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Get your resume in shape [Arabic]

teacher avatar Ahmad Baracat, Facebook / ex-Amazon Alexa

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Professional Resume using LaTeX & Overleaf

    • 3. Tips for Resume Content Writing

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About This Class

In these short videos, I want to share how to, quickly and freely, create a professional looking resume. We talk about the recommended way to create resume and tips for better resume content writing.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ahmad Baracat

Facebook / ex-Amazon Alexa


I am currently a Software Engineer at Facebook. I used to work at Amazon Alexa solving computer vision problems using deep learning. In 2017, I was awarded a silver medal in the Understanding the Amazon from Space Kaggle Competition. Currently, I am building my AgriTech startup Priceless AI.

Few years back, I created 10+ apps/games for Windows Phone, Android & iOS with 300K+ customers and featured by Microsoft in 150+ countries. You can have a look at my games and apps on my personal website

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1. Introduction: Is there Yoko an aside Katie, it would be in essence adenine. It'll CV is Zeno sub b2, it Haggadah lithography. We're in Iraq and my homies CV will content, but our presentation on curriculum and I'm income is work on msx. Had student a gamma of most xj has since veto was a lawyer. A few color for the eight and the MOOC and the contents on Fiedler ness, the Annie Lennox, Dr. Volker art as regular lectures. How will our solid content and a column Arcturan high octane is Zane standard MB Hague, as a little kid, would make sure in the presentation was water. But at a resume, Yanni layout was, would we have a column command and a content enough? Sue is a inhabited recruiters, but the early Phil, Phil CV, if we can video again, and either column is xj, arc minutes Savile al-Sham L, a lower fee content bus or foolish details. And it has a limo good vehicle for layout ketamine can that has sin and a column filled in detail. Let's see me lightly mean LD50 way more detail. Feet, numbers, a layout most boot with an amino alpha, two steps and a column. In a movable CV Tana lytic Mohammed Kalevala, free platform machine namenda color for free, for body color. And a column B, turkeys octahedral content map supply Cv was a Hudson presentation with other content. Yeah. Any xenon? Xenon. Check if allele recruiters will engineer is a little bit more solid CV, IPO interested in Homer, ARM Ilona interviews way we can minimize process for aerobic L content to the morphine. Sorry, ethylene gas any shy is a directive where we really fill fill comments, relinquish I phenome or feed a llama Q2 Sheffield, who eat any into metagenomic, will hit the pattern resume and you will see. 2. Professional Resume using LaTeX & Overleaf: Nfv do the eyes are SRA is a lower head. You can undo CV, Most Wanted to professional, titled Our next TD, and it's called I like Google inactive carrier cup, resume dealing kind of good websites and I could to auto early applicator for them and a new idea, grandeur CV, professional mutualism in the design horrible dissolved. Load them. Nestle font mustered up for quote. Sections. An emphasis size, an absolutely spacing in Lima beans sections. It any more Hema, where our enemies seldom word site and be a field or thoughts together. Visual detail incentive will be masala CV for full video Dinosaur Jr, Xavier surrogate, then we'll 43, had the corner and do YAML CVs, Ada, a min here may sell them word weird lab, we'll output, it almost would fall platform and the hand instead of them had somehow Overleaf hellos. Platform fee, paid plans, proceedings from Chicago harness. Then that v3 plant, a firm can get started for hand Create Account and Andy already account. Now killing Nash VL2, Overleaf the platform. But seldom tool is my analytic. Why he'd been not a annular element artificially would figure in FSL document content, we'll presentation or I even thicker it will HTML, CSS, and HTML be inequitable content without pinch will fill CSS finish refers is a and it presented an IRL font on higher level spacings. Hackers infer what the Hannah Harvey all Bourdieu as opposed to Microsoft Word image scale of Microsoft Word when Elazar, you will holla to content. When Boas layout we presentation. Yes, attitude and it hasn't been. And Kuhlmann copy-paste Muslim term and our net say lytic therapy Ag, Bill, bill Haggard, beta2, being able font size, but they are what we said bit messy go CV with severe shock, low measurements for that tool hands seldom analytic with demand Woman 1984, bioactivity and I'll haggle tinea analytic, feeding it then oneness with Danny side note when Nesbitt family thesis, but I Bigtable research papers. I'll Bigtable thesis but at muscle and a master's or PhD filled orbitals that for, for software engineering and computer science. Muscle model do fulfills its Dunya, Yanni water are most revisit at level tertiary hidden. Lemme take the mass and papers wise to publish papers from women. And instead of the more narrow and yet Irish Maya forbad them a hand login either Overleaf and in a MOOC and HIV and token and undo called mechano body official Islam projects fund or harm a new project and blank project will have Sammy's CV test for whole kit. And then as a lytic document, I Lunar Gala career cup loan is in at that. Once I get the bullet points, the Zane Helsinki takeaways number 7, I feel full video camera cuisine October is a nice setup. Tools will platform allergenic and density V was what professional for Hindus analytic manage Microsoft Word. And it will allocate hub, the author LaTeX with the