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Get on trend with LinkedIn native video

Nshuti Paulin, Motion Graphics Artist

Get on trend with LinkedIn native video

Nshuti Paulin, Motion Graphics Artist

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4 Lessons (9m)
    • 1. Get on trend with linkedin videos

    • 2. Best practice needed

    • 3. Toos needed in native videos

    • 4. Posting native video on linkedin 1

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About This Class

Welcome to the  get on trend with LinkedIn native video class

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for companies of all sizes. Learn how to Make the world's #1 professional native video for your personal brand. in this class you will be able :

  • to get on trend with LinkedIn native video
  • to post your native video with your computer and on your phone
  • to shoot and design your video with free & easy tools 
  • best practice to use on your video

Let's start the class right now!

Meet Your Teacher

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Nshuti Paulin

Motion Graphics Artist


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1. Get on trend with linkedin videos: Hey, everyone, they come to get incentive 19 video course mine age Tripoli and I'm just a market for those who don't know. 1980 Video is a video you got on a phone or computer, then approached during the 1990 videos. Marketers of unique to trees Targeted There isn't a dance off professionals group. Well, then, extending for the parts for video is shed more than any other type of social content. If your target audience using tin will be missing a great opportunity If you don't use Internet video, you can get if you just introduce you company, explain how you can hips us to answer questions and promote uneven toe. This goes with tissue. The tools needed to get amazing videos. Best practice for videos on Linton. Andi also teach you how to posted video with computer under on a phone. I hope you enjoyed discourse, so let's get started 2. Best practice needed: if you're on a come back to the coast in this material, looking for best practice for videos on in 10. Best practice number one. Beyond Touching, waving, edited High Court. If it does, an important you don't don't take your business personality out off them completely. Act like a new person, really able hunting torch. And he ought to say this practice number to keep it short even. Do you have up to 10 minutes? Shorter videos perform better, according to the video Google. 5% of us. We stop watching by two minutes. I prefer 1 to 2 minutes to ensure the users stay interested. Best practice number stream at hashtag Or is that just back to your ringtone content with the it supposed or published at course or video? It's happier video on or content to be found for that topic. This practice number four She was impact topic. There's so many ways to the village nicked in video. In addition to this moon years on representation signee, consider sharing the most station tips, the understanding event on business change. So that was my for best practice for 19. Did you? I am living with Lincoln. Do you ever post about your job? Exciting things happening. I've never really posted anything on my Lincoln because I just don't really know how to work it. I've done an article, I believe. One time. I hate to admit it, but not much else than that. I don't feel like people are conversing with me or engaging with me enough. Are you using Hashtags? You can use Hashtags to interact with other people in your industry, and it will bring up articles. Job postings, people. Plus, you can learn more about your passions or start conversations on your connections. So I had no idea. You gotta start sharing. I do. You give, like your network thumbs up when something cool happens. I do that because that encourages everyone. Did you get them to? I wish I always like that. It's like a thumbs up 3. Toos needed in native videos: if when I come back to the question differently, we're talking about the tools you can use to record videos and did it for locals. And easy to use the two number. And you can use slowpokes video recorder. So boxes of education to from Mr That allergic or just keen on deep come on to something it enables in onto coat, edit and share high court images using just a become the total number two we can use and meter is across debate video creation service. Start produce he just from photos, video clips and music in tow. It is straight shoe and customers with this presentation, and Mr Comes if a lot of many photos and music on visitors to use in your videos. Two. Number C canoes come Tasia confuses Australia's for getting video tutorials and presentation. Dixie just concludes toe direct recording pregnant on to Microsoft PowerPoint so they have the letters you can use to coat the videos. If you don't have a community, can use your phone or whip. Come on your computer. So seeing the next video 4. Posting native video on linkedin 1: it is when I come back to the question tissue doing toe a port of eternal in cancer toe approach. A few taken pecan home. I call in contrast the sacred or study a post. Keep Zaken in countries they do want to upload, coping. Pick next, then in concentrating or description. The eighties Christian. It is crucial you nice, uh, north on business. So pretty So the 82 customers to customers keep improving improving your customer experience to get get to their customers. So once you finish toe, write a description. Construct aerating your circulating you you have toe. That's Doug. I started B two b hashtag providing are stuck. Business has to regularity customer experience to get his talk. So a struggle. Eight. Keep improving their customers customers as toe a strike for the motivation. Start freedom opposition Justo, But I see. But in a shoot, then once you're finished toe register gate kick on post good night. Certainly not. It is to be applauded. So if you need many examples off videos, you can create Arlington These minutes imposed erectus girl She looked bottom seriously. Can you help me lose followers? Let me explain. So when someone is a connection to you. Lengthen automatically also registers them as a what if someone follows you. They're not necessarily a connection. It's kind of a square rectangle situation. All squares to this guy. Clinton alums First Post Me Just fact right portion of your brain's gonna like If I tell you a story. Your brain lights up like a Christmas tree able to connect. There was, like this study done. I don't remember. I forget the name of the guy, but basically in like the sixties. He goes California to the school. He's like, Yeah, I want to put this I want to put your school So no video If you do, who's successful?