel is still up and down. Anything here. Look. So let's put a key frame in there, okay? It's a minus six. As we bring it forward, just give it a little push up. I don't make push time, maybe push up that we get. All right. So it's actually go a little kind of push up movement there at that point. Okay, so there we go. So I was one export. This ain't no to export it out the way we want it to be. Let's bring that little sort of Sistol arrow thing here saying that's bring it in about here. Perfect. See there. So we just got that bit happening. Is out there buying. Look, there we go. Okay. Said that's do that. So it was previously was here. We've brought the ending six darker here. Darker there. So this is the play range that I want it. Teoh, start up, bank. There we go. Let's go to the word order. That's goes the would share export. Maybe a case capital Lakhdar Project. Good idea is to have saved it Is one that at that point Sevilla play range there he says entire. What? We don't want 20 seconds. We just want the obit that we finally did the 6.15 and just press next FF demo yet XX anxious. So I know which one it is for us. Safe. Just gonna render right now. Now again. Depending on the speed of your computer, it will change. Okay? It will change. It might take longer. Okay, it might be quicker, but what's happened now is it's open up. Quick time to show me that bit there. Fantastic. So quite a few techniques we've used there for this graphic. Hope you enjoyed it on bond. Let's move on to the next bomb. 9. 9: next up will be looking at tracking inside of motion. So I'm gonna take you to your Assets folder. Let's have a look at this piece of footage called Agent Film, so it's a very simple piece of footage. It's just some people going down the escalator. It seemed kind of a huge decides as well on a quiet, innocent looking thing. So what we would do is take this ordinary footage and we're gonna track it. So how we could do that? Well, this is what the finished item will look like. So you see, now we've had a city called scan Lines, which makes it look like a CT TV. We've added these graphics and then this kind of computer looking graphic down ton side. This is what tracking is its ability of a graphic Teoh. Follow a person or item or something that's on the video screen, and we see that we've got thes like all these tags really coming up and down, which looks really, really good. System what I call like the Jason Bourne or James Bond type of looking film where they're watching people 60 TV Not saying yeah, this is the agent and this tracking. So we're gonna build this today. It's great to see you know what we're gonna come from on to. So let's go ahead on do that right now, So it's open in motion. Not very long Film this. So we'll leave it 20 seconds for now, that's ah, changes around again. I'm gonna make it 7 20 just to keep the project nice and simple for neighbor. Also, you can make it whatever you want normally that in this case, because we're dealing with video, you're to match the size of the video to the actual projects of the CCTV video. We saw that the colored one without on the effects on we would match this to the 10. 80 p, which I think Is that what it's actually recording? But in this case, we're gonna have some 20 and I will do some cropping so we'll see that inside of there. So in this case, motion projects highlighted. We got broadcasts. Actually, 7 20 frame a 25 duration is 20 seconds long on press open, it's maximize this so we'll keep this super organized because we have lots of layers and things going on inside here the first thing we need to do is double click on the word group . Coldest background. Okay, which is our background. Okay. And then we're gonna press import. Case wants got to import. We're gonna go to our assets folder, and there's our agent underscore film there. So with that highlighted, we're just gonna press in port a straight away. We can see that the footage it's too big for the actual canvas will be uses the canvas e in the white sort for area here. Okay, let's have a look through. And let's make sure we're happy with what we've got. So we're concentrating on this lady in blue sits lady in blue, go hand on the rail here, and she's gonna come down. Okay, then we see the guy in this sort of Jackie here, this brain check, it will be tracking him. Okay, that's a move that across. Okay, we're happy with that. Yeah, some. What we do is we going to crop around the edges here. I could don't see bring this in, but I don't need to do that. I don't want to bring in all of that film. Describe what with seeing said to do that. Agent films highlighted. We're gonna press her, inspector, go to our properties and NCC the word crop. And there's no tick box in here, so let's give it a tick. Okay, let's press show with that done, you'll see. Now left, right, top bottom. Cisco left first. Okay, Now, as we get to the end there, see, it's cut off a 200. So I'm gonna click on this and then drag upwards on. We'll see. Now it's actually cropping that in forests. Perfect on the right. Okay, so it stopped the 200. So we're gonna go up, click and hold and drag up, and it's cropping enough for us. Perf eight back there. That's fine. The bottom as well? No. In this case. Yeah, It's pretty much there, isn't it? On the top also. Okay, there we go. Said there is our footage or cropped off. Okay. System to push that through. Okay. Super happy with that. Okay, so now we're gonna add a tracking. Now what we'll do. Let's just hold down the shift key and press that a case. What shift is that? Did then was make the canvas size of the screen. So I was seeing. Ah, 100% off that video footage. Okay, 100%. So that's what background there. Okay, so agent film is highlighted to make sure that's done, we're now going to go over to something called Behaviors and inside behavior to see something simple. KCAL motion tracking Onda. What would you do is move it with the word analyzed motion. Okay, Cool. Now, what's happened here is a windows appeared to the left, so make sure that you see the word behavior they're solving blue, which that's no, it's opened up. So the inspectors on behaviours is highlighted. Okay, What else has happened? Well, if you look down here, we'll see a kind of like a picket. That was kind of a little red picker on. What it is doing is if I click and hold. Watch what happens inside of here to do that. Okay. See, it's magnifying what I'm doing. Okay, so I'm not she's saying to it, you know, track this hand that see a hand there clicking. Let go. Okay, So the trucker, okay, it's been dropped onto a hand on Western is It's given us and nice sort of reds scratched cross to say This is what we're looking at. Okay? Now this is Rover. Simple honor Do is hit the word on the lies on a real time. What's happening now is it's adding key phones. Are they remember are key framer something before it's automatically add in those key phrase for us on later after, then that's beginning at a graphic to track that point so we don't have to do it manually, so it's doing it automatically. There we go. Now we'll see here that the tracker has failed. What we're gonna do is we're gonna come back in a second just to bring it back of a few seconds there. Okay, we're gonna pick this tracker up, okay? So put my cursor on top of it, click the X and drag it back onto her hand because what's happened is got that point is it's lost its way. It doesn't know where it's going. So put my course on that legs click and hold and drank and dropped it back onto the hand. Let's press on lies again, and that's good. Pick up where it last left off. There we go. That's quite a common thing for the track it to forget get lost in the colors because what's happening is that's looking the pigmentation of their hand and say, There's something in the background and look similar. So it's trying to track that. Threw us. It's lost it again. So let's put off our little cursor on the X track back to the hand, okay? And go back to the word analyze natural seats building these tracking points up for us here . Okay, so we've got to the end of the track there and extract it for us now. Good idea is to save it at this point, as it's done. A lot of work, that truck in those points, depending on the spirit computer, it may do that quite quickly or do it slowly. So don't worry too much. It's taking it's time to get those little key frames in. Has done a lot of work there. Tesco to file, and that's his safe. Okay, so we get this time, remember to collect the media really important, guys, cause it's gonna bring that footage into a folder. We're gonna name a stubble six agent. Okay, It's gonna save it. That stopped for us. A couple of followers height, it just press safe. Okay, Really important to save now, as we're going through in case motion does have a bit of an accident crashing this. So we're that done nice and safe. We'll go back and forth. This footage in will see now that track is doing that beautifully for us. They give. So it obviously ends when she's out of the frame, which is exactly what we want to do. So in reality, guys were probably only use a certain amount of this footage for the actual shot. Anyway, we probably ended before them, but we just laid trying to the end of case. There is so simple enough we've got the film we bought it with absolutely called Analyze motion. We placed a tracker onto a hand. There's a hand there, and we see it's done that for us. So what's next? Let's go ahead and create a graphic that's gonna follow that track. So to do that, that's, um, minimize that kind of group there. Let's go to add objects, let's click on CREEP. And when you call this targets G F X sets a target graphic we're going to create in here. Okay, to do that, which we do. We're going to create a little square. Okay. Ah, click and track. Okay, so you've got the graphic there. We kicked a little blue thing. We've clicked in Jagna, remember, we've got a press escape here. Otherwise it will thinks we want to create something else. That's press escape. Gives us a little blue outbox there. Okay, We're gonna put roughly about there, which is fine. Next up, we're going to go in and go to our textile, OK, so don't want three D Tex, Remember if we get out of here Circle three ethics. We don't need that. We're gonna