Get Started With Customer Research (When You Don't Know Where To Start) | Alissa Condra | Skillshare

Get Started With Customer Research (When You Don't Know Where To Start)

Alissa Condra, User Experience Strategist and Designer

Get Started With Customer Research (When You Don't Know Where To Start)

Alissa Condra, User Experience Strategist and Designer

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7 Lessons (1h 29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Identifying Research Questions

    • 3. Choosing Research Methods

    • 4. Developing a Research Plan

    • 5. Conducting User Interviews

    • 6. Analyzing Research Findings

    • 7. Raw Video - User Interview

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About This Class

You’ve been working on a startup, design, or project and know that you need some customer validation to move on to the next step. If you’ve never planned and executed a research project before, it might feel like a big task. But it doesn’t have to be!

In this course, I will walk you through how to get started with customer research when you don’t know where to start. This course is for startup founders, designers, or product managers or members of any of these teams.

This class covers easy how-to steps to:

  1. Identify research questions
  2. Choose research methods
  3. Develop a research plan
  4. Conduct user interviews
  5. Analyze research findings

I've also included the raw footage of one of my user interviews. Watch to see how I moderate, and when I go on or off script!

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Meet Your Teacher

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Alissa Condra

User Experience Strategist and Designer


Hello! I am UX Designer, with experience in a broad range of roles from research, to synthesis and ideation, to prototyping and design. I've used UX and design thinking methodologies to deliver on business objectives for companies from startups to global enterprise clients, through work in agencies and now as an independent consultant. I started teaching UX Design in 2017, and have since found a passion for teaching and mentoring others on the journey to achieve business goals in a more human-centered way.

I also love ultimate frisbee, yoga, hiking, podcasts, and trying new things on Skillshare!

