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Get the Most Out of Your Day: Productivity Strategies & Time Management for Creative People

teacher avatar Lettie Blue, Architect & Digital Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 1m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Where did my time go?

    • 3. Where do I want my time to go?

    • 4. Where is my time really going?

    • 5. Tracking your time

    • 6. Analyzing your results: Staying alive

    • 7. Analizing your results: Work

    • 8. Analizing your results: Other tasks

    • 9. Making a change

    • 10. Final thoughts

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About This Class

Manage time effectively every day is not an easy task but, it is even more difficult when you are trying to start your own side business. How can you find the time to do your day job, work on your own personal project and have a personal life?


Hi! My name is Lettie. I studied architecture but I am currently a full-time freelance illustrator. I have been running my own business since 2013 when I co-founded INobice Design & Software. It started as a side project while I was working part-time, then full-time, then part-time again... Well, in 2018 I started making enough money to quit my day job. During all this process I have learned how to balance personal and professional life, be more productive and get more work done in less time.

Within this class, you will discover why you don’t have enough time for what you have to do. We will learn how to:

  • Set up and manage a time tracking app
  • Use a to-do list
  • Reduce daily distractions
  • Improve your prioritization process
  • Develop good work habits

The good thing is, once you have discovered what’s eating up your time, you will be able to fix the problem, be productive, less stressed and happier.

So whether you are still a student, you are freelancing on the side or you are a full-time business owner, like me, the fundamentals we are going to talk about in this class will be useful to you. Are you ready to build good time management habits and abandon what it is killing your productivity?

Let’s begin!

Meet Your Teacher

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Lettie Blue

Architect & Digital Illustrator


Here you will find my most comprehensive Procreate classes. They will take you from Procreate beginner to master in a few days. Each class is designed to teach you all the essential tools and techniques needed to master Procreate. You can watch the classes in order or jump into the specific tool or feature you want to learn more about. The choice is yours!

