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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Introduction To The Class

    • 2. How to Used Photoshop Copy CSS Features

    • 3. Continue With The Text Layer

    • 4. Get Image Layers CSS Form Photoshop

    • 5. Get CSS For Vector Shapes

    • 6. Getting CSS For Vector Shapes With There Layer Styles/Blending Options

    • 7. Getting Multiple Layers CSS

    • 8. Solution If You Have Lower Version Of Photoshop

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About This Class

As we all know many of us used photoshop as our main webdesign tool to design websites. and even after the design psd files we used photoshop to slice our website to write the code for our website to make it look exactly as it's is in the psd design. But if you are a web designer you know how painful it is to write thousand line of code in the CSS to make website look exactly as it is. But think if you generate those thousand line of code with just one click it like copy paste and get the exactly same style that you design in the psd file..Is it possible ? Well the answer is yes it is possible and that's why this class are..

The Newer version of photoshop have a new features called copy CSS. And this will convert any photoshop layer style into css with just one click. so you just copy and paste it and get the same style without write single line of code. In this class I'll teach you step by step process to used that features and get css form photoshop not only just for one layer I'll teach you how to get multilayer css , how to get vector shapes css with blending options like drop shadow , gradient , stroke, opacity. And not only that at the end I'll show you if you don't have the latest version of photoshop you can still used this features even on photoshop CS3. So thanks for your interest in this class and let's get started with Photoshop 2 CSS class.

What are the requirements?

  • A Computer or Laptop
  • Photoshop At Least CS3 or Higher
  • Basic Internet Connection
  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • No Coding Or Photoshop Knowledge needed But If You Know That Then You Are Welcome
  • Madness about learning new skills

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 1 hour of content!
  • How To Get CSS Using Photoshop Copy CSS Features
  • How To Get Text Layers CSS
  • How To Get Image Layers CSS
  • How To Get CSS For Vector Shapes
  • How To Get CSS For Vector Shapes With Layer Styles/Blending Options
  • How To Get Multiple Layers CSS
  • Learn How To Used This Features If You Have Lower Version Of Photoshop

What is the target audience?

  • Students
  • Web Designers
  • Web Developer
  • Any One Who Want To Learn Photoshop and Webdesign/Coding

Meet Your Teacher

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Somenath Sen

SkillShare Instructor Teaching 100+ Classes


My courses are specialized in technology domains that are well aligned with market trends, geared towards enabling gainful careers and are affordable. My aim is to teach technology the way it is used in the industry and professional world. My up to date course library will give you the perfect way to jump start your career and dive into today's job market.

