Get the life you want NOW - Bullet Proof Goals!

Denise Fletcher, Passionate about people

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3 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. What is this course all about?

    • 2. Taking stock of your life

    • 3. SMART bullet proof goals


Project Description

Create bullet proof goals and change your life or career

Project Introduction

This project is made up of a few assignments which result in you creating 3 bullet proof goals to work on going forward. 

Project Assignments

Using the attached worksheets complete the following exercises. Don't rush the exercises.

1. Pre - course reflection: To begin with I want you to think about 8-10 things in your life that are good

2. Now let's take stock: Whilst watching / after watching the Let's Take Stock video complete the Let's Take Stock worksheet

3. Life Desires: Now reflect about the questions on the 2 Questions worksheet

4. Top 3 areas to change: considering both the Let's Take Stock exercise and the 2 Question exercise complete the Top 3 areas to change worksheet.

5. Bullet Proof Goals : After watching the video on Smart Objectives spend time completing the "Go for it" worksheet.

Project Final  - Upload

Please post your 3 bullet proof goals and the three things you are going to do in the first week

Please contact me if you need help or motivation

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