get to the standard text. Just click day and below it. Let's type in here t a hearty ET. That's our target. Okay, I'm just using this, uh, babe ist new font, but you'll see that you cannot use any fund that you want to know. What needs to do is change the color of this fronts. Let's press escape first. Okay, there's escape done on. Let's go to appearance. OK, so Texas hearted appearance and inside he got the face a text on. We're just gonna make that black. Okay, now what about my cursed from there and track. There is the target. OK, all done magic. Okay, so we got the word target. We got the word rectangle. Okay? I could bring a little little kind of arrow at Serie for 1 to 2. And that's very simple. Order to is click on here. Just a line here. And I was going strong a line from here. They're like that. Okay, so I mean it. I let go. It created that line for me. Just press escape to say we finished with that. Que No Mogadishus. We can zoom in on that. So let's go. 400. I'm using my scroll wheel just to scroll up there. Not just drank. That changed a little bit every day. So, you know, we can make this is refined as we'd like, but as a bit of a demonstration, we're gonna keep it really, really simple. So we've got a rectangle which the background target, which is also the words that we're gonna use on top of it there and then the line. Okay, so that's not done. So we have a background agent filming and a target graphics says press shift and said that constraints are screen to the full size. So what I need to do, folks, is get all this to kind of sink with the analyze motion that we've already created. Insider here. Okay, So needed to sink with this. So to do that now let's come down here. Never little look because we'll see that. Actually, it's not gonna appear till here, which I'm happy with. That subsidy finds the play head is about 11 seconds in north 110.7 seconds in. So let's go to the rectangle. First, we're gonna give other click next up. We're going to go to behaviors. There's our motion track in and this is where the clever bit comes, if you like it, says Matchmove. So let's give on the click. So under the rectangle, we have the word matchmove. So it's saying, Okay, this rectangle is gonna match something which is Thea analyzed motion with much we've highlighted will see that in behaviors. It says source is agent film as little cog that her right walking due is gonna click on that little arrow next to Cog. It says match it with analyze motion, which just happens to be the name of this. OK, it's done it. So if I press play, it's not good. It's match that, but emotion. Exactly. Okay, So what will you do now is go to the wit target. Let's go back to where it's all gonna come in there. Somebody in my timeline to exactly where it comes in, which is there now we're going to the same a target. Okay, so target highlighted behaviours. Motion tracking matchmove. Okay. Same thing again with matchmove. Highlight is saying what? You want to match it to the rectangle? We're gonna say yes because the Beckton, it looks already matched to the graphic, which is her. So, like it's highlighted behaviours motion tracking much. Move. There's our match move on this says source target. So keep it where the target is that see if it's gonna do that it is. Okay, so she's perfect. So there you go. It's all done for us. Okay? So each graphic has its own matchmove on the way we've done it there is made sure they yet she follows what we want perfectly. They're ghost. There's the evidence. Fantastic, right? Of course. When it comes to the end, it's kind of kind of stop. So what would normally happen in a film is we'd only probably use from here to maybe the hair or even here, if you did want to get rid of it before it kind of clipped on the scene. Because obviously what's happening here, folks, is that as it gets there, the tracker finishes. So what I could do at this point here is say no. Get rid of that graphic, which is the target graphic there. So with the word target graphic which holds all of those assets in I look at my timeline, Marcus to the edge and just drag this capes the target traffic and say, just disappear after that point. But he says, see, it just goes, Okay, disappear cools in it. All right, So there you go. There's our first type, Ruffin. So now we're going to repeat all of this with our agent here in the brown sort of brown looks, brain coat. Happy with that? Happy with. That's gonna look those Dane, we're gonna create our new graphic new group first. Okay, I'm gonna Reno this creep. Uh, agent. Okay. So what do you want with the age of what we want to use the same sort of assets because before, So let's go through That says, click a little arrow for gravity down there. Go to a rectangle. Okay, that's that done. Let's rewind this film to the point where we want the year graphic to come in. So about here. Yes, he's just coming into shot. Okay, so about there. So this is where the graphics gonna appear. So I'm gonna draw on the screen next to him. Something like, Ah, about that. Click and hold and then let go. Okay, that finishes the graphic off. Um, press escape. Okay, Perfect. Next up, we want a bit of Texas. Got the way, the agent. And so we come to a text here, give it a click. It turns blue. Move our course it just below that bogs, give a click on we get typing agent and press escape. Remember, it's white. So we need to come over to the agents highlighted there would appearance, face set to whites. We want to make that black, like, just track the in place. There we go. Looks pretty good. Okay. It's quite close to him. So what I might do all the last Georgian. Let's draw him. I was gonna leave it, but maybe we'll get that line in. It's with the line highlighted there. Click and hold and just drag to him like that. They would get this online escaped to say we finished. So that's a graphic complete. Everything said that we need. Now what I need to do is obviously track this gentleman so we don't want to use the first track because that's tracking her. We need to track the gentleman on his own. We're gonna track his head next. Okay, with this graphic. So when you track him first, let's go to the with agent film. Okay, let's click on our behaviors, Their motion tracking and we're gonna hit would analyze motion. Now you'll see I've made a big mistake because I've locked that laid down. This happens to me quite a bit. Let's uncheck that layer. There we go. So make sure we've untracked that agent film behaviours, motion tracking, analyze motion. So here's my second analyze motion. That's give me one. Those tracking points here on a click and hold and drank this the six month defined as I drag, which is really cool here. Um just track that bit there. Maybe stop of his head. Okay, we get let go. All right, so from this point, it's going to start tracking. So now we need to go to the word analyze. And here it goes, starting to analyze his movements office. If he's moving left and right, it would pick that up. Luckily for us, which is a nice thing to track, it's nice and straight. So you may find a track in certain things. Might be a bit of a pay because they're moving around a law. In this case, this is this quite simple track. It's just going in a straight lights. There we go. So it was finished about there. Okay, great. Let's go file and save such. Rewind the video. That means that new tracking point inside of there. There we go. OK, so you got to tracking points now, So to make it easy for us, we can rename its OK, so come over to analyze motion one. And we can call this agent track because that's face it. You might be doing quite a lot of tracking on one shot. In this case, we're just tracking to We'll leave that one as what it is before. But you see, we can be named this just so it makes it easy for me to look back later. So that's agent track. So what we need to do now is go back. It's Ah, get rid of that. Let's go back to our agent. Graphic up here, Rectangles. What a good idea to keep all these groups organized. Really makes a lot of sense at this point now. Okay, So word rectangles highlighted. We're gonna go to behaviors motion. Track it. Onda matchmove sweetness Previously, but we do it again. Matchmove its is OK. What you want me to matchmove? Well got with much reviled that they come to our cog here under there were behaviors. Click on a cog on. We wouldn't do this with the agent track. That's why renamed its It makes it easier for to find her. Give that click. Okay, the civil it look of that. All right, So what we can see, hear And this does happen sometimes is the graphic. It's set off the screens. We need to pull that graphic to the point of where we wanted to come in. So let's click on a rectangle. Okay, let's grab hold of the center of that rectangle and bring it to where we want it to actually start, which is a bank. There's in there. Okay, let's have a look at that. Now, call the case. Do we want so things that that can happen? Okay, so what we've done is we've got to move that graphic day. Okay? So when that graphic is now, describe the word agent. Let's put that back to you. Wanted to be center. Okay, so scroll down. Okay. Perfect. So we need to track now. That text. Let's go file and save. We don't lose any of this. Now. We got the word agent. Okay. We want to go to our behaviors. Most tracking matchmove now. Hopefully, we can get to matchmove against rectangle one. There is what's called because we had a rectangle in our target there. So they go. That should be done. Since I'm a little of that. Yes. Perfect. So had a bit of work this movie at the cross and then the line one highlight multi tracking matchmove. That's good track where the text is, which is perfect. And that's a lot. There we go, folks. Perfect. All right, so nice. A nice little technique. This Let's go file. Let's say that again. Okay, so we can take a breather now and go back and have a look at that. So might be good here to your other. Pause the video and go back and rewind and have a look what you've done that. But for me, this is the reason why it's so important to name things as we're going through, okay? And it helps us look back at these things and go right. I know where I am on lock things down when we finish with them. Okay? To say, OK, I'm happy that we've finished