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1. Introduction To The Class: As we all know, many off us used photo shop as our men and Web designing tool to design website Andi, even after the design is defiles used for the show to slice of our website right, this court for our website make quips that look exactly as the these in the years to. But if you are a Web designer, you know how painful it is. To write thousands of lines of four in the series is to make website look exactly as a gift . But I think if use in red those thousands of lines, of course, with just one click is it like copy paste and get the exactly same style that you designed in the use different. Is it possible? Well, the answer is, Is it possible? And that's why this four star new your abortion off quarter shop have a new creatures called copies on. This will convert any photos off layer style into tears is just one click, so you just copy and paste it and get the same style without right the line off court. In this course, I will teach you step by step process to use the futures and get seizes from water shop not only just for one layer I will teach you how to get my Delius years is how to get rid of sniffed cases with planing option like dog said Oh Grady int stroke passing. And not only that, at the end I will show you. If you don't have the latest version off quarter shop, you can still use this features even on quarters off CS three. So thanks for watching this video on. Let's get started with 40 shop to see asses force. 2. How to Used Photoshop Copy CSS Features: Hey, guys, Welcome to this video on in this video. We're gonna be learned. Ah Horta shop New features called copies years is And what is that teachers do is you just copy the syriza's file off layer directly from photo shop and tasty too. You're a steam l document on. Render it into the Web browser to get the Stein. You don't want to written. Every ceases scored into yours, Jim Ill while just copied from quarter shop and tested into a steamer document and use it into your browser. That simple is it? So this is very cool features that quarter shop include in the A new abortion. And of course, you need a newer version off. Photoshopped used this long immunity you need at least quarters off. See, it's six are newer version toe. Use this functionality to your corner shop and post a call. Let me show you where you can find those options. So, as you can see over there on the top under the layer panel when you click on this layer panel, the second option now, as you can see over here, is copy c asses and this is the option that I was talking about. Now, as you can see, this is not desirable Just because we don't have any open document Over here, we don't have any layers over here. But as first as we get a word document Oakman and some layer layer panel this copies years is often will activity and we just use it as our way. So first of all, this is open a new document in quarter shop on. Let me show you how this copies is this functional gene Real war to get your CSS code directly come for social so close to fall. I'm just go to the quiet, then click on New, which is the very close to auction file, and then create a document. Lou Murder. What is the sizes? We just created document and that's it. In our case, it is Ah, 7 20 into whore 80 pixel. But you create your own sizes. That's reasonable matter. So click on ok and our document real appear in here now even see here is our document. So let's create a new layer over here. Andi, Liz is right. Takes into this layer is the stipe this ese My thanks. And let's just change this color to a prominent color like black. So it will more visible to you guys and also lower the corn size because it out off 10 balls. So let's make it a little bit of smaller. Andi, that's probably Look group. Now you can see here is our text. He also been changed their phones as well as the phoned wit. Now this looks pretty much good on also this look very nice and clean. Now let their I want this sticks as appear the same into my browser. So how I can do that cost of all? I'm just slicing the text. Then goto our estimate filed in return some syriza scored to look this text as same into our browser and look talking on it seems there are lots of work to do but in for the shop, as I mentioned before. Force off include this new creatures called copy CIA says which is easier our work How I just show you how first of all let me just go to my quarter show project cooler on in hair . First of all, we need to create a steam l file to test out our court in your browser so rightly on this file and go to the new, then click on takes document, then renamed the streets document in next. Then give the extension toe hasty Anil and then hit. Enter. When you hit Enter, it will pop up a permission display. Khan Yes, on it will convert those 50 file into a steam. All fine. And if you don't want to familiar with HTML on Dscheer says, Don't know the basic about With Chamberlain ceases, then I highly recommend it. Take my a stimulant seasons classes. Let's go to my profile and you will find it. So I just right click on this a steam ill file on Open it in my note pad plus Plus, you also can open that in your favorite Dixie teachers will on in hair. We just drive some basic HTML cord like doc died. Oh, see you what e. Then give us fears than type ht immoral, which indicate this document is now. Estimate fight then below that lets type the East Timor tag give us stairs than type il A n g LNG core language. We need to specify our