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1. Introduction: I don't have enough time. I need more time. I'm so busy I can't take a break. I have so much to do I never have time for I'm exhausted I'm a stressed out I just can't do it when it's your time, Effectively Every day is not an easy task but it is even more difficult when you are trying to start your own side business. How can you find the time to do your day job Work on your own project and half a personal life? Hi, my name is Lady. I studied architecture but I am currently a full time freelance illustrator. I've been running my own business since 2013 when I confounded in devises I'm done so queer It started us aside for a while. I was working part time then full time them for time again and well, In 2018 I started making enough money took with my day job. During all this process, I have learned how to balance personal, unprofessional life more productive and get more work done In less time. Within this class you will discover why you don't have enough time for what you have to do we're going to set up and manage at time tracking up to the list. Talk about how to prioritize your tasks on. I will give you some tips and tricks to boost your productivity. Undeveloped good work habits. The good thing is, once you have discover what's eating up your time, you will be able to fix the problem. Be productive, less distress and happy it. So whether you are freelancing on the side or you are a full time business owner like me or you're still a student, the fundamentals we are going to talk about this class will be useful to you no matter who you are. Are you ready to develop good time management habits and get reader? What's killing your productivity? Let's begin. 2. Where did my time go?: the day is almost over. You haven't stubble day, but you still have plenty to do. How is that possible? The only thing you can think about AIDS, where the hell did Oh, my time. Go on. That's not all, because this is happening to you every single day. Does this sound familiar? We'll have the feeling that there are not enough hours in the day. But unless you have some sort off time machine or device like Hermione Granger's time turning in horrid voter, the famous doctor who start is the DeLorean from back to the future or you have some sort off superpower like here or Nakamura from heroes, I can't ever spend a lot of time watching Netflix, didn't I? Yeah, we will talk about distractions in this class to Well, the thing is that we can't bend space time speeding time up and slow it down. There will always be 24 hours in a day, no matter. Wit it. So the only thing we can do is to manage that time effectively. Okay, let's suppose that's true. On there are 24 hours in a day. Why don't we feel like there are so many hours. Let's find out how much time you think you spent on your daily tasks on Addie in of this class will see if it actually looks similar to the time you spend on them. Download the first exercise worksheet. We are going to great to buy charts one off your average weekday and another one off your average weakened A. Here you have the activities I spend time on every day. Feel free to change them on. Add more. Let's start making the slice off your sleeping time. I think I have slipped $8 a day, so I have 16 hours left. Now you're working or studying time. If you work in the study or you have a day job and a Friedland's job, make us lies for each one off them on eight hours is lies for me and eight I was left committed. None for me. I work at home when it to eat. So how much time do you think you spend having breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and also cooking those meals? Breakfast. About 50 minutes. Lunch. 45 Dean. Another 45 plus 50 minutes. Four snacks. I think I spent two hours a day cooking on eaten. I still have six hours left. What about taking care of yourself? I mean, cleaning and women yourself, making exercise, reading, listening to music. I think I have spent about two. I was trained to have a happy mind em, buddy. Okay, four hours left. Household chores. I've tried not to spend too much time on this. Um, one hour a day, maybe Onley. Three hours left. Four million friends. How much time do you think you spend running errands? Going out calling and send them them messages, etcetera? I don't know. Maybe 12 us. Ah, when I will left destructions. How many hours do you think you are watching TV on social media, Surfing the web endlessly etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I only have one hour left. But for sure, I have spent more than one hour on social media and all the distractions. Did you run out? If I was to? And what about your average weekend day? I ran out of ours. I'm starting to think there is no way Days are 24 hours long. Well, the truth is we waste a lot of time every day. We felt even realizing it. According to an article from The Telegraph Online magazine employees waste 759 hours each year due to workplace destructions. That's about a month or a year, so we need to figure out exactly where our time is actually going on a stop wasting it. 3. Where do I want my time to go?: before diving into reality. Let's create our ideal pie chart so we have a goal to work toward. Go to your worksheet again and think about how and where you want to spend your time. Do you want to spend more time with your family? Have more time to make free Lin's work. More time for learning new things? Start making the slices off the tasks that you don't want to change or that you want to change only a little. For example, I will keep sleeping eight hours a day, but I wouldn't like to work on weekends. If you have a full time day job and you don't plan on changing that, that's their first. This lies that do you have to make. Don't make super big changes or you will feel overwhelmed and you will end up doing no change. It'll take one step at a time if your priority is to have more time for your family, focus on that and try to reduce the time from all the activities. Once you have accomplished that goal, you can redo your ideal time, use pie and focus on now on finding the time to learn something for example be realistic. OK, Drawing those lines off the by here is extremely easy. But before making it think about if you are willing to commit to doing that