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Get your Dream Job in Germany! Course from HR professional

teacher avatar Julia Barden, Karriere Coaching von Psychologin

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

64 Lessons (2h 27m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Job Search: where to look for jobs in Germany

    • 3. Analysis of the job advertisement

    • 4. Job ad example

    • 5. Exercise 1: search and analyze three job advertisements

    • 6. Cover Letter

    • 7. Exercise 2: write three cover letters

    • 8. How to structure and write your CV

    • 9. Exercise 3: (re)write your CV

    • 10. Most used career networks in Germany: LinkedIn and Xing

    • 11. How to prepare for your job interview

    • 12. What clothes to wear to the job interview

    • 13. What to bring along to the job interview

    • 14. In person job interviews

    • 15. Job interviews via video call

    • 16. Please introduce yourself.

    • 17. Example answer English

    • 18. Example answer German

    • 19. What qualifications do you have for the position?

    • 20. Example answer English

    • 21. Example answer German

    • 22. Why did you apply for the position?

    • 23. Example answer English

    • 24. Example answer German

    • 25. Questions regarding your CV

    • 26. Example answer English

    • 27. Example answer German

    • 28. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

    • 29. Example answer English

    • 30. Example answer English

    • 31. Example answer German

    • 32. Example answer German

    • 33. How do you deal with criticism?

    • 34. Example answer English

    • 35. Example answer German

    • 36. Technical questions or estimation questions.

    • 37. Example answer English

    • 38. Example answer German

    • 39. How do you deal with difficult situations in your professional life?

    • 40. Example answer English

    • 41. Example answer German

    • 42. Tell us about a situation in which you made a mistake in your professional life.

    • 43. Example answer English

    • 44. Example answer German

    • 45. What is your greatest achievement in your professional life so far?

    • 46. Example answer English

    • 47. Example answer German

    • 48. How would you describe your own work style?

    • 49. Example answer English

    • 50. Example answer German

    • 51. Where do you see yourself in five years?

    • 52. Example answer English

    • 53. Example answer German

    • 54. Do you have any questions for us?

    • 55. Example answer English

    • 56. Example answer German

    • 57. Exercise 4: Prepare for your job interview.

    • 58. Main points to reflect after the Job Interview

    • 59. Salary in Germany

    • 60. Determine your salary expectations: resources

    • 61. Determine your salary expectations: factors

    • 62. General salary level in Germany

    • 63. The salary negotiation

    • 64. Summary

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About This Class

This video course offers you all the tools you need to convince HR managers and executives in the application process in order for you to get the job of your dreams in Germany! You will learn how to write the perfect cover letter and résumé, how German job interviews work and how you can ideally answer the most commonly asked questions.

My name is Julia Barden, I am a psychologist and I've worked in the human resources department of German companies such as Commerzbank and Deutsche Bahn, so I know what HR managers and executives look for in candidates and how to convince them. Besides the theory you will find examples of cover letters andCVs both in English and German and also examples for great answers in the job interview in English and German. There will also be exercises for you to apply your knowledge.

Now, let’s take a more detailed look at what the course content:

First of all, we will cover the job search and the best way to look for jobs in Germany.

Then, you will then learn how to analyze job advertisements so that you can write the cover letter and résumé appropriately and prepare for the job interview. As a practical example, we analyze a job advertisement and in the practical exercise you will find and analyze three job advertisements that are of interest to you.

The next chapter is about the cover letter. You will learn how to write a cover letter that is perfectly adapted to the position, which structure you should follow and how to convincingly present your skills and motivation for the position. As a practical example, you will find a cover letter based on the sample job advertisement, both in English and in German. As an exercise, you will write three cover letters for the positions that you have selected.

In the next chapter you will learn how to write the résumé. We will go over the structure of the résumé and all sections in detail. Additionally, as an example you will find a resume both in English and German that fits the job description. The practical exercise will be to adjust your resume to the German standard with the help of the tools you have learned.

The next topic is the job interview in Germany and how you can best prepare for it. You will learn how job interviews in Germany are structured – both in person and via video call and which questions are common and how you can answer them convincingly. Additionally, I will give example answers to each of the common questions, both in English and German. In the practical exercise you will prepare for your job interview based on what you have learned.

Finally, we will come to the topic of salary, in particular on how you can determine your salary expectations and I will also give you strategies for the salary negotiation.

So, enroll in the video course now and get ready to get your dream job in Germany!