language for disease. Dimel Place, which is enlace obviously. Then close the esteem of bag on into the estimate that we need two more back. One is war heard it was the hate taggers will on. We need morning. Close the border today as well. 3. Continue With The Text Layer: now in the head. Let's Axum basic hit deck like Mitya. Give us this. You will do. And after the mid attack, let's just add the title track. My quit site, Not this Look good. Now close the title tag on And now up that the title tag lives just at a style day where our soussa scored will go No clothes of style day now in here are serious is will go now in the body Let's add a fair girl was the character of Khost now in the paragraph, What have to do is on this typing. This seemed dicks because we want to render the same takes into the browser. So first of all, we just copy that takes from the quarter shop and pasted over here and now is the fun time . Go to the quarter show and select the text there from the layer pennant on right, like on this sticks layer and on the top you will find the copy seizes auction or just like the layer goto the layer panel and click on copies Yeses this boat are working as the same . So I'm just click on this copy. Caesar's over here on goto my a steamer document and in the style tech. I just pieced the whole fuses. Now, as you can see your hair, it is very clearly regency asses. First we have fun phase. Then we have horn family. Then we have color than we have won't wear then we're position than we have. Ah, left and talk position. Then we have jury index, which is pretty good. Now Liz is apply. The seriousness into this paragraph and see is it looks like the same as in conceding the quarter shop or not. And one more thing, Just look at the class name. This class name is actually that layer name. So whatever your leah enemies, it will convert into the class name. Now you can see overhead. This pieces are not recorded in the class name. The species are now underscore. So whatever name you have to give in your layer, it will apply as a CSS name winning copy. This layers years is from the photo shop, so keep it in your mind. So I'm just goto the text a teacher And let's just apply this class into our paragraph. I'm just copy this class name from here And now listen, Stipe Plus Goldstein double quotation in this conditional is just add the class and sleep the while Now we all said, Just goto our parts of project cooler and double click on this index or a steam l file and stayed in the browser will to look now. As you can see, this stick is exactly the same that we air see in the photo shop. And also it is the same position. Now, when you look at your browser, as you can see, this takes is not stick with the top. It will online from top and a line from left as well as we can see in this document. So this is so cool. Features that quarter shop will given into their newer version on also into our next videos will explore this option in a little bit off more. We'll see how it can copy image seizes, and we'll also see how we can copy a group of layers. Hears this from Photoshopped Toe Ace Ti Anna 4. Get Image Layers CSS Form Photoshop: Alright guys. So in your previous video, we'll see how to copy this text here says on rendered the sticks with the same horn size with the same color and even in the same position into the browser. Using photo shop copy seizes creatures and we just don't write any single line off season scored. Just copy the seas is home for the shop and tested into our estimate foil and just rendered into our Rosa. And in this video we will see how to copy CSS for our image and rendered those image into the browser on the right way. So poster fall. I'm just delete this text layer. Come here because we don't need it right now. And one more thing we need to do is just go to the foreshore project for their on. I'm just copy that in exhort a steam ill file from hair of Mr Over here on really end this in next dot esteem elk wile to index hyphen image not East Eva and ever will see I already cater Image cooler into this quarter saw Project Fuller and where I can store to images and nullity how to ring that This image is into the browser using Photoshopped ceases features . So first of all, in, just go to the quarter, shop on into the same canvas on just opened those images, Just go to the file and click on Open on. Now select this two images Come here on Click on Open again and those two images are open in your corner shop canvas. No, I would have to do un justly contract this images into this document which real just opened previously. I'm just minimize this windows phone here now residency. I have had two images and I want this images render asked. It is on into the same position into our web browser. So as like the text on the selector cost lier image just like the first earlier image on coastal fall. On this change his ah Lien name too image of one because I can tell you in the previous video what is the layer name is? It will convert into the serious is so I want My Sears is organized as my very but you can still use this layer one layer toe this type of limb but for my case understands this name toe image one and Mr which is look much more happily image to so Costa fall. I'm just like that image of one on right click on this image on but declined copied US uses for this image. Costa column Does goto the quarters a project cooler on right? Click on this in left hyphen imaged or a steaming pile and open it in north, back plus plus or your favorite text editor and