Get Started With Messenger Marketing. Part 1 - Your Facebook Business Page. | Jim Rowe | Skillshare

Get Started With Messenger Marketing. Part 1 - Your Facebook Business Page.

Jim Rowe, The Chatbot Guy

Get Started With Messenger Marketing. Part 1 - Your Facebook Business Page.

Jim Rowe, The Chatbot Guy

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17 Lessons (1h 50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Play #1 Messenger Greeting

    • 3. Play #2 Messenger URL

    • 4. Play #3 Messenger Chat Plugin

    • 5. Play #4 Show Who’s Sending

    • 6. Play #5 Messaging Us

    • 7. Play #6 We’re Away

    • 8. Play #7 Instant Reply

    • 9. Play #8 Contact Information

    • 10. Play #9 Location

    • 11. Play #10 Hours

    • 12. Play #11 Frequently Asked Questions

    • 13. Play #12 Job Application Received

    • 14. Play #13 Saved Replies

    • 15. Play #14 Reminders and Follow ups

    • 16. Play #15 Recommendation Follow up

    • 17. Play #16 Page Not Recommended

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About This Class


Many businesses are unaware that Messenger can play a key part in their business marketing strategy. In this 16 lesson series, we cover all elements of Messenger strategy and management without the need for any additional software.

This class includes;

  1. Messenger Greeting
  2. Messenger URL
  3. Messenger Chat Plugin
  4. Show Who's Sending
  5. Messaging Us
  6. We're Away
  7. Instant reply
  8. Contact information
  9. Location
  10. Hours
  11. Frequently asked questions
  12. Job Application Received
  13. Saved Replies
  14. Reminders & Follow-ups
  15. Recommendation follow up
  16. Page not recommended

Upon completion, any prospects or customers visiting your Facebook Business page have the option of a conversational experience.

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Jim Rowe

The Chatbot Guy


Hello, I'm Jim Rowe-Bot, The Chatbot Guy.

I help businesses of all sizes with their Digital Chatbot and Conversational Commerce development.

With commercial clients across many sectors including retail, financial services, celebrities, media and more. I have designed & developed chatbot experiences that act as "virtual assistants", drive sales, and ultimately provide customers with access to information quickly and efficiently.

Specialities ► Facebook Messenger Marketing, Conversational Commerce development & Design, Facebook Marketing, Campaign management, technology integrations, chatbots, chatbot development, chatbot design.

