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Get a Job in Sales: Launch your Sales Career Now

teacher avatar Stephen Atkinson

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Overview of course

    • 3. Beliefs

    • 4. Mentors UF

    • 5. Applying for jobs UF

    • 6. Interview preparation

    • 7. First impressions

    • 8. Painting pictures with words

    • 9. Closing interviews

    • 10. Conclusions

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About This Class


This simple and straightforward course will show you how to get your first job in sales.

Learn everything you need to get you on a the fast track to a sales career

  • Learn everything you need to know from scratch, quickly and simply - so you can land your dream job fast
  • Discover the best ways to promote yourself - so you stand out from the crowd - making you the 'obvious' choice for any sales role
  • Build strong self-belief and confidence - making you ready and relaxed for an interview
  • This course is designed to be easily understood by absolute beginners - so that anyone, even without sales experience, can follow the simple steps and get a job in sales
  • As you complete each of the course modules, you will grow in confidence - so you can land your first sales role in the shortest amount of time
  • Step-by-step, you will learn how to prepare for that all important interview the easy way using simple examples to build your confidence and beat the competition - so you get your first job offer faster
  • Learn how to be ready for those 'awkward' questions, even if you have no sales experience whatsoever - and so make yourself the prime candidate for any role
  • By the end of the course you will have amassed the self-belief and confidence to apply for and get a job in sales

