Get your app designed the right way: Know your options | Evan Kimbrell | Skillshare

Get your app designed the right way: Know your options

Evan Kimbrell, Director at Sprintkick

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9 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Welcome to the class!

    • 2. First thing to do

    • 3. Design it!

    • 4. Option #1: Templates

    • 5. Option #2: Graphic design freelancers - should I go this route?

    • 6. Option #3: Design contests

    • 7. The design packet - save yourself 80% of the headaches

    • 8. The class project

    • 9. Keep the learning going


Project Description

Assignment: OoOo Pretty pictures

For this class, we're going to have a *fun* project. When you're deciding where to find designers and what methods you should use, it really helps to take a look around first.

Maybe you have an idea in your head for how you want your project designed, or maybe you don't. But, if you want to quickly get a feel for what design styles are out there and what quality of designs you can find from the methods covered - you should browse.

Go and find a design or designer that you really like. Post a picture of some of their work or link to their page.

You can choose to follow any of these:


Browse TemplateMonster or Themeforest.


Browse Dribbble or Behance.

Design contests:

Browse or

Student Projects