thing, that number off hours, Yeah. We love to say I will start exercising to Maru on. Then we get lazy and well, you know, if you make a 30 minutes is lives for exercising, you will do it, okay? 4. Where is my time really going?: There are many APS that can help us track where we are spending our time online. But if you have a Napoli device, you just need to go to saddens than screen time. And there you can see where exactly your time is going. When you are using your device here, we can see exactly the time is spent today on the different categories, such as positivity, education, entertainment and whether we're above or below our average, as you say my eye but knows better than me. How much time I spent drawing appropriate surfing the weapons safari, writing on pages, learning on the skin shirt, etcetera. Today on the last seven days, these are our most used categories. Stepping here. You can see which haps are in each category on also, when and how much time we have spent on each one off them as you see my eye, but says that I am not working when using procreate but entertaining well, my work is very entertaining, so I will give you that. Dear iPad. As you see here, we can set a maximum usage time for each up organs agree. Here we have a few interesting options. If you have several apple devices turn on shared across devices. So the report will combine this screen Time off your Mac I but an iPhone Dunton help us to stay away from the device. We can set a schedule and within the specified time frame all the apse but the selected US always allowed won't be available. You can choose the same every day or set a different one for each day as you say that I can off. Oh, APS affected by don't time appear darker on If we try to open the up, it reminds us that we are owned downtime off course we can ignore it. But that's not the point. Right in here. We can choose the apse. We want to be always available for us, even during down time. You can add APS to the list by simply tapping on the plus sign on Removed them tapping on the Mina sign or swiping to the left. Keep the number off. Always allow ups as low as possible to make the most off the downtime option. Okay, this option allows us to control the amount of time we spend using ups by categories. This way, we can restrict the use off social media APS, for example, to add a limit. Just stop on at a limit Sylhet ticket degree. He and we have all the apse categories that correspond to the apse we have installed on our iPod. You can choose more than one. I would choose Social Media Top next and select the max time you want to spend using these ups. Here, you can change the time limit per day individually. It's set, for example, one hour a day and one hour and 1/2 on Saturdays. Once you're don't happen ad now, the iPod will send us on defecation five minutes before the max time is reached. This is super useful, right? In case you don't use apple devices, various A free optical rescue time that runs in the background off your mobile or computer on keeps track off how much time you spend on social media. YouTube sending emails on surfing the web. Once you know where the problem is, you can use a website blocker like stay focused or freedom to help you stay focused. Don't work by restricting the amount of time you can spend on time wasting websites. You have the links in the project on resources section off this class. Okay, We just discover how to control the time we spent online on on our mobile devices. But we not only waste our time online knew we also waste our time Thinking about all we have to do are not making decisions, looking for things that never are in the same place. Answering the phone, watching too much to be playing games, waiting for something on somebody complaining, unnecessary meeting Small took looking through the window or a fly flying on off course procrastinating. Procrastinate who may give us half may confuse with someone else. We need to know where exactly our days are going How much time we spend slipping working, commuting to work answering the phone at cetera, etcetera, etcetera So we can identify where the issues are on Make changes accordingly. And how are we going to do that? Well, what about running on time? Look for a week. Yes, I totally agree with you. Tracking our time is super boring. I know, but trust me on these we have no idea about how much time we spend every single day on task that have little or even no value, it'll to our life and work. In fact, we should track what time every now and then to check if we are spending our time the way we think we are. Instead of using a stopwatch and notepad and a pencil or any spreadsheet program that I think won't help to motivate us to track our time, we are going to use a time tracking up that will do almost all the work for us. We just have to tapper. But each time we begin doing a different task easy, right? 5. Tracking your time: There are quite a few time trucking ups I use now, then time trucking because it is super easy to use and free these Abby is only available for iPad and iPhone. So if you have an under a device you can use, for example, boosted productivity and Time trucker, or if you need it to work or multiple devices, probably Togo will be a good choice for you off course, any time trucking up will be perfect for our third assignment, as long as you can meet to using it. This assignment will help us know not only where we are wasting time, but also what task we are not devoting enough time to shortness just our everyday tasks. Just on the load, a turn tracking up from the up store or Google play, and we're going to create our tasks. Entries to create a task is super easy. We just have to top on the blast sign on bright Down the task, for example, Friedland's work on these up. We can also create sub tests, for example, meetings with clients and also set up soup tasks on their sub tasks. For example, client X, as you see if we top on Friedland's work in sub task mittens will appear on. The same happens when we topple mittens. We can edit or delete tasks and sub tests, swiping to the left on them. Tapping on edit. We can change the name the color and add more sub tests. Dragon dropped the tasks to rearrange them. If you want to take a few minutes to write down the tasks on sub tests on which you spend time, don't