Get Started Painting - A Beginners Guide To Painting in Oils or Acrylics | Rod Moore | Skillshare

Get Started Painting - A Beginners Guide To Painting in Oils or Acrylics

Rod Moore, Artist & Art Teacher

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20 Videos (8h 11m)
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About This Class

Get Started Painting – Online CourseMaster The Fundamentals Every Artist Needs To Know Including Values, Colour, Composition & More In The 6 Online Video Modules & Workbook   GET STARTED PAINTING – ONLINE COURSE Master The Fundamentals Every Artist Needs To Know Including Values, Colour, Composition & More In The 6 Online Video Modules & Workbook   The Get Started Painting – Home Study course is for those looking to develop their skills as artists by mastering the fundamental principles every good artist knows. The course comes in 6 Video Modules and a manual and is designed for you to study and work through at your own pace in the comfort of home. By the time you complete the course your skills as an artist will be greatly improved. Here is what we cover on the 6 Video Modules: Video Module 1 – Introduction + What Makes A Painting Great In the first video module we introduce you to the key fundamentals of a great painting … Values, Colour & Composition. We look at the paintings of masters and examine how they have applied these fundamentals to paint great paintings. Video Module 2 – Introduction To Values We start our journey by looking at Values and how to mix a simple 5 value scale. We then apply this scale to basic shapes and objects so you understand how to create paintings that have a three dimensional feel and capture light and shade. Video Module 3 – Values Applied In video module 3 we further explore Values and how you apply them to painting from life. We set up a number of still life exercises for you and walk you through them step-by-step. Video Module 4 – Colour Now that we understand Values we now start to apply this knowledge to Colour. We look at the Colour Wheel, primary, secondary and complimentary colours, and how to mix colour correctly. We continue to paint still life paintings this time applying both Values and Colour to the painting exercises. Video Module 5 – Composition Now we take it to another step … we introduce some of the key composition elements such as the rule of thirds, ariel perspective, framing a painting, and the s shape composition. Master these and your paintings will start to come alive. Video Module 6 – Painting the Ponte Vecchio in Florence In our final video module we paint the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence. This painting captures everything we have learnt in the course such as composition, ariel perspective, rule of thirds, framing a picture, colour and values. It is a great example of capturing the light in a painting. The Get Started Painting – Home Study course covers everything you need to know to really start to master your painting.





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Rod Moore

Artist & Art Teacher

Rod Moore is the founder of Moore Art School and the creator of the Moore Method of Painting. He has taught hundreds of students to paint in his one day workshops and more then 20,000 globally through his online courses on learning to paint.

Living in Noosa, Queensland Rod draws his inspiration from the natural beauty of the amazing coast and beaches he is surrounded by, and the breathtaking beauty of the hinterland region.

Rod is the creator and star of two TV shows, Plein...

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