host. Awful. I'm just removed this p class come here because we don't need it. And now this. Just create a spend dagga. What? Here? Where we can apply our image. Jesus, close the stand A as well. And I also did this. Our text is a style Come here, President needed. We already have a separate kind Corbett. So now I'm just going to my quarter shop. Andi, select the image of one ah, layer in the layer penicillin. Right. Click on this file and click on copies. She asses or goto the layer and click on copy Seizes. This will probably walk as like the same. So now goto the tricks editor and based the season's come here. Okay, so this challenge it a little bit of more now in the standard. Let's just apply your class, which is image one and one more thing. You have to change it over here, which is Ah, our images are store into the image fuller and in the image cooler that imaginations would be image hyphen one. So keep it in your mind for the shop will not recognize the actual in aging name, so it will just give the image name as the lien name. Now, as you can see over here the class name and the meeting him at the scene because what also will keep the image name as the lien and also our home. It is GPD, Horman and quarters will render this image as hinge, so keep it in your mind when you copy this uses for an image using for the shop. The copy CSS features quarters off will render ah, the image as being deform it. But if you're in it in a different format and in a different ah holder, you happen mints and that in your series this quien so keep it in your mind. So our kids, our image will store in the image colder. So we just mentioned the Mitchell over here and give us slash and then also change that image. Name, toe our image name, image, hyphen one and all the genes. The format of damage. So intimate is Jim P. G's, which has changed the image. Former two jpg instead. Off this in GE. Now it's even see other line look or grit. So let's go back to our quarters or project cooler and make sure everything is look, park it in your text editor like your image name and image format. Also the hold learning. So I hope it will rain that the same image into our browser. So I'm just sleep the choir and go to our fourth project cooler and don't live on this index hyphen image dot html file and stayed in the browser. And let's see how it looked like into the browser. Now you concede will loading, and it will take some couple of seconds to load the page in a browser. Now you will see here is our image on the same position on on the same size as we can see in our quarter shop document. So, in this way, if we can apply this thing in image ceases over hair with altering that thes images. Will Sunday's rhetoric on this layer and click on copy seasons from here and go to our text editor? Andi, just replace this image of one toe image to and also as like, the previous one. You have more. Decry the format off your image and you have to Morty quite you know his name. Also the folder. And also we're putting in the class to save the file on. Go to the browser on the beach. Now, As you can see, the second image is also render on the same skies on on the same position. So in this way you can render the images as well using quarter shop apiece. Jesus creatures on. Of course, you have a little bit off at adjustment doing your CSS file that you have to copy from the quarter shop because Cardoso will not render the exact part off your image and also the exact former off your enemies and sometimes also the exact name of you. So you have to modify the steers that as far as your projects But instead of those this features also save your lots of time. You can see we have just morning 51 line and photos will generate 123 or 56 line for us without written single line off court. So, of course, this is times 5. Get CSS For Vector Shapes: or light guest will come back. And in this video we'll see how toe get a season scored for. Ah, Victor seat. So first a call. I'm just removed this millions from here because we don't need in images right now. And this is go to our project folder on Copy this file. Calm hand basic over hair on. Rename this to in next hyphen shit and record on this choir and open it in north, back plus plus and first of forms on just removed, uh, style for the image. And this is goto the photo show and into these document and just create a Rick Dong girl state. Our listeners create a rounded rectangles. Okay, So fill the shape with the color off green and also give a stalk black. And this make the straw a little bit off, you know? So I doing look much ruminant. And also, this is not the black stove. Actually, this is the blue stroke, which really think this is black. But it's not the black. So let's just make it black. Now we don't know much more prominent, so we just wreck click on this layer on the layer panel and conduct copy seizes on Goto work for expenditure on business cases in the style tag on as you can see in the series of score. As you can see, we have the border with it. We have the border color and, of course, the border style and ofcourse, the border radius bag on color position on Hi it We'd all of this stuff That means Photoshopped will render the safe is exactly the same as we wanted into our brothers. So let's astride indoor Rosell. Let's just go to the, uh, dictator teacher on let's exchange this class, toe our ship class and save the file goto our project holer on. Don't look on this index hyphen saved our estimate while and open it in the brother. Let's see how it looked