Get Your Point Across: Reacting Thoughtfully in Writing

Leigh Faulkner, Communicator

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5 Videos (16m)
    • Get Your Point Across Part 1

    • Get Your Point Across Part 2

    • Get Your Point Across Part 3

    • Get Your Point Across Part 4

    • Get Your Point Across Part 5


About This Class

Do you find communication challenging — especially ethical, thoughtful communication?

We’re inundated with people’s ideas and opinions every time we go on the Internet or read print media. It’s been found that reaction to these ideas and opinions is often either to simply agree or disagree, and, further, that the strength of disagreement or agreement may well depend on how firmly the reader already holds the ideas or opinions.

This is not very productive, since there is no real communication. Real communication — ethical, thoughtful communication — is dynamic and goes deeper.

Going deeper is what this course — “Get Your Point Across: Reacting Thoughtfully in Writing” — will help you accomplish.

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This short class is a great class for anybody, writer or not - it goes through the simple process anybody should take when responding to something online.





Leigh Faulkner


Hello, I'm Leigh Faulkner.

I'm an educator with wide experience. I've taught public school (all grades from four to twelve) and was vice principal or principal of various public schools. I was principal of a private school. I was a volunteer international development worker with the World University Service of Canada and I've taught at universities in three countries.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English & Philosophy, a Bachelor of Education, a Master of Arts (Ed) in Curricu...

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