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1. Introduction: welcome to this class. Yes, started with message A marked in your Facebook business page. There are a lot of things you can do with messenger from just your Facebook business page that most people are unaware off on. What I've done is I've compiled these into 16 plays, and each play is a task. And each one of these adds value for both the customer and for you, from simple things by my making sure that you greet him by name all the way to some quite advanced automation that requires no additional software. Just a little bit of creativity. If you're new to Facebook Business Page management, don't worry. This is perfect for you. If you are an experienced Facebook business page marketer, this is perfect for you. There stuff here that you can put took. You can use day today for your business and for your clients. Businesses enjoying If you have any questions, just get involved. Thank you 2. Play #1 Messenger Greeting: messenger. Greet in. All you need to do is go to the Facebook business pace that you're not enough. Okay, two settings go to messaging and you'll see here. Start a messenger. Go a conversation show. Agree to angry people before they send your pager message. Your greeting appears in the chat window before messages sent or in the about section off your businesses. Messenger profile. So to set this, quite simply, just click it all and then you'll notice it comes up with some default text. And if you want to change that, just click on that. You got a little preview. You are limited to 160 characters only on I would say, if possible, try make use of all of those, and then all you need to do is change this text by default. I always give a court action. Ah, but you'll see here. It says Click get started to learn more. Now that gets started is only relevant if you've got some messenger marketing stroke chatbots software attached because that's when the get started button appears. If you are only using the messenger settings that are within your Facebook business page, then you don't want to have that call to action. Your call to action. That will be something simple. Like send us a message. Another little tip is you got some personalization you can had. First name, surname, full name Facebook. Page link on address, I would say predominantly going to use the first name of the recipient. Why, you would use the second part. I don't know the surname. Full name can be useful. Facebook page link Exactly that. If you want to look, drop in the link for your Facebook business page on the address of the business. If you're somewhere that people go to but could only and say 99% the time you're going to use the first name of the recipient. So once you've set it, simply make sure that it's on which it is. You can see the text is there now. What happens when people come to your Facebook business page? If they're on a browser? A messenger is set to pop all. When people arrive, they'll see that greeted a little call to action like centers. A message or click get started again and he just sits there. Ah, however, if they're on a mobile device where they will have to click on the message button. Then we'll see the greeter. So it's just a little bit of gentle text. It sits quite gray in the background on just drives an action enjoy. 3. Play #2 Messenger URL: Okay, so let's take a look at your messenger u R l Where it is, what it is. On what you can use your thought so good to a page or a napkin off. Go to settings. Go to messaging on the left, but then just down the page and you'll get to your messenger your own so you can use this link off Facebook on their suggestions are on a flyer, in an email or in an SMS message. Your messenger link directs people to a conversation with your pin your page. Okay, so it's exactly that it is just simply a link that will drive people straight to your messenger to drive a conversation. So, yes, you can use it on a flyer. But let's be honest. Most people do not go and type of in kind of flier. So my suggestion would be that you would use something like a Q R code or a short link, which I'll show you in a second. Yes, it was really well in an email. You can just make it clickable, make it really easy for people. Less friction, the better on SMS estimate is actually brilliant. A lot people don't really understand how valuable SMS SMS, uh, operates for about 94% on average. Eso if you can then drive from an SMS message into your messenger. Why wouldn't you? So my advice is to take the oral, which is ugliest in He's got the m dot Emmy and then just random numbers that are off. See, it's generated by Facebook for your business page. My suggestion is to use something like Bentley, so copy the link. Got a bit Lee. You can sign up for a free account on Billy, create paste in that horrible link. And then what you can do is collect your message out. You call l and then what? You're also able today he's given name. So jump around. And you Oh, hell, for instance, if it's been used by something else someone else, you would not be able to use it on what I can do. That is just hit. Save has taken some of the one on there just so that there you go. So I can now copy that, tell you what want to on. That would be the link that I could use. It's a little bit more elegant than that. Just a long list of numbers on. I think that's just a much more elegant way of doing it. So message ou r l is just to use offline or on other media to drive people into messenger. Really useful enjoy. 4. Play #3 Messenger Chat Plugin: I think this video we're gonna explore the messenger chat plug in it allows you to effectively put a little widget on your business website, where people can chat to your business, a za human to human conversation or a human to chapel conversation or a mixture of both on when they do it. Start that conversation. You can actually handle it all from messenger, so let's take a look at how you set this up. So goes the Patriot and have enough go to settings. Go to message it and come down the page, and it's not obvious this one. So rather than, say, messenger chap plug in, which effectively does say in the great text here, Um, he says, Add messenger to your website. Let people start conversation on your website and continue it in messenger with the chap plug in. It's easy to set up, and we'll give you the code to add your website, and then the call to action is a big get started, but you're fine. There's a theme within messenger market and get started. It gets used all over the place, So if you are using external software such as many chat, then you don't need to use this widget. Many chat has that option built within it. And actually, I think it has a little bit more control on. If you use a manager, I would suggest you building from within their This is some of the same thing. I think a better process. But then it allows you to generate the code to cop to your website. So we're gonna start by clicking, get started and it goes into this kind kind of really fluffy set up. So meet your customers where they are. The chap plug in. Let people start conversation on your website. Continuing mess injects easy to set up. We'll give you the code satire website. It's just reiterating what he said next. Okay, so it's gonna say firstly, top left, choose your default language. So officer here in the UK, I'm gonna click you can and Tech next part is create a greeting message. Great people, before those send your pace a message Your greeting will appear in the chapel again on your website. So as we uh if you don't play one, which is the message, agree? And that's the one that's on your Facebook page. in messenger, be a anybody searches for your business in the messenger app. This one is a different greeted and this is the one that sits on your website, and it's gonna want to be a little bit fluffy. A. It's a different thing. That's a different approach that people are taken. So at the moment you see there's got default. Hi, how can we help? You were gonna click change and you can see on the right. Here we go. Look, preview on what you'll want to dio is you'll see there's no options for personalization of this stage. Remember their coming of either website So they haven't got Facebook's real name policy. Play the part, then wouldn't say hit, continue as name then messaging after that. And this is where chapels got really powerful Could be very personalizing. Use the name. So I was suggesting a website and you got upto a maximum of 80 characters as you see that you're gonna do something depending on the tone of your business. Friendly on. You want them toe basically want to drive a conversation? Thanks for dropping by. What? Sorry about the loud type it if you Oh, uh question bill. They pay to help. So you see, I'm going to 87. So what we do is to show on that. So I'm gonna put thanks to drop it in. You have a question, will be happy to help. And then you can just do a little Don't smiley face there, and I could see here on the side. Exactly. Looks like, Hey, thanks for dropping in. If you have a question, will be happy to help. It's safe, then go down to the next button on. What we've got is some options, so you can now customize the color, so all you need to do is get the hex code for the color of your website. That's really useful, and all you do is just paste it in there and you'll get your color. Or you can slept on the preset colors, if you can, I think stick with the default color. If it matters, be a website. It kind of subconsciously lets people know that this message and it's Facebook. Pick your color. Not so you can have custom comes off that you can see when I slept our butter. How it changes the icon off I really like that. The wire with the blue in the middle and when you click on it kind of changes it slightly. Click next. Then you need to add your website domain names. All you do is just a copy and paste it in there. You can see this has already selected out. Make sure you hit save, she says. Green saves successfully, and then what you've got is two great options there. If you're technically minded, you can install the code yourself. Uh, otherwise you can email the instructions to have your web people are, and you just click our butter. I didn't Their email address on it just sends the coast rate to fix. Won't make it really, really easy for us. But predominately, I like to you. I'm a WordPress guy. So I use a plugging called tracking code manager, and all I do is click Copy that text heading toe wordpress paste into trucking co manager. Give it a name and that's it finished. What will happen is you learned over the chap Would you on your website like this very simple. Not too complicated. And you re Luca, enjoy 5. Play #4 Show Who’s Sending: sometimes when your communicate with customers from your Facebook business page you might want to communicate is you the person rather than from the brand, but not want to use your personal messenger accounts because you perhaps don't want customers connecting with you personally. So in this play, we're gonna look at how you can achieve that. Say, go to the patient. You're the app enough on go to settings on the Left, good messaging and come down to the section here show Who's sending messages on behalf of your page. With this, you got to tell people whose responded to know who's responding to them on messenger. On behalf of your page, people can choose how their name appears. Let's take a look at how this works, so you can see there's a simple on off button. You can only amend this once you click it on to click on, and you'll notice some more options. Come up on a preview. So the first thing is saying is my display name. Choose the name I'm photo displayed when you send a message on behalf of your page. If this setting is turned off, messages you send will be attributed to your page. So we're gonna turn this on and we could see what he says here. So So we can see now within this is saying Jim Rowe from jump around. So he's saying my full name on the business page that I'm communicating on behalf off. So the first thing is, you've got this photo option and you could see in there. I've just uploaded a quick photo what you can also do. You can upload them off, see your own photo, but you can use the page profile Page s if I flick back to that. There you go, and you can see how that's changed. In the preview, I would suggest most people are just going to use their first name or the first name and initial of this, their names because he said, Jim, all from jump around or alternatively, Jim, from job around, you can't have initial of first name and surname. You can just have certainly which I don't like. And you can have in issue the initials. This is for you to make a decision on what you say is best. We're see this to be the most benefit is for people who are perhaps one man bands on. It's the same person that's using messenger all the time. If you want to have more than one person doing this, then you're gonna have to have more than one person is an admin of the page, which often brings some risks with it. My suggestion is, if you want tohave mawr than one person Antrim as a person on behalf of your page, then you look at some later plays where we use messenger. But if it's just your business and if you you're a bakery or a physiotherapist, Europe ET than this works perfectly enjoy. 