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Get started with Stock Photography

teacher avatar Gabriel Vergani, Creating...

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Stock Photography

    • 3. Technical Requirements

    • 4. Comercial & Editorial Value

    • 5. Editing

    • 6. Model & Property Releases

    • 7. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

From beginner to professional, everyone can earn an extra income with your photographs. Stock photography is a flexible, fun way to have that. In this class I'll explain what you need to get started and how to succeed.

We’ll cover: How the market works and why sell stock photos. The requirements from equipment to legal specifications. We’re going to talk on what clients are looking for and how to provide valuable images. I’ll share my workflow from selecting to editing. Finally, a feel words on releases, why we need them and how to avoid it too.

Meet Your Teacher

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Gabriel Vergani



Photographer, looking at some design and video development as well.

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1. Introduction: Hello, I'm Gabriel, stopped before for the past four years and in this place will be to talk about how to get started in this business. At first we're going to see what he's is. Talk image on what the market made off worthy clients, why I want to be a part of that. And then we could talk about some technical requirements and it comes from the fire format Toe. Get paid. And we were going to talk about many things about this car course that is the martial and editorial value. And if you want to get park off this market, it's very important to understand what this means. And then we're going to talk about how I added my images from selecting them to editing itself. Toe the stock agencies requirement and standards to how I with the information like Tyco's and Key Ward on how to do that. And finally, we would talk about model property releases. If you intend to expand the subject to shoe, you're going to need more than property releases. They're going to discuss what you need it and when you don't need it. So looking forward to see with the glasses to see our class projects also and you so 2. What is Stock Photography: Hello. So this class is about stock photography and get started with most understand what is a stock image and how the market works. So the stock foot or if you works around the stock agencies, photographers said. Images toe the stock agencies and they will reveal with and make available at their website . And then customers will search online and troops which images they will buy. These are some off the stock agencies I work with, like sugar start don't stop, which is the same one that maids, photo shop in light room that we use on there is also drinks time on I am Salome. So there are many other companies, but these are the ones that I work with. Another thing that you may want to check is that you can be exclusive war with multiple agencies so you can have your 40 41 place and special conditions for that are many places that's up to you. So what we're doing is setting a rioted free off that image, which is different off selling the ownership rights off that image. Keep that for ourselves. So when a kind base they're buying a license to use our image. Usually it's one time payment for extensive use off your photo. You can see for many years and limited time clients can use for drinking. Ditto use for advertisement for personal uses. Three. Extensive what they can do. That image itself well, the most important thing to understand this, that it's still your image. You mundane there, right and wherever you want for pictures. So there's a general idea off the usual limitations, and it's also might differ from stock agencies, so be sure to read their terms of service is before accepting. So what? Who are clients? You can be a creative agency making advertisements for all kinds. Off customers can meet a big or a small company from a corporate presentation to advertise their new product on Facebook. You can do what designers working on other projects, getting publishers such as magazines blog's. They also have a different use that editorial purposes. We're going to talk about more death later. So why the quiet by the images? Because it's easy, cheap, fast and high quality. They can easily go toe the website of the stock agency. Look for the image there, slur toe their concept and by it really quick. It's much faster than hiring a photographer or hiring someone to make languages they're looking for. And also it's very important to note that we have absolutely no compact with their clients . We don't even know about the images. We don't know why they are using for really, the spark agency is the middleman in this. Why do I sell my pictures online? Because I'm creating things that I love with the content that I want to do. I don't have it. Tell me what I have to shoot. Just do whatever pleases me also, because I have additional money that every month sometimes shot which 23 years ago and still making me money, and also because I have total control off my time and schedule. I don't have anyone telling me what I have to shoot when I have to shoot I with my own time , and I love that. Let's talk about burns. So how much do stop agencies? Paid? Photographers can be from 15% to 50% of the sale. You can choose to work with companies that being more or less to you, I don't work with companies that pay 50%. I always tried going higher, but you can try with them to It's up to you. So how much? They actually paper photo? It can be from two cents to 100 plus dollars. So I know to send Seemed very little. I find it too. I don't sell two agencies there selling at this price point, but for me, overall have something around 50 cents of a dollar for sale. But that very is very much of that. You're selling the agencies you work with, so I know that this amount very little performed by selling your focus. But there's something really important in this stock photography that is, to make volume, you really have to sell a lot of time. The same image is a lot of times the pictures have your catalog to make some money, so we will talk about the commercial historial