Get Started with Video Production | Mikael Baggström | Skillshare
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5 Videos (14m)
    • Introduction

    • Why should you Make Videos?

    • What kind of Videos can you Make?

    • How to Make your own Video Setup

    • Your Next Action


About This Class

Learn how to Get Started with Video Production

So that you can Make and Publish Video Content. The average person spends way more time watching videos, compared to reading or looking at images. Video is the new king of both entertainment and education. Ask yourself: Is it time for you to Start Making Videos?

After this Class you will be able to

  1. Learn the true power of video content, and why you should use this medium to cut through the noise.
  2. Learn various ways of making videos, different purposes a video can have, and examples of niches you can focus on.
  3. Be able to create your own video production system to get started making videos

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Your Friendly Instructor,
Mike from Sweden





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Mikael Baggström

Music Composer | Sound Designer | Video Producer

Hey Friends and Creative People!

My name is Mike, and I am a Music Composer, Sound Designer and Artist. I Share my Story, Journey, Experience and Knowledge, to Inspire and Empower Creative People like you. =)


I believe that learning should be fun. I love to bring my personality into my teaching style. I also try to make my courses dynamic, to be more interesting to you. =)

You are more than welcome to visit my website to learn more about who I am.


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