Meet Your Teacher

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Julia Barden

Karriere Coaching von Psychologin


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1. Welcome!: This video course offers you all the tools you need to convince HR managers and executives in the application process in order for you to get the job of your dreams. In Germany. You will learn how to write the perfect cover letter and resume. How German job interviews work and tell you can ideally answer the most commonly asked questions. My name is Julia Barton. I am a German psychologist and I've worked in the Human Resource Department of German companies such as combat, spank, and dodge the bond. So I know exactly what HR managers and executives look for in candidates and also how to convince them. Besides the theory, you will find examples of cover letters and CVEs, both in English and German, and also examples of great answers in the job interview, also both in English and German. There will also be exercises for you to apply your knowledge. Now, let's take a more detailed look into what the course is about. First of all, we will cover the job search and the best way to look for jobs in Germany. Then you will learn how to analyze job advertisements so that you can write the cover letter and resume appropriately at also prepare for the job interview. As a practical example, we will analyze a job advertisement. And in the practical exercise, you will find and analyze three job advertisements that are of interest to you. The next chapter is about the cover letter. You will learn how to write a cover letter that is perfectly adapted to the position, which structure you should follow, and also how to convincingly represent your skills and motivation for the position. As a practical example, you will find a cover letter based on the sample job advertisement, also both in English and German. As an exercise, you will write three cover letters for positions that you have selected. In the next chapter, you will learn how to write the resume. We will go over the structure of the resume and all sections in detail. Additionally, as an example, you will find a resume both in English and German that fits the job description. The practical exercise will be to adjust your resume to the German standard with the help of the tools that you have learned. The next topic is the job interview in Germany and how you can best prepare for it. You will learn how job interviews in Germany are structured both in person and via video call. And also which questions are common and how you can answer them convincingly. Additionally, I will give example answers to each of the most common questions, also both in English and German. And the practical exercise we will prepare for your job interview based on what you have learned. Finally, we will come to the topic of salary, in particular on how you can determine your salary expectations. And I will also give you a strategy for the salary negotiation. So enroll in the video course now and get ready for you to get your dream job in Germany. 2. Job Search: where to look for jobs in Germany: Let's talk about the job search. And Germany, the most popular websites to look for jobs and Germany are step stone, indeed and monster. So I will show you those three. And then I will also show you the page of the German federal employment agency that spoon this Eigen tool for Allied and German. They have a page to look for jobs as well. And then the fifth option that I will show you is to look directly at a company's website if you have a specific company in mind that you want to apply for. So here's an example I took, for example, the BMW job portal. So let's first look at Step Stone. Here, you can actually change the language to English, so that will probably help a lot. And you can type your job title, skill or companies. So I would really take advantage of the possibility to have different buzzwords to type in here. So you can type in your job title. So for example, engineer or software developers. So, but you could also type in alternative keywords. Here. You could also type in the job you're looking for. So for example, I have psychologists. I could type in set psychologist if I don't want to type it in English. But I could also type in the job I'm looking for. So for example, human resource manager. Or the third option, what I could do is type in my, my graduation, so psychology or my, my course of studies. So I would really take advantage here of typing in different buzzwords, not only for example, engineer, mechanical engineer, but also specific skills or companies who are looking for z will have a whole variety of jobs that are possible. Because for example, if I type psychology, that gives me, that gives me also more options of jobs. So I might find jobs that I didn't even think about before. So let's see. If I don't type in any city, I will find jobs in all of Germany. And then you can also shows here the type of work. So if you're looking for a full-time job, for a part-time job or remote work. Then also, okay. They posted like new jobs as weak jobs. Application method if you want to apply on the company's website or easy apply it take us without a motivation letter and just sending the CV job language that really helps for people who, for example, only speak English thickens like English year. If you have German skills, then you can also select germinal, select both, and then skills here you can find your specialization, for example, in the psychology field. If you want to go into General Psychology or communication, business, et cetera, then let's see, we have categories here that's more like the type of job like HR or management marketing. So those would be also the different buzzwords you could type in and sectors, which sector you want to work region. Of course you can. You can also type in the city already, but if he didn't type in any city, here you have some some options that are true cities experience. If you, if you just graduated from university, you could type in first jobs or no experience and then experienced like some years of experience or executive jobs with responsibility, Steph responsibility, type of contract, permanent, internship, et cetera. So let's see, for example here, if we were looking for a permanent contract, then you see that we have all kinds of different areas here as well. So this would be, I think like a general psychologist's job. This would be more of a research job. This would be leadership job in the development section. This will be a recruiter, job change manager, talent acquisition, UX engineer. So that's why I said sometimes it's very interesting not just to type in, for example, HR manager, but typing your decree that you have like psychology or engineers, so you get more options. I always find that interesting to also look into different fields. I'll see what kind of jobs out there in Germany, what different areas. But of course, you can also type in, for example, if you're looking for a program, a job, you can also type that indirectly pro, cramming, for example. And then you will find some jobs for programmers. And then of course also you can type in your city. So for example, Frankfurt. And then you can type in a the radius like how far away it can be. But if you don't type in anything here, you also might be able to find more jobs or also different areas that you didn't think about before. So I think that's always quite interesting to do that and to take advantage to the different passwords you can choose here. And then let's see. Indeed, that's actually, yeah, the same logic here. You type in the job title or the company directly or alter the number or the yolk graduation like psychology or engineering or so, and then also the city. And then we can look for Monster. Always the same, the same logic here. You type in your, the job you're looking for and the city. And then also the windows I can to avoid. So the federal employment agency, they also have the chalkboard. So that's another alternative you can look here. So here you can also look product many jobs or just general work or internships or stone. And yeah, also type in keywords. So here they also say, yeah, the different keywords you can type in and then drop location, so city. And then the fifth option would be to look directly at the company's website if you have a specific company in mind. So for example, here I just picked a random German company that's quite famous, which would be BMW in this case. And you can also look here for job type. So if you want to have like an internship or a general job division. So in which division, division you want to work or which which area, job field location, or you can also type in a buzzword. So for example, let's go again with psychology. See if they have anything here. Okay, that would be only an internship, but just as an example, let's see. Yeah, so you find it here as well and you can also apply here. But actually, you don't need to go to the website directly. You can really on steps don't for example, I would say that's the number one job page in Germany, you can find all the, all the jobs. I would say like the big companies always also have the jobs here on step stone. So that's it about the job search in Germany. I hope this helped you and have fun watching the next chapters. 3. Analysis of the job advertisement: And analysis of the job advertisement. When writing your cover letter and resume, as well as preparing for job interviews. It is important to analyze the job advertisement in order to know what qualifications the company is looking for. Usually, German job advertisements are structured in three different parts. First, the position tasks, then the applicant's profile, and then the company benefits. Scan the job advertisement for key words that describe which qualifications the company in an ideal applicant. Divide these keywords into three categories. Tasks, hard skills and soft skills. The tasks here marked in yellow, describe which tasks you would take on in the desired position. If you already have experience in these areas of responsibility, you are particularly interesting for the company and he should definitely highlight your experience. The hard skills here marked in red are technical qualification. That means, for example, a certain degree or foreign language skills. Soft skills here marked in green, are personal competencies or personality factors such as communication skills, teamwork, or a determination. Once you have analyzed the job advertisements, you will be able to assess what skills and qualifications the company is looking for. It is not necessary that you have all of those qualifications in order to apply them. But you should highlight those that you actually do have in your calculator, your CV, and also later in the job interview. 4. Job ad example: So this job advertisement will be our example during the whole course, I actually invented the person who applies to this exact position. And I wrote her cover letter and CV. And in this section of the job interview, I will actually take the role as electron will stop. And I will answer the questions in the job interview for this position asked her. So as this position will guide us through the whole course, let's take a closer look at our example job advertisement here. So this is the job advertisement for a division manager, all genders in the software development. So usually the job advertisements in Germany covered different parts. So first of all, you have usually the tasks, so what you will actually be doing in the job. And then they talk about your profile and that covers your hard skills and also your soft skills. So I would advise to mark the different parts here in different colors. So I used yellow for the tasks. That, as I said, describes which tasks you would take on in the desired position. And if you already have experienced in these areas, you are of course, very interesting for the company. So let's take a closer look here. Your task than this Polish position is that you are responsible for the development of future oriented software systems and the health care sector and also the achievement of strategic and operational goals. And the person should lead five software development teams and is responsible for the continuous monitoring and optimization of all services. And also the person should use current methods and tools and age will work environment. So I marked these task in yellow. And then let's go over your profile. So the company expects from the candidates or from an perfect, ideal candidate that he or she has several years of management experience. Also management of Agile software development projects and teams. So experience in that area. And i t know how in the areas of Java development and test methods and so on. And I mark those and rat the hard skills. So let's go over the soft skills. So the ideal candidate should have good reasoning and presentation skills, comprehension, pronounced entrepreneurial thinking, and also an independent and quality conscious approach. So that's it for our example, job advertisement. So keep those skills here in mind because the CV and also the cover letter you will find it's actually written for this job. And also the job interview. If developed as a interview for this job here. 5. Exercise 1: search and analyze three job advertisements: Exercise one. Of course, it is particularly important to apply the knowledge you have learned. That is why your application training includes several exercise segments. Now that you've learned how to analyze job advertisements, I would like for you to look for three job advertisements that you want to apply for. As mentioned, you can search for job advertisements via online job boards such as step stone, indeed and Monster. And also career networks such as LinkedIn or sing. The Buddha's again, two of your Arbeit. So the federal employment agency also includes a job market on its website. When he found three job advertisements that are of interest to you, print them out or copy them into a Word file. Then analyze the job advertisement as described. So mark the mentioned tasks in yellow, the hard skills in red, and the soft skills in tree. This will be particularly useful for the next exercise, which will be about writing job appropriate calculators. Now, have fun finding and analyzing some job advertisements. 