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Get Started with SQL Server on Linux (for Beginners)

teacher avatar Artemakis Artemiou, Awarded Database Expert, Trainer,Author.

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Welcome to the Course!

    • 2. Supported Linux Distributions by SQL Server 2017 or later

    • 3. How to Install SQL Server 2019 on Ubuntu Linux

    • 4. Available SQL Server command-line tools in Linux

    • 5. How to Install the SQL Server command-line tools on Ubuntu Linux

    • 6. Introducing Azure Data Studio: A cross-platform SQL Server client tool

    • 7. How to Access SQL Server 2019 on Ubuntu Linux by installing and using Azure Data Studio

    • 8. How to Perform an Offline Installation of SQL Server 2019 on Ubuntu Linux

    • 9. What we’ve Learned in this Course

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn how you can get started with SQL Server on Linux. We will talk about the supported Linux distributions in SQL Server and install SQL Server 2019 on Ubuntu Linux 19.04.

Moreover, we will install SQL Server command line tools and Azure Data Studio on our Ubuntu Linux test environment, connect to SQL Server, create a sample database and table, run queries and export data.

Below, you can find the class curriculum:

  • Introduction
    • Welcome to the Course!
  • SQL Server on Linux
    • Supported Linux Distributions by SQL Server 2017 or later
    • How to Install SQL Server 2019 on Ubuntu Linux
    • Available SQL Server command-line tools in Linux
    • How to Install the SQL Server command-line tools on Ubuntu Linux
    • Introducing Azure Data Studio: A cross-platform SQL Server client tool
    • How to Access SQL Server 2019 on Ubuntu Linux by installing and using Azure Data Studio
  • Wrap-Up
    • What we’ve Learned in this Course

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Artemakis Artemiou

Awarded Database Expert, Trainer,Author.


Hi there! I'm Artemakis. I'm a Senior SQL Server and Software Architect, a professional Author and Speaker, and a former Microsoft Data Platform MVP (2009-2018). I have over 15 years of experience in the IT industry in various roles and I'm also a certified SQL Server Engineer.

Moreover, I'm the founder of SQLNetHub and TechHowTos. I'm the creator of the well-known software tools Snippets Generator, DBA Security Advisor and In-Memory OLTP Simulator. I'm also an author of many eBooks on SQL Server.

I currently serve as the President of the Cyprus .NET User Group (CDNUG) and the International .NET Association Country Leader for Cyprus (INETA).

I'm here at Skillshare, to share my expertise with you, in a simple and understandable way. My classes include ... See full profile