6. Play #5 Messaging Us: Theo. Things we need to do is drive more people to message our business. Firstly, it's better for them. As in, we can have a direct conversation and their questions. Find out what their objections are, given valuable information on. Secondly, for the business. We want to get them involved with his in messenger. Remember that one? Some lead has a message. Your business in messenger. They become part of your messaging connections network, and that means you can use things such as message, responsive messages. So we want to strike up a conversation. Now there are several ways to do that. The 1st 1 is making sure that the same message body is there in clear. So to do that when you pay. So it's clear on the desktop version on the noble. You're gonna go to your big blue court action button here so you'll see when I click out of options Test bulletin. Get messages. Edit button Deli bottom. Now you can only see those options if you're not been for the page. So what we're gonna do is click any butter on. You'll see the several options. So, for instance, if you were a theater, you might want to have your prime herbal and as something like Make a booking with you. But now president on what that would mean is that the secondary button would be just a little messenger icon. Very small, actually, is not very clear. So there's an argument to be said for having sent most message button so you can see within the contact to you. You've got few options. There you got contractors send message. Call now sign up, Send email. What's up, that's quite know, quite useful to some businesses. If you are looking to drive more conversations in messenger than seven, muscle message should be your primary, but and we can see what happens here if we hover over. Contact us, you can see is changing at the top right corner call. Now sign up on what's app, so if you click on the waltz up, just you would have to connected your Facebook page and you will see Page. But think about what you want to do later. If you get someone to call you now that's it, they call you. There's no a lot follow from that. If you have contact us again, there's no a lot of ways you can follow up if you have sent message. Once they've connected with you, you can have the conversation on messenger on. Then you have that capability of senator sponsored message. If you go to the later place where we use a specific chap, Bart, then you've got lows. The stuff you can do lots of automation where they've sent your message within two hours it follows up with them automatically is a 1,000,001 things we can do. The sign on one is quite useful, so you might want to send them toe a landing page and they collect email and phone number and that kind of stuff. Just remembering that people are reluctant to give that early on in a conversation, whereas I think within seven message you can give value straightaway. Then you can follow up and ask for email address on perhaps a phone number. Send email. Fantastic, very basic at this stage that later on in later plays we can do is like giant your CRM system or your email marketing system. And what's that we briefly spoken about? If what's up is a big part of your mocked and then that might be your preferred option, but if you want to drive those conversations, it should definitely bay the same message. Butter. Click next, and then what do seem step to say? Where would you like this part to seven people to, but customers clear burned there would be redirected. There will be directed to a place where they can take an action or finds more information. I'll see within the same message, the only option. His messenger. Click it once, click finish it and that's it. You've settled your send message, but that sits proud very much at the top. Whether they're on a mobile order on a desktop on it's a clear call to action to get people to start a conversation with your business. Enjoy. 7. Play #6 We’re Away: So let's talk about setting your Facebook page away. Message uh, a messenger. Now, if you are using a full blown chapel than I was suggesting he switched this feature off because all the wise the chapel get interrupted when you're away because the message will pop up automatically. So if you say that your business close at 5 p.m. On Wednesday while happen is the pajama the bar on that could pull away from a conversation that send a message on Duthie effectively away message pops up, gets really annoying, really confused. Good confuses customers. So that's our look so good. The page that you manage go to settings on a message, and then what you gonna do is gonna come part way down the page and you're looking for this section here. Automated responses click on that. Okay, so there's a lot of automation going in here. This is where you'll do a lot of the pre chap Ah, place. So under Greek customers, you can see all of these country think they were normally open up, so I'll close them so we know exactly where we're going. Under the greeting customers. We've got the away message is off so we can see here on the right. It gives you a little bit of a preview of the text conceded the default is thanks for your message will away and can't respond at this time. We appreciate you getting in touch. Do not believe that your default message That is really, really bad. Customer service. Um, you want them to take an action? You don't want to Just arrived that message and go away because they're not gonna come back unless they desperately desperately want to work with you. Buy your product by your service there. They're not going to come back to that message. I hate it with a fashion. Okay, so let's talk about their way message. So what a way messages are on. Jump around is away and sense away messages jump around, Be in the business page of Ronald moments. That would be your business. You can manually set jump around as a way in inbox or scheduled times to be a wage way. So within your page in boxing, just say we're away. So you you might be going into a meeting or you've got to go toe suppliers and you just click it as a way. Whatever you can customize your away message in customer, you customize your away message to let people know how long you'll be away on when you're respond and then schedule. You can manually make your page away inbox or scheduled times in your page to be away each week. So predominately. What people do will build a schedule in there on, then the lover default message that pops up when they're away. So click edit so we can see here. We've got time ins, a message, and then on the right here is gonna give you a nice little preview of the message. So if you're a Monday Monday toe, Friday kind of business, or you'll do is select your time zone at time on. We'll select Monday and we're going today. 1700 Teoh Terra 900 Sarah nine 100. So from 5 p.m. On a Monday for nine AM the next day they're away and you could see it says him red away. Something sense it should day. Any time I can bend any of these days, we get to Tuesday, do the same on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Then we could do at that time on what we do is the Sunday this time. So it's gonna be from midnight Sunday until 0 900 Sorry until that's right denied so away all day Sunday. Andi gonna do same for Saturday folder. So that's basically that's what you're saying. If you wanted Teoh, do it instantly rather than you having to go to your faithful page in bottoms, not the roadway. Now, for smaller businesses that fine, you might want to just do it manually. But I think for bigger businesses, you're gonna wanna have this on a schedule. If you're going to use this feature once, you selected your time when he's out of office. So it's not between 9 to 5. Monday to Friday. What is going to do is seven message. So we saw that default message. Thanks for your message. Were away and call responded in time. We appreciate you getting in touch. So this is gonna be sent at the moment that they sent a message. So but this we're gonna I didn't some personalization we're gonna say, Hey, Kim. Well, get back to you very soon If you, uh, Danny the questions tie it. Delight So what you're doing is you're adding in a little bit of automation. It doesn't have to be anything to extreme uneven. Put a little emoji in their Generally, I make it a little bit more friendly. I'm all you do. I could see having the right. That's the message is going to send at this stage accomplice. Any images in there? I could do a little bit of personalized Asia, but not a lot. You know, sometimes what I'll see people put in there is effectively like an email out of office, and they were not a low. Now you can wait for us to get back to on here, or you can email us here or call us on this number Monday, Friday night or five. I personally, I don't really like the away message. But if you're not going down for automation and chat about route, that this is the only option available to you. Once he's ready, you click safe. We could see the time is that's what I can. And then if I want to click at it and then I can click preview and messenger and there does , it comes through on straight away I get a message from that business in there as if I'd sent a message and I can see that the emoji doesn't work. It doesn't display correctly. You can see on the image. Now it's actually took it out. Put that it's a that Previa message here again. There you go works much nicer on. That is about as far as you can go with a runaway message when you use your Facebook business page, but it does the job enjoy. 