Getting Enrollments Into Your Skillshare Class

Tatiana Ambrose, Classes Helping You To Be Creative

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8 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction To When Your First Class Isn't Getting Enrollments

    • 2. #1 Thing To Focus On

    • 3. Get Your Class To Trend

    • 4. First Reason Why You're Not Getting Enrollments

    • 5. Second Reason Why You Aren't Getting Enrollments

    • 6. Third Reason Why Your Aren't Getting Enrollments

    • 7. My Personal First Class Checklist

    • 8. Continue Learning With Me

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10 of 10 students recommend this class
Pranay Kumar

Online Entrepreneur

Excellent Class! Learnt some very good things about class
This is really useful. I've just published my first class and will use these tips.
Brooke Sellmann

quilt designer, blogger

good tips!