worry. If you forget something, you can add it to the list later. The main tasks. I have chosen our sleep it time for myself. Household chores, family and friends, destructions, troubled time and work you can add breaks to I didn't have that Qatari, because when I take a break between tasks or after a few hours of working, I use the time for having a snack. So I switched to eat, um, doing some household chores. So I switched to household chores or simply watching the clouds go by so high. So it's too time for myself. We all have to take breaks, but it is optional to consider den an independent contemporary can if you are not a full time free lands or business owner at more tasks such as the job Friedland's were school time, a school work, etcetera. I also added a few sub tests, but don't not too many. You need to focus on what you are doing. No tone switching between tasks constantly. Okay, in it I've created to sub tasks cooking and eaten. I know I spend a lot of time cooking because I like it, and I want to know if I am devoted too much time to it. Time for myself. I've created to as well, body here. I will be counting the time I spend on personal hygiene. Groom in working out, walking things like that and mind psychological self car, personal development. Kali, wherever you want in this category will be all the things I do to disconnect from work, such as reading a book, learning new things, listening to music, drawing or just relax and do nothing. Family and friends Ah, hell, I half, um, calls and messages going out in family time on destructions to be surfing the Web and social media. I'm finally work. Communication and marketing clients were teaching online shops, planning on others. The all this category is four things I don't do or take care off it every day or very often , such as by new, hard, Worse of words. Supplies Reaper and Menton is taxes on licenses. Insurances. Once you have completed the list, let's see exactly how this up works. The only thing we have to do when we start doing a task is stepping it on. The timer will start countin. See? No, I am didn't to stop a task tap on the task. You want to stop or tap on the next task to switch to it. Let's start teaching again. On Imagine I've received Done is the grand message, and I want to know what it is about. If I pinch to zoom, I can see that I've been a few seconds teaching, and now I am spending time on social media. Okay, more things on. Then we can see how, exactly we have a spend our base that's swipe to the left to see the previous days. Step one chart. Here we find our data displayed on a bar chart or a pie chart. If you swipe up, you can see the percentages on if you tap on this lies is you can see also at the amount of time spent on ich task. Here we have full buttons. The first shows us our charts per day next per week per month and the year. Okay. When the sigma is inside a blue circle, we can see the amount of time is spent on tasks on. If we top on it, the blue circle disappears and we can say the amount of time spent on sub tests. This is a filter. We can filter our results by tasks or sub tasks. Date on time off day. Let's display my working hours on Lee, for example. Well, this is a time I've spent working on the different tasks. You can use deception to isolate the time you have been working on a project or for a specific client. So you can charge him accordingly to remove the filter just up on the X and then don't in this class, we're going to use a filter option to separate our week days results from our weekend days . We just have to filter by day on top, done, then make a screenshot. Could this out and save it to photos. Now Let's use the filter again to make our average weekend a chart. Take a screenshot. Good this out and save it, Dragon. Drop the images on the work Shit and scale. Damn down. I am using the appropriate for doing this. But almost any drawing up will work for this task. Under you have your riel time years charts. 6. Analyzing your results: Staying alive: have you already completed for design Mint? It's a good job. What are you going to start tomorrow? Oh, what next week, huh? What? Oh, you don't have time for that. I see. Let me ask you just one thing. Are you procrastinating? You know what? Procrastinating is not our fault? No, the human brain is white to do so well, at least that's what scientists say. It seems each time we face a task. Ah, bottle of starts between our limbic system which controls emotions, memories and instant on our prefrontal cortex, which takes information through our senses and processes it to make decisions based on our goals. We could say that our limbic system is primitive. If the task we have to do is pleasant, it will be willing to do it. But it will try to get away from tedious tasks I'm tracking over time is a tedious task, right? On the other hand, the prefrontal cortex is what forces to complete the task. But this part doesn't work automatically. We need to put effort into make it its function. So as soon as we lose focus on the task, the limbic system takes control of the situation and that's where we become more interested in doing something that places us that in doing what it's more urgent or important. I've recommended you to track your time for a week because, as is in my charts, even though I tried to schedule my day for maximizing my productivity, there are always unexpected events on. Also, work is not my top priority every day, the time spent on each task, various dependent on the day. The longer we track over time, then more accurate, the results will be. As you see, I spent about 1/3 off my time sleeping about another third, working on another third doing the rest of the tasks. I think that for having a less stressful and more productive happy life, prioritize and planning our tasks is essential at all levels, from long term to day to day. For a sane life. We don't have any choice but to spend time sleeping and eaten on both our tasks that we can't delegate to anybody. So let's talk about sleeping first. I think we must a boat and not time to slip so we can manage the rest off the dates successfully. I tried to sleep about eight hours a day. What about you? How much time do you sleep? What six of us will list? You need to sleep more. 7 to 8. I was each nine. Yes. I thought that I didn't