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1. Introduction: if you know you need to do some customer research, but I've never done any research before. This class is for you. Doing research without a plan is like grocery shopping. Without a list, you'll end up with a bunch of junk that looks good, but it's not really useful as ingredients for a recipe. In this course, I will walk you through how to get started with customer research when you don't know where to start. This course is for start up founders, designers or product managers or members of any of these teams. Customer research is how brands, sites, APS and product developers understand what to build its methodologies that we can use to understand users, their behaviors and their motivations. I'm your instructor, Lissa. I've spent over 10 years in you X as a strategist, designer and the past two years as a research consultant. I'm not working as an independent UX consultant in Sydney, Australia. The purpose of research is to know what to build so that people will actually use it. We use research to understand ourselves, understand or competitors understand the market and where we fit into it s so we can really understand how to build something that will delight customers. In this course, I will take you through detailed how to steps to identify your research questions, choose your research method, developed a research plan, conduct user interviews and analyze research findings. Throat. This class will create a research plan together through four activities. Creating the research questions, developing a research plan, conducting user interviews and analyzing findings. At the end of this project. You'll have enough research information to help influence your designs. This classic examples I. You specifically focus on research for creating a new experience for a new business. The techniques and tips that I share will also apply if your research objective is to improve an existing experience or add new features and functionality to that experience. If there's anything I don't cover around the research set that you're trying to do, come in below and happy to respond to. Those are, maybe put a follow up class. But that would be helpful. I work with companies of all sizes to deliver great UX experiences and the tips and techniques that all using this can also be applied to companies and product teams of any size. So let's get started 2. Identifying Research Questions: first, we'll start by identifying our research question. They send what we want to know about our customers. We can choose the right research methods to guide the rest of the research. Do your research questions some with your business assumptions? What are you assuming that people will want to buy? I want to do that justifies your business. Look what? How your business makes money, your business model and find out what assumptions are built in that you might want to test or in your customer. Then we'll get design assumptions. If you do have existing designs or mock ups. Prototypes, even just really sketches of ideas about what you want. What assumptions have you what something you built into those. So you're If you have a product page, for example, you're assuming that people want to see certain information or they want to see reviews those air all assumptions that you can tell. Finally, we'll look at the user experience ecosystem. This is a map of different you X factors that I use as a break storming exercise to understand what factors go into these experience and how we might test or bill research questions based on those factors. In my example that I use for this class, I'm creating a craft beer site. I want to build a new website to sell craft, beer and other types of liquor where a portion of all sales goes back into supporting and funding small local craft breweries. So in order for my business to succeed, I'm assuming that people will want to buy craft beer online and that there really to buy beers they haven't tried before online. So one of my research questions might be, How do people feel about buying new crack beers online? Another something that I'm making that's key to my business model is that people will want to support small local independent craft brewers with a portion of proceeds from the site, either from their own their own purchases or from the purchases of side hole. So one of my research questions might be how important is supporting local independent breweries in your beer purchase decisions. So this is how I go from my business assumptions to research questions based on business assumptions. Next, I looked at design assumptions that I haven't these air just early sketches right now, but one of the big questions I have is how people will find a new e commerce site for beer that they made that necessarily have been looking for. So one of my questions might be how do users interact with beer and breweries and bars, for that matter? On social media and thinking about the e commerce area on site, One of the key questions I have will be related to how people search and browse for new types of beer to try. So one of my research questions might be How do you use is decide what types of beauty try . This might help me answer questions about filtering and ordering information on my product pages finally related to my business purpose of allowing customers to support those small and local breweries. I'm picturing an experience where users can choose which, which worries, too, allocate their portion of the proceeds to and support. So I might have a research question related to this like, how is the transparency of funds important Teoh selecting or deciding to purchase? This is my in that of his experience sectors. You could Donald this on the project page below. Each of these factors is going to influence your user. In some ways, I use this as a brainstorming activity to come up with research questions. For example, as I looked at this location could be a very important factor for my customers. Maybe I have a research question of Where are you when you buy beer? Maybe I have some assumptions that people will buy their home. Or maybe they might buy something while there are enjoying it. So I have a question about location. The triggering event could be maybe buying a beer at a bar or getting an invitation to a party on the weekend that you want bring us expected on the next layer of this map. Behavioral factors are elements of experience that I'm designing, so the behavior when they're on site, for example, the direct influences factors could be interesting to understand. If I'm considering to include customer reviews on my site, my research question could be who and how do others influence beer purchases for my in the smallest circle? Product factors are elements of a site of at that play, a role in the user's experience. The delivery and support factor is important. Any E comes experience, so I have a research question related to users. Expectations for beer delivery methods and speed. The usability factor can be very broad, but this is where I would come up with questions related to expectations for a page, for example, options in the navigation menu or specific features like saving a credit card for future use. In the case of e commerce, experience is a few tips on writing your research questions. The first is to phrase them for your business audience. For your for your business, not toe. Ask your customers directly. So, for example, how important is the transparency of fun to the customers purchase decision or overall experience? Not how important is the transparency of funds to you. Another one is to start for 3 to 5 research questions for every 30 minutes of a reserve participants time. So whether that's a survey time or interview time, if you've got about 30 minutes of their time, 3 to 5 research questions is a good guy. Anything more than that, and you probably have to pay them for their time. Their responses. Here's a summary of my research questions, which we just walked through. You could see that I have seven, which is more than five just said aim for for short research session. So I might be thinking that if I want to get all of these answered one research study, I may have to ask for more time from each participant and possibly paid for the time to get people. But we'll cover this in more detail in the next lesson, which is all about choosing the right research. 