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Getting Started: Swatching Pens

Jessie Parker, Sparkle Enthusiast

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5 Videos (14m)
    • Intro

    • Swatch Examples

    • The Importance of Paper

    • Final Project

    • Final Thoughts

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Project Description

The final class project will be to complete a swatch sheet for a set of pens, either based on one of the styles I presented during the class, or simply by following along with what I created during the "Final Project" segment. This can be as basic or detailed as the student wants, as long as it clearly demonstrates the principles they've just learned about swatching.

Supplies needed:

• A set of pens (preferably one with distinct colors)

• A piece of paper (printer paper or a lined notebook will work great)

And don't forget to post it to the class once you finish, so I can see what you've made!

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