need to sleep so much time to. And yes, I know you have a lot of things to do on. You don't have time to sleep eight hours a day. I tell you what. When I started freelancing, I had so many things to do every day that I only went to that when I had finished everything that was in my to do list. Which means I went to bed really late on, woke up early because I had many things to do. And that was not home. When I wasa met my brain always decided to play all my worries on a never ending lip or having that awesome idea that I was going to forget by morning. If I didn't write it down, I'm sure you can relate. What's a nice brain we have right? Every day I felt tired, moody, angry, stressed, frustrated, sad And you know what our mood effects, how much and how well we slip on. The lack of a sleep affects our mood. To sum up. Not getting enough sleep is not only bad for our health, but also effects the weight. We think we have Lance energy and react slower the way we feel. We are less motivated and more pessimistic on the way we learn on work. We have difficulty focusing. Am paying attention, remembering things on making good decisions. Which means we are less productive. Slip fits, creativity. So so sorry if I sound like your mom or your doctor, but you have to sleep around eight. I was 18. I okay. Has you seen my chart? I sleep a lot now, and if I feel tired, I take a 30 minute snap. Did you know that a short nap improves our mood and memory, yet it does. I also ride my next day's to do list before bedtime. It helps me to put away my worries for tonight. I have a bit retained. As the time approaches, I make a common herbal tea in read. If I can't sleep, I read or listen something boring. And if it doesn't work, I ask Alexa to help me relax. What about eaten. How much time do you spend it in? Yes, I said, eating, not gobbling down your food. Send in your entire meal down your throat in five minutes. It's not ated. Okay if you cannot ate your food slowly because you don't even have time to eat, try to use your meal. Time to do at the same time something that you want to do but you don't have time to do. For example, you can listen to a cold cuts. Watch online class. Great. All socialize. Make something that you enjoy so you will come back to work. Feeling refreshed. Don't make were related things, especially those that can make you feel nervous or angry. Also prefer your snacks and males in advance, because when we are not paying attention to a meal, we tend to eat more. But you won't be able to eat more if there is nothing else on your plate. Right as you see here, I eat five times a day, three meals and Jewess mold snacks that usually are a piece of fruit. And as I told you before, it's snack. Time means break time to me. I work from home so the main meals are also family time and usually TV time. Multitasking is good in some situations. We will talk about where multitasking is a good idea when it's not later on. I probably spend too much time cooking about five hours a week. Cooking is not a household chore for me when I'm cooking. I think I am spending time for myself because it it's something that I enjoy doing. Also, it could be considered as family time because I usually cook with someone else. I could cut down my cooking time, but if I did that, I would be also reducing the time I spent with my family on gift to myself. So when analyzing your results analyzed to if the task in which you are spending more time done inspected is a test that can also be categorized as other activities that you want to do or have to do 7. Analizing your results: Work: I am running my own business. So after what kids may, life work is the task I devote more time to. This is the first year I'm not juggling a day job on my own business. I have plus my steady source off income, So I need to get more projects done to support myself. I usually work around 50 hours per week. Is that enough? Not enough or too much? Well, that depends on your short term on long term goals, your income goals and whether you are starting your freedoms, career or business. I am working fewer hours than when I was juggling multiple jobs, but my goal is to were 35 to 40 hours a week. I think that work shouldn't take up more than 1/3 of our day, week or month. But the thing is, it really doesn't matter how many hours you spend working as long as you feel happy and conscious that you are the boat. In that amount of time to work on, you're managing your time right? The problem comes when you feel that you're living to work instead of working to live. If your day looks like these, either you have a procrastination problem or you're biting off more than you can chew, or even both. In any case, you are not being productive on. I am sure you are completely stressed out. Once again, we need to prioritize tasks. Developed good work habits on stick to them. That's a sad to say, but hard to do right? Let's start building some good habits. How much time do you have to work on your own business? If it's less than you would like to have, can you find more time maybe cutting down all the activities or even cutting them off? If you feel that you are spending too much time working, maybe you need to manage your time more effectively. You need to do more in less time. In any case, you have to get serious about your priorities on the way you manage your time to meet them . These are the steps I followed to work more effectively and efficiently. You need to find out when you are more productive on a schedule. Your most important tasks for those times tackle and pleasant and tedious tasks. First on work, minor or more pleasant tasks during your gnome pink times. Determine where you are going to work, said your space, and try to keep that space organized. I'm ready to start working any time. This way, you won't spend time on getting your workplace ready. You can focus on do your job. Either you have 10 minutes or two hours. You can't do everything on. Certainly you can't do everything in a day. You need to learn to prioritize your tasks when prioritizing tasks. We need to make sure we are able to differentiate between Arjun tasks on important tasks, important tasks, leaders to achieve our personal and professional goals. While Arjun tasks are usually the consequence off, no dealing with important tasks immediately