3. Choosing Research Methods: so I don't have our research questions. The next lesson is gonna be about choosing the right research methods, first of all, over some of the common research methods that we use in you X and then I'll talk about while I would choose one over another. So the first category research method is called Qualitative Research. This eggs answer the why behind what users do, think or feel so common. Qualitative research methods include one on one interviews, usability, lab studies and field studies, one on one interviews of all sitting with the participants and talking to them about their behavior. Their context. What they think about your products usually lacks that he's involved watching for distance , interacting with your site or product and then asking about often these two methods go hand in hand. So when I run a research study, I might schedule of our with participants and send the 1st 20 minutes or so in what I wanted. Interviews just talking about their context and said the rest of the interview, watching them use a product or interactive something on the screen. It says when you go into customers or users environments and observe or ask questions about their behavior. For my craft beer side example, I might go into a bottle shop or a bar and observe and ask questions about how people make decisions about what type of beautify. The main advantage with qualitative research is you can get really deep insights with less number of people. In practice, I see themes and usable insights from as little as 5 to 6 people. Quantitative research methods aimed to answer what or how many, or how often types of research questions or other questions where the answer tends to be in number. Some common types of quantitative research our surveys and click stream analysis intercept surveys are when you ask for user feedback during or just after a task on your site. For example, after a live chat with customer service agent, some sites asked, How satisfied were you with a service you received from a scale of 1 to 10 using tools like Google Analytics to see where uses quick is another great winning together quantitative data, they think to understand with these research methods with quantitative research methods is that in order to get significant enough results to make decisions from, you need a higher number of people, usually a minimum of about 50. There are several research methods that involve qualitative and quantitative techniques. For example, tracking, tracking involved using hardware and software to track the eye movements off participants. You construction. The studies have quantitative elements where you build heat maps and gays plots to present areas of a screen or physical display that attracts attention. Or you can combine them with usability lab studies, where you ask people why they noticed a certain element and get qualitative data. That way, the equipment could be expensive, but the benefits are that you really understand a user's subconscious behavior for the full definition. On each of these research methods are provided below. If you have any questions about what each of mar comment below, and I'll be happy to provide some thoughts, the key is to look at your research questions and understand the key elements of what you want to find out. If you're interested in what people do, you choose a method from the top of this graph, which contains, and that's it methods that involved observing how people use your product. If you're interested in what they say, what they say they do like their thoughts and feelings about certain topics. Use methods in the box. These are usually more for market or brand research. On the other, access is a spectrum of qualitative and quantitative methods. As we just discussed on the left, these methods are useful if your research questions are looking for why people act or say something, or how to fix the existing solution on the right methods over answering how many how much, for example, optimizing conversion rates or setting prices. So now that we've been over how researchers and designers choose the right looks methods, I wanna simplify it for you 90% of the time. I'll follow this approach. If it's a new business or site or product, I'll spend my time on customer interviews trying to understand their context and validate the idea if it's an existing product or service or at I'll stay my time on usability lab studies actually getting people to interact with the site and watching them do that. Do you have any questions on any of these or not sure which one is right for you? Comment below poster research questions, and I'll be happy to respond. This next lesson will go through how to create a research plan 4. Developing a Research Plan: In this lesson, you learn how to create a research plan. A recent plan is important for making sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to the research activities. All research methods involved asking for some kind of time from your customers or users, so you want to make sure that you're using their time effectively. A research plan will help you do this. If you're a small team, one individual your research plan might be bullet points or on a white board. But if you have to present the research plan to stakeholders or your boss or clients, then usually you want to use a document for the purposes of this class. And if you're a beginner to research, I definitely recommend a document. All included template in the links below on Walk through. Still that template in in the next lessons. First, let's look at the high level elements of a research. You have the background research questions, recruitment specifications, schedule and a discussion guide or survey questions. If this is gonna be a sir, first, the background section. The background explains why you undergoing a C judge in the first place. Lives important. We will talk about the business objectives and project objectives that complement research , and it will also outline what your research goals are. So if you research goes up to validate something, to understand a certain area of your product or to inform something that's coming up, you include that information in the background. Also use the background section to explain what research method I'm using. In this case, I'm using one on one interviews. If I'm going to have a participants, look at competitors, sites or prototype mock up, I'll also include that information here and explain who is going to create or deliver that prototype. If it's someone, the next section that should be included is a recruitment great for recruitment specifications. It's important to understand exactly who you want to talk to so that you're not wasting your time or the time of someone who's offered help using a recruitment agency that help you find placements. They will have a database or panel that they'll pull from to help find a recipient, so it's important that they know exactly what criteria to search for and send those to the participants. Even if you're recruiting for yourself, it is a good exercise to go through, so you know exactly who you want to talk to. This way, if you post on social media or sending out to friends or families or your professional network, you'll be able to specify exactly who you want to talk to. So you don't get too many of the wrong type of responses. Let's take a look at some additional criteria that I used to include. Here's some of the criteria information that might be included. The user behavior profile will help identify customers or potential customers. For example, if I'm testing a banking app, I want to target people who use making apps the engagement criteria, given time or frequency requirements such as that they think on their mobile app at least once per week, or have been baking online for at least a year. Incentives are what your paper distance. This might be cash free coffee discount code or their small thanking for their time. If you're using a recruitment agency, your otherwise fine strangers to help cash will definitely help. Here in Sydney. The going rate is about $100 for a one hour obsession, depending on how specialized that participant is Here's an example from my craft beer website projects. You can see that I've outlined the important behavior that people I talk to are potential customers. People would drink regularly and have purchased a home line before and have a preference for craft beer over mass produced. You can also see this example that very specific rather than saying people buy alcohol, Line said has purchased up all all on at least twice in the past six months. This makes it easier to create an online survey to screen participants and makes it easier for potential purpose base. Answer. This is a good place to pause the video, go to Surveymonkey or Google forms and create a quick survey that will help you screen potential participants. Great. I posted mine in a product area below, so you can click on that for an example. So now we know who we're talking to. How many people? The next section of the research plan is schedule. Even if you're just doing a project for yourself, it's really helpful to time Boxer Research that doesn't drag on forever in the schedule section of the research plan. I'll just state specific dates and times of schedule. We succession another to date, such as results report for one hour sessions. I leave 30 minutes in between to write up any additional notes and prepared test materials after each one of six participants are love allowed for at least a few days to synthesize the results and update the research plan. New research questions come up. The next section of my recent plan is detailed approach in the in this example, and in most of the research I do for user interviews, this will be interview scripts. So exactly what questions I will ask him sitting with adjustments. If you're doing a survey, this will be your survey questions and rules for those questions and follow up questions. So now take you through the discussion guy that I wrote for my example with the craft beer site again, this whole research plan is below, so you can download, view it and follow along that way the elements of my discussion guy, our introduction, contextual questions, usability tasks or concept testing and then erect. First we'll walk through the introduction. The purpose of the introduction is to set expectations. So tell a participant why they're there what you're trying to do without giving too much away and what they can expect from the session explain the purpose is to get their honesty back. I always say this is not a test of your abilities in any way but a test of the site itself , which is important if you will be observing that using a prototype of a website, I usually say something here like I'm just a researcher. You won't hurt my feelings. Something like that. Make them feel safe to give you candid honesty back. Even if I did that, something to do with design might leave it out, then advised them off the length of the session and that you will be recording it for your notes. I usually advise him here that the recording will only be used for research purposes. Sometimes, if