8. Play #7 Instant Reply: slowly, we're going to look at the instant reply now. This is very different to the away message, their way messages only sent when effectively your office or businesses closed or you're away. This'd is different. The instant reply will send any time so soon. He certainly sends a message. They get that instant message straight away, and it will help you get that elusive bottom. It says this page answers immediately, So to get to it, we don't need to go into settings messaging on the left and come down and go toe automated responses. So these were all the different sections of the show before or close into thinking less complicated was still in the Greek customers section. Andi, we're looking for this one instant reply. We could see it's currently set off. So what's it do so respond to the first message. There's somebody sentenced Europe around in messenger or on instagram, so the away message will be somewhat goto message of business, and it would immediately pop up with the away message. But this want somebody sends a message and then they get an instant reply. You can customize your message to say hello. Give them more information about the business or, let them know, went to expect her response. So interestingly sends instantly. If you're already sex offers a way, Andi have instant replies. Turn on. People will get the away message, not the instant reply. So understand that what's gonna happen here? Your business is open, you know? Apparently Madden it many messenger. I never got fully automated Chapo. What? What happen is they will get this message. The instant replies on what you've created this wisdom that businesses closed that will not get an instant reply that will get your away message. And it's as simple as that. So as with the away message we could see we got a preview on the right on. The default is thanks for contacting is well received your message and appreciate you appreciate you're getting in touch. I don't like the grandma, but I get what they're trying to say so well, when he's does click at it time and you can't do anything about this instant and then all we could do is the message so you can see you're allowed a whopping 500 character seeking off a lot of information in here. So it's gonna pay by. Hello? Hey, Welcome. Depending on the tone of your business, and then we're gonna click the personalization. I was like to use the first name, but you can use her name. Full name faithful pacing is so all right. First name. Thank you for your message. I've alerted a member of the team who will pay Ah with you. Okay. No, I Simple message. In the meantime, you can find once was Teoh common questions on our website. So they may just have a quick question about something, and this could almost be a way of kind of batting them off, uh, to do something else kind of self. Serve them, do their self service. We could see what the message looks like here. Don't like our pickpocket, Tex. So I won't do that down. We can see there's a space after the doctors that don't like, so oh, we re enter the ankle. Doesn't like it. Have personalization. First name full stop. So see what it looks like now on the right. Much Tidier. All I can do that is just hit safe my life to save that at it and then do previews. If I don't lose it by mistake. Check that. I could see it's come through on the phone again. The light with the away message. The instant reply doesn't allow you to add any audio video images. You're very limited on what you can do. I like to use cards and gifts and all the all the stuff that just adds to a conversation. But that is it. That's the instant reply points to know where this is. If you got an away message on your office of the clothes, then they'll get their weight message. The work that needs to reply if you're open, they were. If you're opening hours, they will get the instant reply, and then the human could jump in and take over the conversation that later day. So Paul's Matus and get that instant response, which customers feel is really important. But then there haven't away on Flushing until a human engaged in. This is one. The reason I'm big Africa to further automation than this, so that a limited bit of automation to do within effects about business Page on, then when you if you want to take a bit further, like we want to degree them here, ascertain what they asked. Do some question asking what? They're what they're interested in, What I got a question about, you know, kind of guide the conversation. That's what automation can do on what you're looking to do is automate the common things that people want to do enjoy. 9. Play #8 Contact Information: Zion. So we're gonna look now at how you can deliver your business Is contact information automatically with how you want to step in as the human basic bit of automation. Basic bear messenger marketing. So go to the Facebook business page that you manage. Give to Sainz on a message in on you Come down to look for Goto Automated responses. I think that once. Okay, so what island Looking under the section that is named close. These share info about your page, which is effectively sharing for about your business on the one you're looking for, is contact information. Click it once and you'll notice you'll get this dialog window on the right. So very right you'll see a little representation of the phone and messenger you're seeing is currently off. To click it up, they just simply click it here that it won't go the extra need to edit it on. Then it says, respond to a message asking for contact information. You can customize your message to include additional contact information, such as a whats app number or instagram link. If you get a little warning message appear saying there's not enough information to use this or you need to do is go back to your page info settings and pull the contact information because it needs to pull that through. The timing is this. This will be sent instantly unless you're in a conversation or have been in the conversation. A messenger business toe human in the last day. Reminisce at that. Say it won't send because it will one the human toll kind of pop into the conversation and continue the conversation. So to start setting this or in the stores quickly, everybody on it reiterates that the 30 minute rule. Then you get a segment for your text. Maximum 500 characters. Please do not use 500 characters. It's too much. You've got some personalization, which I love. Uh, you got an option to add an attachment so that could be a PdF, for example, which my a boycott business contact details on, then automatically from your page information. It pulls out visit website. You can see out in a 2nd 1 It could be visit blogged, for instance, and taken to the block, and it would put in another button. You can see it to come up now to have time to end has come upon their one example. So get rid of that burn or any stooges click on It's gone so we could see the websites automatic carry through, which is fantastic. So I take that forward, slash away. We don't need it. Ah, you just talk a message, find out more about what we do on ah, how to get in touch. And then I'm gonna put in a name. Yeah, I guess Last night over on our web site on, you could even want put that motion at a full Stop it. Check over that text on would say about two lefts in there. So I'm basically checking this bit here just to make sure it looks good. I can see there's an extra space between Jim and over, so I'm gonna go over here and just take that way. That looks better straight away. And we got visit website if I wanted to at this stage, I could add an image of the website, for instance, if I just take a screenshot on, I could just take a quick screen shot. The website. There we go. Come back into choose the image, this screen shop and It's just a low nerd. I've got some video downloading, six being a bit sluggish and you can see it's all there ready to go find out more about what we do and how to get in touch. Jim over on our website is gonna put a comma there. There we go. I like the way it looks. I would hit safe. As I've said before. Energies, I always hit, save, then go back into any and then preview it just in case something goes wrong. I'll lose my work on. I can look. Their Ugo straight way comes through very nice. So what happens is effectively somebody not been chatting for a while longer than 30 minutes. Somebody s about Get your email address stuff like that. Basically, it will respond automatically using the chap bolt element rather than waiting for me as the business owner to get back to them and messy. So it's just a bit of automation in there, and it works beautifully. You can see it's on, and it's really struck. If I want to switch it off. I just took it off. That's what you don't. That is all you need to do. Enjoy 10. Play #9 Location: how you can automate sharing your location. We're customers and prospects now, obviously not valid for for businesses, but say predominant, those businesses that have a location that customers might need to go to So here dresses, cafes, gyms or those type of places opposite makes. It's important on def your place on the year solicitor or accountant like professional services, where also people need to come to Okay, so as we've always you're gonna start with your Facebook business page, I'm gonna go to settings messages on the left on gonna come down to goto automated responses and click. So we're working on the sheer info about your page section. It will already be expanded that I've close them all down to make it easier. Furious, and you'll see. 2nd 1 down, says location. Click on it once so corny is set to wolf. Have it says, respond to a message asking about the location of your business. You can customize your message to include additional information about your location, such as options for parking or public transport on. The timing is send instantly. People asked about the location of your business only will receive this responsive your conversation hasn't been active for the last 30 minutes. So again, I don't want the grammar of this. But people have you asked about locating your business only well, but then what? They should be a common. There doesn't make much sense. Who received the response? If your conversation open hasn't been active for at least 30 minutes, so if you've been chatted, then they won't get it. If, after a 30 minute window, they asked for the location than their loss possibly said center, that makes sense. So click on edit. So we got time in and again it talks about the first mate window. We've got the message and then we got some extra stuff here. So I've got an attachment on. We can have a full an applicant under another button as well that we can see here the message. So currently he said the default. So if I had a preview a messenger, he sent the message exactly like it shows on the right here. So the text, like any we can personalize it. You'll notice that some other stuff in this now so in previous place would not had as much information. So you go first name? Surname. Full name Facebook. Page link. We've got website phone on the email address. Full address. So Hey, and what I'm gonna do in there? He's put first name full stop. I like Teoh. Make sure I'm looking at on the right here so I could see what the layers gonna bay. It's gonna be a you find those just off class using post code. Take away some of this. Yeah, I took part, Say stems out and then we don't need the Nottingham United Kingdom because we're not service him for this business. International people look, pull the building, you see, And the picture. Please bring, uh, when you run bigger. So it will be whatever is applicable to your business. If you don't, okay, comes cold. What we're gonna do is going out in the phone number because the phone number is already out. It added into the page based details and description Lords much pull that through so you can see the message coming together on the right. And then there's a call to action off get directions. But she's putting is a default so we can change that and pull map found out about Google from what I've done has already got a good woman with that random location. A copier. So just it's just Google maps. Just like anybody use. Copy the link. Come back. Just paste it into the website. You are out again. I said in there. Yeah. Look for the building in a picture. I took a screenshot that building, So I'm gonna add that has an attachment. So two options here I can have image or video. We're gonna go with the image, and it's turned as the image must be smaller than 25 megabytes. This is what you'll find with messenger. Because if a very light platform that limit is normally around 25 megabytes for audio, video and imagery any longer than it just takes too long to load. So they put up that boundary on it. I try and keep things blows 20 megabytes, but possible. So I find this image taking a screen shaft every day is drop the image in. Give it a second. There you can see on the right