aldol content. But I a lytic document without CLS illuminate Strathfield rules without the presentation. But I wanted to highlight and infant new tabs. And I had another load, L dot CLS though we will have copy paste a row file, but they are TX file TeX say Hey Ghana of Bushnell shigella. We upload, upload the CLS for their loyalty and Dina two files. It CLS file a leafy Mazatlan, a whole font size, font along stephen them. Will XAML can have the railroad Fontane knee. In this spacings maybe inhabit Gettier with sections we can phil mean fee. Content. Leads Student Ambassador, where is my shirt? Will MTA can feel position? For particular been recompiled in a system the lower lytic catagen into Diamond theory compiled. I'll ashamed to show for it. Hi, Good. Again bus and via compiler Lou, when recompile Taney will get the hip and then SCV is a measure for now I'll webpage tighter, fevers, faggot, Sorry, I'm not gonna allele auto compile a micron wire content NR she meant we weren't going to leave fast mode, shiny compiled with Zuora. It anymore HIM lower. Now when I click on muscle and buddy lists, Enter, I again have our HTML. A thin that content elements would often a line alumnus all under that animal higher IQ than Jorge recompiled. Finally, the funnel through the whole lawyer not content eating and haggled over here in the head and Sharjah in Ethnologue, header, ill header, guy human is my hammock header, will make header with the hotel information and before the Federal Information or Sulla and header information, what highly VCV sections, by sudden it's more employment. That t sub section we'll call the subsection whole position. Wherever circular area is there you can antenna, CV professional. Seldom word. We Molina in the layout. Damon hip bones would lend at content for telephony layout of sodium and bought two different files will avoid a hangover layout hardware for cooling sections for the min-heap, LLC v. Consistent. I'm a narrated presentation. 3. Tips for Resume Content Writing: Or CNR that platform or I'm gonna set up either Overleaf were more fame analytic is a hana diamond mine. Up to that hole backfill. If Phil meet with our Mordor fill fill core with RCV. And that's CVI II less than or equal to the Coulomb law student from US fatalities and a Gamma. We can go to a Dirichlet feedback. I'll see detail. Or a Lalla Shimon for a whole CV in the hole can be tail Sita. Why are they in the iteration? Will iterations or machine Ketamine how another robot or wind in the final iteration, the loop ITN fat, I don't him, she Hagar, Hagar and I'd let him a fish plant holism official subscript, final column, ID. And again, and I've been there reddish. Yellow had staff Maloney, any process or maybe you had the Olympus and a CVA and normal kid it process a lineup of ocher. Now Alicia and the present and of syllabus and shock. A difficult and SK theory under content, but some sharp finances a room l content that he presented content should get up there. Dynamic presentation with Atletico Alexander V's on but Hideki tier for the writing the toolbar go wash way. I would hang down and shoot fee and a skills section that if the highway is a myth seneca recruiter, shy is a UHF list together. Answer me her laundry list. Minimalist skills. Hami, we had a warhead, it name, intimate, did niche, a deli Lalla enact photography skills, the skills more feeder, layer or ENFP section, little skills best kilometers or condensed together. Well that almost Salia will have the DBDR over here and it Wheeler. And I'm going to add, one can nominal Mahatma Celan, three languages are three platforms are five, maximum of five technologies. Blissful F3 anyhow or the CV towel for her, the present same Hawaii. And if you after allies are a little water, do not AMO him my nana and a bendy suggestions. Bus. Go ahead. You've got VR1. Do we shoot? The suggestions? Makes sense will elicit skills section for our equal inverse. So tr1 philosophia, it'll head of October, we'll severe Illinois's interrupt. Israeli octagon has witnessed it. And then to be normal or will go Monday and efficiently linearly and fish fish data with support it claim a little bit edge down old muscle tissue Ofwat. The animal cell and extra curricular underwater robotic ROP competition 2020. Hello, Danny, competition. They cannot foster or Lamar Romans funnel linked competition. The lat, Broadcom Kmart competition went up time and competition, the MIT, columbia thin with Diffie-Hellman. These are Leiber, cool thing. Mazatlan, head of AI team type, held the position quiz robin club, where Yani, head of AI team, Enoch Impact, Alabama, low-fee dot com? Yes, I am known hotter or fish outcome, mesothelioma. And that's the column Phil, Phil projects. Paga, notice the reality of human hair color will do more harm. And was also Hannah B-cell upregulated copy paste it font actually model should painful video loves front of that line. The font size, more telephone and lines, and nobody would even Mexican FAD. When visibility or observation on did he get the lighter color? Blending it a CV dash one will be lytic moment board at the low enough sample, designing and Illinois Ritual Coffee video URL any? But Sasha, my Moodboard with fluffy lot dot d Phi dy not allow any Lowe had them against our ML machine, my arm and setup please set of other Overleaf for free and share what they threaten them a little while it will feed back the doctor and I feel forget the bug eyes, Dr. Rossi and process with him. She's a and they both sila cool, Project Silica, Hamlet call it experiences a mallet, went on hot to content QTLs. Are we not nicotinic cool the family dinner? A Broadcom or Kula Haggai, Kitty. Hello, CV but our target, our boss of Hotmail, him, him, him in a cooler content mongoose. Why