Get Your Music in TV & Film: A Music Supervisor's Guide to Music Licensing | Trygge Toven | Skillshare

Get Your Music in TV & Film: A Music Supervisor's Guide to Music Licensing

Trygge Toven, Music Supervisor

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6 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Intro to Music Licensing Course

    • 2. Licensing Overview

    • 3. Getting Your Music Licensed

    • 4. iTunes Metadata Lesson

    • 5. Gaining Access to Licensing People

    • 6. Creative


About This Class


This class is perfect for musicians, artists, managers and anyone else looking for a basic understanding of how to get their music into TV & Film projects.

This class will help artists with the ever looming question of "How do I make money with my music?." With this step by step guide, artists will gain access to some of the industry's best kept secrets to licensing music.

In this class we will give an overview of music licensing, provide a step-by-step etiquette guide to getting your music licensed, present tips on gaining access to music supervisors and decision makers, and an overall understanding of the creative process behind the music in your favorite shows, commercials, films, and video games.

Students will go through the process of tailoring an original song to make it "sync-able" for TV, Film, Commercials & Video Games.

This class provides artists and songwriters with a unique opportunity to gain access to professional industry know-how from a Los Angeles based Music Supervisor.





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Trygge Toven

Music Supervisor

Trygge Toven is a multi-talented music supervisor who has worked in television and film, and has produced up-and-coming musicians. He has gained a reputation for keeping his finger on the pulse of new artists, undiscovered talent, and the international scene. Trygge has supervised on a number of films including All Eyez On Me & True Memoirs of an International Assassin. He also has extensive experience with television marketing for all of the major networks and numerous cable outlets, for sh...

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