value, and that's the point that makes important. So a lot of people are looking for your image now. Other people are buying them 3. Technical Requirements: Well, let's talk about some specific technical requirements you need to get started with stock photography. So for beginning, you must be at least 18 years old, and so you must own all the files. You upload the rights off them, and I also have the proper authorization when needed. But we could talk about the end of the classes about model property releases as well. First, the archives most djejp RGB. We charge in most popular formats for online images. Also, they must have at least four megapixels, though larger is much better to say. And then we also you must have the quality standards that each stock agency requires. There's a natural person that going toe look every meat image that you send and going to make sure that's according to their requirements. These are some off the quality standards that stock agencies have so about. Closure. Make sure that you don't have any clicking parts where it's 100% black for 100% white and also make sure they get your composition. Terrorism must be level, and it must be a pleasing, a static image, and then you have to take a look. Get noise that happened when you decreased too much or Aiso or you tried to expose too much post production because they which waas for the exposed. So be sure that you see the noise if there's not too much, maybe something that they won't approve and then folks and sharpen is really important, like I think I really closed loop. If the focus, it's in the main subject, if the image is charged over so overall there is no movement, camera shake or people are moving. That is something that's also departed for you to check before sending no payment. Well, I get paid by PayPal have no problems. They sent the money from UK, United States, other countries. They'll get my PayPal counting dollars and then I convert them to my local currency and have them in my bacon. Count can also buy stuff by big boat, but I don't actually do that much. I usually just send the money back to Brazil so you can also use other companies that similar to PayPal, likes creel or pay a year, and you can also request for banking jacks. If that's something that the agencies making available well, equipment, you don't have to be a pro to take photos for stop agencies. You can do that with your smartphone. Most of them will be just fine. Just make sure you go in the settings and put it in the highest quality and size so you can have better images to send. And you can also use your mirror lists or DSLR cameras. Basically, anything that's according to their standards will be passing as a proven image. 4. Comercial & Editorial Value: remember when I said that they won't pay per photo, it's pretty low, and you must have high commercial value. That's because you must have must have peeling images for your customers. So here are some things that consider quieter. Looking for images that express on idea call say they must have a clear message that went, Someone's looking for any image. They must understand what you intended with. Also, you must look for high men on topics or subject that are many people were looking for. That increases the chances that you have more sales. So to know why I images valuable must know why they're using for and for commercial use. Basically, it's for advertisement presentations, books and other forms off information that people are trying to sell something they are trying to sell a DS other product. So I have to think like a client and make images that might be appealing for them and then have the editorial use, which is different from the commercial use and newspapers. Magazines are looking for buying images that stuck agencies and they are looking for. You will use worth material, such as an event that may be your shop and you have been yours off that maybe their interest and also start IV editorial. I commit cups on a team or something that conveys an idea for a story they're doing, and also I also should for everyday life. I just go out there and shoot people taking buses walking around the city and something that people might use us. Well, well, now I'm going to give a few suggestions off subject made troop shoot that have a high commercial value. First is food everybody eats so everyday dishes, special dishes. You can shoot them, make them special. And that went with that. Something that people are looking for, and you can get creative with that, like making the food. You can also like someone eating. Or even when the latest done T can shoot all that. You know, just be creative in how one to show the subject. Don't do like everyone does. Try to find your own way to tell the story. Another subject that I suggest it's travel and you don't have to travel right now. You can take a look at your best photos off her best trips and see if there's something received to send. And also, if you live in a touristic city, you cannot just walk around, take some photos off the lane marked Eugene's off some beautiful places, have your own city, and then something really used easy to do on to have the opportunity to take advantage off the weather, shooting different times off the years in different times of the day. So this is supportive care, so they have to mention last project. I recommend that you guys with your photos that you find it has commercial value in the project, and we will discuss about these images and give some suggestions tips that will be helpful for you to get started. Well, there are some interesting seasonal subjects that you can shoot like the holidays, Christmas, Easter and others holidays that you have in your country, especially things that are local culture. And they have special Vitrolles or situations. That's something definitely that people are looking for. So think about that, and I do so I do shoot original stuff in my country and they sell really well because I don't have the international competition for this subject, so it's much easier for you to shoot things there are local. Well, this is the most fun thing to shoot your own life. Take advantage off the places you know, the people, you know. Goal there, Shoot. Let's say you have a friend that just have a baby. Maybe go there, making them some part rates off them and sell those photos. Maybe you work in an interesting place like a bar or even a factory. You can also make photos there. So the advantages off the things that you have in your life in their different from that make it makes a different crop are. And that's that. Definitely something that's going to bring more interest to your photos. 