a preview. So looking good. If we wanted to, we could have a second born with my pot in there. For instance, Apple maps so they could just click it and go straight through. But we're not gonna have that second burn. So I was gonna kick it off. I'm gonna hit save because I like to save it before a preview. It So say back in to edit preview message. Okay, so it's a right on the food. There you go. Not a problem. It's all there as it looks on the preview. Here's what I'm seeing a messenger. Check it over. All ex card. The phone number is clickable on the Google map. Click here. It takes me straight to the location. Simple. So that is how to share your location information. It will be quite intelligent. So people say I don't find you. Where are you? Pop up with that information. Remember, If we've been chatting in the last 30 minutes with that 30 minute window, then it won't fire this up because I could just share the information. But actually, later on, you have to do it manually. So that makes sense. So it will come in automatically. I hope that makes sense. Good luck. 11. Play #10 Hours: in this video, we're gonna look at how you can auto respond in messenger to any body that message your business asking a back door opening times when you have one when you closed and it will pick up on those kind of key for razors. Okay, So, as with a lot of these standard messenger marketing plays, you're gonna start on your Facebook business page that you're a nap enough. You're gonna go to settings, Gonna get to messaging. You're gonna come down the page and you're looking for goto automated responses. Sometimes it's a little blue, but attacks like this and sometimes it's a bottle clicking and you'll notice under the menu . Here, let me just minimize the rest on the share in for about your page. We have contact information, location hours from frequently asked questions offset. We're dealing with hours. If you don't see ours as we see here in this page, that's because the business hours have not been set for the page. That's all it is. So with that page, if I went in and to the peace, Saturn set the business hours, then that menu option of ours would pop up. So don't worry. If you go and you don't see it, just go back and basically put in your business hours. And then that menu appear. I have noticed sometimes an appointment. Business hours is a slight delay for that button coming up. So do it come back the next day and that hours, but it should be there. So if I click in it, you'll notice by default will be off on. You can see on the right, it says. We're always open sea hours in the text, it says, Respond to a message message asking about your business hours. You can customize your message to include additional information, such as upcoming holiday hours. The timing is it will be sent instantly. So some deal. Send a message about your opening hours and they'll get that instant reply, which is what they're after anyway. However, as with a lot of these plays, if they ask about your business hours on you, I've been having a conversation human to human in messenger. In the last 30 minutes. It will not pop up. It will expect you as a human to continue the conversation. If they ask, you don't respond and then they ask again outside of that 30 minutes. Then they'll get the automated response. So what you look for is the big Blue, any person, and it comes to the standard dialog window. We can see the time there's instantly just reverted, reiterates that 30 minute rule. We can see the text, which would be a maximum of five under characters we can see below that takes We've got an option toe. Add in quite a lot off personalization. First name of the recipient, which is my favorite surname, had never understood why people would ever use just certainly full name of the recipient. Yes, If you're a very formal business, you might want to use that Facebook page link. I have not come up for a use, come up with a use for that of why, If they're already chan to messaging, you need to put your Facebook page link it, but there may just be use. I've not come across your website. Always useful phone number, email address and full address. That's all personalization. You've got the option tohave an attachments. If you want to do, you could have a nice design. Pdf with all your opening hours, could be only, you know, if you were a school for instant, you might want to have, like, the full school year mapped out in an attachment so you could put it the message. There is standard school times under there. However, we have four terms or whatever it is. Please download the attachment for the full school year. Really brilliant solution. And then below that, you've got buttons really brilliant on. You can have a maximum of three buttons in like that. And I was gonna close. That is up on by standard. They've already done one on what they do is they put the u R L which is here, which goes to the about section of that page. So somebody's in there. They'll be a bullet. In this case, it says, See, hours. So the bottom label is C hours. So and then we can see on our little preview here the right see hours, which is, I think is perfect. So if you want to go in and change the text, say something like how it stunned opening times, Uh, one day, Teoh Friday? No, till five click alive. Oh, I don't like the message. Could you call the C hours. Just Yeah, simple click. Say, Alice. Good life. And then I'm knocking at night. There you go. Just keep it. Really? Sure. So there, Charlie Business. And they just send a message to say, you know what time do you? Uh, what time you open on Tuesday? The AI within this'll basic version of messenger. Don't forget, this is not afford chapel solution will pick up on the keywords on what I do is a respond. Just put space in there that might well respond with this message. Click See hours below Jeb on. Then that person would have split up on Go straight to the link. Which is there? Which is Facebook About Paige for that business. Sure. Sweet simple. You could. You know, you've got 500 characters that you could be really creative with. Kind of imode use. Um, found no motives. Don't work very well within this when you got a full chapel solution. But you seem to work all the time. But I've noticed within these 1st 16 or so plays into a messenger is not so great. But this works. You know, you can put in there and just say you could just write them in, say, Monday they did it. It it it ended it there. Or you might say, you can click the button, see hours below. But please be aware that Ah, there's a national holiday coming up in three weeks time or whatever it is. And you could put that information in that. Oh, that makes sense. Remember, if you don't see the our selection, there's good chance you've not set your business hours in your page settings. Go back. Change those, Peter. Those business settings come back a little bit later on the hours, but should should appear under the sharing for about your page, and then you should be able to edit this and your 12. Play #11 Frequently Asked Questions: Okay, let's take a look at messenger frequently asked questions. Now this is the play I see often that businesses get wrong. So you may have seen this yourself. You go to message a business on three or four questions pop up in a blue blue writing, and it will say something like, Um, what? You're only now is it just random questions that don't actually mean a lot? They are. Often those questions change depending on the category of the page. On that, they're what I call the bonehead questions that don't mean about when they are clipped by a potential customer. That question has just asked. It's not responded to. Most people don't even know that you can do a response on automated, so they quick it. They click that butter. It asked that question to the business, and then it relies on Sunday in the business, coming back and answering that question. Um, yeah, So most businesses are totally unaware that you can go in and edit this section and provide automatic responses, which is absolute genius, and I think it's one of the most underrated place on is the closest step I think you can make toe having a full chap up where without having to go down the full chapel route. So, like with many of these message of place, you need to be an admin of the page that you're gonna build this on and you need to go to settings. Okay, setting go to mischief. What you're looking for is automated responses. Sometimes it looks like this. Sometimes it's a button wonder all these automated responses, which I'm gonna minimize to make life easier under the share info about your page. You'll see contact information, location hours and frequently asked questions. So your notices in the off position gives you a little bit of information, suggests questions that people can ask about your page. Then set up automated responses to those questions. So this is what I'm saying. A lot of pages will have thes suggested questions, but they won't have the ultimatum. Response in place on the questions often don't make sense. And under the time you sectional say, ultimate, automated responses are sent instantly after someone taps a question. Now that's great, cause they get an answer to their question. But it's instant if you get down the full chatbots solution What you can do then is you can make it feel a bit Hume or human life by putting in some delays. So you know, when it looks like somebody's typing, you can actually build that in. So they click that question as it exists in the business. Immediately, I'll see the three dots popping up. The animation shows someone's typing, and then they'll get a response. That's a big difference you can do between the two. No frequently asked questions will appear at the beginning of the conversation with your page. You can also choose to add these questions to a menu that people can access throughout the conversation. So you may have noticed that sometimes when people in message with the business, there's a little menu of the bottom. No, always that some people will have that capability to build a menu, and you'll notice for the first time in any of these plays on the preview here we've got menu and questions. So the main dialogue box, and then if you want to see the menu, which is important, Okay, so let's have a look at what this looks like. You're gonna need to click a blue Audi bud. You can see it reiterates the time in, and it tells you you can have a maximum of four. Frequently asked, questions could be displayed at the beginning of the conversation. On again Reiterates that they could be put into a menu. Assumes you clicking this button. You'll see it all changes. Here we go. So question warm. And I'm going to just make up a question here on an ultimatum. Response wants. Oh, you for Isis. Question Mark, obviously, Now you'll notice, as I was typing that that the question could have a maximum of 80 characters. I think that's plenty I've never come across, Ah, time when I needed more than that. Remember, these are very simple questions. As a business, it's a really indicator of where the conversation starting. So if you take your time and think about those questions, you're almost ascertaining intent from them clicking the ask bulletin, which you see on the preview here you're ascertaining there in 10 straight away. Eso You know how to pitch the conversation when you come back as the human, so what your prices and you'll notice it says here. Automated response optional. So it simply could be left like that. They asked the question, but they have to wait for the human to interject on. Come announced the question, but I like the idea of automating their funds. So we're gonna say no prices this dog from a little as 1999. Uh oh, and I'm gonna add in a little bit personalization. Remember, personalization is important. You want toe? You want to psychologically warm warm. The prospect that customer to you is a business into your your automated responses. This