you're doing research for a client, they'll ask to use the recording for other purposes. But I really advise from me against this to keep the confidentiality of your participate. The next part of the discussion guide is the contextual questions. The detection questions are often the most important part of a qualitative research. It gives you insights into how your customers think that help you empathize with them to make design decisions later to start your contextual questions. Usually I like to start with something easy. Ask them about the personal life work like their social life, something that's relevant to wider there today. Then, as you get into the questions, ask open ended questions and leave room for follow ups, trying to assume anything leading questions. For example, before asking my participants what type of craft beer they like. I'll first ask if they like you, then which types then ask specifically about craft beer. If they responded, They do drink another key strategy during the contextual increases. To ask people about their past behavior as past behavior is the best indicator of future. So whether then asking participants, would you buy craft beer online? I'll ask, How many times have you bought craft beer online in the past week for the past month of the past year? Based on their answers, I can ask follow up questions and get them to put themselves in a hypothetical situation, perhaps later. The next section of the discussion guide is the usability tax or concept testing. If you have any early prototypes and mock ups show these to the user, even if they're just on paper or white boards. Really, any feedback at this stage could be really helpful. If it is a digital prototype, you can say things like this is just a prototype. The links won't work the same as they would in real life. People generally can still give you good feedback to walk through these with the piston. Set the scene first before you show them anything once. You sure that's something that could be distracted in that nearly instructions. The first set. Asi explain when they might actually run into your side or product in your life. Then explain what you want them to do or the hypothetical situation that you want to put them in and explain that they can think out loud and encourage them to explore while they talk through a kind of their thoughts and what they might do in real life. For my beer side example, when I get to this point ideal, you refer back to something they said earlier, when they might by their online and put them in that hypothetical situation. I might say you said earlier that you by your online, you have a family barbecue coming up. So imagine that you have that barbecue coming up. You see an ad on Facebook for a new site called Craft Community and you click on it. I'm gonna show you that site. Now, I want you to imagine that you're buying beer for your barbecue. Take me through what? You would click on what you would do and pick up line as much as possible. Keep in mind that this is just the prototypes and I think will work. Then I filled in the prototype, give them time to review and talk through their thoughts. Even if they are talking, I'll be quiet for a few minutes. This is one of the hardest things to do as a researcher. So keep practicing as they appear to be done. Are look to you for instructions. You can take them back to the beginning and asked about any specific things he saw them do . For example, I saw you hesitate on the category paid you. What do you think of the categories? Are they confusing? What do you think they should be? Instead, which brings up another tip. I always refer today when I talk about what What should they do? What should they fix, even if I'm the designer and it will be me, it reinforces that safety that they can provide feedback and give their honest opinions. The last section of the session guide is the record when you reach the end of your questions or the time allotted asperity, final feedback or thoughts or questions. I also have a paper for more. I asked for the radio unity categories. Suss are ex us is the system usability score, which has then wait 10 statements about experience, a just review and PS or Net promoter score. Ask just one question. How likely are you to recommend others? I usually also asked them to write while include both of these surveys. In the attachment below, people think they're pros and cons and are debated in the research world. But I think it's useful for preparing overall usability from one round of testing to subsequent. Now, before you go on to the next section, complete your discussion guide, use the template below and you can download mine as an example. If you've got any questions posted to the project page to the recession pays, and I'll answer any questions and provide feedback in the next lesson will go through the specific tips and tricks to conduct your interviews. 5. Conducting User Interviews: Now that you have your research plan, this section of the course will walk through exactly how to conduct an interview. The process and tips are very much what I found. Work the best through doing this many times, but you might find your own style in practice is the important thing is to understand the basics so you can get the best results on your participant First, it's important to be prepared, As I hope you're realizing throughout this class, the more prepared you are, the better your research results will be in the last thing. You should have made a screen of survey to recoup artists in space on the criteria set in your plan. If you haven't done that yet, do it now. It's in the survey out to your professional networks, customer groups, Facebook groups, anywhere that you have permission to post and think your potential participants may see it . We should include in the post the incentive you're offering, whether it's cash free, coffee or other goodies or just the benefit of helping a friend. Keep in mind that the better the incentive, more responsive. Next call each of the participants on the phone and ask them about their answers and any other questions you may have thought of that you forgot to include the service. Now is the time to get their bill availability and schedule them for before the session. Ask around for help, scribe ing Real time. Having someone either in the room or watching live via video chat can help relieve you from no taking duties and allow you to concentrate on what the person is saying. It also helps to have someone bounce ideas off at the end of the session. A debrief from my note taker might help to assess my opinion. For example, Person said they would buy excited, but the restaurant answers when you think that it would really depend on price. Did you get the same feeling? This same college would also be a great person to help with the driver. This gives you a chance to practice your script as well as prepare any materials that you will use during your sessions. Just before the session print off, The discussion died. If you haven't already, one thing I like to do is make one copy for my scribe and then a copy for myself, where the special guided 70% sizes. Give me room in the margins to scribble lineouts next to the questions without having to repeat the question in my notes, set up a computer, your mobile device or papers that you might have to show the participant if you're excited . Background questions close the laptop will put the paper over to eat it. When you're ready to begin. Start recordings that they're all working and invite the piston into stop your session. What, you saw your session. Use your discussion guys. Read it if you have to. This is really important to make sure that all those questions that you just spent all that time writing actually get used during the session. You probably won't have a second chance with this person, so you want to make sure that your results will be complete. Write notes if you have Teoh on the discussion guide, but remember that you have a recording and hopefully you have described to go back to later to fill in the gaps. This is helpful, Teoh, right? As little as possible because you can look at a person, really hear what they're saying and ask intelligent follow up questions. It's also important to take notes. If you do take notes, take on paper around with the computer, which could be really distracting if the person does go off on a tangent away from your questions, be okay with it, but try to guide them back to the top, and it will be tempting. But don't finish. Their sentences were trying to leave them to your conclusion in any way. Keep it at the time so you can any way said. When you're done, it might be worth asking the person if they re willing to participate in future research. I typically don't like to use the same person for the same project, but if I had a good experience, you could start to build a database of people that you can test in the future. So that's it. Now you're ready to start conducting your interviews. Feel free to pause the video and start your interviews now, but I recommend watching the analysis video first to get an idea of what's coming. This might help you structure your notes in a way that will be helpful to you later. One other thing I want to emphasize is it's important to talk to at least six people per task or user group that you're testing. It's qualitative research, so we don't need lots of numbers to back up our findings or reach some kind of statistical significance. But we do want to make sure that we're looking for patterns or things that are re occurring . One beginner mistake that I feel a lot is people interview someone that they really like or has really good ideas. And they designed for that one person in order for it to be really quality research. We want Teoh talk to enough