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7 Videos (32m)
    • Introduction

    • Understanding overwhelm

    • The Science of Procrastination

    • Just who controls our time anyway

    • How to Free Our Time With Intentional Scheduling

    • Forget To Dos

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

This course is aimed at reducing overwhelm so that you can get more accomplished each and every day. We will begin the course by looking at some of the habits and assumptions that we make everyday that lead to procrastination and "productivity paralysis." Once we gain some understanding of how our habits and assumptions lead to self-sabotage, we will proceed to specific strategies designed to reduce overwhelm and increase output. The ultimate learning objective of this class is to help you create new habits that will cut the cord of endless task lists so you can be free to get more done. 





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Janet Melo-Thaiss

Educator/Public Speaker/Adventurer

Janet Melo-Thaiss is an experienced, enthusiastic and award-winning teacher. She believes that we can educate ourselves to change our lives for the better and in the process change the world one person at a time. Janet focuses on mentoring and working with students in order to help them reach the highest expression of their own skills and talents. Known as an innovative and authentic instructor, Janet's teaching is dynamic, innovative and always current. Her classes range from topics such as ...

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