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Get Your Dream Job Faster with These Skills and Knowledges. 10 tips that will get you hired faster!

teacher avatar Diemante Sulciute, Hospitality Expert, General Manager

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 3m)


    • 3. I FEEL YOU

    • 4. 1. DO NOT DARE TO GIVE UP!









    • 13. 10. INTRO TO BONUS IDEA



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About This Class


  • No previous experience is needed. However more suitable for people who have already any job experience.
  • Few lessons more related to Hospitality / Hotel professionals


This course has been developed to assist International trained workers like you to create a better-looking CV, develop a better and stronger mentality while searching for a job and while getting hired.

It also covers some advises and tips like LinkedIn, Job search strategies, and free downloadable Resume templates that are designed to assist professional immigrants to create a great-looking CV and smarter mentality while getting hired.

This course also prepares you for better-qualified jobs, better interviews, and reduces the time limit while getting a new job.

During this course, we will review information such as:

  • Resume building

  • Why is it important to read the job description?

  • Employment Agencies

  • How to stay motivated during the job hunt?

  • Why your resume is the KEY?

  • How new knowledge can get you a better job?

  • Why does sending the correct email give you a 75% possibility to get hired?

  • How to keep your persistence to the correct limits while applying and getting your job?

  • Why internship could be an option to get a job anywhere?

  • Secret BONUS¬†IDEA that no one had ever mentioned!

    You're going to get over 1 hour of video lectures, access to the recommended resources like a professional CV template, and the ability to ask me any questions you may have as you progress through the course.

    In summary, this course is great guidance while getting a new better job. By the end of this course, you will know some of the strategies and resources, and knowledge that will guide you to your dream job faster than you have ever dreamed!

    This course is taught by an international Hospitality & Hotel Specialist with over 14 years of experience all over the world.

Who this course is for:

  • For everyone who is struggling by getting a new job.
  • For everyone who is a bit lost while searching for a new job and do not know where to start

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diemante Sulciute

Hospitality Expert, General Manager



Hello, I'm Diemante, an experienced hospitality professional, having a blended experience of training and motivating employees, managing hotel operations, PAR levels, cost-cutting, and revenue incrementations.

Having worked in the hotels for more than 12 years, in a few different countries ( Maldives, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Malta, Lithuania).

My role is to share understandable and easy ways how to increase revenue, manage PAR levels, calculate proper/healthy costs, build attractive menus, by saving unnecessary expenses.

Here to serve, help others to grow in their hospitality career, teach easy ways to improve your outlet's profits, and give the best for people who want to grow.