people so we could get insights over things. So start those interviews and come back on. Watch the analysis video to wrap it all up. 6. Analyzing Research Findings: So this is it. You interviewed at least six people. You've got pages and pages of notes. Maybe I was a video recorded and you're ready. Teoh set out on the task of making sense of it all. The important thing to realize here is what we're doing. A round analysis is looking for Patterns were looking for ideas about why somebody would behave a certain way. Do something that we've asked them about doing, or I understand their pain points and motivations bit more. We call these ideas insights, and they're not necessarily easy to find. But if you can find them, make sense of your research. Then you are a true you exit. So let's get started. The best tool for finding these insights is called an affinity. Next, I'll walk through how toe create affinity map and how to use it to identify themes and insights. Then, once we have, these insights will talk about how we can use them to develop recommendations, personas, user stories and scenarios in order to influence our designs. An affinity map is a visualization of groups or teams in qualitative research. The most common mistaking UX research is to latch onto a feedback or opinions of one person because they happen to have an idea that you liked or supported your first version of a design. Remember, the purpose of research is to remove your opinions and empathize with the rial user. Creating affinity map helps do this by removing the noise and just focusing on the themes and patterns that users actually say. So let's create our own Infinity first review the research questions you vote beginning. This will refresh your memory on what we're looking for and why was set out on this research in the first place. Go through your notes, the notes subscribe. Trip video transcript or we watch the videos as you go right. I'm interesting. Data points on the data point like the behavior you observed like he took its time to read the fine print. Or it might be a quote the artists that said that was relevant to the contacts like I always compare two or three sites before booking a flight. This can be a time consuming activity, but it's the most important part of the research to make it a bit easier. Sometimes I create my post it notes immediately after the session with the user, while things that they said and did are still fresh in my mind. Once you've got all the data points down post, it's it's time to start nothing. This part this part is easiest to do with others, so you can bounce ideas off each other and brainstorm together to take all your post it notes, spread them out on a wall or white board and start looking for groups. So themes or patterns of the ideas and notes the groups might be a category of behaviors like search or browse. Or they might be seems like their wording Well, they've been centered around a research question like, for my example, reasons to buy your online where they might be in line with an area of your site. Report a type like the check out page. The best way to group the data is really unique to every project and depends on the goals of the research. So, unfortunately, there's no easy way to do this. Trying, revising, moving the post, it notes around, take a break and come back and look at it with fresh eyes, really just moving everything around revising until you land on something that feels the best. What do you have? Your logical groupings? It's time to prioritize. The priority might be based on how frequently the same points came up. It might be based on the severity of how how much impacted experience either positively or negatively. Or it might be based on how important it is for the business. Let's take a look at my example to illustrate this. Here's a portion of the affinity Matt that I created for my beer. Cite examples. I've shown just a few of the notes that I took from three of the groupings. These ones align with a specific research questions and related questions that I asked participants. So my first grouping is about online shopping behavior. One participant said they would buy frequently online and like to have a variety of drinks they like ready to go home for any occasion. One said she looks online when she has a specific brand in mind that she thinks would be hard to find in a shop. One said he only shocks online to find here for gifts, and the fourth participant said she will shop online every time she tries something new at a public restaurant that she likes. The results here suggest that the president's shot for beer online they have something specific in mind or when they're looking for something thoughtful or unique for their bar or as a gift. The second grouping I have is all about the impact of sustainability a brewery would have on purchase decision making. These four responses were all similar. They said that the sustainability is something they support in theory, one even mentioned her grocery shopping habits, but it wasn't something that they looked for. For their view brands, the inside is that the participants might want to feel like they're supporting sustainable , but currently don't think about it at all when it comes to be. The final grouping, in my example, is based on questions about how people interact with beer brands. In social media. The results are also mixed, as expected, one participant said. He follows pumps for events and discounts and occasionally sees beer promotions. The one who shops online most frequently said he gets email newsletters from retailers and online magazines. He learns about new beer brands from similarly Christmas Four said she follows some retailers and brand that Facebook. Usually when there's a promotion or add to get a discount, participant to said, she follows groceries on social media that she's visited or met in person at your shows. The impression that I get from these results and the conversations is that participants will follow brands and online retailers that they connect with personally or offer discounts. No one mentioned following bartenders, beer bloggers or other influences in the beer space, which was something that I was also curious in the next section on over what to do with these insights. I've also included this example of been any map in the download section below, so you can read it in more detail when to have identified and prioritised your insights. It's time to develop your recommendations. This is a really important step. Imagine you've told somebody about these insights. Their first response is going to be So what? So what do I do with this? So your recommendation will answer that question. So what? What does the inside me for your experience? Does it tell you where to find your customers, how to speak to them or what to deliver on your website? Does it tell you business how to run customer service calls or what to include in a help section. It might help you prioritize content on your home page or lay on the product page in a way that helps answers users questions before they even have to ask it. Spell it out exactly. And if it's a design recommendation, muck it up. Remember, a picture tells 1000 words. The recommendation might also before additional testing. My example. When I'm looking for how and why users by here on line, I got a huge range of answers. I might use this range of answers to develop a survey question so I can see how frequently those answers show up in a larger population. Next, summarize these recommendations on one page. Even if the research is just for you, it helps to have them there. Clearly, you can use it to God your research, or you can use it to refer back to it a year later when you're doing some research on improving the same experience. If this research is for a client, this is a great executive summary for a larger report that you might put together that's illustrating exactly what happened during the research and what the main insights here. The recommendations. For my example, you can see the theme, which is the grouping I made for similar data points of my affinity map and the inside space on the things that came up repeatedly in interviews In the right column, you can see my recommendations based on the broad responses online shopping behavior theme on recommending additional testing to be a survey to confirm this scenarios. Then that confirmation using scenarios campaigns to trigger purchase motivation for the research question about the impact of sustainability in purchase decision making. Remember that the adjustments like the idea of supporting sustainable breweries, but it's not something I'd considered before. So my recommendation is that if this is going to be a key element of the brand, Teoh use the opportunity to educate customers on why they should shut for a sustainable beer and to consider partnering with brands in different categories that are known in sustainability space. And finally, on the theme of interaction with beer on social media. The only insight was that distance will likely only followed brands they connect with at the brewery or otherwise. Some personal connection to. So my recommendation is to partner with breweries to reach visitors and loyalists. To use this to start helping to build that social media following. I've also included these example, themes and insights in the download area below, so you could read it more. Notice that in each of these insights, I use the word participants rather than people or users or customers. Because of the nature of qualitative research, we can get general ideas and theories about a larger customer base. But in terms of reporting on research results, we want to use the word participants because that reflects the feedback opinions the people that we talked to. Another useful outcome of research is to use your insights in developing personas, user stories and user scenarios to be used in design and development. Later on, I won't go into too much detail about how to do these, but here's a high level outline that I use for user personas. You can see that the main elements of personas the line well, look what we just learned in our research. The Arizona shouldn't necessarily aligned to a specific person, but two years summarized findings, insights. So you've done it congrats. We just walked through steps on creating an effective research study to gain actual insights for your design. Hopefully, it seemed that time spent creating an effective research study can ensure that you get the most out of your time with participants and customers. I hope we have also seen that the time spent doing research, considering from weeks of design and development of building the wrong thing. So use your new research skills to change the way you work, and Design and Teoh really design the best thing that you can in the project section below , attached your research plan and your one page summary of inside recommendations, and I'll provide feedback and answer any questions you have. Thanks so much for watching. 