Getting Noticed-Marketing You, Your Brand (or whatever you're selling)

Susan Palmquist, Author, Dream Inspirer and Writing Guru

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15 Videos (39m)
    • Introduction

    • Have a Plan

    • Media Tool Kit

    • What's a News Release?

    • The Role of an Editor

    • Write a Great News Release

    • The Super Good News Release

    • Don't Make Them Say No

    • Backgrounder and Photos

    • Story Ideas

    • Pitching to Your Local Media

    • Make A Good Story Great

    • Dos and Don'ts of Being Interviewed

    • Other Great Places to Get Noticed

    • Wrap Up and Thank You


About This Class

We live in a world that seems to get more competitive each day. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur about to launch your own business, a person who’s decided to open a store on Etsy, or an author trying your hand at self-publishing, it’s a crowded marketplace. We’re all constantly struggling to claim our 15 minutes of fame and some days it seems like an uphill battle.

I speak from experience when I say I know just how tough it is to get a journalist to interview you, people to read your blog, or just have an editor decide to run a news release all about your new venture.

Before I became an author, I worked in public relations and then spent three years as a publicist for a publishing company. Public relations (PR), wasn’t my first career choice so I’ve had no formal training but was forced to learn on the job. I literally jumped in at the deep end and made terrible mistakes but gradually figured out what worked and what didn’t. Most of my clients were in the non-profit sector which meant I had a small budget but people still expected results.

In this class, I'll share with you things I learned along the way and simple things you can do to get noticed. 

You’ll learn how to write an attention grabbing news release, how to pitch a story to the media, and how to prepare yourself for an interview whether it be online or on TV. I even share with you what I call journalists’ pet peeves so you can learn how to make their job easy and therefore increase your odds of them contacting you again.







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Susan Palmquist

Author, Dream Inspirer and Writing Guru


I’m Susan Palmquist and for the last 20 years I’ve been an author, freelance writer, editor, blogger, teacher and tutor, (and before that I was a publicist).

It feels like I’ve squeezed a lot into two decades and it’s my tips and experience that I’ve learned along the way that I’m now happy to share with you here at Skillshare.

I’d like to show you how you too can write for fun or even for a living whether it be fiction or non...

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