is where you know, automation is not a dirty word. If you do it well, we've all out bad automation. But I think the small businesses a real advantage to make it personalized. Friendly. Make it sound like you, uh, the other thing is you don't have towards may everything you know, you can automate this first bear on their new common is the human. So it pick it, it answers that basic questions and then you can just follow up was a human. Don't forget you've got seven days Azaz the human person Teoh. Then join in that conversation on then every time they answer back and you start having that conversation that seven day window restarts again Really important to know that. So I'm gonna add in their name. I like to use first name and you could say something. Uh, I've how did, uh, uh, pdf full price this low for you again? It's kind of personalized in that response on conversational dying design is really important. So you can sit back, take your time, work on how you respond to make it sound like your business. So what got our response at that time? If we wanted to, we would add in that attachment as an image. Um, there's an image I would say would be the option that officer you can touch in a video. Talking about that prices will depends on what you do. We're not gonna add that in at this stage because I don't have it. You'll notice Got the option than to add a button. So where it says I've added a pdf of our fault Priceless below. Oh, you can head over to our web site. So at this stage, we could just add in the website details saving that I was gonna add in my website. So we've got something in there okay, because I've got a chap but already attached attached to this. I don't really want it to replace the menu, so I'm gonna turn that option off. You noted. Super. Sear it safe. You can say that is the preview there. Click edit, and it's all ready to go. If you have not got the full chapel solution at this stage, I would suggest you would click this button on toe. Add to menu. You can have up to three buttons. And don't forget you can have up to four questions, so that's a look. So if I click the menu here on the preview, you'll see that because I've already got a chapel connected to space because the pager used for trainer, you don't see it. But what would happen is the list of questions here would be down in the menu any time. And that's really important because when they click one of the questions, the rest of questions vanished and it goes into the automated response. So having the questions of the menu means they're always available so they might click on price in the my click on suggested products, whatever, whatever those questions are, that's simply only does hit Save on then. If you want to, just have a quick look. Work your way down. Spend your time on this a lot. The other place that quick and easy. This one, I think, needs a little bit more effort to make it nice. You'll soon realize that you're very limited, though, and that's when you start looking at a full chapel solution. Enjoy. 13. Play #12 Job Application Received: Let's talk about how you can automatically respond when people have made a job application on your Facebook business page. Everybody leaves this as the default when there is such an opportunity to enhance the experience for the for the applicant, but also bat off all those questions that come after. I see this all the time with businesses where something goes through the apply for the job of filling all the details, they submit it, and then it goes straight back into messenger. And they just add asked lows a different question. What those questions about about the role? Eso you kind of got it. You know, you could have 80 applicants, and they're all asking the same questions over and over. Getting you should know what those questions answers are. So there's a riel opportunity toe respond to them straightaway. Message. They apply to get a message. 22 them into May and messenger, which is brilliant, Really good customer service. I don't see gives up person plan to roll. It really could feel about the business straight away. They're being cared about straight away. Andi, answer some of the most commonly answered questions. Uh, if you do put jobs unrolls available for your Facebook business page. Get all over this one because it's really simple to do, and it makes such a difference to you on the applicant. Okay, Well, like a lot these 1st 16 place, what you need to do is go to the Facebook business page that you manage on, go to settings only looking for messaging on the left and then go to automated responses. Middle of this metal like a button. Okay. And the section you're looking for is communicate about job. So I just minimizes all the sections you can see. There is the only option you get on the communicate about jobs Clicky once, and we conceived in the off mode, we can see that there's a standard message which is high. We received your application. Appreciate your interest in working for us, very standard, which every job you apply for on any page that he always seems to be. The answer is not very customer service base. It's not personalized. IR makes a poor effort when you can do so much more. So to edit this, quite simply, look for the blue. Any vote button timing is instantly as you would expect. They fill in the job application, they submit it, and we'll get this message pink to them. On Messenger, you can see there's a message on. They got default message in there. Take it out. 500 characters are limit as it is with a lot of these. We can see we've got the option toe out personalization in again, which is fantastic. So we got first. Name, surname. Full name of recipient Facebook page link, website, phone on the email address on full address. There's an option for an attachment, which I think is really powerful on. Then we've got up to a maximum off three buttons. There we go. I'm gonna take two of those away, so let's start with a response. Thank you. Go plating Job application. You, uh, Any questions? Please start by reading attachment. Good luck. Whole. Following. Uh, thanks. Now. Uh, website. There you go. Nice. Simple message. I'm just gonna break that up a bit so I can see there's a big block of text there. Don't like big blocks of text. Makes it hard to read, So going to separate it down a little bit like that? If you go for the full chatbots solution. You could do the thank you Jim for completing the job application and then bring up the animation of Type in full 36 seconds and then bring up the second part of the question again. You're not trying to trick people that they that's being to human. You just maybe making it feel like a natural conversation on natural conversation. Text based conversation has pauses. Eso that out there. Ah, strange space appeared. That's gone. The attachment here is, I would say, would be perhaps something around the application process. Time is another, because one of the common questions people will take his. You know what happens next. They'll let their last things like what happens next? So I think the attachment should be what happens next element. And then your three buttons should be stuff that reinforces, perhaps, that they've made a good decision playing for the business. So it might be a video to a testimonial from an employee. It might be your promo video or whatever, and you would just at those bonds in You wouldn't call upon this that it would be something like that, uh, Mawr about where I tell you what, I'll do well do working with us, which is a great one on then that would just go to a website. You know, that one that we just grab on mind so we can make a button live. They've got put the website, and again we can have up to three bottoms. Make use of them. This is a great opportunity to feel awful. Those questions Ah, you could have another one that says application process. Uh, explained name again, Small about this roll, you guys So you can see I've got the three questions up there at the moment. I am pulling the website your l's, but I'm just gonna put him in for testing purposes. It's the same your l but you can see how that's now building a really nice response after they've completed the job application. You know, you could have one in there that says withdraw your application and what it does. It could go straight to a form on the site where they complete and just withdraw their application. All depends on how your business works and operates. It's simply that hit save. Then he added it again. You can preview before you say, But I like to hit the safe. So I've got it. And then all we need it just hit preview on. There you go. You can see comes through beautifully. All the questions are there. And if I hit working with us, they just pops open to the website. Effortless. You can see just doing that. It takes five minutes to build the structure. Elsie takes a little bit more time. If you haven't got the attachment we need to create that attachment on the bottoms. Need to pump point to the relevant places that you want to send them to. But all in all, it's well worth the effort. This play is massively on the use. Massively powerful. Andi. It just give people a better impression. Your business from the outset and join 14. Play #13 Saved Replies: Let's talk about messenger, Save replies. Now This feature allows you to create a reply all to 1000 characters have it saved on then you or a member of your team or anybody. When they get asked a question on these most commonly used when it's a frequently asked question that people ask all the time, you can just literally hit that safe reply and send it, and it could be quite detailed. You know what, 2000 characters not that suggest you use 1000 characters, but you do have that capability. So it's a quick look. You're gonna need to go to the Facebook page that you manage, obviously, and you're looking for your inbox. Now, if you didn't know you could do. You kind of have this inbox plus now, which you can get to hear on your Facebook business page where you go to create a studio and do exactly the same. So have messages we comments on also instant instagram direct and stuff in. There is all which is brilliant, but also you got. All of the automated responses were also held in there as well, so way commonly on the videos I show you going to the page settings and then into that, they're also held within your inbox. Now he says that the same place effective. So get back to the inbox and in a second, okay, gonna use myself. So I'm not messaging anybody That shouldn't be. Here's the window with the conversation in. So imagine you just received a message. What you're able to do if you've created them is click on this little section here and see a list of saved replies. Now there's one him in here that I created when I was testing it. I'm gonna get rid of that. I will do it from fresh, so deleted. So this is normally how you'll see that Maybe a couple in their their defaults, But I would say so I would suggest that you get rid of those and start fresh on. What you're gonna do is you can see if you've got at least you've got frequently used recently used, but we're just gonna go straight into create a safer reply. Click it once. So what you'll normally have. You've got to have this. It says they're required is a short cut, so but it's gonna call this one, it's gonna be a minimum three characters. So this your card is used to find the safe replied later and easily inserted into a conversations. Short cost must be at least three characters long, and then we come into our tech section. You're no to sort of set before 1000 characters which is listed here on. We also have the option to add in a photo and add in some personalization, so I create some text already. So if I just go to my nose up, take the text again. You can type it out previously, if you want to extent, so says hi and then I've left a space for a name. So gonna add in some personalization? Don't underestimate the power of