6. Cover Letter : Cover letter. By analyzing the job advertisement, you can best assess which skills and qualifications the company is looking for and highlight the ones of those you have in your cover letter. Your cover letter should be well-structured and no longer than one page. Moreover, it makes sense to maintain the same design throughout your application documents in order to create your cover letter and CV in accordance with the German standard, I would recommend pages like limbs where you have a variety of different designs and you can be sure to meet the modern standards. Now, we will take a look at the structure of the German capital letter and also check out an example cover letter that was written in order to apply it to our example job advertisements structure of the capillary. When writing your cover letter, you can use the following structure. First is the introduction. Second are the hard skills and work experience. Third, cam your soft skills forth, your motivation for the position and for the company. Number 5 is the possible start of Workday it number 6, your final sentence followed by a name and signature. Now that you know how the cover letter should be structured, Let's look at the different sections of the cover letter in detail. Introduction. If a contact person is named the job description, you should definitely address him or her by the name. For example, the near misses dear Mr. If no contact persons named, you should start with Dear Sir or Madam. Your first sentence should already give convincing reasons why you are as suitable candidate for the position and make the reader want to continue reading. Therefore, it makes sense to summarize your main qualifications for the position such as relevant work experience and academic background. In the first sentence. For example, the first sentence of the cover letter could look like this. As a mechanical engineer with many years of professional experience as a technical manager in the automotive industry, I combine deep technical understanding with a passion for innovation. In the introduction, do not use empty phrases such as, I'm applying for the position off or I found your job advertisement on steps on a set around. Usually I already mentioned the job name in the subject line, so you do not need to repeat it here. Hard skills and work experience. Every cover letter should be adapted to the job advertisement and explain why you are the perfect candidate for the position. Your hard skills. So for example, your professional qualifications for the position such as your academic background and your relevant work experience, are particularly important for the company. From the company's point of view, a perfect candidate has as many qualifications, so hard skills specified in the job advertisement as possible. Therefore, it is important that you refer to all the qualifications that you have that are named. The job advertisement. The qualification mentioned in the job advertisement are arranged according to priority. So for example, the first mentioned qualifications are the most important from the company's point of view. So you should also focus more on them. For example, if you are applying for a position as a programmer, you could express your hard skills as follows. While studying computer science at the age, you Berlin, I was particularly enthusiastic about programming in Java and C plus plus. In addition, I have acquired the Python programming language and programmed some games with it. In addition to your hard skills usually addressed your work experience. The job advertisement usually begins by describing the activities for which the position is responsible. If you already have work experience in these areas, you are particularly interesting. Addressed this professional experience in your cover letter. And give examples of your fields of activity. Makes sure that you do not simply retell your resume, but only mentioned your work experience and accessors that are particularly relevant to the position. In the cover letter, you should build a bridge between the job advertisement and your skills. For example, if you're applying for a position and marketing that will require you to represent the company at job fairs. And he already have work experience in this area. You could phrase it for example, this way. As a marketing manager, I see myself primarily as a representative for the company. In my current position, I represent my employer at international trade fairs in the field of information technology. And I am in close contact with our products and customers. I particularly enjoy passing on my affection for our products to customers and informing them about the latest interventions. By the way, do not be encouraged. If you do not have all of the qualifications mentioned in the job advertisement. The company describes the job advertisement a completely ideal candidate. They do not expect applicants to have every qualification mentioned. Soft skills. If you want to include soft skills in your cover letter, you can check out the desired soft skills, mentioned them a job advertisement. And if they apply to you, you can use soft skills that are similar to the ancient ones. In contrast to hard skills, soft skills. So for example, personality factors such as communication skills, are more difficult to verify. If you have a lot of professional experience and hard skills for the position, it is usually not necessary to also go into your soft skills. However, there are exceptions in which explaining your soft skills as recommended. This applies to positions in which soft skills are extremely relevant, such as negotiation skills in sales positions or creativity in marketing. In addition, if you have little work experience or hard skills for the position, it can be worthwhile to focus more on your soft skills and motivation for the position. When it comes to soft skills, it is important that you do not only name them as competencies, but also provide examples from your professional life or studies. For example, someone with negotiation skills and the sales area could describe this in more detail as follows. In my last position as sales manager, I conducted successful negotiations with customers from all over the world. Thanks to make Negotiations Skills, I was promoted from my original sales employee position to Sales Manager in 2017. Motivation for the position and company. It is also important to use the cover letter to emphasize where your motivation for the position lies. You can discuss what inspires you about the position, the company or both. It is important for companies to find motivated employees who are enthusiastic about the job as well as the company. Your cover letter should reflect this accordingly. You should also show that you are familiar with or have dealt with the company and its products. For example, if you're applying for a position at a company that specializes in autonomous driving, you could express your motivation as follows. I am firmly convinced that autonomous driving is the future of mobility. For years, I have been watching the development of your company with great interest. The mixture of pioneering technology, first-class quality, and sustainable implementation motivates me to become part of your success story. If it's a company whose products you use yourself, you could include that too. For example, if you look, this could look like this. As an enthusiastic customer of your makeup products for many years, I have long dreamed of becoming part of your marketing team. I am particularly enthusiastic about your approach, which combines the highest quality makeup with environmental protection. Possible start off work date. At the end of your cover letter, you should state your earliest possible start off work date. Whether you also include your salary expectations in the cover letter is a matter of taste. If you specify a desired salary, you harbor the risk of naming a salary that is too high and thus getting yourself sorted out directly. For this reason, I would advise against specifying your salary expectations even if it's requested in the job advertisement. Tactically, I think that it is wiser to discuss the topic in a personal conversation if a company asks about it during, for example, a job interview, if you're able to convince the company of your value in the interview and they want to hire you, then you have a very good basis for salary negotiations. Final sentence followed by name and signature. Your colon sentence would say that he looked forward to an interview invitation. Do not use the subjunctive here, so I would be happy as this can be interpreted as a sign of uncertainty. Finally, you should sign your cover letter. The easiest way to do so, it's a scan your signature. 7. Exercise 2: write three cover letters: Exercise 2. Now that you have learned how a cover letter should be structured and written, it is best to get to work right away and apply the knowledge you have gained. You have already selected and analyzed three job advertisements that are of interest to you in the previous exercise. Now, write a cover letter for all three job advertisements based on the structure and the tips that I gave you, Have fun. 8. How to structure and write your CV: Resume. The resume is the most important part of your application. Usually recruiters first look at M candidates resume to decide whether he or she will be considered for the position or not. The first scan often only takes a few seconds and can now even be done by software. Therefore, it is important that your resume includes all experience and hard skills you have that are relevant for the position you are applying to. In order to evaluate which information is relevant for the position. You should first analyze the job advertisement. As mentioned. Once you have done this, you will be able to assess what skills and qualifications the company is looking for and adapt your resume based on this assessment. Now, let's look at the basic structure of the resume. We will then cover each section in detail. So first that should be our contact information. Then there comes your application photo. And the first written section is your work experience, your academic background, and then your knowledge and skills. Just as with a cover letter, the first impression counts with your resume as well. Your resume should be clear and well-structured. You should choose a serious funds such as Times New Roman or Calibri, and be careful not to make any spelling or grammatical errors. Even if it seems like this should go without saying, I have actually seen a lot of errors in applications as a recruiter. Ns Germans are a lot of times very detail oriented errors and the application can lead to a rejection of the application. The resume should be one or two pages long, depending on how much professional experience you have. Like I mentioned, pages like limbs, are well suited for resume design as they offer many different designs and meet modern standards. The application photo, in Germany, it is still required by at least overly common to include an application photo. I know that in many countries photos are not included in the application, but in Germany, it is still very much part of the application. Of course, your application photo contributes to the first impression that recruiters will have. So it is important that it looks professional. And the photo, you should be dressed appropriately for the industry and for the company. A suit from man and applause with placer for a woman are usually a good choice. In some cases, you can dress more casually on the application photo. For example, for an application in the creative field or for startups. In general. However, when you are endowed, it is better to be overdressed than under trust. So this better to be trust to formally than to risk being classified as dubious. Additionally, make sure that the application photo is up to date. Since the application photo contributes to the first impression, it should not be underestimated, which is why I strongly recommend to have a taken by a professional photographer. It might be a good idea to have multiple application photos taken with different backgrounds and poses so that you have several pictures to choose from, so you can make sure to pick one you feel comfortable with. In May, my HR experience, as well as job coaching. I have actually seen a lot of international applicants with application photos that weren't completely appropriate to the German standard of the photos. So I wanted to make sure to emphasize this topic. Work experience, adapt professionals usually pay particular attention to the work experience of a candidate, followed by the academic background. Therefore, work experience should be the first plot of your resume. If you have little to no work experience or only work experience in another field. You can also choose your academic background as the first pluck. Professional experience includes permanent positions, as well as internship or working student positions. You should begin with your most recent position and list the company name. Your position title. And the period in which she worked for the company. In addition, companies are particularly interested in finding out what exact fields of activity you engage them during your employment. Therefore, it is important that you also present your main areas of activity in bullet points. This is another area in which you can apply your analysis of the job description. You certain name, all the tasks mentioned in the job description that are highlighted in yellow in the example that we're part of your field of activity in your previous positions. Depending on the previous positions relevance for your target position. You should name two to five bullet points per possession. Academic background. Your academic background is also an important part of the resume. Here, you should list all of the qualifications you obtained after school and provide more information about them. State the name of your university or college, your major areas of focus, and the decree or decrease you obtained. If you achieved a very good final grades. You should also mention this. If you're crate system is different from the German one, makes sure to mention the scale and possibly also set it interrelation. So for example, Final Grade, 9.7 out of ten, top 10 percent of the class. If relevant to the position, you can also include the specializations of your decree in key words. So for example, Bachelor's of psychology with specialization in Human Resource Management. Finally, if your final thesis in the area of the desired position, you can also state the title of the thesis, possibly with achieved grades. In this section, academic background, you should make sure to mention our academic decrease you have acquired. So for example, bachelor's and master's degree. Knowledge and skills. And this section, knowledge and skills, he can list other qualifications that are relevant to the position or that distinguish. You. Be careful not to name random skills, but to stick to skills that are actually relevant to the position to the company. These could include, for example, language skills, IT skills, advanced training courses, or awards. If you have foreign language skills, you should definitely mentioned this in your application. As language skills are always a plus. Makes sure to include the level at which you speak the language. Try to assess your abilities as honestly as possible. The different levels are in descending order. Mother language, advanced, fluent proficiency, professional proficiency, limited proficiency, and beginner. You can also present your IT skills such as, for example, MS Office, Java or SAP here. In particular, the IT skills mentioned in the job description should be listed if you possess them. It is also important to indicate your level when it comes to IT skills. Here, you can display your level in descending order as follows. Expert knowledge, advance knowledge, intermediate knowledge, and basic knowledge. You should also named advanced training courses that you have completed if they are relevant to the position. Include when you completed the training and the name of the course. In addition, you can name successors such as awards, scholarships, publications, or papers you have published here. Even if, for example, a scholarship is unlikely to be relevant to the position, it will still leave a positive impression on the HR manager because it is perceived as a feature of excellence. 