like now I don't see this is render exactly the same scape with the same style and the backbone color into our browser. And if I zoom on the sea now, as you can see, this is actually a victor, said this is nor the image so for the show will render the exact victor said that we will create it in a photo shop with the same style with the same bag on color, even with the same border effect, even with the rounded corners with. So let's exchange this tape a little bit of more and let the if the photo shop will reign that the exact sciences into our browser or not. So, first of all, I'm just select the safe, and I'm just doing one thing. Just make it a dotted border. The little Skopje, the seizes right. Click on the layer and click on Copy CSS and Go Go What takes off editor and replaces the seizes with our updated seizes on. Let's see if water shop will give us the exact court that will see in the quarter shop or not. So I'm just go to the browser on Reload the page. Now, as you can see, our see border are now updated with the dotted border on. If we look into the she's the scorn eyes you can see over here. The border style are now updated with the daughter. So for those who will give us the exact same court for the safe style, so now you're going to see how easy it is to render Victor safe. Even with their border style and bag on color using quarter stroke. And I'm just doing it with just one click. There's wreck. Click on this layer and copied A C asses and pasted into a steamer document, and that's it. Render it into the frozen and you will see the exact same effect into your brother. 6. Getting CSS For Vector Shapes With There Layer Styles/Blending Options: now, in our previous, we will see how to copy a safe, see Asus and rendered the same exactly how it will look like into the quarter shop in your browser. Now, in this video, let's see how to render a safe with complaining option into a browser. So first of all of this, go to the project holder on copy and paste this while over hair and rename this to in next . I can save hi spin style because we just rendered this safe with some lending stern. So right click on this file and open it in on more back plus plus and cost of all. We just removed this previous safe style because we don't need it and go to our photo show . Begin and postal fall under civility. Sit because we don't need it and create a fresh new sleep over here. Um, fill it with the rick color and just until the stroke form here. Now, just double click on lease layer toe open the planing option. Now here is our blaming option. So first of all, let's just apply ingredient overly so you can choose your greedy and from here, Liz, this shoes uh this one, not this own look pretty bad. Just this one. Yeah, this one look pretty good. So choose this greedy in from here and also choose a drop said Oh, which will probably look pretty good. More distance. And of course, a little bit. It doesn't your up our city. Now click on. OK, now here is our set. And now would have to do I want this tip Look as it is with this effect into our browser. So the process of the same just right Click on this quiet and pecan copy seizes or you have to go to the layer and click on copies Uses both working the same And now go to the Dix editor and best the thesis called Over here. Now, if you look closely now, as you can see for assault is actually create the greedy in seizes court for us as well as the broader radius as well as the height, width and off course, the position. So let's just check this series is cooling tower browser on. Let's see if it will look as it is or not. So just go to the project folder on Don't look on this in less hype and save hyphen style or East Gmail while on open it into our browser. And let's see how it will look like indoor brother. It will take some couple of seconds to Lord the page, indoor brother, because we're just applying some heavy infecting to our ship, so it will take some little bit of more time to render it in your browser. Now, as you can see over here, it will render the same with all effect now as you can see where, how pretty it will look like in your browser. And if I zoom on a little bit now, you can see it is actually a safe, and it will render the Grady int render the rounded corner rendered. Just handle fitters will. So in this way you can render a safe with the effect as mothers you can with just one click option. Just right click on the Lear copied. A serious is pasted endurance Demerol, document and boom. Render it into the browser and you will see the same is it? What do you have to see in the photo shop residency? How easy it is to use the copy seizes features and copy that exact. She is a school for a particular earlier 7. Getting Multiple Layers CSS: Alright, guys. So now we know how to export. See, Is this form quarter from? But in our previous video will learn how to get lira Single es she is a scum for social And in this video we're gonna be learned how to get multi layers juices from for social and exploded in your browser so close to call it scared a heading So let's say this he's try to And after that let's create a simple bag up this e, uh see him a pack to fist the C s Yes, or something like that. Onda also changed the paragraph text size, toe 16 pixel and also change it regular also acts a little bit off takes over here on and we also won t o c Uh oh, it really look like and to the Breaux's No, it's looking nice. And let's just former this paragraph as, like Barrick of supposed truffle apply. That takes as it is