personalization. When your message in between you and customers, I think, is really important, we use their name. But there is quite a lot of personalization you can use in the saves replies. So first name of recipient surname. I've been trying to work out when you might just use a surname. It's unlikely. First name is probably gonna be the one useful full name. Maybe it is a very formal business. First name of sender So that my first name, sir name of sender. We're going to use that Your Facebook Page Ling website phone on that email address and full address. So if you haven't used one of the other place which is a frequently asked questions and you just want to use them as a safe reply cause you might have multiple officers, for example, you might just have them saved on the three digit three character codes for the different office locations on you can see where the person whose message use come from. Could you get to their profile on the right? You can see here I'm not in England. So if my address one was the night in England when I could drop it in something like that. But we're gonna just for this message which is going drop him first name and at so high. First name of recipient. It was lovely Tablet Sherra. It would be lovely to have a chat and talk about all things chatbots. Just let me know a date, a time that works for you. We'll get something. The diary. That's quite short message. You would probably create that manually, but if you're constantly having people messenger and you're not going down the full chap, Badru, you might just prepare something like this. I see I've used 183 at the 1000 characters. So nearly 1/5 of the characters used up in that short message. So 1000 characters sounds a lot, but it really isn't. It's safe. So now I've got this safe reply. I'm in a conversation someday. Wants to have a chap. I was simply go down to inserts, Save, reply, split the message, it puts it in, ready to send, then just simply hit Sam Butter. Now that's the same reply. You can have lots of those all presets, all ready to go really useful if you're getting a lot the same questions. I think it's also really useful if you've got all the people, perhaps man in your Facebook business page, and you want to ensure they stormed the asked that question. They get sent the exact same response manually every single time, so not full automation at all. It's not like a frequently asked questions play, but it is a way off. Ensure you get the right message to the customers every single time. Is that safe? Replies enjoy 15. Play #14 Reminders and Follow ups: I think we're gonna take a look at reminders and follow ups. Now they are only used for appointments. So if you're not an appointment based business and there's no point in, uh, using this play, however more more businesses are utilizing it. What I'm seeing, really is the kind of smaller, appointment based business So you might be are no hair nails Ray Key any of those kind of smaller businesses, but with a lot. That new appointment features that Facebook is built. The thing that's gonna become a time when your barber's your hair dresses and all those type of places come start to utilize this. A lot of them will have third party software that they pay a monthly subscription, although they've bought that. I've seen Facebook of really making inroads into building a system that can handle those full appointments. In the meantime, what to do provide is appointment reminders and follow messages. Let's take a look so you get these gets the Facebook page that you manage, go to settings and go toe messages, and then we're looking for is set off automated responses. Ally would be a piece of text that you can click a lot of this is settled. You coming down to this section here that says follow up or sometimes you might say employment follow. So the reminders themselves is simply on or off. No more complicated than that. You can't really anything you can see here on the right. It just says we're looking forward to your appointment. So all it is is just a little bomb to say. Don't forget you got appointment tomorrow. If you've got four chapel solution that you build it messenger, using some like many chair. Then you can get really snazzy with your appointment follow ups and really clever with them . And you can see on the time and sent the day before a confirmed appointment. Simply switch it on. It says that the appointment follow up was a bit more to her. So you can say is by default. Set to off. I would do is also actually sent customers a message after their employment toe, encourage them to book again brilliance that you don't have to think about that, you know Will Toe does it for you. And you can see the default message here on the right. Hi. We'd look to have you back for another appointment, not the friendliest of messages, Uh, and you can also choose onto the time ization when you want to sell and send that follow up message. So although the reminders would just go 24 hours before the appointment follow, you can select. So we need to do is click the edit button and you'll notice, um, text. Now you can have a maximum off 250 characters here, so don't forget to use the personalization to make it friendly. But you will get for those 250 quality characters really quickly, so you can't say too much, and then the only other second you need is, he says, send after after how long uses drop off do you want to remind them to finish and you can say 24 hours. You could have it three days before Yeah, I was. And then just click save And that is it. No more complicated that if they've already gone through your system, so you might want to leave that week, for instance, because if they've already gone through the system and they've made another appointment, then they won't get that follow what message? So effectively they come to you. They have an appointment. The end of you say you just go to our Facebook page. You can make another employment. And then what you do with the follow up is you come in and then two days later, you know, check. See if you got employment with the evident they'll get this message. The father, What message? And then it's up to you. After that, manually checked, they've gone in. If they haven't, I would suggest you dip in, is the human there and try and get the appointment. It's a simple as that very simple from within messenger. But actually I think for smaller businesses perfect. If you want to get a little bit more snazzy than you need a full blown chapel and your 16. Play #15 Recommendation Follow up: one of the ones that I think is massively under used on these massively useful on is the recommendation auto follow up. So what this play allows you to do is when somebody leaves a recommendation, a positive recommendation within 10 minutes. Still get a message on messenger thanking them for leaving the review. You can customize that on. Then you've got an opportunity to drop in. A call to action will do something more so you don't need any specific software for this. It can all be done from your Facebook business page settings. So this dive stream so you'll need to be on your page. And obviously you'll need to be an up men because that's the anyway. You can access settings across the settings on what you're looking for, his message in click messages and then coming down. You're looking for set up automated responses here, Click settle so you can see all the message in seconds air here and that we're down the bomb here automated settings and if you come down, you can see down here we've got under the follow up section, which I can open and collapse. We've got employment reminders in this case that's already set on an appointment. Follow up again. A play that know what people use the implement follow could be quite useful in certain industries. We've got page recommended and we got Paige not to recommend it. Little suggestion here. I think in terms of automation for paid recommended Go for it. I think it's absolute genius if you're going to use some automation for page not recommended. Be very, very careful. I think if someone is giving you a poor recommendation or criticize your business via Facebook, I think that needs a human to human conversation. Onda Uh, yeah, I would stay away from automation. In that case, unless you're a huge business, who is getting lots and lots of recommendations put both positive and negative, then you might want to consider following up on page, not recommended. So what we're gonna do is we come into it, we're gonna click it on, and then we're gonna come across here and we're gonna editor. So paid recommended is on and he says, send a message after some more publicly shares that they recommend your page. You can customize your message to thank them, send them an offer or start conversation on this is where the real gold is. Businesses that rely on social proof and recommendations such a venues, people that are providing appointment based services so it could be a beauticians could be a hairdresser's. Could be a nail bar, coffee shops anywhere where people go to. I think business coaches is an absolute cracker. If you're delivering a service, could be a Web builder. I think there's not many businesses that can't benefit. Okay, so we can see it sent 10 minutes after someone is publicly share that arraignment recommended on NLB business page Name in this case, fitters for interestingly people ask if they can change that you can. It's currently set a 10 minutes. That's all you can do. And it automatically does that. I don't know why Facebook of restricted this 10 minutes is not a bad time. You're still gonna be in their memory, and it's not gonna be too soon after they leave the recommendation that feels automated or a bit weird. Okay, so we click at it so we get this kind of dialogue box here, Your notes that top. I've got an option to preview a messenger council and Save Save is grayed out of the moment purely because we haven't made any changes. So time in the top 7 10 minutes after somewhat publicly share that Aaron recommended the business. So what we have is a bit of fun here. So he says, they give you some, some dialogue, it already in there, I would suggest, and you've got lots of characters say yes. If I take me there, you got 500 characters. Please do not do a response. It's 500 characters long. It's way too much. I think what you need to do is really think about the voice of your business, on making sure that this text kind of fist doesn't feel too robotic. That then doesn't trick people into thinking it is human. You know, it's balanced in that automation with a human human like feel. So if you see this G here, that's just because I've got Graham early and probably won't see that if you don't use grandly, I think it's just brilliant. I type faster than my brain can keep up so often. I made lots of typos and Gramley keeps me, uh, in check, so I got 500 characters. It's what produced them to say Banks. And I don't know, I did some personalization got the up personalization button just here, going all over the place. Here we go. And I'm going to use the first name of the recipient so you can see says thanks, Jim. In this case goes on, the guys logged in and I'm creating it. That name will obviously change. Whoever has left the recommendation, Grandma Lee's popped up. They told me that he's put punctuation in the shot, so I shall I'm never gonna drop in a little emoji. High five fits with this kind of first name terms. Kind of very friendly business type if you're a bit more functional or, you know, if you were I know it's a listed there or some kind of high end retailer. You might want to do it slightly differently. Remember, voice is really, really important at this stage. I could just have that. Thanks. And then I could bring in image on video. What we're actually gonna do is put some video, which is really important. So I'm gonna put this There we go. And I think that's all I'm gonna do so I'm gonna actually gonna take the high