9. Exercise 3: (re)write your CV: Exercise 3. Now let's use the gained knowledge. Of course, this time it's about creating or revising your resume. Make sure that your resume is clear, modern, and adapted to the job advertisement. In addition, as shown, it is important to emphasize the work experience that is relevant for the job by going into these positions in more details. So for example, with more bullet points, have fun. 10. Most used career networks in Germany: LinkedIn and Xing: Career networks such as LinkedIn and sing. Nowadays, in addition to the classic resume that it's attached to an application, it is also important to have an online presence. Linkedin is a globally known career network and sing as the German equivalent. In Germany, lengthening think are both very popular. So I would suggest creating a profile on both platforms. You can transfer the information from your resume to your online resume. This means that in addition to the basic information such as company name and length of employment, you should also add bullet points to your main areas of activity. For each position. This gives the HR managers a more precise impression of the areas in which you have professional experience. Also, based on your professional background, LinkedIn and saying will actually let you know about current job advertisements and developments in your area. Makes sure that your profile is always up to date. If you are new to LinkedIn and sing, it is worth building a network of contexts. So you can search, for example, for your current and former colleagues, your family and friends. The bigger your network is, the sooner you will be found by recruiters. Your presence on social Curia networks as helpful on the one hand, because each managers and executives may search for you before an interview and see that you are up to date and have a professional network. On the other hand, many companies and head hunters are actually looking for a new employees through these career networks. Therefore, it is possible that employers will actually contact you directly through LinkedIn, link sing. 11. How to prepare for your job interview: Preparation for the job until you. Jab interviews are often perceived as very stressful because the pressure to perform well is high. However, the good news is that job interviews in Germany tend to be very similar. There are many typical questions for which you can prepare very well and enter the conversation with confidence. In the following chapters, you will find all information you need to know to master your interview. Now, let's speak about the preparation. In order to prepare for your job interview, make sure to include the following aspects. First of all, you should find out more about the company and about the position. You should find out about the latest developments in the company as well as in the industry. Then you should also analyze the job description as explained earlier, and remind yourself why you are the perfect candidate for the position. It is important that you have your relevant qualifications in mind and that you can call them up as examples. In that moment of the job interview. You should also go through all the questions provided here and your answers several times. And you should practice answering commonly and firmly to all the questions. Be careful not to speak too quickly as this is often caused by nervousness. The more often you go through the questions, the easier it will be for you to answer them. Write down bullet points for each question to help organize your thoughts. In particular, you should practice introducing yourself several times as it is the most important interview question, as it's always the first one of the interview. Also, you should prepare questions for the company and write them down on a piece of paper that you can take with you to the interview in case you can't remember your questions too, too nervous. Nervous. You can look at them on the piece of paper during the interview. 12. What clothes to wear to the job interview: The choice of clothes. In advance, consider what you will wear to the interview. Since the first impression is very important in a job interview, and this is influenced by your appearance. It is important to dress appropriately for the company and the industry. In traditional industries such as banking, insurances or law firms, a suit as expected for man, and a suit or skirt suit is a good choice for a woman. In hipper industries such as startups or marketing firms, clothes can be more causal. That means, for example, a shirt or Applause with a blazer and dark jeans would be appropriate. Prior to the interview. Get an impression of the company's dress code by, for example, checking out their website. If you're in doubt. Rather go for overdressed than four under trust. It is also important that you feel comfortable in your outfit and that it fits you well. If you don't have the right clothes, I actually think that it's worth investing in a suitable outfit that you feel comfortable in. 13. What to bring along to the job interview: What you take with you to the job interview. Print out your resume and the job description, and write down the questions that you want to ask. The company. Also, make a note of the names and positions of your interviewers so that you can address them by name and also know what their role in the company is. So you should make sure that you have the following three document. That is your resume to the job description with the names of the interviewers, and also your own questions. Also makes sure you have a piece of paper and a pen width you, in case you want to take note. 14. In person job interviews: Now, let's look at how job interviews in Germany I usually structured. First, we will talk about in-person job interviews. Usually, one of your interviewers will pick you up at the front desk of the building and he will go together into a medium room. When you arrive in the room, you meet the other interviewers. The interview in Germany is usually conducted by an executive or employee from the department you are applying end and also by a representative from the HR department. The person from the department is usually your potential future boss or a colleague from the team you will be working in. The interview begins with the interviewers introducing themselves and then asking you to introduce yourself. This is followed by the interview questions that we will go over in a bit. Interviews typically last 45 minutes to 1.5 hour. In the case of higher positions, the selection process may also involve two rounds, so that means that two interviews will take place. Here is often the case that the first interview is held with HR department and the second one is held with a specialist departments. 15. Job interviews via video call: Job interviews via video call. Nowadays, job interviews oftentimes take place via video call instead of in-person. Of course, this might be an unfamiliar situation, but it has nothing to worry about. Even if the meeting takes place online. Nothing changes in the process or the content of the conversation. Before the interview, you should make sure that you have a stable Internet connection and also that you are familiar with the video conference software. If the conversation will take place, for example, via Zoom or Teams, schedule a call through that program with a friend beforehand to make sure that the connection is working well. And also that you are comfortable with the technology. Also makes sure that you are undisturbed at the time of the conversation and that there is as little background noise as possible. Your background should also look professional. For example, sit in your study or another room where the background looks as neutral and professional as possible. A messy room and the background will not make a good impression. In addition, check the height at which your computer or laptop should be placed. In advanced, it is ideal if your computer's camera is at the height of your eyes so that you can look your conversation partners directly in the IS, just as you would do in a irregular in-person interview them. To do this, you should place your computer or laptop in an elevated position, saw that the camera is approximately at your eye level. These factors, so for example, the ideal height of the computer and the appropriateness of the background can also be checked during your test call with a friend. If you're not too experienced with video calls, this will also help you get used to the situation. Apart from the fact that the conversation is now conducted online instead of in-person. Nothing fundamentally changed us. Of course, transfer the online interview just as you would do for a normal into you. The first impression is of course, also very important when interviewing via video. Here to there will be certainly some small talk at the beginning, which you should use to establish a good interpersonal connection. 16. Please introduce yourself.: Please introduce yourself. Introducing yourself is almost always the first question in the interview. Your performance HIO will credibly contribute the first and precedence that the interviewers will have of you. Since the first impression is so important, you should prepare yourself very well for this part of the interview. With this question, the interviewers want to find out more about you and your background. Describe your resume, but makes sure to only focus on the parts that are actually relevant to the position and the company. Particularly interesting for the company are, of course, your professional experience in the area of the position and also your academic background. You should highlight these parts of your resume. You do not have to mention any areas of your resume that have nothing to do with the position. So for example, a decree you didn't finish in another area. It is a good idea to present your resume in chronological order. So starting with your academic background, then go into your relevant work experience and eventually why the position is interesting for you, or why you are particularly suitable for the position. Introducing yourself should take three to five minutes, depending on how much work experience you have. 17. Example answer English: Hello, my name is Erica Mustang. I am a computer scientist and I am currently leading an international team of 30 software developers at their medical technology company, Mediterranean. Since programming has fascinated me from an early age, I studied computer science at the T would damage that. In my master's degree, I specialized in the area of IT security and software systems. After completing my studies, I first worked as a Java software developer at Excel enum, developing front and also back-end applications. I found it particularly interesting to be involved in the entire app development process. So from the planning phase to implementation and finally the roll out. After that, I switched to the company may come when I accepted a position as a team leader in the software development department. This appeal to me, especially because I was very interested in the medical field and also because I was able to take on staff responsibility for the first time. What I particularly liked about working as a team leader was that I was not only able to use my technical knowledge in the field of software development, but that also was able to build management skills. To then further expand my business focus. I completed a MBA at the Business School of the University of Cologne. My focus there was on Corporate Development, Finance, and also on marketing. Therefore, I think what distinguishes me is that I combined software development know-how with business focus. After my employment as a team leader, I was then offered a position as head of software development at Mediterranean in 2017. I currently have staff responsibility for 30 employees. My department is responsible for the development of innovative software solutions in the medical technology area. What I particularly like about my job is that we develop up-to-date software programs and that we accompany them from the analysis phase through conception, implementation. And finally, the release. My department has an AHL structure and I am responsible for achieving the strategic and also the operational goals. I am especially proud that my team was awarded with an in-house price for increased efficiency last year because we were able to decrease the production costs of a medical device by 20 percent due to automization and digitalization. Especially highlight of my current job is that I can present our software solutions at international congresses and hereby increase the awareness of our products. And at the same time received direct feedback and exchange with other companies in the industry. Of core. I've been observing the development of your company for years. As I find your software products to be innovative and future oriented, I am convinced that I am a great fit for the position. As I combine management experience in the environment with profound IT know-how. That is why I'm very happy to have the opportunity to exchange ideas with you today. 18. Example answer German: Hello, my name is Telecom hasta, econ informatic Harlem. Lighter by the immediate syntactic fear, my immediate SR and internet analysis team, fantasy software into the clan. 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What qualifications do you have for the position?: What qualifications do you have for the position? You should also prepare particularly well to answer the question about your qualifications for the position. When thinking about your qualifications for the position, consider your academic background and your professional experience. To do this, analyze the job description. Which of the hard and soft skills mentioned do you have? Which tasks do you already have? Work experience them, discuss these in your response. The company wants to know exactly why you are the perfect candidate for the position. The ideal case for any company is that you already have so much qualifications, as much experience, that you don't need a lot of training in the beginning of your job. Therefore, it is important to go into detail about the qualifications mentioned in the job description. By the way, don't be this encouraged. If you don't have all the qualifications listed in the job description, a completely ideal candidate is described as the job description. But the company really doesn't expect the candidates to actually have all of the qualifications mentioned. The fact that you have been invited to the interview shows that you are a suitable candidate for the position from the company's point of view. Therefore, you search represent yourself confidently based on this fact. 20. Example answer English: I think my main qualifications for the position are on the one hand, my professional experience and on the other hand, my academic background. I have four years of leadership experience as the head of the software development department. In this position, I lead an angel structure Department of 30 software developers. Your job advertisement especially aroused my interests. As the tests described are very similar to my current area of responsibility. In my current job, I am responsible for developing innovative software solutions in the medical technology sector and also for achieving strategic and operational goals. I also think that my professional background qualifies me for the position. This would be my Master's in Computer Science from TU Darmstadt, through which I have acquired a prod. I t know how, especially with regard to programming languages, software architecture, and also methods. In my professional life, I quickly realized that as a manager, not only technical knowledge, but also business knowledge is very important. That's why I completed an MBA at the Business School of the University of Cologne. My insides into areas such as finance, leadership, and marketing have, in my opinion, made me a better manager as I focused on technology as well as on the business aspects, for example, in relation to target achievement. So overall, I would say that's my professional experience in a comparable position and also my professional background as a computer scientist with an MVA decree makes me a very qualified candidate for the position. 