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1. ABOUT THE COURSE: In this section, hello. 2. INTRO INTO COURSE: Hello everyone. Welcome to the course. How to get hired in hospitality business. My name is Diemante and I am a hospitality specialist, I have been working in hospitality for 14 years in many different countries, many different positions. Today, we are going to speak about How to get hired faster? I will give you some tips for your CVs, for your mental health, and how to improve yourself to get the job that you desired. So let's jump into it. And I really hope that after this course, it will be much easier for you to achieve the job that you desire. And he went to feel better and You will improve yourself more. If you follow my tips. 3. I FEEL YOU : Hello everyone. My name is Diemante And I am a hospitality specialist, online coach, blog writer. I have been working in hospitality business nearly 14 years now. On the way the world in many different positions. Today, we're going to speak about how to get hired in the hospitality sector. In nowadays. After this pandemic crisis, a lot of hospitality businesses going bankrupt. And a lot of hospitality experts lost their jobs and got even deported from the countries they have been working in. At the same time, salaries were reduced and working pressure just increased. Through all these year. Nothing is the same anymore and a lot of people are struggling to find a job. I know how it can be hard to find one. Trust me. I have been there, especially if you have to support your family, so Just for an example, a few years ago, there was a certain incident where I was working in Sri Lanka on Easter morning. And I can't mention it here. But who read the news or had been there, they know what happened. And after that incident straight away, at least 50 percent stright away next day, at least 50 percent of the hotels where shut down on the next day. And still, others who kept operating took certain precautions. And the country itself was in a panic. Of course, it takes a lot of time to heal from these incidents So soon after that, I decided it's better to leave and come back to my home country to look for a job in a safer country and closer to my family. And it took me nearly five months, to find another job. And I have sent thousands of e-mails and I had dozens of interviews. So much disappointment. So trust me, I really understand how does it feel. So that is why they decided to this video and this course. And to help everyone who is struggling at the moment, especially who is in the hospitality business. And really hope that this course will help you to find a new job. Quiet past. So in this course, what I will be discussing: I will give you many tips on what to do and what not to do to get the job that you are looking for. Also, I will share a lot of hiring pages that can help you to find a job. And I won't share your personal growth topics that will help you to get through this period that you're facing now, I will share resume topics that you can implement in your CVs. So that would help you to get noticed. And I have put here a lot of information in this course. A lot of information that I have collected through these 14 years in the hospitality business. And my most recent years, which is more relevant to these pandemic. And I have put here a lot of love. Also because I really want you all to succeed. Now. Let's get into the course. Thank you once again for watching and I really hope to see you in my course. Bye-bye. 4. 1. DO NOT DARE TO GIVE UP!: Welcome to the first lesson. 1. Video. Do not dare to give up! During job search, it's easy to become disappointed or discouraged, especially if you have been unemployed for quite a long time. And however, it's critical to have a positive attitude through all this period. So you will be more motivated to continue your search. If you're feeling optimistic. And additionally, your positive manner will shine through in your interviews and your networking opportunities, but also changing your chances of generating a good first impression. In this video, I'm going to share with you 12 tips on how to stay motivated, through your job hunting. First, one will be: Organize it! So take time to organize yourself. It will go much more smoothly. If you have everything you need for job research on the hand. Make sure your CV and LinkedIn page are up to date, get some references, prepare an interview attire, and make a plan for managing your job hunt. So if you haven't started looking for job yet, take some time to become ready. If you're looking for work, but you aren't having much luck, make sure your CV is up to date and appealing to all potential employers. And as I said that your LinkedIn profile is polished, professional looking and that you are linked to proper people and that you have references rating for your qualifications. The second one: 2. Make a daily routine. Treat, your job hunt as if we're nine to five job, if it's all possible, considering your job hunt to be your full-time job for the time being. Start your job and early, take your lunch break, And wrap it all up by dinner. You will stay focused and motivated if you establish a regular schedule and keep your job hunt and structured. Setting a start and finish time for your job search, Also, compels you to focus on other essential elements of your life, such as your friends and family, other than your job hunt in the evenings only. These time management suggestions will assist you in making the most of the time for you that you have available to work on your job search. The third tip: 3. Make time to think about something else. It's simple to have a job search in the back of your mind at all times. Excessive worry about your job hunt, on the other hand, will just add to your stress and prevent you from enjoying other parts of your life. So set aside the time every day to ignore your job search and do something. that you enjoy. Such as walking the dog or going to a gym. And by the way, exercise is a great way to destress. So the 4th one: 4. Try to concentrate on the positives. Making a