but also are usually tasks that someone has delegated to us, so they are associated with someone as goals, not ours. The easiest way to do this is by scheduling your tasks. I use it to delays to define unorganized. What I am going to do on a calendar to identify when I am going to those things on how much time is needed to complete them. We'll talk about this in the next lesson. Another thing you need to know is how many projects you can handle at the same time, or you will be overwhelmed and unproductive once again. You can't do everything. It's time someone offers you a job or a commission. You have to be realistic on. Determine if you can do it well and on time. If you're up to your ears with work on because of that you make But jobs you will be not only losing clients but also harming your reputation on your self confidence. So learn to say no also before say yes to any request not only professional but personal. Think if that request is important for you. Keep in mind that when you're saying yes to something, you're saying no to do all the things that maybe are important or urgent for you. If you have too many things on your plate, delegates some tasks so you can focus on your priorities. Hire someone to make the things you don't have time to do. You don't know how to do or simply you don't want to do, for example, your taxes, household chores, cooking or ask your partner family on friends for help. But remember, if you take, you also have to give learn when you can multi task and when you cannot probably you have heard many times that multitasking is less productive. Done doing a single task at the time that you are not doing two things at the same time. But switching your attention between two tasks. Super quickly. Yeah, that's true. Most of the time what we are doing its tasks sweeten on diverting our attention on energy constantly is time consuming untiring for our brain. According to the American Psychological Association, shift in between tasks can cost us much as 40% off someone's productive time. So should we multi task or try to multitask? Well, I think we shouldn't do it when we are doing something important, like driving, for example, or talking with a client because it makes us less efficient. But I also think that doing compatible face at the same time can save us a lot of time. The questions are how do I determine whether or not I can do two tasks at the same time and what kind of tasks I can do simultaneously? One off the tasks has to be something that our brain does or is capable to perform automatically for example, our morning routine. Walking it in Also compatible tasks are those that don't use the same senses to be accomplished or that don't need to use a specific sense continuously. For example, you can walk on talk at the same time, right so you can make it so size and socialize at the same time. I came the house while listening to music or a podcast, so I learned your things. At the same time. I do tedious chores. I have spent time with my family and friends while eaten on. Also, I used my threat mail to make s a size. While what In online classes off course, not everybody can multi task the same tasks. It's a modern, off trial and error if you try to listen to music while doing the household chores and you end up dancing with them up stick and given a cancer in the middle of your living room. Those tasks are not good multitasking partners. In your case, when working, we need to stay focused to be more productive. If you're constantly interrupted by calls, emails popping out your kids, you will be constantly task switching. And as we said, before it takes time and energy to refocus. So let the world know that you're busy. Turn off notification on a schedule. A time to answer emails. Unreturned phone calls don't instantly give people your attention unless it is absolutely crucial. Take breaks. Don't overwhelm unsourced your brain or you will be more easily distracted. And if you get distracted, focus on doing only a small part of your yoke. And when you're finished, take a break and focus again on another a small poor. 8. Analizing your results: Other tasks: if you work from home like me, probably you find hard to disconnect and separate personal life from work. Um, I write it is too easy to roll out of bed. Gun go is straight to check your emails and start working without even taking a shower or having breakfast. So the question is, are you taking care off yourself? What does your charts say about that? As you say in my chart, I devote about 11 hours a week to take off myself. Seven. I was to my mental health and four to my physical health. I am a stay working on these, but I've managed to have more time for myself cutting down the time I spend on destructions . How do I manage to do that? Well, when I started brilliance in all the time, I hot for myself was almost a time. It took me to take a shower. I had no time for anything else that work. At least that's what I thought until I realized that I was spending before I was, or more a day on social media, surfing the Web on especially watching Netflix. I think our farm in this system is totally in love with Netflix. I designed it to schedule my destructions. Now, destructions are only allowed when eating on after dinner. Also, I set a reminder at 1 a.m. Just in case. Have that our I must be devoting time to myself in the next day or going to bet. Try to make time for essence sizing, ready number. Look, learning new things make time to even do nothing at all. By the way, what do we do when we are doing nothing? Anyway? The thing is to spent on on ourselves is key to improve our mood and reduce anxiety. Or as psychologies are, Miss Woman says self care is something that refuses, rather done takes from us. What about your family in friends? How much time do you spend with them? It's not enough. You have a goal to make more time for them. If they are constantly calling you, sending you messages and knocking at your door, Maybe you think you are not spending too much time with them, but you are certainly being distracted by them on loosen a lot of time. Do you remember our friend? The limbic system? Well, what do you prefer chatting, going out and having fun with your family and friends, or continue doing that tedious task that you're doing. You need to set some