Get Started & Find Success Freelancing on Upwork in 2018

Stephanie Danforth, Designer & Entrepreneur

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22 Lessons (1h 25m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. The Mindset You Need To Succeed

    • 3. Freelancing Basics: What To Freelance In

    • 4. Freelancing Basics: Your Goals

    • 5. Upwork Policies

    • 6. Set Up Your Profile: Write A Killer Title & Use Your Tags!

    • 7. Set Up Your Profile: Pricing Yourself for Success

    • 8. Set Up Your Profile: Crafting A Great Overview

    • 9. Set Up Your Profile: Leveraging Your Portfolio

    • 10. Set Up Your Profile: Add Certifications & Employment History

    • 11. Set Up Your Profile: Complete Your Profile With Education & Other Experiences

    • 12. Finding Projects: Filtering Basics

    • 13. Finding Projects: Filtering By Budget

    • 14. Finding Projects: Filtering By Project Length & Hours Per Week

    • 15. Finding Projects: Looking For Projects In Unusual Categories

    • 16. Finding Projects: The Most Useful Filters

    • 17. Finding Projects: Browsing Jobs On Upwork

    • 18. Finding Projects: Strategically Submit Your Applications

    • 19. Writing Proposals: A Breakdown of My Job Winning Proposal Technique

    • 20. Writing Proposals: Submitting Your Proposal

    • 21. Communicating with Clients

    • 22. Thanks for taking this course!


About This Class

Learn from a 100% Top Rated Freelancer!

See how 100% Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork, Steph Danforth, found success on the massive freelance platform, Upwork. Whether you are an experienced freelancer or have never worked for yourself before, this course will show you how to optimize your efforts on Upwork for success.

Understand Upwork and Learn How to Find Success by Standing Out From the Crowd.

  • The mindset you need to succeed on Upwork
  • Choosing a niche for freelance work
  • Setting up an amazing profile
  • Finding (and landing!) high quality, well-paying projects
  • Best practices for communicating with clients

Be Successful on a Major Freelancing Platform
Learning how to be successful on a major platform such as Upwork is a huge advantage as a freelancer. If you can optimize for success on Upwork, you will never have to fear being without work!

Upwork can be intimidating. There are thousands of jobs posted every week and an equal number of freelancers who will compete with you for work (many of whom are willing to work for less than $5 per hour). Luckily, you can succeed on Upwork at higher rates, and I’ll show you some of my tricks for standing out from the crowd.

What We’ll Cover
I’ve designed this course to be relevant for people with a wide range of freelancing experience. Even if you have never freelanced or worked online, I will help you narrow your focus and find a suitable niche to pursue as a freelancer.

The course will show you how to navigate the massive platform that is Upwork, starting with your very own profile. A thorough and fine-tuned profile is one of the keys to being successful on Upwork, and I’m going to show you what has worked for me as a top-rated Upwork freelancer.

After setting up your profile, I’ll show you how to search for jobs. While this might sound simple, finding worthwhile jobs can be extremely time-consuming and difficult. Many of the jobs you’ll see are not worth pursuing. I’ll show you how to use Upwork’s extensive filtering and tag systems to uncover the best jobs, both in pay and client quality.

Once you’ve found jobs that you’re interested in, you’ll need to know how to “sell yourself” to clients in order to win the contract. You’ll learn my best tips for writing excellent, attention-grabbing proposals that consistently impress clients and result in work!

The final ingredient in being a world-class freelancer on Upwork is to maintain excellent communication with your clients as you work. This is often the skill that separates struggling freelancers to those who are making 6-figures or more! As a top-rated Upwork freelancer, I’ve learned the best practices for communicating with clients, and I’ll help you do the same!

I look forward to seeing you in the course! By the time you’ve completed every lecture, you’ll be equipped to tackle the Upwork platform and be on your way to becoming a successful, top-rated freelancer! 

Why Choose Me & This Course?

I got my WHOLE start as a freelancer by starting on Elance/Upwork, despite many people telling me I couldn't find good projects or clients through Upwork. I grew my whole business through Upwork and know it inside and out. Now, I consistently have a 100% Top Rated Freelancer for my profile on Upwork and I regularly work with good, well-paying clients. 

I'm made many mistakes along the way to get to where I am now. So you can rest assured that I didn't just piece together all of this info from other courses or articles online. Everything in my course has been tested and refined through my own personal experience!

By taking my course, you'll learn in a couple hours what has taken me years to learn, research, and document for being successful on Upwork.