Getting Set Up, Basic Watercolors Series, Class 1 | Julianne LaClaire | Skillshare

Getting Set Up, Basic Watercolors Series, Class 1

Julianne LaClaire, LaClaire Fine Art and Design

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4 Videos (25m)
    • Watercolors Basic's Series Introduction

    • 1. Watercolor Supplies

    • 2. Setting up Your Palette

    • 3. Basic Brush Strokes, Round and Flat


About This Class

Part 1 of this series will lay the foundation for working with watercolor.  We will get our supplies, set up our palettes and work with basic brush strokes.





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Julianne LaClaire

LaClaire Fine Art and Design

Hello and welcome to my classes on Skillshare!  I am a drawing and painting instructor in "Colorful Colorado".  I teach Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Watercolor, and Acrylic painting as well as drawing skills; "Drawing On The Right Side of The Brain", here in Fort Collins for 14 years.  

My approach is to teach in small steps to allow students to gain a complete understanding and achieve success at their projects.

I am inspired by n...

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