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1. Introduction: Once upon a time, there was a career where you didn't need an armful of qualifications or to be given a hand from the family business, or even to have the combined business acumen of the top 10 CEOs in the world, a career where you granted the freedom of knowing where you're going. Given the gift of defining your own success on carving out your own destiny, this career was called sales. All that is still true. Now, in taking this course, you hope to join one of the highest paired income groups in the world. In this profession, you can maintain control of your career, making yourself a valuable asset to any company that piers for your expertise. You are in the driving seat. The following course will show you how to drive on importantly, how not to crash. Choosing a career in sales will mean that you have unlimited choices for your future advancement, a career where you can both build your fiscal value on none of your self worth. All this and you can have fun along the way. Sales people are some of the most respected and well paired individuals on the planet, and generally salespeople appeared for what they know in practice, rather than what it says they knew on paper. In other words, anyone can make it in sales even without the right qualifications. What this guide will do is stay you into the fast lane of practical knowledge noise that you can immediately put into practice. It will show you how to make the right choices on follow them up with positive action, the oldest rule in the universe cause and effect consistently making the right choices on following through with correct actions. When that you will have the tools to get on a great career path in sales, this guy is the sum of all. My knowledge. Is a successful sales person and sales person manager molded into one practical guide with a simple aim of getting you your first job in sales. Through this car, she will become confident in the knowledge that you are in control and not controlled. You will define your own income by going the extra mile, and you will create your own seals career. It's a big responsibility, and it's a big commitment, but it's worth it. You're in the driving seat, but it isn't an easy road to follow. Nothing worth having ever is. It will have its unexpected hairpin bends. It's fallen trees across your path, but it will always have its glorious on incumbent strikes, where you can put the top down and savor the magic. If you want a routine on the 95 stop reading. No, because sales isn't for pedestrians, you will be tested. Are you up for it? Sales is a career where you will be rewarded for your skill and efforts not only financially, but also with the respect of your peers, your family, your friends and your customers. A career where you can and awards that will literally take you around the world. Commitment is a small price to pay for gaining a career of your dreams, so let's get started. 2. Overview of course: Okay, let's have a quick overview of what we're going to cover in this course festival. We're going to look at beliefs because unless you have the right belief system and you believe in yourself and have confidence, you aren't going to get a job in sales. So we're going to look carefully at what beliefs you should hold to give you the best chance of getting a job in sales. We're also going to look at how Mental Z could help you in your search for a sales role. Metal is very important in many areas of life, but particularly in the area of getting a job in sales. And also where to find jobs in sales would also take a look. It the interview itself because aside from applying for the job in the fast place, the next stage is usually an interview. This is when you really get a chance to shine first in pro expressions of very important, so we'll be going through those in a later module and finally closing the interview properly. So to make sure that you are aware of all the things that you've done right, what you're doing wrong, how you can improve on them next time if there is a next time or better still being successful with the into you at this point. 3. Beliefs: this section concerns the basic principles of actually London and career in sales. It also concerns the call. Strategies, when moving, are considering moving to a better sales position, moving up, or either to another company, are seeking advancement internally. For all the reasons mentioned in the introduction, you have decided to go for a career in sales. Let's assume you have no previous sales experience, but you want to get into sales. However, some of the positions that you want to apply for mentioned that dreaded experience word and you might think, OK, I've got a Catch 22 situation here. I can't get into sales without experience, and I can't get experience without working sales. I'm stuck before I start. If you believe that, then you're right. You aren't going to get past first bears. But this Catch 22 belief is only That's a belief West nuts. It is a disempowering belief, and if you are holding on to a belief like this, then it is doing you absolutely no good whatsoever. It will literally stop you in your tracks. Successful sales people do not get stopped in their tracks. If you do hold a catch 22 belief. Then you need to replace it right now, with the belief that is more wholesome and more positive. In other words, a belief that will assist you towards your goals and not hold you back. You need to begin by asking yourself some questions. These will help stop breaking down this negative belief and replace it with something more positive. Here are some example Questions. If all the ants say you need experience than whether all the new sales people come from, they have to start somewhere. Surely everyone starts with no experience. If the only employee sales people with experience, then that pool of sales people would soon shrink on. Whether aware. Another question, you might ask is if sales techniques can be taught is experience. The overriding factor in our returning career in this field isn't a willingness to land on enthusiasm. Also