with all those things, right? All that dame has hit Rewind its public that again. So rewind, press play. Okay, really happy this, Of course, Those rectangles. You can color them and change the fund to wherever you want to do there. But that's is this a simple way looking at motion tracking. So what we'll do now is give this whole film a bit of a feel like we're looking through some cc TV because looking a bit of fun here, so you look at something called filters, which we've not had Look atyou and fills our really cool that kind of, like photo shop. If you're familiar Photo shop. So telling in your your photo black and white making it bulge bulge out like it's been punched from behind. In this case, we want to give it a kind of safe CCTV feeling that you're looking through a lens of camera lens of this. This is a very clear shot. Otherwise, which might work for you. But again, I want to go with that sort of Jason Bourne. Don't know. Seven. Look to it. So what we do is unlock our group first. Okay, So unlocks everything in the group on. We got the word agent film highlighted here, so we're gonna apply this filter to this part here. Okay, So agent from cited, we're gonna get a filters. And inside here, under looks that looks here and this load inside here, but the one I want to go for is New York. Okay. Perfect. So it gives us this really sort of kind of futuristic look which I love. I think this color is great, but do again, like our behaves like everything. I've showed you things like inside the library with our generators. Here, look, There's tons of stuff inside motion. You need toe. Have a look at. Don't be scared and look at some of these things here. All right, so let's go back to your agent film. So went to filters, Looks and then we chose New York. Okay. With that New York filter in place, we're now gonna add what I call those CCTV lines. They sort of them grits. If you like that. Give it. That recalls of looking through a lens to To do that, we've got to click on our agent film. Okay. Ah, we're in our library. We're going to go to our filters here and in our filters. You'll see something called bad TV. Okay, so it looks like that. So when do is we're gonna press, apply. Don't worry too much, because hopefully your screens done what mine's done. It's give us this kind of 1/2 measures. Let's press plane up. Look, Sixel waving is not really what I wanted to do. So what I want to do is go to my inspector next. We have changed the way this looks this is gonna would waving us in here. So bad TV filters. It's good little highlighted in here. So would wave. In this case, we can get you 12. You want to? We're looking at role. So I wanted to just roll back to full screen. So it should be like that says press play. Okay, lovely. Start to do that, which is great as heavy wind. Next up, we want to take that wave in a safe sex press play here. Okay, so we're taking it back down to zero. You'll see that, actually going straight up like it'll make a legacy interfere, which is quite a kind of a cool effect, but not what we're looking for today. Let's get away, Venous rewind. Here, press play, they go. And that's what we're looking for. That is absolutely perfect. Okay, good. Right. It's good luck is now. So we come from something quite simple teams that it looks very futuristic. Now what we're gonna notice here says some skates backing shot here, make sure wasn't shot. We can see our tracking points have now gone off because the screens changed. Okay, everyone through the screeners changed. So we need to make sure we re align is back up with our graphic. Let's go ahead and do that now. So on we go back to my graphic here, and I'm gonna realign everything back up. Okay? So make sure I'm where it needs to be, which is on that point. There we go, the area. Okay, so let's change unlock everything in case it's a lot. So go to a rectangle, click and hold here. Just track that 10 X. Everything's being done via our first point. Okay, So rectangles highlighted this track that dances have a look of that. They go. We've realigned that good stuff. Let's go find and save. I don't want to lose this. Okay, Next up, let's look at our fellow. Here are agent now. Good job. You're gonna move this other vices? Guys can get into a lot of trouble. We need to move this day in here. So let's go to our agent. Let's go to our rectangle. Make sure we are unlock all of these cases unlocked. Let's drag that some point. My curse it in the middle here, and I'm gonna track that to where it needs to bay. Okay, Marvis and here it comes time for the rest of show. Okay? Right. I'm really, really happy that we've got that sorted. It's all tracked beautifully. So final and save again. So one last things were going to do to give this some sort of like authenticity. If you like to go along this free space to the left hand side of our graphic. So I'm gonna bring in some text from Web site. Now, if we go to our assets folder will see insider here, There's something called I discovered. Read me files. OK, give a double click inside here. We've got text for SETI TV. If you given a click, OK, it's gonna open up and it's inside. He's just like some random what looks like code. And I Lovett's just random coats with that small Nobody got to read it. And inside here is some funky looking text. Yeah, See all that inside there? Okay, So what we're gonna do is where Copy this text. So put my cursor to left, click and hold and track down. Okay, straight down the page. Okay. That we are okay. And it a copy. Okay, let's minimize that night. Minimize that minimize sent on. We're gonna bring this into our film. Okay? So why do you want to come into Well, this about, say, about here, You change it later. So with all this done, this local those off, we don't need those anymore. We're gonna go to add object Is Cumbia Group. Okay? Well name Miss Ah, graphic lists because it looks like a list coming on screen. Okay, got that done. Good for text tool. Click on the screen. Okay. And then go edit paste or command V. Okay, so we've got the text on the page and you'll see that it's lots of different colors, so we need to change all the colors to this. So to do this, click anywhere inside the text. Okay? So give it. Maybe double click. Okay? It should highlight it. So it's all one block of color if it doesn't edit. And inside he got the words. Select all its command. A okay, which it has done for. So it should all turn sort of that light blue hue over the text. Okay, Then we would come over to the left under text appearance. You see, the word faces highlighted comes to the red Here, Click on here. Now we can pick any country wanted to basis making this sort of computer green Okay, that you get looks pretty good Night's click off and they go look at that. Looks pretty good since we wind. Okay, so you see, it's just static on the page on What we want to do is make a make it smaller Cisco's top left, but also make it look like it's being tight done by a computer hacker. Okay, so we're gonna do that next. So with document highlighted, let's go to our properties on under properties with little with scale so I can scale this down like so. Look at that. Every guy. Yeah, it looks pretty good like that. So, again, I can pick this up in maneuver wherever I like. Let's do it. Maybe there and now we're going to use something called a right on behaviour. So this a graphic lists there's our text. Go to behaviours under text animation. She's got scroll text is called Type on. Okay, give under click now City wind. Let's stick anywhere are far text there for us to play. There it is. Give up so very, very computer hackery. Quite like the effect there again. That could be any text you bring inside there. But it looks quite called away. It's all integrated together. All right, so that you go there is our finished thing. That's press pause. That's it. We wind file save really important to savor that point. Now let's go share Andi export movie. I guess the finishing touches names. So we're happy with all of that. We're not going to export this file on. We'll see that I can pan through that, which is fine, actually, Don't needle the project. This press council, Let's go back over to my little friend. It is the whole project here that runs across. I don't need it, Teoh Export all that that you see, the graphics is still going on. I need it to end where the agent is gonna. There you go. See that? So let's bring it to about their case. We only really need this much of our projects. It's let's go. Share export moving. All right. It says entire project was 20 seconds. We don't need to render all that's gonna take a lot of time to do that. We'll just see 20 seconds. It's five seconds. 23. Okay. And just press next. Um, let's call it just a test again. There. That's fine. Save to desktop press save. Remember, when it is rendering it, it might take some time. I've got a 2017 Mac book pro here, which is the top spec. 16 year was a ramble. That business. So does it quite quickly. Okay, so let's minimize our motion project that this are in result. That's press plate. Okay, there you go. We made our first little spy film using filters. Some behaviors on some motion tracking Hope Rejoined that. See you next time. 10. 