boundaries. Let them know when you are working and neat not to be disturbed. Okay, cleaning, cooking home in tenants, grocery shopping, laundry. All these things. It up a lot of time, right? I did delegate some of these tasks on. It's still have to spend about a now a day doing the household chores. If you don't have anybody to delegate to, maybe you can buy some help. Well, I'm not sure if it's moored off a help or a destruction. Do any of you have a robot vacuum cleaner? I have two of its wonder vacuums and another one that mops. I bought the 1st 1 a long time ago on Let's Say it's not very intelligent. It goes like a child in a bumper car, crashing all the time into everything you see. It is going to first, you know it will bump into the chair leg, but it seems you're the only one who's aware off that. The question is, why are you even paying attention to it? Don't you have a lot of work to do. I'm still there. You are looking at that thing that clearly doesn't like it. Show up. Well, where was I? Oh, yeah. I was talking about the household chores. I actually do the housework when I take a break from work or when my brain decides to call it today. Displacing music come to all the chores was a vacuum for about bumps into my feet. 9. Making a change: Well, how is it going? Do your charts. Look, as we were expecting did you find out that your days are actually 24 hours long? But the problem is, you're wasting a lot of time without even realizing it. Okay, Now you know where your time is gone. It's time to take action. Get it started is the hardest part on. We will resist to change on. Try to procrastinate. So we will have to be ready for that. Don't let your limbic system window bottle. Once we develop new habits, our brains actually changed to make the new behavior easier to complete. For us, it's surrenders. So this is what we are going to do. One bit procrastination and two creates new habits. How we're going to be a procrastination well following and keeping in mind, please, stapes time is precious. Choose carefully the goals you said on the tasks you do before setting the goal. Be sure that thing needs to be done sometimes with set goals that don't help us to move forward. Do it now. Take action immediately. After setting a goal, start working on making your idea happen. Committed? Don't say I will start tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. Also, tell everybody about your commitment. The simple fact will help you to hold yourself accountable on crash your goals. You don't want to disappoint your family and friends, right? Divide and conquer breakdown big tasks into smaller, attainable on well defined tasks. Do won't think at the time. Delegate. Stop trying to do it alone. Ask for help on Don't bite off more than you can chew. Be realistic unset visible deadlines. Yes, you can do it, but you can't do it. Oh, and certainly you can't do it all England day. Okay, Removed destructions. Let everybody know that you are busy, so you need to know to be disturbed. Turn off the TV. Stop checking your inbox. Shut down your social media focus. You need to avoid to jump back and forth between work and destructions. Reward yourself when you achieve your goals. You need to start rewarding yourself for reaching your small goals. Pumper in the life of social or relaxing rewards will keep you motivated to continue working to wear your bigger goals. Also said consequences when you procrastinate too much and above all, learn from your mistakes. Remind yourself how frustrated you feel when you don't get things, don't and force yourself to be better. Well, fear to make a wrong choice and fail. But you know what? There's no end to perfection on often times it is not even required. Ask yourself what's the worst it can happen If doing this, I make a mistake. Remember that an imperfectly step taking today is better than a perfect step. Never taken. Now, how can we create new habits? I will tell you everything I did to develop better habits. I made many changes in my life, but I didn't do them at once. If you are in a hurry on, you turn your life upside down, focusing on too many new goals and trying to develop many new habits. You are going to fail the easiest. And I think the right way to do this is taking one step at a time. One change at the time or you will feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Okay, places how these works. Or at least this is how it worked for me. She has a thing that is the most important for you to change and make it you go to accomplish or you have it to develop on Don't stop or at any more goals or new habits until you have accomplished it. When I was working full time, I'm running my own business on the side. I found really difficult to make time for my own business when I write off home. I was so tired that the last thing I wanted to do was getting everything ready on draw. I just wanted to relax and watch Netflix, so I made and you have it. Go call it whatever you want. I just decided to consider me a client and set up a short meeting with myself every night after dinner. I even set a reminder. It work. A few weeks later. I just needed to draw after dinner. If something happened on that day, I haven't draw. I went to bed feeling weird. The next school was to sleep more and better, thinking about all the things I had to do. The next day kept me awake, so I decided to make a new habit, and I started using it to the list. I've made a list of what I had to do before I wrote things everywhere on the free store the exit door, the mirror off my bathroom, the lump of my desk. I had posted notes everywhere. I just got used to seeing those colorful messages and didn't pay any attention to them. They became decoration so proper to do list. Send to me like a great idea. As you say, my charts Before going to bed, I spend some time planning. The next day, I use the reminders up to make a list off all the tasks I have to do. There are a lot of to do list APS available, but this one comes with my iPod, and it is really easy to use in case you want to quit the posted news addiction. Let's see quickly how these up works. First, make it the least tapping on the plus sign. For example, let's say that tomorrow I have to complete the outline off my next class. Cook lasagna because I have means made on the fridge. Go