paramount importance. And here's another one could experience be a negative thing for a prospective employer? No one likes change, and that includes sales people. Could prospective employer find themselves interviewing a sales person that was so set in their ways, so willing to take on new challenges that they could have a detrimental effect on sales. Asking questions like these will weaken the Catch 22 belief. If you ask enough of the right type of these questions, they will destroy it. As you destroy this disempowering belief, you need to build a new, empowering belief focused on you. You can build this better belief by asking good questions of yourself. Here again are some examples of new, empowering questions. Here's a fast one. What's attributes Do you current process that would impress a perspective? Employer Despite your apparent lack of experience with this question, you need to think out of the box to use the old cliche. What makes his sales passing good Sales passing well, One of the key attributes of a good sales person is sometimes termed as people skills of communication skills. So can you think of a town, your life or past occupations? When people skills were a major part of your role? Have you lead a team on a project in previous occupation, a voluntary organisation, or even at school or college? Have you been in a position to resolve conflict? Are successfully arbitrated between two or more parties? Have you worked a lot on the telephone in a past life. All these are examples of people skills. Start by listening your experience in this area on a note. But right now, whatever attributes make a sales person, another might be tenacity or consistency. Can you think of time when you have set yourself a goal or set about achieving it? Using these qualities? Maybe you're a black belt in karate. If so, didn't you need to spend hours in the dough honing our skills until he finally achieved that goal? Isn't that quality something that a prospective apply? It might be looking for. Think about your experiences where your tenacity or consistency came to the fore. And again make a note of these. When you're making you notes, make them as detailed as possible, setting the time the place on the names of people involved. Any particular example. This goes for all your notes, which you make when following this course. There's a good reason for this will come to a letter. Meanwhile, what other attributes can you think off another question? Another empowering question you might ask yourself is, Do I actually have some sales experience that I can use to strengthen my case? this seems a little weird. It fast. After all, you've already said you have no sales experience, but think about it. Good salesmanship is simply combination off some key attributes such as commitment, self belief, organizational skills, self motivation, confidence and enthusiasm just to name a few. Have you in your past being called upon to utilize the skills? Maybe when you be talking to your Children are convincing your partner that your favorite holiday destination is the best for all concerned. Or persuading a boss that the latest piece of high tech software is an absolute requirement for the company. Selling equals communication. If you communicate with your fellow humans, then every day you sell, even if it's just your ideas on your point of view. Can you think of any other areas of your life where you have used the key skills using selling on? Note them down now and finally, here's another empowering question to ask yourself, What can I do to gain some sales experience? This question requires you to take action in the present. In today's world of the Internet, a World Wide Web we have blessed with an abundance of information on literally anything never in the history of mankind, and we had this plethora of information at our fingertips. You may not have sales experience, but you can't gain sales wisdom on the first place to start accumulating. This is, via the Internet, hit the road or, in this case, the information superhighway, and find out where their online sales courses, such for recruitment saints, to help you define the up and coming markets and sales on what the potentials earnings are , research and read. Doing this will help you to start to think like a sales person on, more importantly, like a successful one. 4. Mentors UF: I never avenue you need to explore. To absolve sales wisdom is to find a mental. Do you already know somebody in sales? Is it the same passenger included you in this direction? If you do know a successful sales person, wanna ask them to be your mentor? That way, you will gain from their acquired experience and put yourself on the fast track to sell success concerned. If you ask them and they may say no. This is the first concern anyone. House when considering a career in sales, and it is commonly known as the fear of rejection. But let's consider what might happen. Firstly, why would this sales person not agrees to mentor you? After all, it will cost them nothing but a little time on the unlikeliest again, a feeling of achievement from it that we all feel when we help Someone out there will be flattered, I knew believe meeting one of their fundamental needs that needs to be understood and remember. Everyone likes to talk about himself or herself. Expect a positive yes, and you are more likely to get it. If you do end up getting a new, it's simply a new life goes on and its partners excise to worry about why they might reject your offer in advance. All mentally beating yourself up after the event. Go for yes. Expected? Yes, and you're more likely together. Yes, another way to gain experience is sales is the shadow of sales representative for a day or two. This would give you an insight into the world of sales, and you can get a real feel for it. Watching it professional meet with their customers are prospects. How do you set this up? There are a few ways, but the easiest is either to ask your mentor if you have one, or directly approach a sales department of an organization. To do this, define which area of sales you wish to be in. I commend