10: Hello and welcome back today would be looking at three D cameras in motion. Up until this point, we've just been dealing with two dimensions. And I thought it be a good idea to now introduce cameras at you guys. So his example of where we are with the cameras throughout, the would welcome there and the cameras spinning around it. And then it zooms in to reveal the word to motion. Okay, so I said, we've looked previously at two dimensional stuff, but here we see cameras actually moving around the world. Welcome. And it zooms in and then reveals into the part of the text. There are cases this could be a little small. I dent for something you working on. Okay, so we're gonna go ahead and look and see how cameras work. It's on emotion. So here we are, inside emotion. That's make that nice and big. Okay, so first of you to do is give our camera something to look at. Okay, So, to do that, we're gonna get to a textile click inside of here, and we type in Hello. Okay, Once we've done that, we're gonna press the escape key. Okay, Let's go. to inspector our properties inside Haven with scale coming that nice and big. I came for 100%. So get you go further, make it nice and big. So I put my cursor on this form of 63 just making it nice and big like that. Okay, let's put it somewhere kind of in the middle. We'll leave a little bit room for us to write something in after this. Okay? That's what it look run through. Just two d writes Just looking. And enough seaweed goto our thing and look from this angle within light from this distance gonna fit it will fit the whole thing for us and screen. Now we're used three d text before. Remember our three text course, But this time we're gonna keep the actual fund flat. OK, keep it in dimensional. But we can add a three d camera. So how we gonna do that? Well, that's from name discreet. First text, just we keep diving, organized, and then we go to the word add object, and the object is going to be camera. Okay, Suffer quick, breathe through. This is just saying that we're gonna add this camera so switched to three D. Okay, So a few things happened the minute we clicked on that on draw your attention. Ultimately, the top right hand corner here. Okay. Said these are our camera tools inside of motion. So this one here, I want to keep my finger held, Then click and hold. Okay. So take your kids to it, click and hold your finger left on May's button and drag left, and then right down and then up. So, depending on the high you're looking at, but pretty much it's gonna let us move. See the word Hello from different angles. So the camera station may. It's just almost like moving ahead to the left. We will head to the right, looking up, looking down, and we'll see that word. Hello, that Now you'll notice all these grid lines appear and the blue and the red And what's none of that will actually appear at the end of our film. In other words, this is just to give us an idea of three D space. So all this grid lines buoyant appear enough end film that just there to give us a reference. So you almost see, like the horizon here is disappearing horizon. So this stop buttons allowing us to get left right up on Dane with that would hello. Station in the middle. Okay, then the next one to that is our rotation. So we're going to send this back up this How do I send this back to where it waas when isis Simple longer do is I can double click on any one of these, so give it double click. Okay, It's still three d, but were actually seen how we first start the project. So I'm gonna hit this and hold on the left mouse button Dane and drag case. Perfect. Right. So now we're rotating around a word. Hello, case we see the back of it. Side view, they go on and then the front view. Now, this is great, because I said with singing three d exactly what this looks like. And I love it nothing but as to show people you know how powerful motion is when you put a three d Cameron, remember my object static, but my camera is working in that literally space. Okay, now, to reset my camera back, double clicking one of these, Kevin back in front of it. So what's this last one here? Well, this is gonna pull that's closer and go through it on Pullbacks. I'm clicking, holding the left mouse button clicking and tracking. Okay, so maybe go well with hello and then come back like that. There we go. Okay, So that's a cool effect, is it is. So pull the camera in the camera eight, rotate around the camera, and then move within side of that, keeping the objects static in front of us. And I can't go forward or backwards. Just allow me to get up, down, left and right. Okay. So those from our camera tools, Like a life free movement, if you like. Of camera. Tal's inside off motion sets. Double click This. So what else we got? That's changed. Which wasn't here before This word called active camera. If you look down in our project pain here with cameras there so I can double click that. Cool that cam one. Okay, percenter. So this is our camera one. And you know, just in my timeline also, there were camera one is now there. Is there the whole duration off? The time it sunscreen. So that camera is there for the whole project duration things. About 20 seconds. Let's have a look at this active camera. There was only one active camera, and that's the one we're looking at right now. Income one. So if I click on there, you'll see now it's actually naming the cameras. If I can have more than one camera in the scene, subjecting camera one. And of course, it's the one we're looking through. Okay, so then we got the perspective of what the cameras actually seems. When you see here, this is the lens of the camera, which for us, luckily fits the whole 7 20 p project that we're looking at right now. Front. Okay, Bank case was seeing the camera from the back side, the left. Okay, now, because we see the world, it's actually two dimensions. We can't see this. We're seeing this side of hello there, but we can't seeks its that thin. We can't actually get any kind of perspective on it. There there's the right inside. Here's the top to get quick glimpse of what that Hello looks like, which is great. And then the bottom. Whoa! OK, so let's go back. Teoh left. Case was Dotson. Now, what's interesting here? If I use this tool here, click and hold and drag out. We can actually see the actual camera, which I love. This light, second old reel to reel school camera. What's interesting here is that I'm looking for the left of, you know, remember the word. Hello? It's really since we're not seeing it. But if I put my curse on that blue arrow, Okay, this is actually dead space. This is back with affords. If I click and hold in drag, we can actually see that Getting closer to the word. Hello? So I want to go up the green. Got like that, Okay. And then backwards and forwards like that. So sent it beautifully on there. So where's the Hello? What's sitting just there? Cut back on my camera and I can move that in. Which means what I love about cameras. The fact that it's actually going allow us to key frame all these things. Okay, so you can put this camera where ever you like and we can keep fragments, which I love. I love this and I don't see main tutorials. I'm showing this off. Said there is all of those. Okay, Reset view, phage abuses. You pretty self explanatory. So I'm gonna go back to active camp. Okay, so I've gone back to you where we were when we first started. Okay, so we are back to where we were when we first started. Blessed DoubleClick. One of these. It resets the camera back to default. I want to do a little infographic where the cameras will swing around the word Hello. The first you need to do is give my camera a start position. Second, hold down that rotation here. I bring it to their like So there you are. OK, so I need to give it a location. Just like any assets inside emotion. It has set parameters. Where is in three space? In this case, we got position and rotation. Okay, What we do is put key frame in position, all we don't on a key frame in rotation all the way day. There we go, and we'll see there. There's my camel one on there. Is it? Start key frame. So I now need to forward to time as forward or 83 seconds or three in a bit. I gave 3.3 so that they get. And now I'm gonna move this rotation ready? Click and hold and drank. Okay, there it is. Hello. Perfect. Saw all of those. Let go. You'll see it's put that key Freeman, their former automatically. So if I hit Rewind, press play, there is my first sort of three D camera movement inside emotion. Love it. Okay, Now, I want that camera to stay there for a few seconds before I start to zoom in. So to make sure gonna do that. So there's my start. There's my end just for a second. So maybe, Ah, for one, A little bit. Something that we're just gonna press those key frames again. Soy Stone says okay, from this point, move from here to hear. Stay static. Don't move until I do the next key frame, which will be moving forward. A case about with me. I'm now gonna pull my camera forward. Really? Sec. Click and hold drag in like that. Okay, that's the comeback ago, remember? Don't take you forgot for but otherwise it register the key frame. Let's take it about their okay. Done. It's all done. Form a. So let's hit, rewind and press play, So take range. Hold for a few seconds and nice. Amen. Her feet. Okay, lovely. So this point I want to, um hello. In three day undertook the with three D here. So to save myself some time, City would Hello. I could hold day in the apple key or command and tap T. This creates a duplication. We have done that before. Bits one. My favorite keys. Command in D Now on a type in here. Hello to three. Let's do that. Capital showing 23 d. So that's the name of layer Office is not changing Lay because I've got do that. If I look down here, the word Hello? Still there? So I could click into here type in two, three day. Now what I'm going to isn't moved that layer. Um, underneath it. So click and hold in. Tranq. Okay, moved to the right a little bit. Okay. Lets go up a little bit. Make sure we're kind of in the night. Command said undo. If you make a mistake, nothing should wrong about doing that. Okay? You say we will get it wrong lining up a little bit and then we'll come down so I want to make this a little bit smaller, so it's gonna fit into here. So you see the word size. You can reduce that, Dane. Maybe that's good. Use that red line this. Line it up. Okay, Cool. So some of it look explain. Hello to three D. Okay, so I want the three. D to appear as the camera stops there. So the way we can do that is we bring our play head to see where it stops, which is there. We said there were 23 d here, put a curse on the end of that and drag a move forward. Now what? That should do. Return snapping on. By the way, if I pressed snapping, that'll snap to that line. Look. So today, banging it snaps perfectly to it. Money. So have a look. Rotates, rotate, rotate, rotate. Stay there for a second and then zoom in on, then boom. There it is now to give it a bit more of an impact. Let's create a behavior for this as click on the 23 d behavior, and we're going to go to a Tex subtle. Okay. And in here, we've got ah, ephemeral here ephemeral in. Okay, so we have a little look. That looks like now, Chris Plane swing, swing swing seem in on, then. Perfect. There we go. So they go. There's a quick look there at bringing in a three d camera for the first time and dealing with text inside that I loved. That's really, really nice effect. What was that again? Okay, there we go. Night. We'll leave it there for that one thing I want to make sure before I export this to file. If I got a project, the project tells me all about this farce of a good properties you'll see inside here tells everything about this file on one thing I don't need to make sure that I'm doing is cedarwood back Yankers black. But the background is transparent. I want to make that solid. That makes sure that the background is completely black cases, nothing behind it at all. Okay, so that's one thing I iost I was check that it's gonna be OK, So if I and I go to share export, maybe que me have a look at that? There it is. Press next camp, test us Absi. Fine. We'll just friended the night. Thank you. Thirties. There's Harling nice and smooth. Here comes the pullin 23 day magic and there's a look at cameras inside of motion. 