7. Raw Video - User Interview : thank you so much for your time. So as I mentioned that big some reason today some craft beer and shopping online. So I'd like to get some feedback from alcohol. Shoppers like yourself on some ideas. So this is just a concept at this. A child just gonna be asking you some questions about your behaviors and things that you do , and I'll show you a few other sites that will help to influence the site. So first you tell me a little bit about your drinking habits. I don't drink every I drink more than I do. Okay? But I do still have, like, good boys. They're just five. So when you drink out, usually like restaurants, pubs and bars be a combination, and sometimes I'd be restaurants is okay for that. What? When you do shop for beer for your house or or be wild restaurants or other locations and where do you usually buy it? Be a big change was gonna be like, did you usually by just at a bottle shop. So do you boys online? I guess it's gonna be a bigger um so So for the bigger order One example of one, maybe you remember that? Sure. So I guess if I wanted, like, a a case of beer and want ones carry? Yeah, And if I was buying more on occasion, just something that might have prepared. Do you buy online? Just like you mentioned stock up for? Yeah. Yeah. So I suppose we would add, like you from buying for particular occasion, buy stuff to be against that future. If if I was doing it online, Be afraid since throwing stuff, because it's Yeah. So? So big. Big advantages having to carry. Okay, you shot a foot. OK, so you mentioned you might buy beer wine for general one. And do you spirits? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. What would that be? The same sort of thing. Would you buy one at a time by? Yeah, but standing She left field the brand for spirits. It's important, but it's pretty. No, Probably going for something that was You know, these brands? Yeah, nothing. So when you do those are your orders online? What? What? What sex means before the same as the ones lays in store. So OK, do you Is there a certain reason that you shop there That that cheap? Yeah, Um, and when you are looking at some say DaMurphy, if you could maybe think about, you know, some scenarios, fine line. Is there certain types of Let's say wine that you're looking for. So I I generally drink right over us, but every something like that, because it's very cheap. It was just okay, What's the What's the brand with Randy's? It's a French form, and I just know I wouldn't even know had a search for it. So it's okay. So I think it starts with something recognizable label. Just by that you might like about that several times, maybe a lot, and then the next week. But I would just say like you. I have no idea. It's always just Well, that's my favorite. Yeah, anyone, other people recognize it, but yeah, okay. Do you ever try, I guess, is a situation where you like throwing other bottles or trying different ones. Yeah, definitely. Like fits, I guess. Like we've read Run, I I don't have a sit brand. So it's believable for price point, okay? And had reviews or have woods or something like that. I stick to start, but the same time it's like I know that picky with Jose. Yeah, but if they have a favorite, just Yeah. Okay. Yeah, I was trying. So I have you go for common example? Maybe we'll decide. Just kind of showed me around like what you might do. Yeah, but it sounds like it might sort of brows. And if there waas awards or reviews or something, Yeah. So do you need the customer? I think it was a new one I would like if it's something I know I like. But in general, I maybe not so much with alcohol, because I suppose that such a person doesn't No, I guess with what's the same. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Descriptions that provided by this is usually Yeah. Okay. That that there anything. I guess that, um Do you have, I guess, get recommendations from friends and family about wine, beer spirits. Teoh, you like? I think I'm with spirits. Like I know what I like. I don't have a very reach. But then if someone gives me something you differently. Try again. Yeah, but I probably wouldn't try something based on a whole bottle. Based on some of this is nice. I want to try it before it was a spirit. Yeah, yeah, but with spirits, I think because I don't like really strong. Yeah, so that's yes. Yeah. Look, for for wine. If you got a recommendation with you. Like what's in? I would you Maybe by that you if they were sitting there with you or if you tried it with them. Yeah, I guess. Yeah. If someone said settle, this is a race like this. If my sword and it rang a bell, I if I wasn't with, um yeah, I'm happy. This is what I said was Okay, um to see does the wine, I guess for one beer, the was the producer played a factor in it. Said Winery. The range is like, Yes, and that could take note of the region. Stop like this region's. I don't like that. I think there's a few probably supplies that I'd be a bit just no faster that line for more . Maybe a little cautious. This is a generous mistress, Jake. It's Creek. Be overly excited to buy something. If someone If I tried something for someone like that. I mean, I think I just like it was produced by so away from okay, So do you. So you might mean away from some of the ones that, you know, ask for news. Did you ever look for ones that are more like I got one reason? It's so, like, if I'm there, like, a lot supplies, because your cell door, some of this something kind of by an abortion, But I think it's probably just a mass produced anyway. Oh, this is a few different sectors. Come in. I mean, in my head, I could just have a few brands that I would choose. What is it? Try that with someone I really liked going. Yeah. Yeah. So you did have one. Maybe a vineyard. Are some of you would like to actually take note? Remember it again. You can. But then where would you go? I think like the wind. Like if we do that wine tasting to generally trying to get commercial, I have direct. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So you might hard to find a bottom. Yeah, here yet. Okay. Um, is there Is there any other factors mentioned? I mentioned one of them that interested in learning about us in the region or location? Is there any wandering itself but this sustainability or any Yeah, Yeah, just when you're touring more interesting? Yes. Um, yes. I think that's kind of my high level background questions that I've got a few sites now that I want to have you take a look at. So just trying to think about might actually bring up fees as well just because he said you're familiar with it. So I love Teoh. Did it idea of just sort of what things about the site that you like? I don't like what I'm still browsing for those situations. You mentioned that I did so a record. This screen is off. Yeah. So imagine that it's one of those situations where you wanted Teoh by a case or had an occasion to go to and also wanted to shop for some things. Someone for your house. So take me through kind of what you would normally dio. I think a lot of what you say. I was having some people over for dinner and I needed to get someone the first had proven. Start with his rise. Any which I see is no red or white up here. So I guess I have to get a search, and I don't know if this is gonna bring back right. So it's straight away. I know that this is the one that's says straight away. I know that this is the one that I was talking about. Okay, um, but like, other than that, I would potentially have to flick through 27 pages to find it because I don't know what it's called. I'm but yes, we quite popular if it's on the front page, um, so I love a deal, so I'd probably just get six. Even I'm gonna gonna save is a 59 cents per model. But I would just get six of those. And it would always like, I think with this, because I'm not gonna bother looking around for other paintings. Like if I was in the store and probably more likely to look for other ones just because they right there and you can see a lot more in one go. But with something like that, I just could be straight, like I get six or 12 month. Um um and because I know that it will get drunk afterwards with white wine, I don't know what I do because I don't drink it. Um, I suppose I'd probably come in and just go for a style that I know. My people drink so I wouldn't go for chardonnay because people either love it or hate it. Um, so I fully I guess just cheese, like a being a gray or clean agree here. And this would probably come down to a price Specter. I definitely wouldn't go for your