Eshel pharmaceutical industrial business to business and then narrow this down to a medium to large, successful companies in your area. No, you need to take positive action, as with the example before regarding getting a mentor, you need to expect a positive outcome. Always remember, I know it's simply no life goes on. You are not psychologically crushed, you will not go to jail, and your friends will not desert you so think. Is a successful sales passing? Unexpected? Yes. Now sit down and make a short list of no more than 10 companies in your chosen area on that telephone numbers. If there is a number for the sales department, then use that such a couple of our decide where you can be alone and understand just you on the telephone. Call it the first company on the list and confidently, I was a positive expectation. Ask to speak to the general sales manager. The passing. You may eventually need to speak to maybe somebody else or have a different title, but this will get you going in the right direction. Try to get their name in advance, maybe from the corporate website. When you get through to the sales manager concisely and simply explain who you are, what you want and why you want it. Then ask them if they can help. That's it. Short and straight to the point when I say short and strike to the points, I do not mean rush. Keep your voice steady, come even if you feel yourself tensing. If you're about to make the call on, this is likely to speed up your speech under make you fluff your lines. Then bring it deeply and slowly as you die in the last number. Briefly think of something that makes you happy. This will make you smile inwardly and outwardly on reflects in your voice when you start to speak. When explain who you are, what you wants on, why you want it to the sales manager. It will help if you keep a note, the man points you want to get across in front of you. You could write a script for the whole thing, but I found that people often rush these as they approached the end of the coal or the effect. The turnout. See the voice so it becomes a natural offstage. E. Let's have a look at the main points of your pitch in a little more detail, so explain who you are. This is obvious, but it's a simple details that can get missed and start a dialogue off on the wrong foot. So tell them your name. Explain what you want. You are looking to start a career in sales, and you will liked against infest and experience of a season sales professional Here's an example. I want to start a career in sales, and I'm looking to shadow a top notch sales professional out in the field after you explained what he wants. Explain why you want it again. Make this concise and to the point. Don't rumble. If you can't find the right words, then pick the simplest example. I feel this will give me a deeper understanding of sales on enhanced my chances of breaking into a sales role. Then ask if they can help again keep it simple and concise. Here's an example. Would it be possible to spend some time on the road with one of your top salespeople? Make the notes for your pitching your words, using these previous examples to guide you. But in a nutshell. Tell them who you are, what you want, why you want it and ask if they can help. That's it. Let me quiet and wait for their answer. They are likely to answer in one of three ways they will ever ask you some more questions, which is a good sign, in which case you will need to answer their questions honestly and concisely be prepared. In other words, consider the questions that you might be asked before you even pick up the phone and make a note of them with your well fought out answers. For example, they might ask what experience you are previously had with meeting customers. Answer all their questions until you feel you have answered them all satisfactorily and then politely ask again if they can help. I never answer. They might give might simply be new. If this is a case, politely thank them for the time and in the phone call the most likely answer. If you gonna tick confidently well prepared, being concise and place will be yes. Again. Be prepared for this. Doing some surprise. Simply express your pleasure. Thank them and ask them what you need to do next. Here's an example. That's great, thank you. How do I go about it? Here are a few do's and dont's When using this approach, don't be apologetic in your words, Romana and it was. Don't use where it's like Sorry or sorry to bother you. Don't mumble or talk too fast. Don't be too familiar using the first name without being invited to do so. Don't ramble on on on Don't get emotional. Don't be tempted to fill pauses with Weds. If you have asked a question, let them answer. Don't make things up but do be prepared. Do be confident in achieving, opposed to result and do be prepared to be flexible. For example, if the best sales person lives 100 miles away, I want you to hit the road at six in the morning with them, then do your best to go with it. After all, you have everything to gain. So make it easy for them answering, empowering questions and following through on positive actions, making detailed notes and shadowing a sales person. Well, old boost your confidence when you approach sales job interviews. The interview won't changed. No. Is the specifications requiring experience? But following these actions will strengthen your positive belief in yourself changing your police in this way. We'll give you an edge even over some of the applicants with sales experience. You will be able to demonstrate at the interview that you've done your homework, that you're serious about position, that you're keen and ambitious, that you're enthusiastic and then you are willing to put in the work to secure the position . Now it does not sound like a list of attributes of any potential employer will be looking for 5. Applying for jobs UF: before you start looking for jobs in sales and applying for them, make sure you have done the basics. Without sales experience, it will often be easier to apply for positions in industries where you may already have some experience. So if you have previous experience in