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Getting Started With Canva

teacher avatar Deepak A.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What Is Canva

    • 3. Creating Canva Account

    • 4. Filling Your profile

    • 5. Starting Your First Project

    • 6. Top Place To Find Free Image For Commercial use

    • 7. Adding Text

    • 8. Uploading Your Image

    • 9. Adding background

    • 10. Downloading And Sharing artwork

    • 11. Adding Elements

    • 12. Extra

    • 13. Earn Money From Canva

    • 14. Thank you

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About This Class

Hi Guys In this Video class We will talk about everything Canva has to Offer . Even You Can earn Money From Canva , Canva is a Free Graphic Design tool which anyone can use.


It is easy to use

Include all social media templateĀ 

Completely free

and lots more.....

Meet Your Teacher

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Deepak A.


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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, my name is you Pogo. Uh, on in this video, getting started with Kanye will learn everything you need to learn in Canada. So guys and roll to my course on Let's get started. 2. What Is Canva : so exactly what he's can walk guys again. What is the on land graphic doom which help you to create cars? Flyers, posters as a trump, as you can see over your camera enables anyone to become a designer, and that's true because it's easy to use on anyone can use it. 3. Creating Canva Account: Hey, guys, In this video, we will learn how to create can work on on basically because I know what Facebook Google are with an email. I already have an account, but you can do it from here, and the next video we'll fill can drop off. 4. Filling Your profile: Hey guys, no, really again Will prefer Oh, Via will edit our posts provide in Canada Just go vo select beautiful fun and no, via this medicine for Type your name more soon All right? Type of what you want And it up I want d one Just type You were buttress If you have in a dome I see it your country on even you can update your user profile I don't want you can andan the save Jenness so that should guys be I did our profile in general. 5. Starting Your First Project: Now is the time for project treason. You can use your own custom dimension If you worn Oregon's a little formula like that, we can create any type off design we want from a book to the small people. Anything find this radio will create Facebooko because it's in demand. Now, if you get stuck, you can select will be a new help. You can learn how to use a single again will secure the future, but you can use a kite removed. You can see everything if you get stuck to use Facebook over, Just find a free images you can see, because in the next video I will saw your top website that you can use on Get free royalty free image. But you can use, you know, own common sit project just like anything. What they want to see This one 6. Top Place To Find Free Image For Commercial use : Hey, guys, In this video, we'll find free image for commercial use. This type in Google are being which you were you before this type topless is to find free image for commerce Serios on the first option which appears is this one you said this open 2nd 1 on Just said this one is more than off 20 best places to find three Director art online on this saws you everything you need a big dot com. I want to look among this one you can use. Boost up dot com over the years. Talks after no dice. If you're getting stuck with lots of red, you can use this one and block specific blocks, not overheads on this one. So it's one guys just fine. Three. Image for commercial news, and they will so your different options. 7. Adding Text: the guys in this video over alone who are dicks says good extra mia on sleep protect which you like. I warned This one looks off it Gradison You can create the duplicate of this one, Mr Chick, For like that it's perfect. You can change the phone from you. What? You're gonna put your own fund still only from you. But the mix the best thing uses use their own for Thanks. Thanks piece. I could feel it. This one's good. Now you can see in this one too this one Chains of just minimize your size well like that. You can change Quito like on in the next video. We'll learn how to add a limb into your artwork. 8. Uploading Your Image : Hey, guys, in this video over alone how to upload our own image from the opera adoption. Just goto upload your own image, remission like that and it will get a product. You can see that once it gets completely blew, it will be uploading. It will get a project of this website, so that's written watch. 9. Adding background: Hey guys, in this video over alone how to add our own background You can add background formula like that but I want to use my own. I want to use free made which I downloaded from Side was just showed in the last video so I would get rid of everything Premiere I slipped My both Does drag guys like that is perfect . You can forget it if you want. Oh, this much like a perfect And the next video we'll learn how to act text. 10. Downloading And Sharing artwork: once your side is finally took design guys, you can see it from here. Do you feed your post when you're due to the cone and you condone with your formula, you can order to Jay peak form jpg form beings you bomb If you want to edit it in in the structure on any design software, you condone it in pdf form and pretty if print form, you can select my different options. Romeo, you can publish this with crop mark and bleed. This happens when you want to print it. I want Donald from jpg form this like this one and then all over That's Dr. 11. Adding Elements: you guys in this video, you will learn how to add elements of American ad free photos, untried frames on administration. I conjure whatever you people. I want this one just me, my guys. You all completely just public duty in this world on generally sing I depends upon your creativity. Guns. You work now. This looks perfect. Guys on in the next video will seal our artwork on download it to our computer. 12. Extra: Hey, guys, in this video, I'm going to say me too. That can work off for teaching material. Boys run. So from new help in quarter design school on jik do trills teaching material and design course guys, it offers a variety of things. They will show you how to build a plan. Teaching materials on two trails, guys. So I want you to check this one. 13. Earn Money From Canva: nice. If you're a good designer, you can own money from Kenya. Just couldn't help and go via contribute. And you can own when you from here, guys. So I wanted to check this one. If you want the street, I fecund will tell you everything. 14. Thank you : No, I came to an end off. This course dies. If you like my cores, just leave a review on. I like it. Thank you, guys, for taking my calls.