five out, because I don't think it fits being there. Foreman does. I'm gonna put it at the end. Yeah, At this stage, it could just simply be there, and there's nothing wrong with that. But personally, I fear there's on opportunity here to build even closer relationship with customers, clients. Patrons depend on your business. So what we're gonna do is we're actually gonna drop a bit of video in which have asked the client to pre pre create for me. I've asked him to create it inland. It's very import rates straight off his small phone. I didn't want it to be overly produced and edited. It just got me simple. It's gonna feel genuine. It's gonna feel off the moment. Um, and it's one of these things. You could come and replace this video every month if you want to to, but I think it just needs to be quick, friendly and to the point you'll know is under the twos. Video option. It says he's come in low longer than 25 megabytes. That's really important. Actually, I try to stay around 20 megabyte maximum, but yet they do say they support 25. I've been close that been like 24 in a bit, and it's just wouldn't upload. So I try and keep it. Love it smaller that if your video is too big, then you could just use a problem toe shrimp video down, so I will click it on. What I've done is I've already saved onto the desktop to make it easy. I don't like video for Do So. Give it a moment to Bob Load again. You don't have to use of in a video. If you're not that way inclined, you could just of you to really lovely image if you were I know a coffee shop or somewhere where people go to prospect appointments or buy a product or service. You could have this day just issued a little voucher code or something on an image, which is quite nice. Often just told them they could go to the website, put that in and get a free coffee, or you just get get something kind of like an offer. That's the quick and easy way to do it. The only thing I would say about that is if you're issuing a coupon or code Byron image. Make sure you restrict how many times it could be used. So yeah, it's really difficult because if you restrict it to Tempe Big 10 years, there's one person could get it and share amongst their family when actually you wanted to go someone else that there are better ways to issue. That could just be a simple thumbs up or, you know, wave or just a nice image from the business. An image of the team saying Thank you or not, some bandages gonna be a bit creative, but I like video, so I just think it's more engaging at this stage. We've got an option at the bottom for a butter. Now, this is where things get really interesting. So if you wanted to at this stage you can add in a video your l give the ball in the name, you can have a second. But if you want to, and you could send them off to another piece of content or whatever it is, you're one. Today. We're not gonna add a bone at this stage, but we're just gonna have it like this museum out so you can see right, So I can see here. This is what's going to appear. So get a little preview on the right. But the second you just get to say before you the area. Thanks. Space after a comma Graham Olympic gym. I appreciate you taking the time to leave such a glowing recommendation. And then it goes straight into the video. Short, sweet to the point of sweet to the point. So I'm gonna do now is previewed this a messenger using the book. And they provide no, and has just arrived. So there you go. What? I don't click on that from boom is straight in there. Now, remember, And I'm gonna play that if you're watching this video is because Lisa feedback when was having worked together? You I do. I you want one? The results that we've achieved together does the world to me. I wanted to see que just lovely. It's got a real nice feeling to it on. You know, you're never gonna miss a positive recommendation and you're never gonna miss that. Auto feedback for that person makes you feel great. Makes them feel great. Once he's ready, you just hit save and that's it. make sure that it is on and we can see it's on here with the green button. You want to turn it off anytime you just press down here. But we want it on on that. Is it ready to go? It's first time you do. It will take you 20 minutes. Next time you come and update it, I'll tell you just a few minutes. Massively underrated, massively under use, but a great play. Enjoy. 17. Play #16 Page Not Recommended: If someone comes along to your page, leaves a great recommendation or review, that's great. But occasionally you're gonna get some. It leaves a negative review. Now, if this is just control just going around doing this on people's pages, never use your surface services before, um, you're quiet within your rights. Go back to Facebook and ask for that to be removed. It happens more than you know. However, if you have generally not providing good service, then you need to tackle this head on on. Thankfully, Facebook provide the capability within messenger toe. Automate that process. Now you're no looking toe automate point things right? What you're looking to do is automate to recur, to recognize that there's been a service issue. And then what you want to do is try and take that off line, have a conversation human to human with the person that's not recommended, are not left less, left you a positive recommendation. This is a really opportunity, uh, to show what you're made off. The best companies are the ones that deal with issues quickly and probably so let's take a look at how this works. So on the baby business page that you manage, go to settings a message in on the left and calm down the page. Any looking for automated responses? It could look like this. Or it cannot like this. Why? There have been two places I don't know. I think that's a transitional period with a Facebook. Make some changes. Click the button on the section you're looking for. Is Paige not to recommended on this page is under respond to feedback of it. I have a variation of that dependent on your page age category, where we have a Facebook are on the that version and you'll notice is by default was set toe off. Unless you've fiddled with it in the passengers. Some of it is. Love it with that and you'll see that there'll be a a default message which office he has never been. So because s 07 because in office, just to give you an example, um, you can also see what happen is send a message after someone publicly shares. They don't recommend your page. You can customize your message to send an offer or learn more about the customer's experience. I would say Don't send him and our first you're a coffee shop. Some became in their terrible service. Uh, they go on to Facebook. They don't recommend your page that leave a negative review to get an ultimate message off you. 10 minutes later on it says, Thanks for not recommended us Something along those is a coupon to come back. It's just, it just seems disingenuous. If I had a terrible time and you just give me a coupons, come back. I want more than that. I want you to recognize there was a service issue. I want to speak to someone. More than likely, I want an apology. That's what that's really what you're looking for on then, if if they are genuine on that apology is, comes across, is genuine, and I think there's an opportunity to entice them back. So that's how the quick look at what it looks like. So click at it. So the time and you can't do anything with the time, and it's sent 10 minutes after someone's published publicly shared. They don't recommend your business name on. That's exactly the same for recommendation. There is no ability to change that. It just doesn't by default. Then you've got your message you can see there's a default message in there. Well, to a maximum of 500 characters you can see in that default message, which you get a preview wealth on the right. Hello, Comma. We're sorry. You've You've had a bad experience. Please let us know how we can improve. Okay? It's a very sure sweet message, but I think it's just lacking something. All I'm gonna do is I'm gonna slightly adapt this. So we're says hello. I'm gonna put some personalization so all of these do is a personalization. But I'm gonna use the first day. We're sorry. You had a bad experience. Well, uh, yeah, with those that I'm gonna use personalization again. That's a really work. We don't want the link him. Really? Okay. Here with those. Yeah, well, state without got legs. Then what? You can day it's rather than just Please let when I actually got a new line, I'll zoom out so you can see it being apparent here on the right. Ah, he says no. We can improve by clicking the feed back button. Been like, um, we're just gonna put down our I'm gonna put really, really sorry. Please let us know how you can improve by clicking the feedback form. But like on So the image. I'm gonna leave quite like that one that you would pick something that kind of fits of your brand again. You can use video. Ah, video is if you want people to take a call. You want people's taken action. I think videos the way to do it. So you can very much say you was the business. And I think that carries a lot of weight saying I'm really, really sorry you didn't have a great experience with if you please click the feedback button below, um, and tell me all about it. I'll get addressed. Assumes that can't Something like that works really, really well. So we're gonna add in the bone. We're gonna give it if the named feedback So we can see on our little preview there, and then you're gonna take it to a u R l. So you may take it to a web form. Um, me personally and gas goes on the chap. What guy is I would have built a feedback, uh, conversation. Ah. And it would be I would basically just pop into a bond. It would say something like, Thank you for clicking the feedback, but and I'm really sorry to hear about experience with if you could just give me a few details, such as date time on exactly what happened. I'll investigated immediately. Thanks again. We really appreciate the feedback. Something like that into a ball collects the details, and you can also see that feed those details into a spreadsheet that could be like your complaint sheet eso You can analyze what's going wrong with the issues he could pay could be that stuff member needs more training and could be that something went wrong with the product or service, and it was beyond your control. Could be a 1,000,000 on one things, but you never you never improve if you don't investigate what those are so personally, it was me. I would go one step further with this. On which, says website, you're L. I was taken to a link that would kick them into a box that collects that fit that negative feedback. That's the best way to do it. If you if you're not gonna go that far than simply to a form on your website, will be sufficient here. I think if you were going to just leave it with no button on, just get them to type a message about the You gotta make sure you come back. Announced that immediately. If I If you've asked me to give you feedback it message and then you don't answer it for two days, that is not gonna help the situation. So that's it. Once you're happy, you would click. Save is not gonna let me because I put a Lincoln. So we get rid of the button, click, save, click at it, and then click preview a messenger. This is quick. Is that messages come straight through. No feedback, Bob, because I removed it so I could save it that you get the idea what? You This is quite a delicate one toe automate. You know that it can't feel too robotic to automated on. I would say, unless your business is getting several reviews a week, stay away from automate in this part. You can definitely automate the page recommended 100 that this woman, I think you might just want to acknowledge their message and say, I'll be in touch with you again shortly. Something on those lines you could have matching in with your business and your ethos. So that is page not recommended. Enjoy.