list of your best threats, tallents, and accomplishments is helpful during job hunting. This list will assist you in writing the cover letters and preparing for interviews. Keep this list visible and evaluate on a frequent basis. Remembering what makes you a good prospect and talent distinctive individual, will help you feel more confident during the job search. The fifth one: 5. Make specific and reasonable goals. Make a list of clear, manageable goals that you want to achieve at the beginning of each week. Let's say maybe you want to send five cover letters this week and attend three job fairs. Or to take a certain course to get more knowledge. You will feel more successful through your job hunt, if you focus on tiny and easy, reachable goals, these small goals will give you the satisfaction of achieving something. And this will keep your motivation level high all the time. So the 6th tip: 6. Meet people in person and network. Even if you can network well online, nothing matches networking in person. A cup of coffee with a former colleague, our client, or just friends, could lead to work opportunities. you won't even have known about it at all. On a similar topic. Don't be afraid to enlist the help of your friends and family in your job research. So the more people who know you are looking at the work and the more likely you'll to get employed soon. The 7th tip: 7. Volunteer. Helping others is a great way to feel more meaningful. Look for volunteer opportunities that is relevant to your personal interests or even your profession. Volunteer organizations can provide opportunities for networking. Volunteering time might help you to build your resume and count towards your work schedule, while you're looking for a job. The 8th tip: 8.Join or form and job seeking Club. Joining as a support group for job seekers will give you a lot of guidance. Job club can assist you in staying on top of your job research and may even supply you with job leads and even some tips that you're looking for. So look for possible groups on networking sites and your local library even for at your college carriers center. The nine tip: 9. Celebrate small achievements. During a job hunt It's tempting to focus on the bad aspects such as interview you didint get, or that position you didin't get. And instead try to concentrate on even a little victories. Even if you don't receive an in-person interview, be proud of yourself for securing a phone interview and least. When you create a new connection or someone comments on your blog, give yourself a pat on your shoulder. Small victories should be celebrated. To keep you focused on the good sites. 10 tip: Move on fast! It's easy to become hooked on waiting for a response from an employer. When you seek a job or an interview, Yes. You should keep a note of the jobs that you apply for. And if you don't hear back within a week or two, you can contact the organization. However, if you don't hear back, for, if you don't get the position, you should move on. Some simply just cross that job of, of your to-do list and move on to the next one. 11 tip: 11. Consider everything as a possibility. Writing, cover letters, attending interviews, and networking can be exhausting. However, strive to see, to see each action as an opportunity to improve yourself as a candidate. If you're interviewing for a job, you don't think you want or you won't get it. Try to think of it as an opportunity to network and practice your interviewing abilities. So consider each cover letter as an opportunity to improve your writing and editing skills and simply viewing duties as opportunities rather than chores may help you to maintain a happy attitude. So the 12 tip: Concentrate on what you can control 12. Concentrate on what you can control! You have no influence over wherever or not, Interviewer, calls you back or wherever the networking connection you emailed will help you with any leads. So if you find yourself worried about something over which you have no control, do something you can control. Instead of that. Such as preparing and sending out the cover letter or attending any networking event. And also by focusing on what you can do to aid your job hunt And you will be less concentrated about what is beyond your control. Even though it seems like it's taking forever. Once you're ready to start your new job, it will be worth it at all the time and effort you put into being recruited. And dealing with a hard job hunt. 5. 2. READ JOB DESCRIPTION!: Welcome to the second lesson, the second video, which i call: Read the job description! Okay, Let's say it may appear like reading a job description is one of the most basic resume-building suggestion? Yes? You have obviously read the job description, right? Well, actually, in reality, most people read the job description for an average of 76 seconds. And as a result, recruiting managers discovered that 50 percent of applicants are unqualified for the position. So you must first ensure that you possess the essential qualifications for the position. It is the right thing to do. I think so. Read the job description deeply. Check to see whatever you are qualified, read it Once again, look for keywords in it. Use a Cloud Generator. To generic cloud. Make your resume specific. Take it on a date with you or even get married :D Because when it comes to improving your resume, that job description is your best friend. And however, it's the wrong thing, When you come across a job title, that sounds interesting. Your email, your CV right away. And even without going deep, deeper into it, reading a job description, is a near reading a recruiters mind, as you can get. After sending, you are checking your job advertise one more time and you understand that you don't have even enough experience for that position. And maybe still deep inside, you expect that recruiter or the hiring manager will contact you anyway. And this is wrong. This is wrong because you're already expecting and not getting certain feedback. This will discourage you for a long time perspective. All these small steps will lead you only to disappointment. With time, You will lose all your motivation. So try to avoid it, read the job description carefully, Many times. And just don't shoot it from the stars saying, or maybe I can get it. 6. 3. EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES: Welcome to the third lesson of this course. And in this one, I am going to discuss: Employment agencies. From my point of view, you have to be very careful applying to any employment agency. The best way is if you could keep that just for the worst-case scenario when there is nothing left to do. And why not? Well, 95% of all agencies will charge you a massive amount of money. And they say, they will take this money, So they could be for the government taxes and regarding your employment and visa charges and some other documents. And from my experience, I know that agencies that charge you between up to 10 thousand Euros, even from these poor humans. And so the reality that same documents, if you are coming on your own to a certain country, it can cost you not more than five hundred, four hundred euros or dollars. And for the agencies, you're going to sign the contract, that won't be easy to leave. Also. On top of that, these agencies taking the profit out of your monthly salary. And how crazy is this? And if you would like to decide to leave, they would force you to pay massive penalty on top of that. Even if you leave them and the same company would like to employ you directly, they would fine the company also. And I'm not seeing that all employment agencies are the same, but never trusted them. And by myself and I have never applied to them. I was always sending my resumes directly or using other employments pages. Basic ones like LinkedIn and Hosco,,,, and so on, so on. There are thousands of them. And if you have in mind a certain country, just Google it. And you will find the most publicity pages for the certain countries where you would like to go. So like this, It's the better possibility to get hired. And if you need some examples for certain countries, just give me some comments down below or send me a message. And I will provide you with more details. 7. 4. YOUR RESUME IS THE KEY: So welcome to the fourth video lesson. Your resume is the key! Did you know that it takes only 15 seconds for recruter to decide if your CV is worth it. So only 15 seconds to determine your future. So that 15 seconds should be most important for the recruiter. And your task here is to write a CV that makes sure you stand out as a promising candidate. Here I will provide you some more tips that will help you to do that. Let's see, this one is obvious, but not everyone consider. It's important. Well, you should think one more time and try to guess, well, it's your email address. So 76 percent of all candidates will get it rejected straightaway, if they're using unprofessional email address. And no, no no that email that you have created in the high school, it's not really suitable. First: Choose a professional e-mail provider, at least like Gmail or Outlook, not promoting them. And for sure not a Hotmail. So it's funny already. You cannot even imagine what kind of emails people are using to apply for a job. And I think I could mention hundreds of the funny ones, but we're not here for that. So also pick the correct format for your CV. The format is a KING. Selected repected layout like reverse chronological resume format. Use big headings and professional fonts and use minimalistic resume template for enchanted readability. Most importantly, save your resume in PDF format because it's working bets with all operational systems. And doesn't matter which program it will be open, it will stay the same. Also, make sure all your information in your resume, as I mentioned before, is up to date. You don't want to miss an interview because you put a wrong phone number or worng email address on your resume. Also exclude information like your birth date. Also, you don't have to respond to questions about religion, race, or gender on applications. So, by the way, when writing your resume, set the font size between 10-12 points. While choosing, making sure that it's the right size is paramount. And keep your resume font size between, as I said, 10- 12 points. So that the hiring manager can easily read it. And don't forget to choose and attractive and readable font. And make it a strategic by using bolds, caps and italics. When you present everything in tidy and neat order, you will make it easier for the hiring manager to notice the main aspects. So you need to think logically in this way: What do you want him to notice first? and that part make it a bit bigger and use fonts or bolds. So let's notice noticeable, Let's say use italics with a smaller font, but stay consistent. with your choices. If you made one of your best employment positions in bold, make other ones in bold too. If you've made working years, italics, make all the other ones also the same. But don't play with different fonts better keep the same just use bold, italics, and caps. because otherwise, you will make it too messy to read it. When you're writing your resume only add the jobs that you had in the last 10 to 15 years. Best if your lists makes at least 3-4 jobs with different information with all your responsibilities and the rest just for the with a place, a year, a position, company, and country. And over here will attach my resume so you would see the difference and you can do it on your own. Also, consider using professionally designed templates. a bit of color was a never damage So with the simple Microsoft, using some shapes and lines, you can design your CV really professionally. And by the way, the CV that I will attach for you here, I created it with Microsoft Word too. So, however, hiring managers will look differently in nicely presented and designed CV and for sure it doesn't matter how long it is. So also, if have professional social media profiles include that one's too. So like LinkedIn or Twitter, but not your personal, which ones you will damage your name with it. When you are saving your resume file, don't forget to name it properly. It will look more professional and also hiring manager would find it easier between the files, hundreds of files when he needs to print them, let's say for file, the name use as the first name and last name, and just, plus on the end, of resume meaning of CV or resume and it will make it easier to find it. 8. 