11. 11: Hello and welcome back. In our previous tutorial, we looked at animating a single camera in three D space. In this tutorial, we're looking at animating more than one camera on the effects we can achieve with that to start us off. Let's look at an example I've already created Called in a city life. So here we have account deer with a spray in, Um and that was a side sort of pan. This is a rotate, but then this is just a simple, polite shot. Okay, so we're gonna look at building this today. We used to Funt to create this Aziz Usual. I went over to defund dot com inside. Here we have a section called Graffiti in its lows of these to pick from now, just for ease of use in the Assets folder. If I come down to the finder, I go to our assets folded inside. Here, you'll see freight train gangster dot TTF. Okay, so you need to double click on that. I can give it double click on hit the install button there, and that would give us our front that will be using for this project. Okay, so let's go ahead and start to look how this projects built with multiple cameras. So he beyond the project brains again. Nice. A simple mation project 7 20 p. We used to this by now just 25 frames. 2nd 50 seconds is probably a little bit too much. We probably anyone about 20 seconds on this, probably less as well than that. But that's fine. Press open, he wrote. Emotionless. Make that nice and big, right? So now, insider here, the first thing you do is make sure we could have white background and make sure it's a solid white background. So let's get into that first. So, under the project, pain here cases all about the project for Goto our inspector. And there's a weird properties here. Really, really important us all about our project size that project, etcetera the background color. We're gonna make white. Okay, scrap until arrow. We should see. 25525 90 for five. Give a click on that salad White. Okay. The background isn't transparent. It's solid. Okay, So really important. We do all that first. Okay, so there's our public set up now. Next thing we're gonna being in our graphics, so let's click on this group graphic. OK, G f x. I would use that. We're gonna bring in our first asset to make this work. So let's give imported click on inside imports. We're gonna go to our assets folder and inside here, you You should see graphic called graffiti boys that I'm gonna press import. Okay, there the up. And it's so click hold down the shift key on our keyboard. Give it a click. They're nice and big. Okay. There you go. Looks pretty good. All right. That you. Okay. So, graffiti boys have got insider here. Now, I want to use three of these. That doesn't matter which three years, But I'll show you a really cool thing before we're gonna use one plate and then duplicate it three times. So let's press command d first. So hold on. The command key, president And that would duplicate that farm. That where is that final? What? It's just bind. There you go. That's a That's what Double that. Okay. On this press command d again. So we've got three. Okay, so let's, um, call thes boy Want? Okay? Double click. Double click Vance boy too. Just so we never really. Let's click on, boy. Three. There we go. All right, So what we'll do now, is it Got all those layers highlighted. Let's click off the 1st 2 It's only gonna show me it's this one here. Okay? They're the ones. Still that look if you click on them, but, er, cases behind in those less. So here's our boy. What now? With this done, we're gonna go to properties, Okay. And then he got the word crop. Okay? Because I only need one of these. That's Prestowitz crop. Okay, lets it show, and it's going to show me the ones on the crop. So left to right now is like click and drag. You'll see we've done this before in the territorial. But just in case you have not said this when you skip that one, we're gonna go left. There were going to go right there. Now, as you see, when I go right, it stops at 200. Put my curse in the middle and slide up. We go, Onda, we will go over the bottom in the history of this cropping that off for us past 200. Click and hold on. Drag. They go. There's our 1st 1 Okay? Perfect. Will leave him there so we can hide him now. Okay, let's go to our 2nd 1 Unhurried that. So now we got all the characters back again. Let's go. This guy named is Bending day. And so with that done when I get a crop down here left keep going Left. Keep going. Left Stop! About their lovely ah, right in this. To put in a little bit, they get us fine. Bottom click and drag Ugo Simple as so I got one too. That's good. Let's hide those That's show boy three and that we three. What we'll do is we'll go for this character day in here. Bottom left. That's it, Crop. Let's come from the right. Got to come all the way to the right. There we go. Magic there and then a top. I didn't do that. They go serves a whole bunch of time. Done. So click Click on there is all our three candles. Okay, boy, three is gonna be down here somewhere to here. Okay, that's looking good. I like this about that. So I'm just gave because I want to show you here is that we're going to bring in three cameras to look each of these ad in effect to both those cameras. So let's go forward on this type in our text that we're gonna need, So let's look it. Uh boy one. Hey, we got a 10.1. We're gonna go to our text tool here, given a click on get you click there. Okay. Sitting here, it's got the word. Funt. So what should have happened? Your press text is the word text highlights that would form a hard notes. And then we go into the word frontier on. We can pick the front that we're looking for on the one here is freight train gangster. You only show it's showing us a lovely preview. That's and give the click. Okay. Remembers can be in white sofa goto appearance before we carry on. We can make that any clue want. Make it black, though, just for this demo. So you click up here, that's it. And we type in the word in a okay press escape to say we finished typing right magic. Okay, let's go to the four months. Let's get of size, okay? And then we can angle that way Wanted to get their boat there. It looks like just on that. OK, so with that done to make it really easy for us guys, if I press command d, I guess. Well, chip it, Kate Magic. I always use this. It's brilliant and commanded again. I just say, just having to go pick the phone to put the size, the type etcetera. Okay, so now we've got all those in so enough, there is not right that needs to be in a and then city. Okay, pull. And then this one double click it life that we get and then press escape. Remember to me, type press escape to say you finished. Okay, lovely. So we now have these three characters set up all on one page and again quite used to do nothing too crazy there. But here's where the kind of fun comes, if you like. Let's go ahead and save that just to make sure we've got that saved. Save as well. Say, that's find in a city l and then clipped media because we've got these characters from different parts of our folder, and we want to keep them safe together. So that's fine. Safe. So there's not saved. Good. I was important to save us. We go right. Let's now start to add our cameras. So this is gonna be the cool and good, but you'll see down here the holographic sedan here. So each graphic last the full length Okay? With any 20 seconds away across. So we will probably keep used to five seconds in length. So just remember that the onscreen for the whole time, But we're going to cut them down to sort of five second chunks. Let's go ahead and create our first camera. So that object camera. Okay, switch to three D. Absolutely. Let's do that. And there's our first camera. Now, before we go any further with name is cameras. So we know where we are. So this is gonna go too. You could name whatever you want, but can want to be fine there. Let's go again. Camera. Nicholas. Camera too. Okay. Camera, give a double click on the cam three. Okay, so we got three cameras now. What's happened is all those cameras, they're sitting on top of each other. So you see the word active camera? They if I go Teoh sort of front view. Can't resend them here. Side view yet. Can't receive what's going on. They are this kind of project that you just back to see it there escape to active camera. So I'm gonna show you how to use these cameras to our advantage. So first we do. That's hide these two here. Okay, So, looking through the lens of a camera one. So first we did with Kember once, we're gonna zoom into boy one with this test called in. Okay, So to do that with Campbell wanna highlighted, we're gonna use our cat new camera tools that we learn to molasses. And here, toe, pull our focus in Celeste. Click and hold on that Come forward. Let's drag here. Come forward again, okay? And then we'll put it roughly by the civility. Why short? Okay, there's camera one. Okay, So make sure player to start which it ISS case came ones there. The camber one is just looking at that shot. OK, now we're gonna go to camera to give out a click, and with chemistry, you'll see that it shot back to the local default. Looking at the whole I was think it's like an a four sheet of paper were going on. It's on the landscape, looking at it from the side, so I can warn it's up. He can see it now. It's called