21. Example answer German: It's Dann kann man, a house qualification and finish Taylor ligand, some ion in MATLAB wolves are found on some unknown him I'm faculties in Hinter coined it cleaner fulfil. Other films have, have on ads team like heaven, but seems as an act to air that has as obtaining slides within the software and week-long widths. In these opposite Xian lighter. And again, took the RIA to obtain along fantastic software. Inspect clan, different in Oscar Scribner stellar at 41 and rest to convect study. But Schliemann outcome enlistment mine act to n for n photons providing mine off garrisons. So tag is AC to AC for underwater, for the week-long innovative software loosen immediate syntactic, but I undock the advise young their strategic and operatic even coelom. So deemed ink, it does match my faculties I into corn for this delicate balance sheets yet here I've added some ion, my informatic sodium and until damn stats and then the spacious and practice IT know how bizarre in but Sukh of Pocahontas would not be torn along Tab them. In management of slim have a snail shell is yet does that films cuffed him factless in Kent doesn't. But thrifts which have this wisdom on fancy spirals, Desiree, publish and booster Clayton MBA and their business career, they only visited cleanup Soviet mind, I'm clicking in but Sukh of polarizer with finance, metabolite fulfillment of marketing. How much minor, minor markets and about seven films cuffed gemacht die, named him publishing physicians punk, our trips, which half-dozen aspect, some Beispiel, celebration in focus album. It's Cassandra British as a Zang does match mine a boobs or foreign of NFA work-life balance Taylor and augments of heartless I hinted quantize informatic oven mitt and be a Abschluss to enter their qualified certain county data in 3D stellar mass. 22. Why did you apply for the position?: Why did you apply for the position? It is important for companies to have motivated and enthusiastic employees. Therefore, a classic interview question is why you applied for the position. When answering this question, usually addressed both what inspires you about the position and about the company. If you already have a lot of work experience in the relevant fields, you can also mention this as a motivation to apply for the job. Research about the company prior to the interview. You sources suggest the company's website, YouTube, and social medium. You should know both the key data of the company, for example, size, area of activity and locations, as well as the company's principles and division. Also make sure to be well-informed about the company's latest developments. 23. Example answer English: I applied for the position because I'm currently working in a very similar position in terms of both the industry and the area of responsibility. And also because I would like to take on even more responsibility since I've been working in the medical industry for five years now and have very similar areas of responsibility as in the advertised position. The job advertisement immediately caught my eye. For four years, I have successfully managed a department of 30 software developers. And because I greatly enjoy that, I would now like to take on even more responsibility. And I think that a position as a division manager in the software development would be an excellent opportunity for me to do this. Another reason why applied is your company. I have been observing the developments in your company for many years now. As your software products are both innovative and future oriented. I would be very excited to be part of this development and to use my experience and my background and medical technology to make the company even more successful. 24. Example answer German: How many of you salable dice momentum of the Boolean. But Sukh often antonyms, but I, I stopped and took off and photons per guys. The ancient stellar obiter on the full-fledged Ghana, not MF and Waterloo when the image don't die, Sachen Dann intermediate seen industry Arbeit on-site via Yannis fumes craft, their end litter for antiprotons publisher, vendor Oscar Schliemann on Stellar in Mahabharata, is Spanish tailored, direct and refine. Said VAR, light edge or follow Christ and uptime fantasy software and thick LAN. It is selfish pass marked British known Ghana, nochmal, unfortunately 10M extinct, does enter stellar ice for ice lighter than in the software into week-long and outskirts Eisner to nucleus Katya to Vietnam to diem rate, miss it a few museum shown that yarn blowback the SDN thick long era TMR diodes software products to mine innovative, adopt so-called Streisand. Asides we say are telling us and victim so we had him on my knee deep on my nav haven't immediate syntactic but I stats or answers Edson, the fema, noaa cash-out summa. 25. Questions regarding your CV: Personalized questions. It is very likely that the interviewers will ask you questions based on your resume. These can be questions about interesting parts of your resume, but they may also be critical questions. In the run-up to the interview, think about which parts of your CV offer the potential for these kind of questions and how you would like to argue for or justify your decisions. Interested questions about your resume mostly relate to extraordinary points on your resume or to why you made certain decisions. For examples, interview my asked interests to the question about why you came to Germany. But you might also need to justify certain decisions such as changing jobs or choosing a certain course of study. Of course, there may also be critical questions asked about your resume. Very few people have a perfect resume. Many resumes are open to critique for, for example, gaps, very short employment periods, or discolored courses. Before the interview. Identify which parts of your resume offers such vulnerabilities. And think about how you can justify them. As long as you can explain your decisions in a comprehensible and reflected way, they will be usually not a problem. However, you shouldn't mention weak points on your resume during the interview on your own. Just give reasons for them if you are specifically asked. Now, let's jump into some examples. Intrested questions may include, why did you move to Germany from your home country? Oral. So why did you choose your specific course of study or what lessons that you take with you from your year, a prod in University. Questions that take up a negative point from your resume could look like this. Why do you have a gap in your resume? Why did you not complete your studies in the regular standard period of time? And another example would be, why did you only stay in your first job for two or three months? 26. Example answer English: I studied computer science because programming has always been my passion. Germany studies, however, it was also important to me to think outside the box and to use my time to prod my horizons. For example, I was very interested in business administration during my studies, and I took two modules in Business Administration. In addition to programming languages, I also learned Portuguese, studied computer science and Brazil for one semester because I speak fluent Portuguese and also know the Brazilian culture very well due to the semester abroad in Brazil, I, for example, have a lot of contact with Brazilian customers in my current job. So to summarize, through these experiences, the duration of my studies actually increased the overt. But I am convinced that the experiences have helped me to CRO, both personally and professionally. So I really do think that it was worth it. 27. Example answer German: If you have infomatics to the ED by procambium shrimp and climb off megapascal and bomb. They understood the plasma by altruistic would entail are anti-nodes to sound on the student side. That's also not mine who eats onto a biotin. So habe ich beispielsweise, a nipple communist pattern of Portuguese Haskell and on the end semester informatic and plus zillion study yet. So they inhabit this mission. We have understood the Uber trip switch have sled and to see it today It's bimodal and BVA believed the cities have, haven't had this managed to bring down that had sexless, it was failing at ABA is muscle segments, as you would select that one button does mixed. These are firebombs were mentioned as our faculties by tag or pocket that that OH, does it beispielsweise addressed as Austin semester in plus helium Portuguese US pressure on up to present data structure to a good camera, had a few contacts to causally Anderson couldn't. The tabs or her desperate interferometers package placing content was this hellish and casa fertile inspires on nella valid English kindness of micelles, conflicts and from diarrhea, hepatitis language to the other banquet as well, federal screwed. 28. What are your strengths and weaknesses?: What are your strengths and weaknesses? The question about strengths and weaknesses is a classic. Nowadays. It's no longer asking every job interview, but it's for sure a good idea to still prepare for this question. In terms of your strength, you should choose those that are relevant to the position. Ideally, you should state string that I named as soft skills in the job description. Give an example from your previous professional life that emphasizes the strength. For example, if you are applying for a position in marketing and creativity as mentioned as a desired skill in the job posting, you could name it as a strength. Of course, if it's really applicable to you. As an example from your professional life that emphasize the skill you could describe creative advertising campaigns that you have designed. With regard to weaknesses, you should be careful to name a weakness that has forgivable for the job. For example, no company will tolerate laziness or lack of punctuality. She was a weakness. That's actually a weakness rather than a strength that is disguised as a weakness such as perfectionism or in patients, the trade tissues should actually be one of your weaknesses, but a moderate weakness that does not disqualify you as a candidate. It is smart to choose a weakness that it's not highly relevant to the job. For example, if you come from a prod and you don't speak German very well. But the company language is actually an English. You could name your knowledge of German as a weakness. This weakness is appropriate because it's actually a weakness, but it's not highly relevant to the job you're applying for. The trick when talking about a weakness is also to emphasize on how you are working on this weakness. So if you mentioned that you don't speak German very well, you could emphasize, for example, that you are currently taking a German cors, reading German newspapers and doing conversation training in your free time in order to learn German as quickly as possible. In this way, you turn the weakness into a strength by showing that you are motivated to work on it. It is a good idea to name three strength and weakness. It's also clever to have an additional one or two witnesses up your sleeve in case the interviewer should ask about further weaknesses. 29. Example answer English: I would describe my communication skills as one of my string. I love to inspire people of products that I am passionate about. I regularly present our software solutions at congresses and to customers, and I really enjoy her passing on my end to the ASM to others. And at the same time, entering into a dialogue and receiving feedback on our products. My strong communication skills surely also helped me as an executive. In my opinion, the key to successful project management and motivated employees is to be in a constant dialogue with them. Another string that I would mention is my entrepreneurial thinking. Due to my business background, I plays a strong focus on the profitability and target achievement of our products. Besides my focus on innovation, the economic benefit of products always comes first for me. In addition, I always check critically whether costs can be reduced due to our example of modernization or digitalization. In this context, I'm particularly proud of the fact that my team was awarded with an in-house price for cost-savings, which as mentioned, we implemented through automatization and digitalization. Fast comprehension skills are also one of my string. Already during university, I noticed that I often needed less time to internalize facts and learn for exams done my fellow students. Learning new programming languages in particular comes very easily to me. In my professional life. Also, I can always quickly familiarize myself with new topics and projects, which is of course very important because I am constantly familiarizing myself with the latest methods and tools in order to develop new software systems. 30. Example answer English: As my weakness, I would mention that sometimes it is hard for me to say no and to refuse a request. Especially at the beginning of my professional life. This was a problem as my colleagues, of course, quickly realized that I couldn't really say no if someone asked me for help. So that was happening a lot. While this didn't normally bother me too much. When deadlines we're approaching, it really became problematic. As I was then helping colleagues in addition to my own tasks. And I was working over time to actually meet my own deadlines. In my professional life, I have learned that honest communication is very important if I get such a request nowadays, but I don't have time due to a deadline, for example. I communicate this honestly and offer when it It's very urgent to, for example, answer questions in a call, but no longer take on parts of the task myself. For me, this is a good compromise between being helpful and prioritizing my own tasks and deadlines. 