lumber, because it's again like a big brands. That wouldn't be into that. Oh, this I think I recognize the label. Also, just it would be something where I recognize a label or name. I wouldn't go for a Jacobs Creek. Um, yeah, I didn't. I'd probably look at the first, maybe two or three pages. I wouldn't go too far in any other price would be a big thing. I probably would have just been between 10 and $20 on the bottle if it was something that I recognized. And I was like, Oh, I've seen my friends drink this. So I'm like it's also it's unacceptable. Bottle. Then I'd be happy to just yet that it was a cheaper one of by felt a need to spend more money because I didn't know at all what I was getting. Then I'd spend a little money thinking that I'm gonna get something better quality, even though it's possibly know. So that's how I'd pick white wine. Um, so red wine again, I probably come in. Yes. I've never noticed that you can choose. The region's under there. I just go for a style that I like, sort of be either share EZ or Cab seven. Um, and I probably also wouldn't see this page is quite different to the others, because only does what comes into this advertised offense, which like getting Okay, um, you see again, I means they're all super expensive. The first lot I get for something for a red one. I'd also be happy to spend a bit more on a bottle. Then I wouldn't with a white one or raise a, um, but the same sort of thing. I probably wouldn't go for too many more through too many pages. I probably stick to the pages. Then the first couple of pages. I don't want to look at 126 different pages of why e I might look at a few more than a white like this because the people Yeah, um and then it was BIA. It would be definitely whatever's on special, because again, it's combine it for the people, and it's like, I know it probably be like skin. Just something that's on special. I wouldn't like right northern, because people who love or hate it I'm like, Yeah, I just by some have recognized, like so he were have you not really Aussie one, but yeah, it be be something that would be on special thing. OK, I'm the city or to another site. Have you ever heard of naked ones? No. Is a I just noticed that there's a promotion on his fridge. Sense about, like, you like books or something. I don't get books from the book depository, and they throw like these one people in things. He s So they do a lot of marketing throwing. Yeah, but yet it zbig different model, so you can sort of take a look at it, but yeah, I'd like to know, like, thinking about that same sort of scenario if you had a party coming up and let's say you did grab one of these off the streets or something? Yeah, this cup for this. OK, take a look and let me know sort of how you would go about shopping for that same party occurring around this. Sure. So again, I wouldn't go into a wine because it just be wines. And then I would select the style of wine. So it actually varies. I section, which is nice. And probably I wouldn't expect to find my favorite raise a on a site like this just because I know that it's, um, pretty specific. Even though it's not like Dan movies has specific stuff, it doesn't seem that is a lot on here. That's probably the first thing and half of its out of stock. Is it Aniston of its? Yeah, say straight up. What is three that I can choose from? Um, probably don't feel like, I guess, the middle of the range. This one just looking at the price, mostly, Yeah, yeah. I mean, well, that's pretty. The cheapest one. I suppose it's a bit off putting that there's only three available. Um, let's see what they had. And that's just in Iraq. But we wouldn't had anything because I'd be like, Oh, Well, I'll see if I can get everything from here, whereas if it's gonna be sort of a similar situation, where it's like you can only choose three ones, I Yeah, I just go to like a big a website where I know I can get everything. Um, but they have a lot more red in here. I mean, 100% out of one people is kind of a big light. What does that matter? You know, back, It's like so one person like to the wine. Um, I mean, that's adjacent. Writing this sort of exclusive thing would annoy me. It's just like I just want it. It's like if I can't I mean, I know what they're trying to do. Their tryingto upset you to become a member, But I'd be like, I just want toe Seattle, I guess, and they're showing you. But it's like I don't wanna have one for me and one for everyone else. I also know that how much he saved like the per bottle, as in if a bottle. Let's say the difference between these two, whether both sure as this one's worth more and you get more like it ends up being the same price. So you get a discount that would you like Dr Lying decision? But again, it's not like there's not a lot of wines on him. It's as much as I said. I'm not gonna click through every page. Um, I would want to see more. It really didn't have any rights that it should have more of this. I'm not sure what sort of order their in either. My business is it, you know? Yeah. I can't work out what city, How it's would I'm pretty much a price later, high kind of person. If I did want to go and sort because it doesn't seem what is any, Um, order to them at the moment? And I might come over here and do a filter. I suppose it depends, like if I really wanted to use this website like that's being like it looking at it for me sometime. But I don't really like. I think we've done more for the fact that the filters air up the top. It's a person used to say to you immediately go Oh, I can rule out the stuff I don't want to buy, So there's nothing So from what you've seen so far, do you think you would actually add something to your basket? Um, I wouldn't know. I wouldn't not add something. I, um This is the variety. And, like, I don't like that there's not much variety. Yeah, I don't like it. There's no water. Yes, Like it's basically said He's everything and lots of it. Um, and I feel like it's probably a lot of information he that and not sure is we're not sure means at the top that it seems to say on all of them. Yeah. Yeah. So it's got a sweet spot on some of them and then went off shore. Which maybe if you could work at what they're not sure because 11 would say what it is. Yeah. Yeah, it's decided on everything. And I don't know, maybe a key for that stuff. No, I like this that you can put it in a price point, but it would probably need a few more brackets rather than 10 to $15. $15? That's pretty restrictive. Yeah. Yeah, you didn't. You didn't mention the reviews and this one, But that on our faces was that something that you would look at if you didn't get to something that had more a limited choice, probably probably because on as well, especially if it's stuff where I'm not recognizing any of the grains, where is with Denver? Because I know more brands and more than bodies. I know if I like, I like it was something like this. But then, as I said before, it's like one person. What buying it out of, you know, meaning they're getting under percent. Yeah, yeah, I think you want at least 500 reviews to make it trust the opinions of people. Yeah, well, trust them that have a a guide from them. So I wanted to do one more. This is another wine store that's, uh, even more having another kind of completely different signal problem. So have a look around. And you know what you make of this site? I'm really think this one looks nicer than the last one that we were on. Oh, yeah. Say I think you just want O. I like the way it's set out and insensitive. It's quite clear with he's only options. You can pick. Yes, So that didn t drop times working. Is it always that may Are you doing? You don't have to clean habit confusing that. Uh, yeah, just because you want a however. Yeah. So because I clicked on it and then took me somewhere else. And that's not these drop downs can annoy me sometimes as well, because if you're there and you like that, yeah, like, I find that when you show up with some stuff online and it's brings down and you like me to move the mouse around a bit again, it's a motive stuff. That's that, A stock. The bottles on this look nice. It looks the other website feel exhibit shape like it's like you're buying into a deal which you know, with them. I think you are. Where is this? They got war stuff here, and it's is it's a nice away. Looks nicer. I don't have to be better to put this stuff. It's out of stock, sort of down the bottom war. That's what you're gonna see, What it's like that what would what would you want to see it if it was that? Yeah, What is sort of this is like my price, I notice is well appear there was an on sale, so that's possibly somewhere else. I guess it's a little hard to see. I guess how much the discount is like with all the other websites, since this is how much comes off just because of doing the mind strike through. He's in general. It just look. It looks like a nice and website in the last one. The Muslim just it's I think they're trying to put too much information here, and they displayed it in so many ways. That and that big red dot sticks out. But at the same time, if it's just telling me that one person would buy it, it's irrelevant information. I feel that that's more information you get. If you click Don and went into the wind, you don't really need to see it at a glance like that. Yeah, I think that's that's nice. That gives you a lot of information about the wine, which, yeah, I feel with a website like this, you beam or you want to know more about the one that you're buying. Where's with them? If he is, it's a little like go to a supermarket. Yeah, alcohol, Um, shipping is important to me. I hate paying for shipping. I feel like that's my nose. Like it's been another bottle line. Even if it took me an hour and I hated having to lug high might be