Get the life you want NOW - Bullet Proof Goals! | Denise Fletcher | Skillshare

Get the life you want NOW - Bullet Proof Goals!

Denise Fletcher, Passionate about people

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3 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. What is this course all about?

    • 2. Taking stock of your life

    • 3. SMART bullet proof goals


About This Class

Do you want to change your life but don't know where to start?

Do you want to make sure you achieve what you want to in life?

Do you want more out of your life?

If so then this course is for you and will help you get the life you want.

This course uses simple but effective principles to assess your life and make plans to focus on and improve the areas you want to be happier and more fulfilled in your life. The main sections in the course are

Taking Stock.....looking at 10 areas of your life

Exploring what you want out of life and where you see yourself in 20 years


Creating "bullet proof objectives" to help you make changes in your live

This is a short course of 1-2 hours dependant on how long you choose to spend on the exercises. There are short video lectures supplemented by additional downloadable worksheets.

At the end of the course you will have a clear idea of three areas which can help you achieve your long term life plans. All you have to do after the course is to take ACTION based on these bullet proof objectives.

Please feel free to share your objectives with me so I can help to inspire and motivate you.

Enjoy the course






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Denise Fletcher

Passionate about people

Hello Everyone,

Why choose me as your course instructor?

I have spent half my career working for various organisations seeing both good and bad practice in leadership, management and change projects. Out of frustration at how bad leadership and change can be I decided to try and do something about this and hence Enabling Transitions, my business was born. I enjoy my work and love making a difference for individuals and organizations. People buy my services because I am practical...

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