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1. Welcome to the Course!: hi friends and will come to my new England course. Get started with Super Sever on LeAnn's My Name's system. Access them. You and I will be your instructor on this course. This course is very interesting. We're going to talk about the cross platform support from Super Sever. Therefore, we're going to install Super Sever 2019 kindly City history on a Boolean expression. 18 points or four, and we're going toe access these instance of civil Sever using Asia. The studio, which is the official cross platform magazines, lie tool for civil seven. So what we learned in this course these course we're going to talk about the supporter of limbs distributions by Secret Service 2017 or later. Then we're going to see how can it stops. It was have a 2019 currently CTP three on the Moon Dilly Knox version 19.44 Moreover, what want to talk about the available sewers, have a command line tools in Lino's and see how we can stall just who's on a modelling. Next, we're going to talk about Asia. The studio, which is the Fisher Cross paths from Syria. Is there a client will by Microsoft. And last but not least, we're goingto access silver. Seven. Twitter's in 19 on a Monday. Lee knows by installing and using agent in the studio if she was about me, a machine of civil servants off the architect I have over 15 years of experience with Super Saver Internet. I'm a former Microsoft pathum and repeat on a professional author and speaker. And the certified See was the other engineer. Now about the course requirements. Just needs basic knowledge off super servers and databases and, of course, as always, the willingness and excitement to learn something new now about the stature of the course. The course consists off lectures, demos and, of course, a class project. In the end, in order to help you test the skills acquired in these cars after the course, you will know what are supported looks distributions by Civil Server 2013 and later you will know how to install, see whatever 2019 on moodily knows you will also know how constructs of us had a commander into so nobody really knows and how to start and start using age of their studio on a more millions. Great, let's begin 2. Supported Linux Distributions by SQL Server 2017 or later: seen Super Sever 2017 that is support for installing Civil Sever Onley nukes Let's take a look on the supporters. Lennox Installations for sequel Server 2017 Related we can install She was ever read had early knocks. Enterprise Edition We can start lead on shoe Silly Nukes Enterprise Server on on Baudolino sh we can around source ever on dark hair as well as we can. Provision sequel. VM in Asia Installing Super 7 2000 and 10. Preview on Lino. It's Ah Ready really easy task because that is comprehensive implementation provides by Michael. So we're going to see a live demonstration off installing Super seven. Twitter's an 18 city PC on a Baudolino version. 19 point over. Let's press it with Demo. 3. How to Install SQL Server 2019 on Ubuntu Linux: So here we are on our test environment. This actually virtual machine where the guest always is from Baudolino, 19.4 Okay, The first step is to find the documentation provided by Microsoft in orderto follow step by step, the process of installing civil 70,018 city P three on these addition and version of Linux . So let's search for the rotation. So we find the vision lamentation, Get static Civil several Boon do Park off Microsoft Dogs These quick start and this is the You are ready. Okay, First, let's take a look on the perquisites unit. Ah, around Bundu Lennox distribution with veteran 16 04 or later We have police two gigabytes memory. This is a boon. Do 19 point off or so it's innovation than a 16.4 I have two gigabytes of memory and let's proceed who? They're months. So the first step is to install the EMAS Super seven package So we could be the w get command. We open terminal and we run it. Okay? Any chance our passwords in order to get at Mr Consul and next we need to register the problem repository now for installing suicide 2017 Well can run these positive restriction command, however, since we want toe test Super Sever 2018 City P three. So this is a preview version of Serious ever. We can use this repository, which is Emma's sequel Server Preview released. So let's copy these and Chinese you know it's happiness. Okay, so we have successfully registered the proper repository for installing Secret Service 2018 City PC No, the next day history on these commands in orderto update Our Repository and then install Super Seven. So let's around after Command Fest and now let's start this relation off sequel server. So now these will download the actual media off Sequel Server 2018 City P three. It is around 224 megabytes. But if you have ah, fast connection to the Internet, it is just a matter off a few minutes. Okay, the media was successful, downloaded, and now this dilation process starts. At this point, I would like to mention that it is off course offers, but I need to mention these for this type of installation of sequel server. For this live demonstration, for example, you need an Internet connection. OK, excellent. Now, in order to complete the set up off sequel server, we need to run this command. This Communist also included in the quick start documentation conceived here. But it is also reported by the installation with that off sequel server. Okay, now let's clean the screen and ran the Vermont. So these allow us us toe set up the relation of Super Seven. As you can see now, we are prompted who select on additional she will sever. At this point, I would reformation that it is critical that I left the proper additional super several, for example, thesis a city P. So I'm going to select the immigration addition which is free. If it was ah released one factually version of super served, for example, you will, when installing, See, Was there a 2017? If you were installing serious ever on a test environment for non production purposes, you could select, for example, developing additional, which is free or express addition. However, if you select appendage of suppose ever, for example, standard enterprise and the press corps or web, you need to make sure that you have also purchase the probably license for where it'll sales channel and you have a product. Heat went Okay. Now, since this is a test environment and we are starting there city P vaginal civil 70,019 let's select one, which is immigration. So here we are presented with have earnings, toe the license terms. And if