like Well, that's a time, Yeah, I was looked like a nice and website. Yeah, so thinking about like obviously it's very different than excuse it to Dan Murphy's. Is there certain situations or orders or things that you would shop at a site like this? I think if I wanted this'll feels like it's sort of more hand picked, like bottles of wine. So it's, um, not just commercialized generic stuff. And so I feel like if I wanted to be like, I trust a new stuff, that's this is the words that I'd come to like. It's the wine that they're selling has been selected like they have information about the one for juicer and actually shared that. I mean, it's only a matter of copying and pasting it in, but I think if you wanted to try and decide if it's more expensive, so is demonically to may I fall into the trap of thinking. Oh, it must be yeah, that's interesting so, yeah, you're expecting if the wine site feels nicer? Why not expecting that? That the that other website just looks to me like it's achieved. Like it's a little selling it for did. Especially if I got it from a little bit hard like that. You see 70 places that do that you by 12 minutes, like you constantly hear from them. I've never about flying. Morning. I just wanna go and choose something, and and, like I didn't recognize it. He brands on the other website, but I don't recognize him. He But I it just it has a much less a few to this website. Yeah. Okay. Now just say has gets No, you're on a site like this where you felt like it was like a different experiences in Murphy's. Would you read about the winemaker? Would there be certain things that you be interested in? Their stunk? Um, like, I'm not one to read all of the information. I'm from the like. Glance over it looked where it waas Um, a probably more inclined to buy Australian wine then one I would never buy once in the States. But I think it was me. I would do. Um, in saying that I was never looked. I don't look at the region. Take note of it. But it's like if someone said this is the best one minutes from the state side by I probably just inclined a guy for Mr and, you know, a French one. Yes, that I wouldn't be put off by a region able. Okay. Okay. Um so I think that covers a lot of my questions on the site specifically. So just just a little bit more about kind of what they're thinking about. Well, they know that this is a site with a similar kind off feel off chance electing ones. But they want to build a site where all the products are from independent producer. So craft beer and the more lucky said boutique Gianaris on spirits as well. So you would have enough. No one that's mass produced and there's a certain criteria that I'm not sure. What do you think of that idea? I like it for one. As I said with spirits, it's like for me, it's like I could pretty generic stuff. Yeah, generally, look, I guess beauty experience for a lot more expensive and Like I said, I don't want stuff with a total of stuff that I don't. Yeah, Yeah, that's been $100. But why? You know, you can get it for much. Chief of Rice boy. Yeah, It's like it's generally a bottle of wine or get drunk. And it's like, Well, if I you know, I just simple nine No. Two. Yeah. Yeah. So if it was a website that had, um that was just focused on those small wineries or cramp for no reason, I think that that's something. Yeah. It was a website that was similar to this one is very different than then. We're face puts him off. Just the craft wineries. Yeah. What type of information would you want to know about the wine on there that would help you decide? Teoh? I like, like so three take wonders. It's interesting to know how many bottles for juice, because I had that defines how to teach. Yeah, um, maybe with cellular, it's already selling it through the website. This and the door. Or is it's in any restaurants where I just kind of features. Yeah. So if there was one that said, this is only at these restaurants are in this Eleanor and this website, for example. Would you prefer that over one that was also in Dan Murphy's? Oh, it's nothing, It's boutique. If it's in So there waas that sort of exclusivity, sort of. The message to it is something that you'd be looking for. Yes, another concept that they're testing out is where a portion off the profits from the site go back into helping new across the wineries. Theories get off the ground. What do you think of that idea? If it's not gonna cost me more? Sure. But if it's just gonna enter the cost of the bottle, I don't really see why you know you're funding. This is for this. Yeah, that's like that's long of interest to me. So that was it looked like on site, Any part of your purchases going towards it? I suppose it depends on the way it's of would like if it's, you know, sometimes you have a donation to the end, help and you want makeup. But if I kiss, I thought it was adding to the cost of everybody of one I was buying, but I be Yeah, OK, that's what it have to be a small amount. It couldn't be like you don't say holding a double. Even that seems a bit much. You invite your closing line, it's Yeah, I e. Appreciate fingers. Yeah. What did they What did they added? In a a way for you to sort of pre order or somehow purchase of a bottle, one picks a bottle or or something to help them rather than just have you ever have you heard of Thank you water And they do that hands. So yes, that's sort of the that Via came from. I was thinking about doing that sort of thing, but for I suppose it's different when it's not charity as well. It's kind of like if you helping someone from the wondering, it's coming, we're stopping someone sort of. So I hope you project that they got It's not really, like was fading the tragedy in literature. It's like I'm helping you sort of want every like, Is that video what I need? Teoh? Yeah, I kind of feel like that's you want to sell the one where you go Funny? Yeah, something to change the world if you start Yes, compared to that. Thank you. Water mission. It feels kind of silly. Yeah. If there was an option at the end of like, you know, you if there was a startup like a friend of mine in the state so that he bought into it, it's like a one club. And it was all new wineries that come on, say, so paid $40 a month. And he said, You just go wine from all these new wineries because it's similar in that sense. But you're getting a return for you $40 up from the front. But you get something back for it rather than just saying he's a money and grace Taiwan Torrian That seems me. It has been like charity. And it's like, Well, if I'm giving to charity, it's doing charity. No, for someone to stop. Yeah, that's OK. Yes. You mentioned that one that you're saying is that Do you know anyone out to does that sort of stuff? Like, sort of like getting a new I don't know. I don't know. Anyone else that doesn't have never heard of it over here Certainly wanna race. Is that you get oh, a case of one from them every three months, then is often the stuff you can select. What you want to go in there and some type cities? Yeah, but I don't know anywhere insensitive. You pay a subscription of them. I want to show something your door terms, and then you can be taken. So the one that you subscribed to was that one that you visited. So just sign up there to get there. Yeah. And you also get you get you get a discount on what you buy and you will see you to discount. When you go to wondering which one of that, um think, speak. Do you feel it is my favorite one I have ever seen. Wine in a store. Separation things Law E had a few drinks. What kind of everything? But is there any anything else, I guess, Any other ideas in the other feedback of things that you think a new wine e commerce site should keep in mind? Teoh. People like you happy? Oh, no. If it's if it's a new site, maybe you could say like featured wines. I don't know if they should be cheaper on offer. If they like people really want to push selling them. Um, as I said, Look, I'm quite Prester than so it's a new more anything what he wants him to about it, you know, discount for it. I think if it was really boutique fight focused, it would do well. But it kind of can't do the cross over like you can't should have gone by from that one side from it's like Then it just sort of leases. Yeah, anything. I mean on a dem. It's huge. Sorry, if that's quite specific, Yeah, To differentiate yourself, you have to have very, very chic. Well, maybe take but very small wonder, resulting Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think featuring sort of the number of bottles or whatever it is like you said, it's Yeah, it's suppose that's what gives it that whole limited edition thing as well, because it's like over. There's only in 500 bottles of this kind of seems if when you buying it, that's something I mean, you like if you did land on a page that was like some roses that they had and it was something that was like only 500 made and so I didn't say anything like that that sort of influence. Which one you like? I think it would add to it like if you sort of especially, I think that with a combination of sort of reviews and you know, a decent description of what it's like. OK, this sounds like it fits my building. Then there's anything spinning off it. It's more of a on each block now. I can't come back, but yeah, OK, so I think that would really help them. It's so more knowing that, Yeah, there's only this much for Giusto, but I want to get in on that, not necessarily choosing one together. But decide if two by now. Yeah, OK, it's places. Well, because it's like it's made in order that I do every week. So if I'm doing it's a month later, every two or three months. If it's there now, don't be there the next time. So if someone had recommended it, we'll have to get it now. Yeah, Okay. Well, thank you so much for your help.