right. It's just looking at that section here. It's a camera to we're gonna pull over here. So same thing again, cameras highlighted were not. Nothing else is switched on. Could pull our camera in. I'm going to look at this guy here. This is really cool because it's all in the same. Same short, right? So about that, there we go. There's camera, too. So where's Camera one? Camera one. It saved one left inside and camera two's looking at. And where's camera Three? Well, that's back to the default position, right? So there's camera three highlighted. That's click and drank. That's pretty not in nice and big there. We can really probably more for like like that would go. And again. You know, this is just a example of what you can do. You don't need to follow us exactly. It's just an idea of how we can be these cameras around. So they go. All three cameras set up now switch to more back on. They said they would. Active camera here switched on. If I go to came, three come to can want to now is flicking between each of those new camera positions. Okay, really, really cool. Now what is active Camera Will active camera. Look at this timeline here. Active cameras looking down that these are what it sees first is camera three. Okay, because it's sitting on top of their lives it can't see past. The rest of these are the block, so there's camera three. It's already here. If I shorten the length of camera three days, so that's been back in there, it should be the case of short, not always answered. A. If I be Mark my play head to next, you'll see straightaway. It goes to Camera two because only sees Camera three because that's the top camera cause we're looking at active can review up here, and that's why I have committed. It's and I can see whether play head is located. So if I go Teoh there, it's now looking at Camp two because cover three, this finish isn't there. Look at camera too shortened that day. Let's bring it to their Okay. So guess what It's not gonna flick dame to Cam, not one. Okay, so 32 and then one. Okay, 32 and one. All right. Okay. So number 321 I will make sense, right? I love it. So these blocks represent the amount of time the camera is on screen for because we're looking through the active camera. That's what we'll see in real time. So, what we can do here starts anime these cameras. Okay, for a m out of Tommy want. So here we got camera one, which is top left hand corner. OK, with the guys. Write it. So I was gonna dio very simply, a simple move from one to another. Okay, so we're gonna learn a few things on this way. So his camera one, There it is. It's a full that that my screen doesn't need to be a so we're shortening a second. Now we're gonna make this sort of a four second movement. Okay, So the first thing you do with camera, oneness, entree, please conduct these right? These right now Is we going Teoh to a pan? Okay, so assuming a little bit. Okay. Cool. So what we're gonna do is resumed in a little bit and we looked at a key frame here on camera once under the word properties. Okay. Got position on rotation. Okay, So what we'll do is we'll put key friends their key frame there, and thats done that already on can want, but I want to put this play had exactly on four seconds because you see a lot of me time doing this because we're trying to get it right. If I give a click, Kate tickets right there. 04 Okay, I can move my cursor along using the right cursor zero, and then press enter, locating its snapped directly to that point. Now, why can do here is actually. So let me try to grab this corner and dragging out and trying to make it get to their perfectly Okay, One quick tip here is to press Oh, for out. OK, so O says that is when it's leaving, it's the out part, which means when I look at camera two, which is next to that sets movies along, switch them out of it. Okay, So look at the next one. Okay? I can make sure that this is definitely on a C. We're going to go to four. OK, so four is definitely that there. If I click on camera too, and I press Ali. Okay, it will cut off anything that's residual toe left of that. So that will start that exactly on four. So that would be up to four seconds. And it's going to go for so four and four. Is eight. Okay, now you see, I managed to do that was perfect. Press over out and it cuts off their for brilliance. Move camera three and okay, Perfect. So 89 10 11 12. So we need this to be about 12. So, you see, I'm trying to Yes. No, again in double click on here, type in a zero game. Absolutely. Bang on. Okay. And then press over out and you'll see automatically extended it to their clever is nettle of it. So each one these now is definitely four seconds long. Okay, Cool. Now you see that camera working for us? Beautifully there. So now we want to animate these. So here we are. We've got our first key frame. So if you remember this, give it to number one. We we just checked, boxed each with these. Okay, in the position and rotation, Let's go to you. The end point between knows, rough early that four seconds that's going here tight for as a reserve percent. Okay, so what you do is come back one frame there. Okay? So I just use a left keyboard arrow just to come back one frame, okay? So we can see that we want to stay on this like, so cases can end there. So with Cameron highlighted going in the right position, it's called one frame back. Just hearing the one arrow key left. And now I'm gonna move this camera. Case her to do this. We got the word Kember there. We just couldn to slide it, click and hold inside across, okay. Really subtle. But it works in this example. Right? They dio. So now we're in our next frame on. We're gonna give some rotation to this one here, so we've got to come to her nightie. We finished with Cam one, which is no problem. Let's go to camp two. So let's go and rotate this, okay? They seem grabbing that corner there. Okay, assuming a little bit. Okay, so I've got a kind of got my starting position is it's just coming from the side. It's gonna sweep arraigned. So with that done camera, too. Position, position on rotation. Move it to the end. Now again, we don't want on eighth. We want to come back. So just one arrow, and that should still keep us informed. That's what looking forced the frame switch there between camera three and camera to There we go. So with that done, we're now gonna spin this camera around. Okay? So give it a little turn. Can't These are cursor Kate to Besim and then that it's a little bit more tricky. It's but given it an end point now, you can see him taking a finger off the cursor because the banks, because it doesn't matter where I am. Once I got the endpoint, that's where we'll fly to you. Okay, so that's about right. So some of that look at that. Yeah, definitely. There it is. Little spend so that Okay, lovely. That's that dumb. That's jumped on to camera three forward. A little bit case we're now starting Kember three. Now, what we'll do is we'll pull this into view, so I'm gonna come forward a little bit, you see? Sort of type in something. I always spraying something out. Here s K 12 position rotation and the key frame in their lovely moved to the end. That's about there somewhere. And don't just pull that camera out to expose the rest of show. Brilliant. Okay. And that's it. That's it. Done this press rewind, Let's press play says up and across left to right. Right to left. That's a sort of ah, sweeping in. And that's up. Whole camera there. Okay, cool. And we've done all of that on one scene, which is why I love it. I love this. It's It's a great technique on, and it just shows you diversity. You know the best. Till you've got in all of this being out to do Elice animation in one sort of one. Note a four sheet of paper if you like. I love it. Okay. We've got you now is reduce the size of the project. Really need this much of it. So we bring this in here. Okay, so you see, it's going to sort of end about there. She's my 12 and bit seconds, so let's go to share export. Maybe simple, as have a little think. That's what you want to do. That's exactly what I want you to play. Range. Not the 20 seconds you created, which is perfect press. Next in the city xxx Empress Safe. That's a little film in a city life. They would get perfect. I have enjoyed that, See the next one? 12. 12: Hello and welcome back to I discovered on TV today we'll be looking at making this. As you can see, it's something we see on a daily basis. It's a new show, presenting some information to us at the bottom screen. We have a ticket with some other information so we can learn how to make all of these today in motion. So when we break down, the shot will see we've got a piece of video running. Okay, so the video's running here. This is running a kind of normal space on what we'll do is we'll slow that video day and start off with. We're then going Teoh de Focus it so blue it a little bit on. Then put a saturation on there So we're gonna take out the color. Well, then, obviously gonna display this piece of information here. And as you see at the bottom, we also have a ticket reading. Then the bottom there began. We Cissel time on the news. That would be great for us to break this stain as a graphic on building inside of motion. Let's go ahead and do that right now. So we're here. We are in the project Fraser. And as always, we got the motion project here. What's important to remember here is that we're matching the video with the broadcast size with somebody hands you A 10 80 p piece of video footage is they want you to put graphics on top off. That's what will be using so you'll be safe. 10 80. For example, even four K In this example, we could stick 7 20 p even of the video isn't 7 20 p on were scale it down. OK, but normally you would at this point, choose the proper video size to match the video. You actually put the graphic on top off, so let's go the broadcasts on 20. In this case, it's good 25 frames per second. As most video is recorded in this, our projects will be 20 seconds in size, so I'm happy to leave it at 20 seconds there. Let's go ahead and press open here. We are inside emotion now, but the first thing to do is bring our video. Remember, organization's the key here. So it's a group press import were in our assets folder, and the first thing you did get is our people