we agree, we need to type, Yes. Otherwise, we type. No, I agree with tears. So I type. Yes. And now I am prompted to enter a civil service system. Things the password that is actually the s A users password. So, yeah, make sure that you interned as a Kurd password. Let's confirm here we get the message that this is not a relegation vaginal sequel server. There are 173 days left in the migration period. No, concede that some more features are being enabled for the for these instance of civil server, for example, for flash L. Feiler would get the message set up has completed successfully, and that super saver is starting. So the last step in these live demonstration is to confirm that actually, yes, Civil service service is up and running. In order to do these, we run system city l started comin. So we go to the quick start and we copy this command. So actually, this command instructs our legal system in order to check the status off the images. Kriel Kaif in server service. So let's go back with her family and execute this command. And you can see that the super cell service is active. This running and you can see here the original time stump where she was ever what successfully started that these 54 seconds ago where this relationship was ever were successful completed? 4. Available SQL Server command-line tools in Linux: now that we have successfully installed Civil Servant was in 19 city P three on our test on Baudolino Spiritually machine. The next step is to install Supercenter command line tools also on these distribution off Linux's on our test environment. So why do we need these tools when it was not ableto around? T sequence statements on the sequel server instance. So for doing that, you can either use Asia has to deal with these cross platform, and we will talk about later or command line tools. So what are Silver said the command. A command line tools. The Continentals are S Trail CMD, which allows you to run Tisco statements, system procedures and script files through a variety off available most as well as BCP, which is the Ball Corby program which allows you to Balakot been daylan between on. It starts off Microsoft sequel server and then identify in a user specified for months 5. How to Install the SQL Server command-line tools on Ubuntu Linux: now let's install sequence. Ever command line tools on a Boolean looks. Version 19.4. That procedure is to improve the public repository jumping. G Keys registered a Microsoft a bulldog repository after the sources list in the round Destination Command with a unique so DBC developer package optionally we can at the path to our Super Seven commanders to our pattern vitamin variable in and bash shell in order to be easy accessible. Let's proceed to go there live demonstration. So here we are back on our test environment on a Baudolino and we are between store serious ever command line tools. The procedure for doing that is included in the same quick start documentation We checked earlier for installing civil server on immune Do so it was full down the document. We can see that in order to proceed with install experts that recommended and Lino's first step is to improve the public repository in Japan. G keys. In order to do that, we need it. We ran these Carol Command. However, you can see that the chemical was not found because these utilities, nothing start on our Linux virtual machine, but we can easily install it with Sudo Apt install Curl So we could be this command and we're on it. You know, the twin stole these utility. Okay, so now we're ready to proceed with starting the commander tools. So Iran, their care command first. No other to impart Republican President, you PNG case. It's clean screen. So this first step was successful. Now let's register the magazine Bondo repository. Okay, so now let's update our sources list and run installation commander with the UNIX or BBC developed package again, we need to check and accept or not their lesson therms. So now there is dilation. Process continues again. More license terms and installation was successfully completed. It's an extra step we can at the path off our she was Circum Island to store path environment. So I will do that. So I can just around these command as well less What kind of these comments here noted toe make s Christianity and visit p accessible from them Passions shell for interacted, non looking sessions. So again we modify our path this way. Okay. Excellent. Now have successfully installed command line tools 6. Introducing Azure Data Studio: A cross-platform SQL Server client tool: Now let's see another interesting aspect off working with sequel server and looks in this lecture we're going to talk about accessing serious attitude was in 19 currently city P three on the Bund. Early knocks using Asia There a studio now a few words about Asia. There's to deal Asiad estudio is afraid to. It is Microsoft's cross platform that I was tool for its own premises. Data platform. Serious ever as well, less for its cloud based platforms. Asia sequel to the Base Asia Single Day. That warehouse, etcetera, it is cross platform. That means that it can run on Windows, Lee knows, and mark always. It offers reach customizable dashboard, and it is extensible. Now, the current system requirements about Asia, the studios that you can install it either on Windows 10 8.18 or even Window seven with SP one. You can also install it on Windows Server 2018 to 2012 12 to 2016 and 2018 Counseling. Install it tomorrow always 10.13 high Sierra or Mac OS, 10.12 sierra or later. Moreover, it kind of started on lean looks that is for example. A Red Hat Enterprise. Linux's 7.4 later 7.3 or later Shoes E. Lee Knox Enterprise. Ever version 12 sp two or later, as well as on a boodle eunuchs version. 16 point off four or later. The system requirements are constantly updated, so you can check often these u R L for these system requirements, and you can let more about Asia to the studio on these rather last but not least, know that about Windows on Lee, 64 bit versions are supported. 