5. UPDATE YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND GET CREATIVE: So welcome to the fifth video, 5th lesson. Update your knowledge and get creative! While you have some time, while you're looking for a job, or in your free time, It's always good, to learn something new. Take some courses that are related to your business Try to choose those ones that have certificates. So at least you would have some proof that you took one. Also, read some books, watch videos related to your job title, and use this time more wisely. And trust me, it will pay off in the future for sure. Also, let's say reading a books helps you to exercise your brain. So it will be easier for you to handle better speeches in the future and become more and even be more creative. Plus, tried to get into a new hobby or hobby that you forget a long time ago, find something that you can enjoy and lose a track of time. It will help you to be motivated through this period, and reward itself for accomplishing something. will boost your serotonin levels and this, as we know, the happiness hormone. So this will help, you to be motivated for this period of time. And where motivation is necessary. 9. 6. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND WHY IT IS IMPORTANT?: So in this lesson, I'm going to speak about emotional intelligence and why it's so important in hospitality business? And what does it mean? Let's get into it. Emotional Intelligence, also known as emotional quotient EQ is described as the ability to identify, understand, and control one's own emotions, as well as the ability to identify, understand, and influence others emotions. So people who are emotionally intelligent are more mindful of their own feelings and can better perceive and control them. These individuals are also open to how others feel about what they're going through and which makes them excellent teammates And co-workers. Although there is no skale for evaluating emotional intelligence, the definition is generally recognised by managers With some requesting emotional intelligence assessments for potential hires. And based on assumptions that people with higher emotional intelligence are better leaders and team members. So luckily, emotional intelligence skills can be honed by training and education at organizations that amplifies community work, internships. on campus hospitality outlets, which enables students to hone their interpersonal skills and improve their emotional intelligence. So the hospitality business necessities is a wide range of abilities. These may include operational or the conversational or customer service skills. Also, Multitasking, networking, communication, creative and problem-solving skills. The hospitality industry requires commitment and accountability, critical thinking, self-awareness. In fact, hospitality leaders must have the following skills like leadership and decision-making, IT, and presentational skills. Also, service marketing, organizational design abilities, of course, ability to lead multicultural teams. Also, budget management and financial analysis, plus, strategic development. So hospitality sector skills shortage: In this year and all the travel and tourism are on the rise the hospitality industry is experienced a shortage of skilled workers. While the hospitality and tourism industries are all about making customers feel comfortable and respected, it's critical to have qualified staff with a people-pleasing mindset. That begins with the coworkers and continues into the customer experience. So hospitality employees must have positive human management skills in order to be competitive in the industry. This is critical for their position in ever-changing market. The hospitality Industries shortage of skilled workers could result in the loss of over 14 million jobs and 610 billions in GDP. So according to the ever-changing nature of the industry, many new skills will be required in the future to succeed in hospitality-related businesses. So as the hospitality industry plans for the future needs, these are among the skills that are in high demand. Like: working in a multicultural community, problem-solving business, mindset, working in versable and adaptive manner, understanding different cultures and creating unforgettable memories. So when the number of tourists and visitors increases, so do the aspirations which are changing and a rapid pace. This means that better-qualified individuals with the new soft skills and the EQ will be necessary for the hospitality industry, for the future. So investing in hospitality education is the most effective way to close the skills gap. So you would ask why emotional and social intelligence is in such high demand? Those soft skills and emotional intelligence can seem to be more personal threats than business threats. The are precisely the skills required to provide exceptional customer experience in multicultural environments, which are common of hospitality businesses. In today's hotel and restaurants, a better guess experience than exceeds expectation is not only desirable but also anticipated. To achieve the level of experience hotels, hotels must embrace creating new programs and technologies that aid in creating more unforgettable experience for the guests. So according to the recent studies, the guest experience not only affected how the customers felt in the moment, but the feelings involved during the time spent at the company have played a significant role in the current behavior, as well as potential behavior. So this ensures that staff with the higher emotional intelligence levels would be better able to have an exceptional guest experience. So why really hospitality industry needs emotional intelligence? Even though hospitality workers must have traditional service competencies and hospitality