shopping and buy the dress for my cousin's wedding. Go to the library and return a book. Send a proposal to a client and also half a work meeting with another client. Now we need to put each task into one off the four categories. High priority things that have to be done today, no matter what. Urgent tests, medium priority, important things that should be done today So they don't become urgent tasks tomorrow or any day soon. No priority tasks that I can delegate or were delegated to me. Zero priority things I would like to do today but can wait all things that need to be done but not soon. Proposal and meeting our high priority. The mitten will be tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. So I will set up our reminder off. Three. We can also right to note like include the bottom flies sample the class and lasagna are medium priority The book Low priority on go shopping. Zero priorities so far I usually rearranged them. I'm marked them as I complete them. Step here to hide their completed ones. If you want to easy us by right. My method is not exactly like Eisenhower's method, but it works for me. In case you want to use the Eisenhower method. Here you have it. If you have too many big tasks in the first Demery, you are doing something wrong. You need to identify which off those tests you could have foreseen but left undone until the last minute on which off those tasks were delegated to you. Too many urgent things won't let you focus on what is really important to get done. Next step was established routines. I started going to bed and waking up moralists at the same time every day. Well, waking up with the sound off the alarm clock didn't work for me. I always got up grumpy, so I tried not using it on. I found out that more or less, I need to go to bed between one or 2 a.m. On wake up between nine and 10 30. I've set an alarm at 11 o'clock, just in case. To have a morning written is also helpful to be more productive because it keeps us focused on what we have to do. Instead of wondering away into some kind off rumination or daydream, get up s a size half a shower, Get dressed, have breakfast here, the kitchen table on going straight to work. That's what I do. I do have a working routine, too. I started with a very strict schedule, but as with the armed to wake me up early in the morning, I found out I was more productive if I didn't force me to start and stop working at a specific time on make breaks off Exactly five minutes. Yeah, I've tried the Pomodoro technique, the one that consists on choosing a task or tasks for today said in a time of 2 25 minutes . Work on that tasks on blowing no distractions until the time and rings. Take a short five minutes break, repeat four times and then take a 15 to 30 minutes break. It works for a lot of people, Not for me. Maybe I am a weird person, I don't know. In any case, if you have problems focusing on a task, give this technique ago, it probably will work for you. What I do instead is to take a break when my brain says, Hey, I need to take a break or when I have finished a task and I will start a different one. If your brain is uncommunicative, you will need to pay attention to the signs off tiredness. For example, if you mind is strained from the present task to other thoughts you need to take a break. If you have read the same phrase five times and you don't know what it is about, you need to take a break. If you're doing the same thing over and over again and you are expecting a different result , you definitely need a break. The result is that I usually take a break after one or two hours of work. So my current working Britain looks like this. The first thing I did is to check my mail. I do this only twice a day or three times. If I am waiting for a specific email to arrive, I read on reply all the messages. I try not to touch things tryst, because that will be a waste of time. So we mail. I read email. I respond unless it is not very important on cost being a lot of time to answer it. In that case, I take care off it during my less productive hours. After checking my mail, I start working on my high priority tasks off my to the least. I always a star with the most videos, so I can say to myself as soon as you finish this, you will devote time to the task you enjoy doing. Come on, you can do it. I turned off notifications when working. We tend to open notifications as soon as we receive them. Right? Shourd rhythm and live the reply Full layer a my right. So, layer, you have to read them again and figure it out. What to reply. If you do this, you are doing the same thing twice. So you are the voting twice as much time toe a single task, which means you are wasting your precious time. On the other hand, if you reply them as soon as you receive them, you will be constantly interrupted your work which means that you will be wasting time on energy to refocus on reducing your productivity. We have already talked about breaks and multitasking throughout this class. So you know you have to take breaks and you know which tasks you can multi task. Right? Currently, I do not have to spend time commuting, but if you do, commuting time is a great multitask important to many different tasks such as ridden planning, relaxing etten, eso size. And if you can go to work, Bhokin or write in a bicycle, etcetera. So if you are not, the driver tried to get the most of your commute in time developed the perfect Britten's its cuisine. Most productivity out of your days is a trial and error process, so be patient, you can do it. 10. Final thoughts: I am so glad you made it this far. That means you're committed to making a change. Hope this class has helped you to discover where you were wasting your time gave you the tools to boost your productivity on positive vibes to start developing good work on life habits. Remember, one changed at the time breakdown that change into small and attainable tasks. If you feel other ones frustrated, unit support or advise I am here for you. Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences tips on off coursers charts UN improvements down to your produce section below and also get down to the discussion section. If you have any questions or anything, you want to share with me on other people taking this class, thank you so much for watching and see you next time.