7. How to Access SQL Server 2019 on Ubuntu Linux by installing and using Azure Data Studio: Now let's install Asia. Their studio on really looks. So we're going to install age of the studio on the same Milena looks. Teacher machine. We working previous lectures and 11 illustrations. So that is a Mondo Lee looks version 19.4 and the procedure is straightforward. Therefore, we went to download install when it is released. So just installing and launching their tool and either an issue can install as well missing dependencies. Okay, let's proceed toe on demo. So I'm back on our test environment on our virtual machine. Let's download Asia, their studio farm. Baudolino. Okay, so we such for Asia, their student download and eventually we end up to the official Microsoft website and here we have access to a range dollars so you can see that here there are the stars were all path comes next in store for windows. Remark always and Lena I went toe use the tar dot urges it Mr Legend package. So let's down on this, and I'm going to save it. Mr. Leisure Media is about 124 megabytes, so allow a few moments in auto tune downloaded and the main table below on these official website. We can find installation instructions. So we are downloading the charges. Aaron Installation Media. So this is a procedure to follow. Let's take a look if our installation is completed, so we need some more time and right after installing and trying to launch hedge it a studio . Either the problem. We can check about any missing dependencies against them based on these excellent argument . By the way, while you're waiting for the installation media to be downloaded, we can copy these commands and prepare them from execution. As you can see here, we need to replace these words ever trusting with the proper version off. A jitters were that were downloading, which is currently 1.8 point zero. So let's open, aware process are and paste the commons there in order to modify them. Okay, these are our months. So we replace these string the problem for sure. We're downloading. Okay. And the next one as well. Okay. Our commands already. Let's go back to our interview outside and check if Mr Relations completed. So not yet. So currently I'm experiencing a slow Internet connection, so I have to wait a bit more. By the way, If you don't have anything connection, you can download the installation media from another computer and you can place it on your links environment. United to be ableto proceed with installation procedure. So now we can see that our installation media for Asia the studio has been successful in downloaded Let's check its location. So that's right. Legal need open containing fourth, or you can see that it is in mine download folder. And this is the name of the file. Okay, Now let's go toe the word processor and start coping and executing the commands. Let's clean our screen. And Okay, so now let's change director toe downloads. Okay, that's good. So, no, Let let's extract the condoms off this. Um okay, let's delete this empty space here, so yeah, let's run this command enough to export. And now we're exporting all agent less to files from the archive. We download it from the official website from Microsoft. OK, and let's update our path very apple. And the last step is to start Asia their studio. Yeah, So this is the first time you are working with civil seven only nooks and the you are in the process off connecting to indelibly changing resignation there. Studio picture that we consider these moments a peek just like I did when I first did this . So now let's connect here. Let's just put a local host with a dot, for example, and the letter again without their say user we created during this relation of Super Sever . Okay, let's connect, and you can see that we're have a successful connected to our instance off Secretary 2018 City Pizza 3.0 on Brenda Lee knows. Let's maximize this. And now we are running in graphical user interface tool that these Asia, their studio, an excellent client, will for Civil Sever Cross platform. And in these Linux's environment, we can access our database and run queries. For example, let's type here new query and let's creating onto the base. So we have intelligence we can wear with sewers ever, just like we were in other open systems, for example, in Windows or on Asia Secret to the base. So it is business as usual, so well, it's created in the base. Let's name this deliberate test everyone antilla. The Taliban has been successfully created. Now let's change the context off our query window to these babies will create it, and this is testing you on. Now let's get a table. So lets include two columns and I D column. The witches Primary key. The coat barker. 50 Problem. Let's around the command. Also, let's import some day, turn out in table test. Excellent. And let's run a simple, select query or the check the table's contents. You can see the intelligence feature is really amazing. These are the contents off the sample table with her jobs created and popular. Whose test data? And let's expert please excuse me. So let's expert toe downloads falter, for example, or documents and the little Neymar file results. Tazi Zvi. So let's save it and this is our fight. So now if you really want to work cross platform, you can back up their base with a backup command. You can t story when another pair system with civil, sever the same version or innovation so you can really work cross platform 8. How to Perform an Offline Installation of SQL Server 2019 on Ubuntu Linux: in a previous demonstration, we showed how can stall. She was having 2019 currently City Pee Stream on a Baudolino with an Internet connection. The whole process was straightforward since we managed to get the repositories directly from the Internet. However, what about if we want to perform unlawful installation sequel server on the links? This is possible, but the whole process is a little bit different, so it will be different when it comes to getting the prophet diners from repositories and placing them on links. In these demonstrations, who are going toe perform An awful installation of Super 7 2018 currently City P. Three point while on a Buddha Links, there's a part of the UNIX system nations Just to refresh your memory, he's breath Had enterprise. Lena looks so silly. Notion to price server Ubundu. There is also support for doctor and support for provisioning sequel VM in Asia. Now Why offline insulation? First of all, not all servers have anything in connection. Actually, the majority of servers do not have an Internet connection. Moreover, it is far more secure in terms that you have a server that is not connected to the Internet . Therefore it's exposure to risks is limited. Now let's a high level description of the whole process. First, I went to download Super Seven by analogy from the official Microsoft repositories. We're going to copy the binary using at the sage on our test on Boolean Looks environment five system, then what were to start and complete the installation. And last but not least, check is the civil service salaries is have and running anything to notice that right after we start installation off civil certainly knows we might encounter missing dependencies. We see about that, and in case we encounter missing dependencies, we will handle it. Now let's install Super Saver 2018 Currently city P 3.1 on a Baudolino 19.4 The time of cancellation. You'll be awfully. Let's proceed. 