Hard skills. But it's also critical for them to improve their soft skills in order to have a meaningful, memorable guest experience. It is accurate and the employee can make or break circumstances. So trained employees are required to have their experience while still representing the hotel or restaurant and its brand. Well at the same time. So soft skills such as empathy, emotional intelligence, compassion, honesty, optimists. Self-motivaton, And your resilance are critical for the growth of the company. According to the Forbes, And they also predicted that by 2030, professional or requiring these soft skills would account for two-thirds of all workers. There's far more good news for those who recruit workers as Forbes reports that requiring those skills with the emotional intelligence will boost their revenue by more than $90 thousand $ or euros. So hospitality managers and staff with emotional intelligence abilities can better concentrate on their visitor's needs and individual emotions to ensure they are satisfied with every time spent and their establishment. And since today, visitors expect, expect far more than a meal or a place to stay, it's critical that they would experience is improved to include positive feelings, which have been shown to dramatically affect retention rates. Also consumption habits and increased guest experiences. So because emotional intelligence is relevant in the hospitality and service industries, the high skills gap remains problem. Even though soft skills are in high demand. These skills are critical that it's projected a nearly of 40 percent of workers would need to reskill for at least six months in order to obtain them. So thank you for this lesson. Let's go to our next lesson. 10. 7. HO DO YOU SEND YOUR EMAILS?: So welcome to The seven lithium. And here our discusses how do you send your emails. And as I have mentioned in the previous videos and previous lessons. First, and most important thing is to help your professional e-mail, not find new school e-mail, but you have been using since you first learn how to create your emails? Not Hotmail for sure. And I know I'm going to repeat myself, but use or or Outlook. And otherwise, you'd have 76 percent possibility that grading bandage and bond, even open Neodymium. So I think it's better not to risk it at all. Also, your cover letter shouldn't be matching with your resume. Usually in emails. Let's see. I provide cover letter and then attach my resume as a separate file. But both of them should or shouldn't be seeing the same story about you. Also, make sure your mentioned the position for which you are applying in your email name section. Not just saying for the hiring manager. And always mentioned main points. Nice greetings. Your real current position, why you would like to change the job or you like to get the job. Don't make it too long and be open, descend, but never been. This is the worst. I think. When you get an email and it says I really need a job, I would vote for anything. Just give me any kind of joke. Why you do write like this. You will show how desperate you are. And maybe someone tells employers will take advantage of your words, that you would live to get in any jump. Will hire you in a low position where the much lower salary that you're supposed to get and they will use you. And I stay good. And I know for some it's hard period. And a lot of people lost jobs because of this pandemic dress need since 1900 gateway. For sure. It depends on how you 11. 8. PERSISTENCY LIMITS: So welcome to our video eight lessons about persistence elements. So in this video I'm going to speak about persistency, limits. Being possessed, resistant, and a bit stubborn by getting a job that you want is a good thing when you keep a certain limits. So if you have applied for the job and keep sending emails to the same place, like forward and the order again, most likely will be blocked wafers. But let's say you have send your email and in the 14 days, no one reply to you. You can try by sending one more email again saying maybe you didn't get my email. Please catalog that you're waiting for them to get you in touch and to get some feedback. So sometimes when farad managers don't get hundreds or thousands of emails, they can those some of them. It happens that all humans, and however they're sending emails nonstop, then rather than looking persistent, we'll look at the dying and the same time. Well, let's see what the linking connections, for example, people send conditioning rigorous. And if you are exempt that you can expect, you can expect straight away message that you are asking for a job and no one, even others. Before check if you're hiring anyone or if you're even looking, if you're working somewhere. And as I said, being persistent is a good thing. But when you start annoying, people, don't expect that they will ever hire you. Even if you find the posts on, let's say for example, on the LinkedIn warm while scrolling in there certain guidelines. For example, please send to your CV to this e-mail. Then why do you have to send this person private message or private comments for that post? If he's giving you guidelines to follow, most likely he's too busy by recent reading your comments or getting the private messages, or even checking your profile. So don't waste your time, respect you and yours and other style. And instead of, let's do something more, Warfare live, update your placement, or learn a new goals like you're doing now, I know my words can sound a bit too harsh. And I understand that at this moment a lot of people lost their jobs and they are struggling to get a new one. As a sense that is always limited. And if you were gross debt, lemon can love that. 12. 