now, right Click on the sticks on here you will find option call convert to paragraph text. Now, when you click on this convert to paragraph Tex Now this takes are no paragraph And when you resize the text now, as you can see over here that takes lines on their align. Also very sizes. Asteras, your need. So this is why we need to convert the stakes toe that I go. So now we have a title. We have a paragraph. No, let's say Ah, we have a link. So when the visitor click on this link, they will goto another website or something like that. So let's just type link over here, so read more. Oh, good on also, if you want, you want to change the link color too. Whatever. You want to look more Francie on what have to do and just like the selection tool home here and click and drag to create a rectangular selection. Then select the tree layers from hair and said the move tool from the tool palette and click on this align Left ages option from here and now, As you can see, our title, our paragraph and our link are perfectly aligned on the left On also, this will look pretty good if you want. You can also be redubbed it just your paragraph title on the link from here just a little bit. Okay, so we have our title. We have our back up and we have our text. No, select all of this layer. Come here and group them on. So if you want to group them all, just press control g from the keyboard. And now, as you can see, Thisted three layer are in a group. And when you opened the group, as you can see this all tree layers are in there and change the group name to Ah, let's see layer go. Okay, So I warned this fighting as it is into my browser. So if I going a previous way cost of all we need to copy the title ceases then to copy the paragraph seizes, then we need to copy the link. Sees us from here on best it won by warning toe assesses file. But in this video, I'm gonna be show you how to, uh, copy. Your all ceases how to copy this cheesy asses at of one's on tested into your html, Kyle, and render it into the browser to look exactly as it is into this document. So, first of all, we need to go to our quarter show project Fuller and create another walkable html document for this while the Skopje and pressed any of disease Gemmell Kyle over here and renamed the while to index hyphen multi stone because there is a multiple layers style of what they're and we want to copy hole of them at once. First of all, I'm just right. Click on this a steaming pile and opening our note pad. Last plus, Andi Coastal Fallen just removed These see? Is this home here? Because we don't need it right now. And then I would have to Do we just create here three paragraphs Because this bag of as well okay on Costa fall on this copy and paste it to more time. Um, give a little bit of space. So it looked playing and on the course paragraph. I'm just copy that night it takes from here, Mr It And on the second Penna Group, I'm just copy the paragraph takes Come here on Google over Newport, plus laws and history On on the third paragraph. I'm just copy this. Ah, Link takes on here on best it right here and now go to the photo show Begin and instead off Copy each up This layer sees this I'm just right. Click on this layer Group on. Just click on this copy, seizes or goto the layer and click on Copy. Sears is from here. So what it does do is this is copied. This whole groups, yes. Is this whole she layer seizes from this group on. Just paste it over here now, as you can see, over here, dear, is not only one ceases there is the whole brunch up this layer Groups yes is over. First of all, let give some bases so it look nice and clean. Now, as you can see, over here we have our title. Sears is which is this one? Why this title seizes on the last because di tail layer on the last in this group. So if your title there is top on the group so you're Caesar's will come on the top. So first of all, I'm just copy this title seizes from here. And let's just add a class on this title paragraph and add The thesis is vested This removed a door from here and civet now listed a class in this bag up takes as well and no is the plus also over here removed the daughter civet. And now all that a class with this link over here on and this fuses home and save it. Also, you will notice a layer group seizes over here this little group seizes will identify the layer group hide the layer group with also their positioning etcetera. So if you want to cover this chief paragraph with a deal, you also can add this layer group style for that deep. All the numbers show you that. So it will be nice to you guys to understand the whole process. This area give over here you're a class on head. This'll glass for this def on also in the death right after this cheap farrago. It's a gifts and thesis, so it will look nice and thin now saved up quite and we all done. So let's go to our project Fuller and double click on this Wild. Open this up in the browser and let's see how it looked like into our browser and hope it will look the same as in Considine Photoshopped. You can see our browser is loading. It will take some little bit of time as far as your mission configuration. Now as you can see over here. Here is our title. Here is our the paragraph And here is our link. Now you're going to see over here There is a little widow height problem over here in this title and in this paragraph you can easily fixed it with the CSS. But now, as you can see how easy it is to export any groups uses from photo shop toe a steam on keep it in your mind. Not every day and photos off will give you the perfect human written thesis. He also have a little bit of adjustment in your CSS in time. My time. But when you use this creatures in quarter shop, it also very big times they were for your projects. 