car mechanics, applying for sales job in car sales might make more sense than applying for a medical sales position. Always customize your resume to match the requirements of the role you are applying for. For example, if it says seeking a sales role, then change it to seeking an entry level sales role in auto sales. So be more specific. Make sure that in any application letters you write as well as your resume that you are clear about what type of role you want. Don't be vague in the hope of getting any job. It is unlikely to work. Be flexible in your approach to your first sales role. It is often easier to find positions in cosmetic or home improvement industries as an independent sales agent where they may be do not require previous sales experience. Getting a job here might not be ideal, but it will give you a matter of rail sales experience that will put you in good stead for when you want to move on. Whatever you apply for, always been willing to take an entry level position. Remember, it's simply the first step, not your entire career. Make sure your resume is clean and strength forward. Whatever you do, don't lie on it. You are likely to be caught out apart from this being very embarrassing. You will also be rejected for the position. Make sure the debts and grades on your resume are accurate and that any gaps in employment can be logically explained in a positive where also look for the negatives. Put yourself in the shoes of a perspective employer and go through your resume picking out all the potential areas. Were an interviewer might start probing and be ready with your positive one. Logical answers one obvious question that often comes up in into uses. Tell me about your weaknesses so well in advance of the interview, determine what your weaknesses are and how you are going to deal with this question, saying you have no weaknesses. Won't put it. They will probably see you not been able to admit to any weaknesses as a weakness. Trying to flip your weaknesses into a strength can also be risky. Example. You are too driven when going after business. This type of answer doesn't always win. True. Instead, try re focusing on your strengths. Then say what you are doing to overcome the weakness on what benefit that will have. So if you're weakness is financial data, you might say, As you can see from my previous experience, I'm constantly landing on looking to improve. I'm currently focusing on improving my abilities with financial information. This will give me a greater confidence and credibility when talking to prospects. Also provide positive references and make sure you contact your referees to let them know that a potential prospective employer might give them a call. I went to find jobs. Job hunting is never easy, but being organized, enthusiastic and consistent will get you results in a long term. To a large extent, job hunting is a numbers game. The more lines you put in the water, the more chance you will have of London your perfect role. Bearing this in mind, don't get sidetracked by the one job where you think it might be the one keep on applying and seeking out new opportunities. While you are waiting for that letter to come back or confirmation of that next interview, don't sit on your hands waiting for stuff to happen. Keep on applying. It is better to have two or three definite job offers on the table, then be working and waiting for the one. Maybe you are sure that is in the bag. Hair. Some different approaches to finding in sales role. You can try the direct approach by sending out what is often known as a broadcast or a speculative application. Pick out a list of companies you would like to work for at least 30 and send them a short introductory letter stating who you are, what you want on what benefits you can bring to their business. Always keep it polite and formal. Generally, this approach will gather a lot of knows. Oh, be completely ignored. So be prepared for this. However, you only need one yes to make the whole process where while, as I said before, it's a numbers game, and if your timing is right on a position has just become open, then it makes sense for them to have a look at you. Networking is also great where finding jobs in sales consider all the people you know family, friends, past and present white colleagues. Professional contacts keep in touch with these people, especially through online platforms such as Lincoln. Let them know you're looking actually trying the previous two approaches. You also need to be such in the media for job opportunities, and that includes local and national newspapers and magazines, specifically, trade magazines related to the industry you are trying to enter as it is in these magazines that you are likely to see adverts for rules linked to the industry. Also, sign up for email elects from jobs boards such as Monster. You may also approach recruitment agencies, which all tend to have on online presence these days. But be advice. Not all recruitment agencies are the same. They often specialize in a particular industry or sector. Do your homework before approaching them so you don't waste your time. All this There are too many agencies toe list here, but a strike fold Google search was soon athm. As I said, right at the beginning, the key to success is being organized and consistent. Just like in sales itself. You need to be tenacious and you're job hunting. I've used all the possible avenues at your disposal. 