Get out of Debt and Get Control of Your Finances

Will Parker, BMW by day and Personal Finance by night!

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8 Videos (12m)
    • Real Money Segment

    • Intro 2

    • How Much Should I Be Spending

    • Gather Your Expenses

    • Add Your Expenses to Your Zero Based Budget

    • Using Budgeting Software

    • Tips and Tricks and Lonely Nights

    • One Final Request


About This Class

In this class you'll learn what it takes get rid of debt and live on a budget.

After finding myself in almost $24,000 of debt I decided I'd had enough. I drew a line in the sand and followed some basic budgeting and debt principles and paid off my debt in 9 months and 1 day. 





Will Parker

BMW by day and Personal Finance by night!

My friends tell me I have the best job in the world... and I think they may be right. Driving BMWs all day isn't a bad day at the office. But, no matter what "job" I'm have, serving and helping people is my passion. I've had success with my Personal Finances and I KNOW you can too.   

Things I like about myself: DEBT FREE

Things I don't like about myself: I bite my finger nails

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