film, which is that people film. Okay, which we see the resolution here is really low on this is just to make the file size when you downloaded easy to download. But normally this would be this last number here would be 7 20 or 10 80 pay. In this case, people felt this press import. Okay. And normally your screen the black carrier here. The campus should be the same size of the video at this point. If it isn't, you need to go back on DA load the correct film site, but with makes a music a very low corti film here always do is scare this up. So I'm gonna go to my inspector properties. And under the words scale, Rampal up there like that justice overlapping slightly my video area. And that's just for May for this tutorial again, your should fit app. So you perfect to match resolution. Whatever you're making, right. So you see here now that's video last to fall 19 seconds. Okay. With that done, let's certain Amis 50 Olia. Okay. Keep things nice. And old guys, we're going to look at slowly starting to make this turn black and white and D folks and set the speed as well. So to do that, we're gonna use a few filters. Okay, so the first thing we do is we got our people film highlighted. Let's go to filters have got color and we got hue and saturation. Okay, so click on that hue and saturation. So once we press that he was saturation. But we now have the timeline here, which is representative of the whole May. So what we want to do is we don't want this to go black and white until with three seconds in. So let's move our play Head to three seconds. That's grubby into this click and hold drank. Okay, so it starts there. Now I want to do is a key frame this to go from being color to black and white. So to do that, we're gonna go over around. It'll filters palette here under saturation. You see, it's zero. So we put a key frame their bank. Well, next time they're the key from has been put. That's forward of the 023 24 back there. Okay, So 3 24 on all we do is simply but you stop the black and white They go says that first section. Nuts. That's it. Rewind, press play. So we'll have the graphic. They're starting off. And that's when it's going toe in black and white. Perfect. The next thing we also won't do is I had the D focus. So what a play had 23 seconds. We're not going to 12 filters under the word blur. We just got the word D Focus. Let's click on that. Okay, We're gonna then take rt focus to the same point. OK? And inside here, you'll see it's at 10 seconds. It comes into focus, and that starts to Blair. Look. So what won't do it? Set it toe Have no blood to start off with. So let's take this D focus to zero. Make sure keef play head is on the starting line there with a D, folks, which it is. Press the key frame button there. Okay, so at a key frame, it says there is no d focus at the moment. Okay, so zero. So I move my play head forward to 3.24 which is the same as before, and then on to two is abductee focus into the shot. They dio them the city wind they get. So you see, now that that's been added So you go black and white on de focus on the same time. There we go. Cool. Now next up, we're going Teoh re time the shot. So it plays even slower than its playing. If I played in real time, it's pretty slow, but were slowed right down again to really make it less distracting for the viewer to get the information that we want to show them. So to do this we need to go to our behaviors. And then we need to go to our re timing. And in here we'll see the would set speed. Okay, so we give out a click. What's interesting here? It gives us the set speed bar here. Now it's at this point here. Three seconds in that I wanted to start slow down, so I don't need to put a key frame in here or you do it, said the word speed. Okay, give it double click and said to the 30 and press enter Now. What it does is it just says this is normal time and then what's gets to hear. It just starts to go 30% less speed. That's hit. We wanted to press play so we could know. See, it's gonna go d focus reduced the color on slow that clip down by 30%. Okay, Perfect. You know, it's a little bit drudgery, and sometimes what you'll see here is that the computer can't quite do that as quickly as you want it to. But when we export that file, you'll see that, actually, is it very quickly. It actually be a lot smoother, so export the file and it be a lot slower. Okay, so that's all of the video work done. So what I need to do from here now is just look that way, because now I finished with us. We got D focus, saturation and our speed, or done instead of our video. So next up, we need to bring in our info graphic. So the first thing we'll look at is bringing in their company logo. To do that, we can hope sort of hand building inside of here. Let's go to our at objects. Let's kick on group and look. Call this creep. Ah, company Let go like that Okay. Is that dumb? We're now going to come to our where Shapes menu. Here. You see, if click a little arrow there, we get rectangle circle of the line. I just wanna get rectangle. Let's draw that roughly about there. Okay, that's press escape to say we finished with that. So I think roughly size it is going to be No, but you'll notice we had a red one on our other ones. Just look at our original clip here. See? It's white and it's red. OK, so let's go over to this, Um, on what we do, Is we going? Teoh takes a rectangle press commander D and that will duplicate that for me. Okay. We need to make this a certain edify me this rectangle over. Okay, so we need to make this a certain color. Okay, That's what's important. Here is if somebody's got a company logo or something, you need to be a specific color. You need to be able, Teoh, get the information off them. In this case, I don't make sense of second, we goto our assets folder, okay. And in assets, fall to the sea. Have read the file. Is this some use info. Give out double click. Okay, so this is it. Will them help me? Far for you guys. So in here, we'll see. The company is giving us the colors that the use in their new story. It is represented by RGB colors. So we'll see the ticket. The bottom is yellow, and then we've got a red part of the logo here. So RGB is 157 17. 01 Well, what does that mean if you've never used that Well, with that in mind, what's good? Put that down here. Okay? So it's red, aren't you? The 15 so always do is turn this part red. But Scott a beats perceptive eye color. So to do that, we got the copy there. We got the fill color here. Now, before, as always, we've hit this little arrow. We've randomly selected the color. Okay, but I need to get red Perfect with the company's logo. Said to do this, we're gonna double click on this fill color box here. Okay, double click on it. Know what normally happens is you're presented with this wheel. Or maybe this this or this or even this in this case make sure you've got this highlighted this 2nd 1 and you'll see the word RGB side of this is here now it could be set to that. It could be set to see m y que all this hatred sp scientists in our case, just make sure it's an RGB. Okay, Now you'll see you've got your size. We can pick up and move along, and I need to make this red. Okay, so to do this well, look, Dana are killers. So 158 17 and one Okay, suggested that now. So it's 158 17 and one. And there it is. There's the color that it needs to be. And as you see it's put there for us. That's a great way of actually making sure that the colors match the customers logo completely. Okay, so that's that bit done. So there's are part of the with some use. Let's go ahead and add our text next to do this. Goto our text button here, give it a click just to leave this click on there just below its and type in some. Okay, I press escape. That says we're finished. You see, it's white. So We need to change the car that do that. Let's go to our appearances under face value. We could just click on a little arrow there and click black. There we go. And I tried that. Thanks at duplicates that. Let's move it over. As you see, it's duplicated that this is gonna be at news and each of us various news. So I need to turn news white. Let's go to our appearance, which is son Click here. Make that white. There we go so that we give there's our logo done. Perfect So I can lock that because I don't want that to give anywhere. So when I press, rewind, press play, you'll see that that's that. Okay, Happy with that? So next thing we do is build our company ticker because this is the information that comes across the bottom of the screen. Said to do that, we're going to act like a company logo there, add objecting Craig Group, double click that type in a ticket. Okay, so here it's built. In some ways, it's have a little look at a bar information here, so we got, like, a static block here with some use tickets here. The first thing we'll do is we'll build the yellow part first. So to do that with a ticker highlighted here, expect sure plants with Start helps us a lot. Let's go to ur shape menu that's click and draw a shape across here. There we go on, then press escape to say we finished. So this could be any size. You want it to be whatever fits with what you're doing. So they you don't worry about it over the edge that some see fine and again the tickers a certain color. Let's have a look at our cheap. She hits 248 and 2 to 4. So let's click on a ticket. On the shape style the Phyllis highlighted. There's are white boats Give up double click. So 248 2 to 4. I see it right? Okay, that was turned yellow. Now you'll notice that our bar is still white. This happened sometime. No problem. Organ to is gonna take our yellow from here. Click and drag and drop onto the color and nature is done that for us. Perfect. There you go. So there's our ticket in place. Let's, um then my tickets so we don't forget what that is. Take a yellow. Okay, let's look that him next up. We need to go and create this part here. Some use. Okay, So to do that, let's go to our tick yellow press command D again. Now I get a lot done. This is duplicate, Celia. We could not drag the end of that. Move it over. We're gonna make that black. Okay, so click. I make it black. Okay? So that's a no Mr Bite. It's those black. So I need to put in here the words some new. So to do that, let's go to while text there, click. You're here. Some use talk to come. I think you said as press escape. It's one of the need. Teoh scare. Let stand a little bit as well to make sure it fits. Let's come to how where properties here. And we'll see the scale. 