8. Solution If You Have Lower Version Of Photoshop: Alright guys. So will come back now as I mentioned before. If you do not have parts off sear sick At least then you do not. I want to use this copy CSS features in photo shop. But I have a solution for you if you have the lower version of quarter So so post a fall Go to your browser on open the side called ceases had dot com This jesus had easier for the shop plugging which will convert your layer into CS is so if you have the lower version off quarter shop then you can use this plug in to create your Sears is home the forest of layer But as you can see over here, this is not free. You have to buy it for $49.99. So it is almost $50 cost you but it is so professional and it can give you good human readable. CS is from quarter shop players, So if you have the budget then you can try this plugging, uh, for your lower version off Photoshopped. But you don't have budget and you also don't have the higher version off Photoshopped, then you can use the sig unplugging called C 60 years on, you can find this plugging in sisters three ps dot com website This plug Inisfree and this blogging is walking like the seasons had plug in, but the difference is is this is free on This is not upgradable. Plugging, but she's has had is the upgradable plug in and they're developer. Will a good display gill in time Mine time. So this is more likely be provisional. Now you can see over here this year's has had plugging will support Pierce's as well as access and less people's. But as you can see your head, this is ah, a great plugging, so you can expect some paid features in here. But in ceases tp years, this is not a paid plugging. This is a free plug in, so you can't expect more in this plug in. But you can use this plugging it. This is a very good plug in. I don't say it. This is not a good plugging. You don't use it. I can encourage you use this plug in because this is a very good plug in, and it can give you human readable. CS is from your quarter shop. Blair and it also have some cool features. If you call down a little bit, you'll find its features. Now you can see over here text layers supported. It also supports that's but not less on. Also, have some cool more features. And if you want to download this plug in, just click on this free download button over here and didn't go to the download speeds. Very real clients than couple of option to download this thesis. Three. PS Plug in so the coast too often is were other quarters off. See security Plowed version. But take the year off your Q t cloud version because there is too option available. Call Katy Ploughed. One is for two stolen 14 and mornings, cortical in 15. So check the horror show version and the porters aversion year before you want to download the correct version and lost two options. East 4/4 off C 456 and even the bigger version off or so pretty plowed version. So check out your currid version of quarters up, then download this plug in, and if you school alone a little bit, as you can see over here, you have an installation process for this plugging. So if you have photos off CC 2015 I don't think in new displaying because quarters already have those features in build. So I don't think you need an external plug in to export CSS from Porto Show. But if you still want to install it, you can check out the installation process on Windows and also on Mac. And if you have the CS five years six or C C. Big inner version, then you can check out this instruction process as well. And also, if you have C s trio CS four, then you can check out this installation process for your for the show. Yeah, no, they're gonna see it is pretty much simple. Just install a plug in, then select their layer, then right click on the rare and you get your sister scored directly into your browser. But keep it in your mind when you use this year's is three PS Blufgan, you have Internet connection activated in your computer. Either will the seasons three p s not working because a so you can see over here when you re constant syriza scored using this plugging it can redirect to their website, which is this once. Is this three ps dot com Then it will give you the seizes while to copy. So keep in your mind if you use this plugging. You have an Internet connection into your machine, either where this plug in will not working. So this is the perfect solution. If you have a lower version of photo shop, Ah, then you can use this plugging aspirin as you need. If you have the budget, I can suggest you go to the seasons hack plugging because this year's has hatched, um, more pro features. If you compare with this thesis GPS three plugging. But if you have a tight budget and still want to get she asses from Porto shop, then you can use this uses three PS plug in. This is also a good playing, so hope you will enjoy the course and hope this course will help you a lot. So if this course will help your Lord please like a short review about this course, it will help other to take that course. And of course, if you have any questions regarding to the course, you can also message me. You can also create a discus in in the discussion section and I will available on there in no time. And thanks for taking the scores. And if you like this course, please check out my other courses in my Brooklyn.