31. Example answer German: I M and S dagger invitation and village medical, medical students face guide asleep as mentioned from production for these planets of a guide stem, it presenteeism yellow onto, onto the software lose on an image of congestion on by Condon. On this map we're causes bass whenever guys to own. And the Levites who gave him what our glycogen India looked at, written on feedbacks on and product and so heighten my Nazca Plate to communicate, zooms fish quiet company of this hellish our him omega1 with my metabolism and cooling. So water is taken as I'm standing idea logged in with their biotin in employee check by taking in Flagstaff woman on the output at CFR foil gum. Doesn't afire crashes project management can also be pretty motivated. Cylinder meta biotin as a vital stack. Wurde ich Unternehmen other sustained but Sysmon, dish mine but trips which have listened Hinter cordoned linkage and stack and focus of the VFS half-lives kite adopted sila arising from nibbling focus of innovative Xun, sticky notes and fun, productive. And he asked us tell them to the employee fish in my cutters, custom Jewish multimodality, 00 00, 00, 00. Bunch of the outsized. And when as teams, when I'm filming ten price for the customer, inspire own basis via event. So what is Automatisierung as outage Digitalisierung, youngest age span quantum. So dem Dann kann ich it has managed nella, alpha sums, garbage and amino stack and God. But item studio have a schematic. Does it offer the FEV, the good side call home Zafar hydrides of our inhalation and triclosan. So Leanne, at my local melatonin, Pausanias, loyal communist alien, Mia in the rigors their list, our members who've slim canis, MS. MS. Snail in our team got beat on projector. I know Biden was actually their vehicles types me standing in Act 2 element often on track, tiger, obiter, omit some Beispiel noise software as a steamer to thicken. 32. Example answer German: Administration and the verbiage does me off to spearhead nine Ceasar going on under unmentioned a bottom-up so slung him it had each persona has an un-fun minus proofs limbs cause a public demo. Dominic bullying at least n would become haven't does is the Hesperides them. All-day summit often who've forgotten boredom, then muddies Nirmala visor and it's our schematic tat would us and had side talks to my fee by national debt, land, shrimp, tomatoes that East and often in man eigentlich, GMB of NaCl lingo health, NaBr on the shadow irrational October. Oh man. Eigentlich deadlines and heightened silicon. In my boobs living gland have it. Does Elisha communicate Xunzi, stickiest, vanish, height. So tag on here. Forgive me either about some Beispiel of code and a deadline cannot say taboo. Communist Sierra, HD's comes off not ALH, want to beat. When a Seattle English is about unsupervised when I'm coil hipster loan scheme on Afghans of Antwerp, AVA ignition off gaba to enclose tiles atbats. We weren't Nim these estimates and Google swish and spit right sign of the enzymes or the unknown xydA about the Eigen and off-guard when deadlines, supervision. 33. How do you deal with criticism?: How do you deal with criticism? The question of how you deal with criticism is popular because companies want to ensure that candidates are capable of taking and also crowing from criticism. It is important to companies that their employees can deal with criticism and also see feedback as an opportunity to develop themselves further and also to improve their own skills. No company wants employees who take criticism personally are react angrily. The message should be that you see criticism if it is oppressed constructively, as an opportunity to improve and develop yourself. Your answer should show that you are capable of giving criticism and do not take criticism personally and are willing to accept feedback in order to improve yourself on this basis. You could also say that actively solid feedback, for example, after completing a project in order to find out which points you can improve in the future. 34. Example answer English: Since I am a person who constantly wants to develop feedback, is extremely important to me. I appreciate criticism as it gives me feedback on the areas in which I can develop and improve. Of course, negative criticism can hurt at first, especially if you have put a lot of heart and soul into a project, for example. But I see criticism as an opportunity to develop myself further. And I think that this is the only way to get a hand. That is why I actively request feedback and in return, I am also happy to give feedback. I think that as long as criticism is expressed constructively, I think it is an opportunity that is very valuable. 35. Example answer German: Dietary management, there's a stenotic Vita intake and meister Izmir feedback extremely shtick. If sets a critiqued as EMEA and a rock made of data that Gibbs invasive horizon is Mish vita and thicker on the upper basin can now to less than negative a critique asthma via tune inspirational over mountain bikes, refilled heads fluid and employee acoustic tat. It's a critique of al-Sham megabytes. So entropy can understand our Does manure zone has at least Vita Commons desk. Father is active feedback IN want give WIDA of Ghana feedback is taken as a longer critique. Consultative guys had weird does the Anasazi is deserve at first? 36. Technical questions or estimation questions.: Technical questions or estimation questions. Of course, technical questions are often asked to evaluate your suitability for the position on the basis of the job description. Take a close look at which work areas the position includes, and think about what technical questions may be asked and also how you can answer them. Sometimes employers ask estimation questions. For example, if you apply it to an airline, you might be asked how many flights the airline operates per year. When it comes to these questions, it is usually impossible to know the exact answer. Fortunately, companies don't expect that either. It is important that you stay calm and demonstrate your logical thinking skills. Let the interviewers participate in your derivation of the solution. For these types of tests. Two, it is important that you inform yourself well about the company and its products beforehand. When answering the sample question. You could, for example, shine with your knowledge of how many aircrafts the airline has. Then you could estimate what percentage of the aircrafts daily use, taking into consideration the rest periods, repair work, et cetera. You could then project this to the number of flights per month and finally per year. Even if your answer is far from reality, you've proven that you can think through a complex question calmly. 37. Example answer English: By the term artificial intelligence, I understand the automization of intelligent behavior. So for example, machines or computers, they're programmed to imitate the behavior. Our decisions of people. Plucked chain is a constantly expanding database that transmits information and transactions to users in a fogger reproof manner. Regarding the cryptocurrency Bitcoin block chain is used as a kind of public accounting system. And the Bitcoin block chains grow accordingly with every Bitcoin transaction. 38. Example answer German: What are the NBA cliff coincidentally against first-year if the Automatisierung intelligentsia and for heightens, either zum Beispiel machine of a computer does Oppo community hadn't, does he does for heighten or the MCI dome on top block chain for steer is distended a vital and to dad and bang the intimate zone and transact. See on page long session denote cyber omitted. Him, Susanna, Medea, crypto and Bitcoin blockchain as an ad often places blue hydrogens, ostium. Good notes. What do you put client plucked chain Vaccines placement but yada but can transact soon. 39. How do you deal with difficult situations in your professional life?: How do you deal with difficult situations in your professional life? Give us a specific example of a difficult situation in the past at how you dealt with it. Sometimes companies ask about difficult situations and your professional life and how you dealt with them. The company wants to make sure that you keep a cool hat, even in difficult situations and under stress. They also want to make sure that you work in a focused and solution oriented manner. The more difficult the situation was, the more competently you solved it, the better the impression you will make. Of course, it's also smart to choose a situation that was not your fault, rather than a difficult situation that you actually cost. Focus your answer and how competently you solve the problem and possibly how this has advanced the company. You get additional points. If you describe what you've learned from the situation. 40. Example answer English: During my time as an executive, several software developers came up to me and complained about one of their teammates. They said that the colleague was not meeting deadlines and was not doing the tasks assigned to improperly. This meant extra work for them and the mood in the team was very bad. Of course, it is important to me that my employees are motivated and also feel comfortable in their job, which is why I took this complaint very seriously. I then arrange an appointment with a correspondent colleague and found out that he was currently having personal problems and that they were affecting his performance at work. However, he said he was unaware of the extent to which this affected the team performance and irritated the other team members. I realize that none of the team members have actually directly talked to him and that neither had he. The colleague then told me that he would like to explain his situation to the other team members. And we all arranged a team meeting. In the team meeting, the problem was openly addressed by both sides. In fact, this made the other team members understand his situation more and he promised to focus more on his work and to be more reliable. The situation then improved and the team was able to work together normally. Again. This showed me how important honest and direct communication is. 41. Example answer German: Lemonade side adds up tiling cited and since I'm a mirror the software onto the cloth mitts overcome what happens if you buy an ELA team cooling which we see Zach and thus their colleague deadlines nist IN highlighter want him off, GET dragon off gar nicht adenosquamous, LET gum. He adored hadn't z and splashing mehr Arbeit, oldish the volume team washed to lithosphere much wichtig dass man a Mitarbeiter motivates and once they should avoid in yum job fuel, desk, habitat is a persuader. Ends Canum habitat, medium and displacement and cooling. And tell me for I am bad. Only diesem Taemin have Oskar phone. Does I getting the Arctic privative hope lemma hotter decisions analyzed on and off the Arbeit outfit. Invaded Afghanistan and invasion mastitis demonized number ion thruster, went out the unknown teamid kinda LET atom. Instead FES does kindness to teamid keda to defect, to communicate zones in with Zuko data. Our does AAD sniffed Catan atom. The colleague is Dr. Mia, does add an unanticipated cleaned and Ghana's and other towards Xun a Kleon Verdun. Once we haven't done Aligarh mine them and team meeting for ion bad in diesem would respond, blame Dan front Biden Zaydan, often anguish Pokemon. Tesla had is that super fluid? Does the under and teamid kid, I'm a fashion designers. Are 21 happen what FS proxy, Swedish DACA of Santa Arbeit. So consent VN on Sufi plastic design. This ad may get psyched. We wish take Elisha on Director communicate soon. 42. Tell us about a situation in which you made a mistake in your professional life.: Tell us about a situation in which you have made a mistake in your professional life and how you dealt with it. Like all negative questions. Asking what a mistake that you've made in your professional life is one of the challenges of a job interview. It is crucial to choose a mistake that was not too serious and to highlight how professionally and creatively you solve the situation. It is also important to describe what lessons you have learned from the mistake. While answering the question honestly, you should try to leave a positive impression by emphasizing your problem-solving skills and also reflective personality. It is also smart to choose a mistake that's not too relevant for the position. 43. Example answer English: During my work as a Java software developer, my colleagues and I overlooked a requirement and did not implemented, which was only noticed shortly before the release. This meant that we had to work several night shifts so that the release could be met in order that this doesn't happen again with then determined that our requirements in the software development process have to be systematically checked. For this purpose, we have introduced a test protocol in which our requirements must be verified using the four IS principle. This process was defined accordingly in the quality management system of the software development process. And it didn't occur again in the future. So we did this mistake, but we also really learned from it. 44. Example answer German: Yom, as women at Yiddish CAD software and WC LeBron James Hutton molecule ligand h and I'm following it was even these were done today isn't its own Gazette on does the quote for the release of cofilin dissident dad took a food desert and an activist idling wasn't damaged or release ng-hide when quantum damages Nisbett for CME contour, hamburger dab off and fiscal IQ does Allah and find our own software and victims protests systematically were poof tree hadn't yet so ham via and test protocol angles and the ALA and father on that, if you'd see it, Whedon was OR and these are protests, were them in qualitative management, sustainable software and victims protests and splicing definite or in status is this problem must veer off, gets written. 45. What is your greatest achievement in your professional life so far?: What is your greatest achievement in your professional life? Talking about the greatest accomplishment in your professional life is your chance to sign. Think of an accomplishment that's both impressive as relevant for the job. Best-case, it should be an achievement that was performed in the area of the intended position. Of course, accomplishments that have measurably contributed to the profit of the company. Our cost reduction are always appreciated. 46. Example answer English: In my current position as department head of software development, my team and I have developed an innovative user interface for a medical device. By using artificial intelligence, the user friendliness and patient safety was significantly increased. These features are unique in the market and F increase the sales of the product line by around 20 percent. So it was a huge success for the company. 47. Example answer German: Imagine getting position as a tiling cited on the software and fake long habituated ma'am, teams Awesome. I know innovative of notes or WAF leisure and melatonin product and ticket. Twisty unmanned on coincidentally begins counter denotes a finely scaled on the occupied sentences are insignificant at 210. These are features into the integrity of the marked on timed him on that step, adopt higher on 24, sky god. Geodesign does VAB OCR, the cluster for organ, like a year ago. 48. How would you describe your own work style?: How would you describe your own work style? Sometimes interviewers want you to describe your work style, or if you're applying for a position with Steph responsibility, your leadership style. When answering this question, it is worth taking a look at the job description. If the job description mentioned soft skills that relate to the work or leadership style and that actually apply to you. It makes sense to name them and also to provide an example from your professional life. For example, if the job description mentions independent working methods as a competency desired by candidates, you could name this quality at also provide an example from your professional life. 49. Example answer English: With regard to my working style, I have often receive the feedback that I am very determined and at the same time precise and detail oriented. I work very independently and can quickly familiarize myself with new topics. But at the same time, I love to work in a team and to exchange ideas and inspire one another. With regard to my management style, I would say that a good relationship with my colleagues and employees is very important to me. I want a relationship of trust between me and my employees and environment of honest communication. From my point of view, a team can only be successful if the team members feel comfortable. So to me, it is very important to create an atmosphere in which problems can be openly addressed and also everyone can express their opinion openly. As a manager, it is also important to me to motivate my employees and to trust them. I want them to enjoy their work and to feel comfortable because I am convinced that they will then perform at their best. I give them the freedom to develop creatively. Now at the same time, it is of course, important to me that deadlines are met and goals are achieved. That's why, as a department had, I have a meeting with all of my teams once a week to discuss current projects and progresses. Of course, I'm also familiar with the VBA and live in management style. You mentioned, as we dealt with them in detail in my MBA. Now I would probably describe my leadership style as a co-operative leadership style because working as equals with my team is important to me. At motivation and communication are important components of my leadership style. 