Get Your First 5 Paying Clients While Working From Home – Start A Successful Online Business | Rob Cubbon | Skillshare

Get Your First 5 Paying Clients While Working From Home – Start A Successful Online Business

Rob Cubbon, An entrepreneur who wants to help you

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3 Videos (15m)
    • How You Can Get Your First Five Paying Clients

    • The 3 Entrepreneurial Paradoxes

    • Working From Home


About This Class

Uncover the secrets of the network you already possess to earn extra money from home. 

Active income – performing a service for clients – is the easiest way to start an online business.

Working from home can be a constant supplement to your income or something fall back on if other more entrepreneurial income streams fail. This course is about:

  • Getting useful business contacts
  • Finding relevant conferences and meetups and how to approach them
  • What to say to your potential clients
  • Utilizing social media to find better work
  • Setting up a home office
  • Focus
  • Making yourself accountable
  • Masterminds
  • Getting people to contact you from your website

The benefits of this course in terms of ideas, focus, and accountability are huge, while the costs and time commitment are negligible. Take it and take action!

It is only by taking action that you can make your dreams a reality





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Rob Cubbon

An entrepreneur who wants to help you

I have over 20 years experience in graphic design and marketing. I have run my own company Rob Cubbon since 2005.

I am also a bestselling Amazon author with books on web design, entrepreneurship and passive income.

I have sold over a quarter of a million dollars of products online - mostly video courses.

I provide creative design and effective marketing services. I love blogging and I love helping people with their businesses.

Being your own boss is an incredibly...

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