5. Editing: Well, now that we know what the image value means for stock photography, we can start talking about editing the images. I tried many different work flows in the past, and I found the system that works inside White Room. But first I select them and give them red tag. After I put it the titles and two words, I give them a yellow back and after I had the image itself, like the exposure and other details. Then I give them a blue tack and after s and toe the stock agencies a purple. So how do I select my images? First, I make sure it's a striking image that has a powerful message, as I said before. So it has the commercial or do terrible a tutorial value that we're looking for. And then I take a look at the 100% of you to make sure that there is no noise and the sharpness is fine. Mostly, the search engines from the stock agencies are blind. You must describe your image as much as you can because you have a red bo and you don't say it. It's a red bow. No one's going to fight that image last, you're saying by the keywords. So keywords are the way that people actually find your images and titles convey to whether explain what they're seeing. So starting with keyboards, you have a minimal off, usually 15 2 to 50 keywords. So keep that in my in this example, have some key wards that are literally describing the image. It's like man, a cell phone car. These are actually seen. Try to stay describing things that are important for the image. Don't talk about things that are details are waiting the back or not mean for so stick to the most important things in the image. Now we can talk about some concepts off the image, like talking figuratively, get up about communication. As the young man, it's using the cellphone, probably to send messages to see something we can talk about transportation, this image. We can talk about a bunch of subjects, and the key words that will refer to that must be cool Did now titles have less importance in the search engines, but they're still pretty important. And that's something that you have to pay a station with, basically went to use the main key words you are, put it to describe damage. So in the guy that Kabir had, we can just but the men keyw ords here and we have our tight already. Now this is a very important too. When you're writing your key wards and your titles, make sure that to save this in the metadata, it means that we're going to saving the fire off the image. And that's very useful because when you were below, this image is for the stock agencies, the website read. This image is already there for you, so you have to be typing in each of the website that you visit to yourself a lot of time for you about editing. There's something particular that have baby cause a station, and that's the use off trade marks on other things that we don't have the rights to use. We can just remove them like the logo from a T shirt on the shoe, or that, too, because the artwork off little toe actually belongs to the person that made it. So we're going to talk about more that the property releases the mother releases. But by this moment, if you have anything that trade Mark that you don't know the rights or you don't have the authorization to use. You must remove it whenever moving trademarks and logos. I usually do it in life room or focal shop. They have specific tools that you can do that on. It's usually something seen bowls of them just gets too complicated and not worth it. To record the locals, you can send them as editorial bending the kind of image. Or you can just move along to the next one. Removing logos and other brand informations can be really difficult and take a lot of time , and the best thing you can do is to hide those locals before shooting like this TV. I just covert the logo from Sony and also have some props that I like to shoot like this had phone. There were some breading here and here and just tickets, um, white date and here stick. It's a black day, so it is really a type safer when you do with the head 6. Model & Property Releases: Now let's talk about model and property releases first, what they are when you need one and when you don't need what. The mother release his doctorate ization to use the person image for commercial use. So photographing someone on it's a recognizable person. You must have our release if you're using for commercial years. If you're shooting for editorial use like crowd or place of a lot of people, you never need to release for people. For editorial reasons. Okay, only commercial reasons. Sometimes you can add people to your image and get away without needing a mother release. In this example, we have a bunch of feet, but no one is really recognizable. We don't have anything, does no logo's so is very generic, and you don't either release to use this kind of image. Well, in this case, we do need a release. They are all mothers posing for the photo that you can see their faces. They're recognizable. They all signed a release for me authorizing the use so property release. It's in the case when you have a private property or artwork in the owner off them, it's granting you permission to use for commercial use, but you don't always need a proper to release. Like in this case. There is no recognisable property, and you have no sense where it's happening. It seems very generic, so it's okay not to have the release in this case. Sometimes you do need the release, like in this case there's a recognizable property, and I did have the owner to sign for me the authorization to use this image. 7. Final Thoughts: So that's it about getting started with stop photography. I hope to see your class project soon so I can help you with the best way I can. So you have a good start to the stock for cover for business. And if you have any questions, are anything else that you want to s just would have documents down below. I'll take a look. Don't keep in touch. Thank you.