12 them. Okay, time to download their sewers. Have a twitter 19 city P 0.1 by night from Bolin's Let's search for it. You search for Super Server 2019 for Lino Staley Snow. Eventually we end up to the official Microsoft website with the release notes for Super Servitude has an excellent preview. Only we visit site and we scroll down Now we can see in the release history that currently that is city Peter Point a one and we called fell down. We can see the package d takes. So there are links to getting the proper minorities for it hath Sicily nooks and, um Bundu. So for Monday over Quentin, download the Debian package That is the engine on Debian package. Let's click on it and downloaded Let's save these in directory on the secret for Lee Looks packages You have a fast interconnection. It will be a matter off. 12 means not from download their package. So now the Super Seven Toes on 18 package for our in Boone says environment has been downloaded. Let's open the fourth and check it out. As you can see, this is a package. Now the next step is to connect by isis age to our OBU duly nukes, environment and corporate. If I on our file system to that I will be using witness appears is grateful for such operations. So this is the I p off my machine. The part number I enter the credentials and eventually I will be connecting value as a sage . Okay, so would be coping the package and place it into, then downloads fork there on our moon dilly Knox environment. Okay, It's a local copy operation because my Lennox environment is actually visual machine on the same computer. So this will be fast. Excellent. So we managed to copy by Ssh! The super 7 2019 package toe the Baudolino test environment for this demonstration. Now let's connect who are looks, environment and proceed with elation off the package. So here we are on our moon rellenos test environment, where we will try toe perform on awfully installation of suicide for 2019 city P 3.1. So we'll have Corbett package using associate After we downloaded from the official repository from Microsoft. We place it in, our downloads falter. So let's opens her terminal and let's go to the downloads directory. As you can see, this is the name of the package. Now let's start installation the command food on D p K G minus I, along with the name over the package Now installation will begin and it's an independency. Shoes would be departed. Know that I am not connected to the intendant. Actually, I don't have any connection. Neither to the interim, neither to the host seems disease. So now we can see that indeed, there are some missing dependencies, for example. Ah, Leap C plus plus Ron Python. And so long. So now we have two options. The first option is to manually find these packages. Now low them and with ssh, upload them on our leaders environment. Or, if we have access, who approved her positive containing the dependencies? Then there's the solution is to use that to get, uh, minus a few Stockelman. Of course, for that you will need and temporary Internet connection. So if you really want to do this offline, you will need to find these dependencies one by one and download them, hobby them on your limits environment. And then he's told them I can't mind you for the sake off simplicity for his name. Oh, well, just use the up to get miners have installed command. Okay, so, no, I'm destroyed the dependencies. How do we know that these brothers now will stall the missing tendencies but also continued installation off our local She was ever package. Fortunately, whenever there are missing dependencies, it is very difficult to manually toe this process off, finding each one of them and downloading it, uh, and installing it. It is not even a commended approach. But I said I later, of course, if you want toe toe this 100% off line, yes, you will go this way. Otherwise you enable Internet access for a while. You install the missing dependencies, you've reached off Internet access and then you continue. So now our dependencies have bean on downloaded and installed. So I will remove the temporary Internet connection and continue with the configuration off sequel server. So as you can see now, I don't have an Internet connection so we can continue with a set of super sever. So who will run this command in after for this head upto continue. And now we need to select our tradition. Since this is a city P, this is a preview version of civil senators in 19. I will select option on which is immigration. At this point, you need to take into consideration that you're going to use ah paid version of civil seven , for example, Standard edition, interpret tradition and press corps, or where Edition you need to make sure that you have purchased the program license in after to use this petition of she was help. Okay, Now we can review and accept or not the lessons. Temps. Yes. Not continue here. Now. I need to enter the She was never system Mr Passport. Okay, Confirm. Now we get the message that this is an evaluation version and again note that, um, doing these without an internet connection. I only used interconnection after to resolve their missing dependencies. Okay, the installation was successful. And now the last step is to confirm that she was ever service is up and running. We do that with the systems you tell. Started command for Mrs Credit hyphen. Sever. Here. You can see that the service is active. Ah, running. So, yes, I see what's ever has. Bean. Successful, installed and started. 9. What we’ve Learned in this Course: Now let's recap what we have learned in this course. In this course we learned about this a part of the UNIX distributions by secrets Have it 2017 or later. We've learned how to install Supercenter 2019 on a bull eunuchs. We talked about the available she was, have a commander rentals, lean abs and so how we can install the civil several Colin tools on a bowling. Then we talked about Asia Studio. Would you say cross platform supers have a client will by Microsoft? And last but not least, we saw how to access it was servitude as a 19 or noble duly notes by installing and using Asia Taylor's todo So what's next? Now you can proceed to the class project where you would be able to test your skills on what you've learned in these cars. Good luck