Get Your Twirl on: Intro to Paper Quilling - Basic Shapes; Tools, and Tips. | Lisa Palmer | Skillshare

Get Your Twirl on: Intro to Paper Quilling - Basic Shapes; Tools, and Tips.

Lisa Palmer, Spreading the joy of paper filigree.

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9 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Welcome to Intro to Quilling

    • 2. YTO - Understanding Your Tools Part 1

    • 3. GYTO - Understanding Your Tools Part 2

    • 4. GYTO - Using Your Paper Stash

    • 5. GYTO - Using a Needle Tool

    • 6. GYTO Using Slotted Tool

    • 7. GYTO - 12 Basic Shapes Part 1

    • 8. GYTO - 12 Basic Shapes Part 2

    • 9. GYTO Magical Gluing Tip & Bonus


About This Class


Join Lisa Palmer, paper filigree (quilling) artist, in discovering the joy and elegance of this age old art. Lisa is a juried member of Missouri Artisans Association/Best of Missouri Hands and has received her quilling accreditation from the North American Quilling Guild.

Lisa says,"I'm very passionate about the historic aspects of this beautiful art. I enjoy introducing - or re-introducing - people to paper guilling, and sharing a new adventure with them." 

In Intro to Paper Quilling you will learn: 

A little history about quilling;

About the tools used to create beautiful and consistent shapes;

About papers available;

Lisa’s preferred glue;

Other tips and tricks.

And, of course, how to Get Your Twirl On!! as Lisa guides you in making the 12 basic shapes of paper quilling in this intro video.

If you can't wait for the next video, then hurry over to Lisa's website and see her growing collection of patterns, sign up for her e-newsletter, and connect with Never Bored Creations on Facebook and Pinterest. Your adventure in paper quilling all starts here... Never Bored Creations





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Lisa Palmer

Spreading the joy of paper filigree.

As a craft-o-holic I became bored with everything I knew how to do, so a search in 2011 re-introduced me to paper filigree/quilling. Since January, 2015, I'm been a Best of Missouri Hands/Missouri Artisan juried member, having juried in both 2D Mix Media and Jewelry. In 2016 I received my accreditation with the North American Quilling Guild. I'm honored to be an artisan at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, for its annual Fall Festival during September and October.

I run and own...

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