6. Interview preparation: Okay, here are a few fundamentals when attending your fast interview for a sales position. Some of this missing very basic. But as you del favor into the world of sales, you will see that much of sales is good old fashioned common sense. So getting the basics right? First time every time insures whatever you do in your sales career gets off to the very best of stars. Never underestimate the basics. An awful lot of people do. You need to be ahead of the crowd on ensuring you know the basics will ensure you get in pole position. So in Advance City into you, let's take the most obvious things first. You should, at this point of investigated by all means possible everything about the company you're going to be interviewed by. You should have a surface level understanding of the market there in products they sell, who owns him, who they are, then man rivals. And if you can get a feeling for the corporate culture, if you can access the website, check if they have a mission statement posted there now for some practicalities and show you know why the interview will take place? Sounds obvious doesn't. But what if everyone knows where company exits located in town? So you stand upon the doorstep to find that it is exactly where Company X is located. But only the manufacturing facility. The sales and marketing department, have expanded over the last few years, and now they're located across town. The moral of the story is knew exactly what you are going, and sure you leave enough time to get that. Leaving a margin of error for traffic train bus delays. If you still turn up for the interview, let then apologize. Very briefly explain why. Don't make excuses off Flame of the People. Then get on with me into you. They want thank you for going into a long explanation, full of excuses for 10 minutes when they were already behind schedule. Be prepared. Try to get some idea of the format of the interview in advance. Well, every moulded, one pass interfering. Will it be any tests? This can often happen in larger organisations where you may have a combined interview with aptitude tests or presentations or even psychometric testing. This type of candidate assessment is often referred to as an assessment centre on assessment Centre can take a big chunk of your dear so buried in mind. If you want to practice taking psychometric tests online, it's a good idea. Try one of the following websites. Put yourself in The interview is shoes. Imagine you are the sales manager. What would you be looking for in a candidate? What type of skills? What type of experience, How would they look? Scribbled out some answers to these questions and take them on board. Follow your common sense instinct. If you have a nagging doubt that the Nolte tell your grandma, but you lost back, there does not quite match your best suit. Then follow your instinct addiction. Tie for something more businesslike. Look, shop and look smart. You need to arrive at least 10 minutes before the interview is scheduled. Don't cut it. Fine. This should give you enough time to compose yourself in readiness for the into you. If there is a toilet bathroom, then use it not simply because nature calls but to use the mirror. Is your tie streit? Herr Tidy? Good. No smile. Feel confident you have done your homework on you already and PS while you're smiling, Make sure there is no spinach stuck in your teeth. 7. First impressions: okay, it's interview time. So by now you should have destabilized any negative beliefs by asking destabilizing questions. Replace any negative police with positive ones by asking empowering questions. Built a list of positive references to boost your belief and self confidence. Also built a list of sales attributes that you possess on a list of examples that demonstrate them. So go back to your notes. For this. You should have researched and prepared thoroughly using the Internet mental or even shadowed a sales person in the field. If you journalists than you. Already during the interview itself, there are some obvious fundamentals. Don't mumble, etcetera. These are very similar to the list of Do's and dont's for the telephone call previously, but let's just review a few. Don't be apologetic in your words. A manner. Don't mumble or talk too fast. Don't be too familiar. I don't ramble on and on. Don't get emotional. Don't be tempted to fill policies with wets. If you've asked the question, remember to let them answer and don't make things up. So let's talk about first impressions in the into you. It's a cliche, but fast impressions really do count on meeting interview smile. Introduce yourself and give a fair handshake. Don't crush their hand by over doing it. If you need to test your grip on a partner or friend, only sit down when invited to do so. And certainly not before they do. Most interviews will kick off in Into you were a few pleasantries, for example, How is your janu of it? They will do this for two reasons, mainly to put your ease but also discussing something for a few moments about your janney the weather, etcetera. We'll give them an insight into the salsa passing you are. So even though this appears to be casual banter, be aware and avoid going on about whatever the subject happens to be for too long. They will soon want to move on to the interview proper. Avoid negativity, even if it's only about the weather. Subconsciously, this could tell him you are negative. Passing generally on that in the sales into you is not a good first impression. Obviously, being negative about the weather of the traffic etcetera doesn't mean to say you are a negative person. Generally, in fact, it's very unlikely. But there are no second chances with first impressions. So why take the risk if you choose to bring along what is often known as a BRAC file? This is usually a full the comprising of transparent sleeve insets, where you can insert any formal qualifications, certificates, letters of referral, previous sales statistics and show that it is organized inside, so that should you need to refer to it, you can find the relevant information quickly and efficiently. You know what I say. Refer to it. A brat file is an aide or till you may use at your interview, but it won't do the interview for you. Only use a BRAC file for reference. Don't walk me into you through it, as they may soon become bored with this, and some of it may be of little interest to them. If you do have any statistics or sales figures that you can incorporate into your BRAC file , make sure that you're right through them and fully understand them in advance of your into you as it may have been a while since you have looked at them, you do not want to be trying to figure out what a particular figure signifies in the middle of your interview. That is way too much pressure. Has there any