9. WHY INTERSHIP COULD BE A GOOD POSSIBILITY TO GROW?: So welcome to the name. I'm going to speak about internship. So in this video, as I said, I will discuss the internship options. These could be also a good opportunity if you don't have much experience or you want to grow in your field but cannot get a promotion? Or do you want to change your job? So I started my hospitality career as a weightless with collaterals internship that were provided in her university while I was studying. And it's a great opportunity to get a job if you do not have any experience. Or let's say for people that want to grow in their careers. Let's say 90 percent of employees, if they perform well, flooded internship videos or get a job offer after finishing good industrial period. But at the same time, which have to wait your income. If you will be able to sort of Y for this period, and if you have enough savings for that and for shoulders it into shapes that you can join. But I think the salary for the ATM machines, for beaches to find enough. And how wonder how zone with an internship in hotels. Most of the time, you will get your share your news and laundry facilities. So you don't need to worry about anything. Since I know how to handle way incomes with my English translation managed even to save some money. So let's go now to the next lesson. 13. 10. INTRO TO BONUS IDEA: So welcome to the lesson and video, which I call Wuornos idea, secret idea, which I came quite recently. But I think it's a good opportunity to try it. And what you're going to lose anyway. So, and we said we are living in data and social media era, right? So these tips that I will give you will blow your mind though. I was almost actually finishing the scores when in the middle of the night, I came with this idea and has a Wednesday if you could. The recruiters interview without him even asking about this. So usually you need to pass the various steps or wait for a few weeks till company will get back to you? Yes. Imagine them getting back to you the same day or even the next day. This would blow your mind is penetrated. So the idea of this is two. 14. 10.1. BONUS IDEA THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!: The idea of this is to record the video about yourself, your resonant, basic links and video format. I will give you a few tips on how to do it. Put on your best suit. And that's James or mechanized Meagan depends on your gender or for short, as you wish. And depends on your butt. It's never too much and keep it the same hospitality look standards in your video. Let's say four. Gentlemen's shave your beard for ladies. May Connie, the Mika, and keep as less as possible accessories. Basically like he would go into your work on the best five-star hotel. So next, film, your video in front of the white or plain won't find much as one color warm. So all the attention would be elected to you, not show the beams behind your back. And also take care of the lightning. Too much light for me. Videos annoying and not very clear and do dark, but it gives you also thank the same effect should be our facial being properly visible. And I'm sure you don't need professional equipment. All of us can phones. So great quality videos. You can report with you all. And simply adjust a bit when the skeleton, perhaps my cat gut in short bar for water and therefore clean to use it. And you can edit your videos amazingly. And not done make too childish. Make it look totally professional. You can add using coal Dale and filters and some effects. And to quote, took add also that much when you're swearing, that happens. So filled with as much time as you can with the first video for be very hard to be satisfied. Doesn't have to be perfect. And otherwise, we'll never managed to finish it. It's enough to be brave enough to speak clearly about yourself and trust yourself, especially if you apply for managers positions. So when you finish your video, upload your video on YouTube, and just copy the link into your email and seeing that you want to save them time. They're reading your CV and cover letter. And ask them just to please follow the link and to see your bill. Since on the e-mail for surely role not been, it will not be enough space to upload your video directly. I really think that especially as a recruiter or an employer, would think my road, this guy on this lady put a lot of work and a lot of energy doing this, and he should leave so motivated and so smart and you think out of the box, yes. And we really mean this guy or this lady and our team as soon as possible. I'm really personally, I wouldn't be surprised since I never seen anyone my leg before this before. And for sure, this would prove that person ready to go an extra mile for this for his schedule and polities future. So he should be a great candidate. But do you think, thanks me and let me know. 15. CONCLUTION & THANK YOU!: Congratulations. You just finished. Paul calls bravo to you. Flapping. I'm really proud of you. I wish you all the best with your job search. So let's summarize it. All this inflammation of it. So the main thing is to have a plan written plan. Don't just put in your head because first of all, you are going to forget this. And second of all, if you write your goals and your lead them every day, it will reach evolved subconsciousness level. And this has a power plus me. Everything that you want to achieve, right? It always not on the phone. Mud on your notebooks and diabetes, even under sticky notes and give it well, you can see it commonly written by our hand. These words get their power to affect you. Totally differentiate them from getting on the phone and tries new sooner or later. All that written works will become your reality. Dwayne, you have a plan for it 32 times your full-time job, as I said, make it for your routine. Also, don't forget cure phobias and the small goals and SME flows this period, smaller accomplishments, or keep you motivated and energized. It will help you to get that fuel to move forward. And onStop. Also, be honest with yourself. Gone applying to jobs where you don't even have enough experience and expertise. Better use this time. This experience, my taking certain choruses, learning something new and never give up. As I just said, I'm really proud of you that you took this course and I hope you will get your job so fast. And if you'd like to learn something new, please check my other courses. And for now. Thank you one more time. And best of luck. And see you in other courses.