Get Your Twirl On: Paper Quilling - Wheatear, Alternate Side Loop, Husking | Lisa Palmer | Skillshare

Get Your Twirl On: Paper Quilling - Wheatear, Alternate Side Loop, Husking

Lisa Palmer, Spreading the joy of paper filigree.

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11 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. GYTO Intro Comb and Husking

    • 2. GYTO Comb Options

    • 3. GYTO How to wrap a wheatear & make a leaf

    • 4. GYTO Create a Wheatear Petal

    • 5. GYTO How to alternate colors

    • 6. GYTO Double wheatear into a wing shape

    • 7. GYTO Double Wheatear Petal

    • 8. GYTO Alternate Side Loop wrapped petals

    • 9. GYTO Design Grid Wheatear & ASL

    • 10. GYTO Design Grid Husking

    • 11. GYTO Project directions & conclusion


About This Class

The art of paper filigree, also known as paper quilling, is an age old art dating back almost 500 years to the French nuns and monasteries. 

Are you new to paper quilling? Check out my intro class: Get Your Twirl On: Intro to Paper Quilling - 12 Basic Shapes, Tools, and Tips

In Get Your Twirl on: Paper Quilling - Wheater, ASL, and Husking, you will learn how to create 3 quilling techniques that can stand alone in a design or enhance your other work. 

Directions are given for using a quilling comb (even a pet grooming comb!) and for using a husking design grid.

Below are the shapes taught.






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Lisa Palmer

Spreading the joy of paper filigree.

As a craft-o-holic I became bored with everything I knew how to do, so a search in 2011 re-introduced me to paper filigree/quilling. Since January, 2015, I'm been a Best of Missouri Hands/Missouri Artisan juried member, having juried in both 2D Mix Media and Jewelry. In 2016 I received my accreditation with the North American Quilling Guild. I'm honored to be an artisan at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, for its annual Fall Festival during September and October.

I run and own...

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