600 So we can just scale that dame they go. Kohl's looking pretty good. They dio Is that bit done? Okay, so all that's correct. Some happy The yellow happy, the black some locking these that go to make it all makes sense. So I want you to do now is is bring in that text scrolls across the bottom of the screen said to do that, we've got to take a highlighted it. Stop here. Go to the text button, give a click. Okay, Starts to flash for us. And let's go to our little cheat sheet here inside here. We've got a text particular tribe prototype for you that some heart. All of that. So clicking, holding, drank. Let's go to edit copy. As you see command. See, here is the short cut copy. Okay. And then that press back on here, they guess it's highlighted. Press command, the you could have gone impressed, edit and then paste. That's absolutely fine. So our text is there. It's very, very small says for little strumpet. Scroll down a bit since there have to watch these things. Okay, so there is. It's inside of that. It's just jump a little bit there again. Okay, so the first ones do is all see color. This slide done here is I've clicked in the hold and dragged its highlighted all the text there for me. Okay. And now we changed the color of that's Let's go, Teoh, This stop button here. Click on the black suits. Made it there. Let's go to our properties on the properties. We want to bring the scale up. So let's look at this. Okay? That's somewhere about right. That's press escape. That says we finished with it. Now, if I put that awfully about there, we've got to, like, 400% which is pretty good. Um, let's go to tech stop. Okay, So that the words four months here now in format, you'll see as you come down here. So it's got the word all caps, because this is in lower case, so really cool things. If I click on that boom seeing banks, it'll cap letters with our text in place. We're now going to animate this ticker coming across the screen. So let's see. This is gonna work. That's that's gonna go behind the back of this. Okay, so you see, at the moment, it's actually in front off that some news dot com black area. This If you look at my layers up here, we need to bring this behind it. Okay, so let's pick up this one that can hold and drank, okay? And are you stickers? Well, let's click and hold of this and drive up a swell. So we've got some news, text, We've got the black box. It's city on there, which is great. And now we got a text sitting behind it. Okay, so the Lakers, looking straight down there, it's not a fight to go through your seats. That shouldn't go behind, which is exactly what you want. So that safely behind there, we're now going to you animate this across the screen. Let's do this. Let's go to our center. Just zoom out about 50%. So you see, all the way over here is our text. That's interesting. Here is if a great model hand icon, you see that I can move my canvas around such scum deficit hand icon. There, you see, I can move it around, so I'm gonna pick up all of this and move it across. But before the that, I've got a key. Frame it in. So to do this, let's make sure I'll play head. Is that start tonight? Okay, Got it highlighted. We're gonna get the properties and look at our position. So it's X. Yeah, it's gonna go from right through to the left. So uses coordinate here, click and hold and drag that you see, it's gonna go left to right there like that. Okay, so you set command and set up. Some do that. So let's put a key frame. Remember, our play head is at the start. Let's go to our key phone. Put a plus in there. OK, so that's our first key frame denoted down there. We've done this before, Biscuit to refresh its move up ahead to 17 seconds. Here. We can't. I'm a rocket. Just typing as well. About like toe. I'm coming here as well. So they get stairs are 17 seconds there. It's also, you know, I'm gonna move this across now the best way. Do not. It's coming up into here. Click and hold in track down. Okay. So we can see now zooming out that all the Texas gonna come through like so that we go perfect. We're gonna leave it there and you'll see that the minute we let go. It's plucky framing. Okay, so that's, um, hit Rewind. And that's press play. There we go. It's now moving. Let's go to my fit. Maybe just jumped right. Super 100% every year. Okay, All right. Now, what you gonna notice here is that when it first starts off, that's rewind and press play. Takes a second for it to kick in, okay? And it speeds through speeds through. Okay, speeding through. And as it gets to the end, it's going to start to slow down. See that slow, Dane? Almost to stop. So it almost gets suit. That 70 seconds says I need to come down as a reason for this, because this key frame that we've put in here, okay, the ends here, these key frames is known as a busier key frame. In other words, it kind of start enough speeds up and starts to slow. So I'm going to show you what a busy a looks like and how we can change it to make it more of a constant flow of information across the screen. So we're gonna go to something we've not seen before. It is called the key frame editor, and it sits over here on the right. It's a show or hide key fires. That's let's think on that. Okay, there it is. Let's go to our, um more than a 1,000,000,000 8 million so that it would click on that. We'll see. Here is our keeper Minister. So here's that kind of slide in. Let you see. It's kind of starting to get fast. Now it gets facet drops on the hill and then starts to level off. Says some really funky stuff against do inside is Kiefer Monitor. But what we're gonna do is make this no, have this bend in it. We need it to be concepts Doesn't look right, so to change it, let's move. All play head the way you'll see that to start the key frame If I click on it Que turns white. Okay, now, if I right click on it. Okay. You see the word in population Okay, interpolation and you see that would busy is highlighted in there. So we have busy I which wasn't right. We can click insulation. Onder made it. Lydia. They get That's what you wanted. Okay, It's a little look inside the key furnace that says a lot inside of there. Let's take back off there, and that's our ticket. Done, Sam, just click anywhere outside the campus. Evidence off stage area. Here. Press play. He says coming together really well. But we've got add no is the overlay Infographic. So we can see here that once we get to about three seconds in, we then start to see the infographic is going to come in. So what we do is bring in that piece of information. Drop on here. Let's have a look at our text at it. Fall here put in so they'll see the stat info. Here's isn't 2000 steam more than 1.9 million adults aged 18 or older or overweight. So I need to copy this as that stat. So on a clicking, holding drank okay might click it. Copy it. Okay, that's that bit done. Let's get to that. So our video layer company logo ticker. Let's make a new group. That's a group. And folks, that's nice. And then let's go to our textile so you gotta play. Headway Wanted to come in, you see? So just there's it's d focused in Okay, so you city folks in there, and now this is the point we want. It's commits. Let's hit our text tool there. Stick anywhere on the screen. Kasten Onda, right. Click on, then paste. You not to see common people. So paste that in there. Okay, cool. There it is. So let's press escape to say we finished. Okay, So now let's go to our properties. And lucky for me, I properties opened up under the text format layer and in size and just ramp this up. Okay? I think I want 48 there. Okay? Something about their some line spacing inside that space and have it. Okay, Cool. It's got some nice basic about nine there, So I've gone for about 48 inside of there. So with all that done, But when I need to do you'll see that the Texas blown out here because there's this white background so really cool tip here when it comes to text and you get this kind of clashing here. If we go to the word appearance, you'll see the face is white. But then we have outline. Click on the outline of citizens read, because it's the default color for the outline. Let's make this bread much more subtle. Black. Okay, now you'll see that we can actually read that. Okay, much better. We can also increase the with off that outline by just ramping a bit and they will see it comes much nicer in the screen That really read that a lot better. So that was the outline tolerated on the with moved across. So we have it. There it is. So that's what it look Press plate Co Much better. So we probably want this to supposed just to smash on the screen, which is okay, just suddenly Pierce. Okay. A nice, subtle way of doing this is doing a simple fading If I click on the actual text phone there . Okay. We're here to behavior. Basic motion on a simple fade in and fade out. Give a click. Okay. The drops, this little people thing here underneath that say, that's what they is. Let's be blind click off. But it looked nice. They get much better. Much better. So we're looking at this finishing at, um 17 seconds. The Texas gonna drop out. Okay, so what make good idea before then? Before the yet a new sticker sort stops there. If I come back a little bit very simply only or do its click on that text layer there and track the end here and moving across. Okay. On what I'll do is that we just faded out because you'll see it says Fade in fade A So it's automatically can do that for us. They go. Okay. Now, of course, with all this, you could add a fade in, fade out toe end the project. But normally, when you do something like this because this is an infographic, this will normally go off to edit. And they'll just slice this clip right down the middle to end this shot. As always, to finish this off. Being goto our share icon here. Export, maybe who is? They're looking pretty good. It's pressing. Next. Um, Nicholas, um, some use to save your not destined. Press safe and they go, it's render get for us. That's minimized this castle look. And there we have it. Our infographic there. Cool, hope. Enjoy that. And I'll see you soon