50. Example answer German: I'm an avid steal its missions they have to look homemade at one does is that CH3, big ONCHIT, archivist and halftone detail oriented. Our item is to encourage our writers as F standing on commission Illinois, a team would be to either buy it in our lifetime. Lea wishes off with empty rooms exam. So arbeiten als 2 thousand on since period took of mine fueling steel when he sang the smear and kudos for headedness to mind, multivitamins, their vehicles, social media, and my Mitarbeiter. I've had counterfeit the sovereign in the Elisha communicative zone cause Muslim village. Us minus this command team, Medina Phi cosine van named in fact, listen out it's switched immensely SAR components of stumped des, how much does an atmosphere does happen in deem, are coplanar guns often unspoken. On TAA does is taught and sang. To the answers. We had films craft wichtig, minor motivated somewhat TVM one to n Alpha towns or singleton. If my status is path and the average Tom Wolfe, you in destabilise firewall. And when does the octave best limestone appearing when these two values. There's a good Indian homes declarative 25 clients, teratogens minute, truly altruistic. That's deadlines ie Inca heightened via wanted Scilab, I decided publish ads or Thailand slighter than I might have ohio and meeting with IN teams on them stand up to n vector. And often floods, floods wash basin that you just can't keep on filling stealer, not VBA. And living in men MBA humble house really should be rubbish walking around on standards and unlike sets, each murder, my feelings still am, ears, eyelids, cooperativity, fumes, seabirds, Heisman damage, and Suzanne Arbeit of our Muhammad ma'am team, which tick list or whatever turn on communicative zone visiting a restaurant element is fueling, still send. 51. Where do you see yourself in five years?: What do you see yourself in five years? The question of where you see yourself in five years is also a classic. On the one hand, companies want to have motivated and ambitious employees. And on the other hand, they want to make sure that those employees plan to stay with the company and do not want to use the company as kind of a stepping stone to another company or career. Since most training periods at time consuming and costly for companies, they are looking for candidates who plan to work for them for the long term. With your answer, you should show that you are ambitious. But on the other hand, also plan to stay with the company. For example, it would be conceivable to say that in five years you see yourself in the same area and company, but possibly in a higher position. As you are a person who always wants to grow and develop. 52. Example answer English: For me, it is very important to constantly develop myself personally and professionally in five years. I could imagine that as a division manager, I will have prod several innovative software systems onto the market together with a software development teams. And that the company will be Germany's largest provider of software systems in the health care sector. I could also imagine to be still in the position of Division Manager or maybe the development director for, for example, software and hardware. The most important thing to me is that in five years, my teams and I have developed pioneering software development systems that have actually advance both the German and also the international health care systems. 53. Example answer German: Permissions as the Irish day permissible pair Zoom link as a factless constant by that 20 Vicon infant Shange, the literary form, data sheets but ice lighter than Suzanne within software and victims teams may have innovative a software. This team of the Mac Deepak tab quantify my hydrogens cluster and b Tofu software sales team and it was on tides politest. Permit for Xun link conditions, Pantheon, good flush, then knockoff deposits June debit guys lighter than for software and preeclampsia Zion or event to edge must be the pickling slider them for software, hardware. And which ticks mr. Smith does Shin from fiance's Ahmed, madam team sue conciseness software and victims esteem and ticket. However, these avoiders storage, so it's Internet is analogous frontispiece and for running a lactam. 54. Do you have any questions for us?: Do you have any questions for us? At the end of the interview, candidates are asked if they have any questions for the company. It is very important that you prepare some questions as the source that you're interested, critical, and also well-prepared. It is also an opportunity for you to turn the tables and gets an older company better. At the end of the day, not only does the company make its decision, but you also need to consider whether you can imagine working for this employer or not. In order to have two to three questions to ask at the end of the interview. It makes sense that you'd think about four to five questions in advance. As usually some questions are answered in the course of the interview. Also, feel free to bring the questions with you on a piece of paper and take them out of your pocket or handbag just in case you can't remember them due to nervousness. The questions should be chosen strategically to help you get a better picture of the position and of the company. Therefore, consider which questions, in your opinion, remain open in order for you to make your decision for or against the company. Candidates like to ask the following questions. How does the onboarding in your company work? Who is responsible for it? What will my job tasks look like precisely? Could you please give an example of projects and responsibilities? What opportunities for further training and education exist in your company? How big is the team? Would it be possible to take a look at the workplace and meet potential colleagues? What are the next steps in the application process? When can I expect a feedback? 55. Example answer English: Yes. So I was already able to get a good overview of my areas of activity. But perhaps you could additionally give me some examples of current projects and also responsibilities. For me to get an even more in detailed picture of the position. Of course, it is also important for me to get an impression of the company. Would therefore maybe possible to get to know the office and maybe already meet some future colleagues. What are the next steps in the application process? When can I expect feedback? 56. Example answer German: It's come to me as shown and core move up plague, meditators, cats. But Aisha, its price data and Martin, he lives Kinsey, me or Bernoff meditates on the of bias below two entities, Katz book Eisen and philosophical project and give them additional anhydrous concrete on ion talk for less terrible common finishes. Nodulus outfit stake May ninth Koch for nephew Matt soma Han, whereas event to a MOOC, lish the homeless or the winter of Equalization canceling on sleds within the device that I'm scotoma variables for fun. This highest one Callisto measurement and Outlook made on Guzman. 57. Exercise 4: Prepare for your job interview.: Exercise for now it's all about preparing for your job interview. Please go over all 13 questions and the answers strategies I gave you. Think about how you can answer each question and write down your answers in bullet points. You can do this exercise regardless of whether you have already received an invitation to an interview or not. If you already have received an invitation to a job interview, then first of all, congratulations. This means that the company considers you to be suitable for the position based on your qualifications. Now, you only have to convince them of your person and present yourself well and the job is yours. Before you think about your answers, read through your analysis of the job description again, and remind yourself of the qualifications and skills the company is looking for. Adjusts your answers accordingly and emphasize your qualifications and relevant work experience for the position. Also find out more about the company and consider how your mindset and person fit well with the company. Even if you have not yet received an invitation to an interview, it makes sense to do this exercise as you know, in which area you want to apply it. If you then receive an invitation to an interview, you can adapt your answers to the position accordingly. Before the interview, you should practice your answers several times to make sure that you can present them confidently and without hesitation during the job interview. Of course, your answers shouldn't sound memorized. But it is important that you have the key points you wrote down for each question in your head so that you do not lose the threat or forget the most important arguments in your favor. Now, I want to wish you a fun with your preparation and of course, good luck with your job interview. 58. Main points to reflect after the Job Interview: After the interview, reflect on how the conversation went right down your impression of the company and the team, and whether the position suits your professionally. When deciding whether you could imagine working for the company, you should also consider your gut feeling towards the company and for team, as well as the job itself. Write down the questions the company asked you in case you had any problems answering certain questions. For sure, taken note of those questions so that you can prepare for those questions more specifically in the future. If you enjoyed the interview. And he could imagine working for the company, makes sure to send an email to the interviewers, thanking them for the interview. In this e-mail, you can ride that you have enjoyed the interview, that he could very well imagine working for the company. This has the advantage that the company knows that he would accept a job offer. And also it will bring you back to the mind of the interviewers in a positive way. In case you get a rejection from the company, take the opportunity to ask what the reasons where rejections I usually send as a standard email without giving any reasons. Reply to this email or better call the employer and explain that. It is important for you to find out why you were rejected, that you can be better prepared for upcoming interviews. Of course, it is not certain that the company will actually do this. But there are certainly companies and also interviewers were very happy to provide you feedback. This feedback is extremely helpful for you as it gives you the opportunity to specifically work on the points mentioned. 59. Salary in Germany: Sooner or later, the subject of celery look come up in the application process. This topic is usually discussed personally at the end of the job interview. For positions in which there are two interviews, this will usually take place at the second interview. It is advisable not to address the issue of salary on your own, but to wait for the company to do so. Your performance in the salary negotiation will probably determine your financial standing in the next few years. As the salary development will be based on your starting salary in the company. Salary increases are usually made on a percentage basis. So it is important to negotiate a reasonable salary. Of course, this applies to both young professionals and also when changing jobs. The higher your starting salary, the better your salary development will be. Therefore, it is important to know your own market value and also not to sell yourself below value. On the other hand, it is just as important to state a realistic salary expectation. Because if your expectation is significantly outside the company's budget, you will have to expect a rejection. To get input for your salary expectation, you can use a variety of resources that I will present to you in the next video. 