the man hotter content in a DBA admin. And you pick a target for Tidal hidden true from us and Lula damage. When I'm in a column or row V competition a 3D 2021 and hold a column or retain mesh led the team to achieve davon English more than woo him, he animal fruit led the AI team to achieving, but to achieve our tool, the fourth place in MIT Gaza, developed advanced recognition image recognition algorithms used GStreamer nucleotide. Hello of Columbia, dialogue I will assume killer, even octet. It'll hello, hello, dirty and NaBr IND link. It seems little computation of certificate for the Haganah low-carb or Sally, the bundle of CDM of all digital Yan Mann Dann, fourth place. My dad left or formoterol cam. Hello. Hello, tribal overall types. You have to open CV with bison for femto mama Louis, Fiji streamer, the DMU library or framework Anwar of January Haggis. It's Yanni lower recruiter. Sorry about engineer editing a related I will position a field calendar for the Juan de Fuca had to walk away. And it'll position I is hand. Familiar. Bill multimedia frameworks. The, an important point. Limit has similar type. Led the AI team multi-issue EIT me, the data points know him, I get them who said, I will go ahead to give a deletion AI team that they headed home. Metallica and Hamas SAMHSA illness the inexperienced, but I follow edit to my cell and lead a team of three junior site of a student club. Welcome to all three software more than Intel with Harold tool. It'll soon into the Atlanta which lead do an S for attorneys and a gamma or lost or gamma low and the candid, I will or has a halo and entered all imbecile pointed Muhammad all added. Only homework. And when the team gets thicker, it n equal to develop advanced image recognition and leave it all advanced. Italy, LA County in advanced, where any algorithms, any, Michelle asked a lot, had developed a convolutional neural network. Or my son developed three layers. I'm Hannah, project any l, three layer dense neural network, dense with Dolan into had defaming any edema. Seven keyword, law had the engineer a standard neural networks. It means something for them. We'll give him a through E in 1989. Entire witness, none of them. Gill, Columbia, TTL field, Dr. Michel Chion bus and Abbas words were made in McAllen, Maharashtra amino bus, lipophilic amino. And when startled him for then semana her in the muslin networks the layers of a connected, fully connected muscle for the haggle him. Well, hackers are, you only had him. She Bella Coola projects with him. She will build team size without the details, Dr. Battle statements, school statement credit or why do we CEF Helena at EMI Kilman had asthma is a advanced lane. Nana advanced the witness bell-like, which doesn't advance. Or via the internal tissue that column the halls with a linear Anna judged advanced, been entered only wheel algorithms. Hello dad on Erica, I'm Alicia and column them is scripted for how to go from Ashoka that I had my gosh layer, diane on Aragon when true pheno in education section, Lizzie's visualize, these are all more HIM of allantoin and that will make gamma the gradient of a federal standard. Kamioka must have any GPA type and then I'm Sheila in the site continued unnecessary GP will overall maybe conchae. Anyone can an overall GPA tank gamma Ulama, engineering courses, our science courses will be either courses elected testlet and hasn't been too funny. Gamma won't give you any element 3.5. And that's what that table on what the are 3.2. And we figured out we have sort of Canada even highly leptokurtic AD in an intimate kind of solid core GPA funnels below. Exhibit core GPA. Gpa with our major and EFSA dial courses in engineering or science, or whether elite, hot, low, and time that kill overall what will get a ketose at gettier had followed overall Eileen without the overall or the thought that Cortland times dydx or narrower gaba ala, AI team leader. Whenever a leader of AI team, technical recruitment specialist to find out this year old teletype. And I went out with Hamilton recruit mish mash I might interviews while I'm on my tableau, I'm as tomato can Whitehead. For telephoto interview 24 candidates were recruited, seven core members, of course team members. Leader could damage for ID listed, forget also unlawful effort. And I taught a team of 15 software engineers, started and vast startups. They mentioned nevertheless, image recognition using OpenCV, GStreamer and TensorFlow, altricial basic shell advanced to shall basics. Files are what the CV, SRE, Diva, ai muscle and Ebola. More than meter achieved, maximum efficiency must achieve the maximum efficiency. My fish a day Lilia, Well, ask them in Athena and how well, the back Colombia, with it low into a central efficiency only has sent up Camp. Tom shot if decibel in details octet, they can lead to unleash achieved maximum efficiency Italy like a non-maximum way that you like and Mental Health Center efficiency. And thus, by the McCallum, Natasha often tell you can tag them Domino. Little repositories without a Sherpa or without trauma or hot. The whole home. Here can share cavalrymen. What a hot the whole Hamada GitHub further be no land. Ownership will be the law. Forget it here, but Tory it, the presentation here not only for Toyota presentation bus, I don't shut our radical details. Could tie Zola and then it'll mean and Alcorn ice coffee back and get my data. And my recent more weasel words. Mccollum, Kelly met Mel HashMap and low chelate been a gun and shot Asara Angola is a maximum efficiency. How to data? It can limo technical terms a little hotter. In languages with technologies it listable limit for the project. Alpha positions are mutton. There will be links a lot projects could have gotten him. Today. Show CR1.