questions openly and honesty as this will endear you to the interview? Don't put on an act or try to be someone you are not being yourself will help you relax and you will laugh are give a veteran to you and show that you have some good intelligent questions to ask. Have these unwritten nurse This will again show that you are well prepared and Sprinkle these throughout the interview. It is bad form to ask about the benefits package from the off, and if they are interesting new, they will probably tell you about it will be nest no down some of the questions you may want to ask other questions to avoid in the initial into you are asking about holiday car entitlement, etcetera. Whilst these questions are obviously important and relevant to you, leave them into later. For now, your goal is to win them over with your confidence, enthusiasm on potential, the better you do this now, the more they will want you on board, and the better the offer will be 8. Painting pictures with words: always back up any questions. You want her in the interview with examples, I'm didn't show that you are descriptive when giving examples in every white paint pictures with words. Earlier, we discussed examples of key qualities or attributes that make a successful sales person. Do you know to some examples from your life when you use these successfully when the opportunity arises? You saw these examples when answering the questions. Be specific in your answers. When, where and how are very important. If you are vague or in specific with your examples, your interview may I think you are making them up. Oh, they may become bored. Review your examples in advance and pick the best ones. Too much the key sales attributes. It might be something like this. Organizational skills related time when you had to reorganize the department. The challenges you overkill on the result you achieved communication skills relate how you resolve the conflict between two colleagues. What the problem Waas and how did you help resolve it? Team player again relates How you joining the project team. What your role in this team waas on how you worked alongside your colleagues on what the ultimate result. WAAS targets are goal orientated, relates a goal or target. You have had to achieve the preparations you made, what challenges you faced and how you overcame them. And finally, what the end result? WAAS Using real life stories to flesh out your answers will demonstrate the interviewer that you can walk your talk on this again is a key attributes of successful sales people. 9. Closing interviews: before we talk about closing the into your let's have a quick recap of the main point we've covered so far. So essentially you must be prepared before the interview Without preparation, everything else will feel with preparation. You have the best chance getting through the interview confidently and successfully make sure you make a good fast impression. This always counts, so I'm sure that you smile. Give a fan handshake on. Don't sit down before the interview. And don't be doing informal. Remember to use examples to answer the questions and need to you and make sure that you fill out those examples by painting pictures with words. Do's and dont's for the interview. Don't fidget. A special repents. All mumble Don't rush things for you by speaking too quickly. Don't be too informal. Don't be tempted to lie. A nation is a bonus one. Whatever you do, don't swear on the do side do pulls as required. Before you went to a question, this will give you time to think about what you need to answer. Do let your enthusiasm for the position sure through that's what they will be looking for. Do be prepared for likely questions with good, logical answers in advance. And do us the questions that you have prepared in advance during the interview. You mean pick up little signs that indicate if you have done well, given all your preparation you should have if these signs appear positive, all good and well. But do not be tempted to jump the gun with a comment like So when do I start assuming that all the signs are being positive? You need to discuss the next stage in the process. The interviewer may already bro Sis by telling you when you are likely to hear if you have been successful or if there will be a second interview. If the interview is drawing to a close and these questions are still unanswered, you need to ask them Finally, when the interview is over and you are happy that you have done everything within your power to prepare for it. That Joe in the interview you have conducted yourself professionally and honestly in a nutshell that you have done your very best. Then there is only one thing left to do, and that is weight. But while you are waiting, follow up with the thank you notes immediately, and also there will be no beating yourself up for the things you should or should not have said or done. The past is past and cannot be changed. If things went wrong, then logically analyze what happened on mentally. Make a note of how you could improve it next time if things went right, making none of those things to incorporate them into any future interviews. If the position is not destined to be yours, then treat the whole thing as a learning experience and move onto the next opportunity, knowing that you can improve on this experience. If you do attend the position, then give yourself a mental pats on the back because now you're a sales person and you bandit. 10. Conclusions: Well, that's the end of the course on all of that. Saves. Thank you. I have really enjoyed making this course, and I hope you've enjoyed going through it. Remember to keep into it. You can contact me any time you like through you to me. Just click on the add discussion tab at the top right inside. I'll keep you posted with any additions to this course as we go along. Remember, you've always got a lifetime access to this cost, so please make use of it. Andi, I'll keep you posted on any of our information regarding sales courses I put out in the near future. Thank you for your time, Onda Se. Any time you like, reach out on Duh. Contact me. Thank you. Bye.