Get Your Twirl On: Paper Quilling - 4 Colors - 4 Shapes - 5 Designs + Bonus Design | Lisa Palmer | Skillshare

Get Your Twirl On: Paper Quilling - 4 Colors - 4 Shapes - 5 Designs + Bonus Design

Lisa Palmer, Spreading the joy of paper filigree.

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9 Videos (24m)
    • 4 color intro

    • GYTO - Card Basics

    • GYTO - Flowers

    • GYTO - Flower Centers

    • GYTO - Pulled Shape (Swirl)

    • GYTO - Flower Stem

    • GYTO - Leaf Using a Quilling Comb

    • GYTO - Leaf Using a Sizer Guide

    • Keep those papers rollin'!


About This Class

The art of paper filigree, also known as paper quilling. In this class we will take just 4 colors of quilling paper to make 4 simple quilling shapes and create 5+ card designs!

New to quilling? Check out my beginning video lessons:

Intro to Paper Quilling: Basic Shapes, Tools & Tips  

Paper Quilling: Wheatear, Alternate Side Looping, & Husking





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Lisa Palmer

Spreading the joy of paper filigree.

As a craft-o-holic I became bored with everything I knew how to do, so a search in 2011 re-introduced me to paper filigree/quilling. Since January, 2015, I'm been a Best of Missouri Hands/Missouri Artisan juried member, having juried in both 2D Mix Media and Jewelry. In 2016 I received my accreditation with the North American Quilling Guild. I'm honored to be an artisan at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, for its annual Fall Festival during September and October.

I run and own...

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