60. Determine your salary expectations: resources: In this video, I want to talk to you about resources in order to determine your salary expectations. So first of all, I want to show you a very German thing, which is tarrif at dragon. So in English, that's called collective agreements. And I will give you a example for that. And then I want to show you two pages where you can look for salaries in order to get a feel for your specific area and which salary you can expect in that area. So let's first go over telephone Traeger. So collective agreements, those are written contracts between trade unions and the company or an employer's association that regulates the terms, so that basically regulates the salary. So for example, here we can see a telephone at all. So that's called the forgotten Savella. So that's like a salary table for a specific company. So a lot of big companies in Germany actually have those tallied for tiger. So every major huge cooperation like let's say dacha bond, shebang, Zemin, meog, etc. They all have TBI flood tag them. And also all the, all the institutions from the government. So for example, universities or chords are the police, etc. Here you can see the difference levels. So we have those levels here from one to 15, and then those levels here from one to six. I will give you an example in order for you to understand this better. So for example, here, I looked for a job offer from University, the jobs from the government. So for example, Johnson University. And a lot of times they actually say in which level the salary in the specific job offer is situated. So for example here you can see this is a job for and someone in the research area. And here it actually says differ Gooten effect now 54 cents or the salary is based on this table here, this chart. And so I just looked at only visited things work. So University of Innsbruck and tarrif attack and then you already find it in the Internet. So here we go. This is TIF how and what they wrote. And you can see the table here and they said it's 13. You can see it right here. Default ie 13. So you just have to look at 813. You can see right here. So you would be earning anything in this line here. And now you probably are wondering why this is such a huge range. Well, this depends on how much work experience you have. So if you have no work experience, for example, you come straight from university who would go and refine so level one. And then the more work experience you have, the more you gain. So Level 6 here would be with most work experience abroad. If you have 20, 25 years of work experience, he would make the most money. And this level, level 6. And you also can tell that there's also a negotiation range here because it's not that tightly described where you would be situated. So they just say you will be situated in a gay 13. But where exactly you can still negotiate. Of course, if you have no work experience, there's probably nothing to negotiate. Maybe just okay. I did some internships and I did a job during university in at the university already. So I have a total of two years weren't experienced than you could probably negotiate to go to level 2. But generally after university it would be that level. But then if you have like, let's say eight years of work experience, you could still negotiate like where exactly year you are situated, probably somewhere in the middle, but where exactly you could still negotiate. And then for big companies, like I said, they also have terribly far drag or select, say dot shebang or zymogens. But they usually don't say in which level here in which he gave the position fits in. So it doesn't really help you that much. So then there's two other resources that I want to show you today. So we have this platform guide from t. That's actually the biggest platform for to find out about salary gorillas, actually the German word for salary. So this is the biggest, the biggest platform with more than 3.6 million databases for over 800 different occupations. So here you can actually type in your job title or the name of your occupation. So let's go with an example here. Let's say mechanical engineer, machine bound Gina and German. And then you could also type in your, your city or your state or your zip code. But let's go with General in Germany to see what what it says, what the salary generally looks like. So here you can now see you can choose per month or per year, but I would advise per year because you also want to negotiate your salary per year. So that makes sense. And then you can see that the average is €61,138 per year. The average salary, of course, over all experience levels. And then you have the lower 25 percent here for 53 thousand and the top 25 percent of almost 70000. And then we can also look here for specific jobs and he can see how much you would be earning. Those are all estimations, but they have huge database. So I wouldn't I wouldn't space my salary expectation solely on the resource you have from guidebook to it. But it's probably gives you a pretty good idea. And then you can also see here the salary based on how much experience you have. So under three years of experience, that is 50, almost 53 thousand, and then one at nine years, 65,700. And then it also shows you the gap between different federal states. So again, you can see that West Germany generally pays better. Especially the south of Germany pays better. So we have Heston, which pays usually the best, but very closely followed by Bavaria and bandwidth back. And then you have the more Western German states that also pay very well. And then Eastern Germany pays generally a little bit less. I'm with exception of Berlin here. And then I also want to show you the platform of criminal. This is actually a platform to rate your employer. So you can get an idea of how happy the employees are with a specific employer. But you can also get an idea of the salaries in different companies. So for example, let's type in a big German company, for example, Siemens. And then we can click on it and go to this resource here. It's also based on the anonymous data that people can type in here who actually work there. So here, for example, 168 people who are project managers actually wrote their salary here. And it's an average of almost 80 thousand software developers, 68 thousand. So I hope this helped you to get a general idea about where to look for salary expectations or to generally get an idea about how the salaries are in different areas. And also different companies. 61. Determine your salary expectations: factors: In order to determine your own salary expectations, you should generally consider the following factors. So factors regarding the job you're applying for would be the position you're applying for. A position as a nurse, a engineer, a software developer, etc. You also have to consider your entry level. So you will you be applying to a junior position, a senior position, a department head position, et cetera. Then of course, you also have to consider your personal background. So that means your academic background. So for example, have you done a training or as we would call it in German or spilled on or do you have a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, or maybe even a PhD. And then you also have to consider your work experience. So are you a career starter, for example, right after your university, do you have a few years of work experience or even many years of work experience, etc. Then you also have to consider the company factors. So which industry I applying in, for example, the bank industry or the chemical industry pay very well in Germany and then other industries like for example, the media industry or also the health and the, for example, elderly homes or hospitals don't pay as well. Also the hotel industry, for example, it doesn't pay so well. Then you have to consider the company size. So I you applying in a small business and medium-sized business or in a huge company. So generally, the bigger the company, the better it pays in Germany, then you also have to consider the region you're applying them. So generally, West Germany pays better than East Germany. Companies in the city pay better than in the countryside. But of course, this is just generally true. It doesn't have to apply to each and every industry or company. Then you also have to consider the economic situation in the industry. And also globally. 62. General salary level in Germany: So now I want to give you a general idea of the salary level in Germany for that, I chose the salary report that step stone offers every year they conducted the study. And so every year we have, we can look how the salary develops and how different, how much different sectors and also different academic backgrounds earn in Germany. So let's start with some general numbers. We can see here that the average crust salaries, so the salary before taxes and Germany is almost 57 thousand Euro per year on average. Here we see that frankfurt is the highest paying city in Germany. And also here are some numbers. So banks, the top branch, so the highest paying French and Germany. Then the academic background of doctors is the occupation that makes most money in Germany. So doctors make on average almost €90 thousand. And if we look at not university decreased but our spare them, which is trainings and Germany, the finance sector pace the best salaries. So here we see some occupational groups that make the most money in Germany. So as we already saw, number one is doctors, which an average of almost 90000. And then the finance area is the top two. So this is 73000 or almost 74 thousand Euro per year before taxes. And law is the number 3 area which on average 68, almost €69 thousand per year. And also well-paid are consulting companies, which you can see here. Banks engineering, IT and marketing, PR. You can see the corresponding salaries here, the average salaries. And then let's see. So those are some, some areas which are generally not so well-paid. We have here design the health sector, the media sector. Businesses, so businesses like stores and supermarkets. And this is the handicraft areas. So for example, carpenters, and this is administration and secretary. And this is also very similar. So we can see the very well-paying area would be doctors, finance, law, banks, production, sales, IT, consulting, logistic, and HR. And here we can see the different academic backgrounds. So here this is actually if you did outfit on so a training. And if you have myself there, which is the highest degree within a hospital, that's your average salary here. And this is the direct else burden, then this is your average salary. And then of course, people who have a PhD make more money. So here we go with 83 thousand on average. This is the average salary for people with a master degree is 61,900 and bachelor degree 54 thousand. Here we can see numbers if you have personal responsibility or stuff responsibility. So of course, the more responsibility you have, the more you make on average. This is the number without Steph responsibility, and here it goes up until more than 100 employees. Also, of course, the more professional experience you have, the more money you make. So less than one year of professional experience, we have here Thirty-nine thousand on average, and then more than 25 years, that's 67 thousand Euros on average. Then also the bigger your company is, the more money you make. So here we have small companies from one to ten employees. And then we can see how the money or the salary increases until more than ten thousands employees. Here we can see the average salary depending on which city you live. And so Frankfurt is the number one city which pays the highest salaries with an average of €66,500. Then the number two cities shot God and Munich to Saddam, born bce been cut score. You can see all those cities are in Western Germany. You can also see the gap here. So the Western States and Germany, they pay more or higher salary on average. And then here you can see the eastern German states which pay on average less with the exception of purlin. And the highest paying state or federal state as Heston were also Frankfurter situated, can see the different branches. So banks is the branch that paid the highest salaries. Then comes the pharmaceutical industry, then comes the car industry, the chemical industry, the aircraft industry, the mechanical, mechanical engineering industry, and so on. He also see the different branches and how much on average they pay. So way up here we have like financial industry, telecommunication, technical industries, consulting, IT, cetera. And then on the lower end, we have, for example, PR and marketing, tourism, cultural sectors, personal service provide us or recruitment agencies, The handcraft market and hotel and catering industry. So I hope this gave you a good general idea about what to expect from German salary. And now we will go a little bit more into detail in the next videos. 63. The salary negotiation: The salary negotiation. As mentioned, there's usually a salary negotiation at the end of the job interview. It is normal to actually negotiate here. Usually the interviewers will ask you about your salary expectations and you will negotiate from there. It is very important to inform yourself well before the negotiation, in order for you to know what is a reasonable salary in your area. Once you name your desired salary, the company will usually tried to negotiate a lower salary. Usually, they then name a certain number and you will meet somewhere in the middle. Therefore, you should definitely add a certain percentage to your actual salary expectations. For example, 10 percent. End state this value as your salary expectation. This increases the chance that you will finally agree on your actual Sarah Louis expectation. In addition, you should think in advance where your minimum salary level is in order not to accrete to any salary below this value. So if your actual salary expectations are, for example, €50 thousand per year, you could state your salary expectation, for example, as 55 thousand. In order for you guys to finally agree at around 50 thousand. You could also consider that your minimum salary is 48 thousand Euro. So you will not accept any offer below this value. You state your salary expectations and the company increased directly. This is usually a sign that the company has actually plant a higher salary and that you have salt yourself kind of below value. My experience from the HR department is that there is usually a certain salary range in the budget. And if the company is very convinced of an applicant, there is a certain flexibility in terms of the salary. You should state your salary expectations as a annual salary. So including Christmas and vacation pay, bonuses, etc. It is advisable to name a specific value. So for example, 60 thousand hero and not a salary range. So for example, 55 to 60, €1 thousand. As the company will certainly focus on the lower value in the salary range. As you make it clear that this is within your expectation. As you inform yourself well, regarding a reasonable salary expectation, you should respond to the question with confidence. As described, you should have three values and mind. You are actual salary that you desire. The salary, which in name as the initial value, which is, for example, 10 percent above your desired salary. Ensure minimum salary below which you will not accept the job offer. When you are asked about your salary expectations during the interview, it makes sense to briefly review your skills for the position and then state your salary expectation. You should represent your salary expectation confidently and stay cool in the event that the other side reacts irritated. Often, this is actually part of the negotiation strategy. If the company suggests a lower salary, you can also negotiate additional benefits. So for example, a job ticket in order for you to use the public transport to your company for free. Or things like a company car or fitness offers like a membership in a gym. Considering this, you could agree, for example, on a lower annual salary, but include additional benefits. Another strategy is to propose that you start at a lower annual salary and after a certain time, for example, after the prohibition period, receive a higher salary. 64. Summary: Congratulations, you have now gone through all the lessons until we have reached the end of the course. I hope you enjoyed the application training and that is now easier for you to write your application documents and also to prepare far and mastered job interviews. I especially hope that the course helped you to become aware of your qualifications and strength and to be confident in the application process. Of course, from the applicants point of view, the first focus of the application process is to convince the company of yourself. I hope, however, that you also think about the fact that the company has to convince you and that you examine this critically. As I have already mentioned, I also offer individual application training. So if you would like feedback on your application documents or individual preparation for your job interview, we can schedule an appointment for coaching via video telephony. If you are interested, just write me a message here on Udemy or via my social media pages. I would like to thank you very much for taking the course and I would be very happy to receive your evaluation of the coils. Also, feel free to write me a message if you have suggestions for additional topics are general ideas for the course. Now, I wish you every success in the world for the application process and all the best for your professional and private future.