Get Selling Online Courses Quickly and Easily with Gumroad

Rob Wilson, Building Business Through Technology

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14 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Why take this course?

    • 2. Your Options When Selling a Course

    • 3. Signing Up on Gumroad

    • 4. What you need before creating a class

    • 5. Creating a Cover Image

    • 6. Creating and Publishing Your First Course

    • 7. Seeing What the Customer Sees - Testing

    • 8. Adding other product options.

    • 9. Customers and Customer Service

    • 10. Setting Up Affiliates on Gumroad

    • 11. What happens if you Upgrade

    • 12. Exporting Customers & Importing Customers

    • 13. Connecting Gumroad to An Email Provider

    • 14. Wrap Up


About This Class

Selling Online Courses is a Great Way to Earn Extra Income. 

If you are just starting out in selling your own online courses then keeping it simple is the best route to follow.

If you already have courses on other platforms like udemy or skillshare then quick adding sales under your control is a must.

With just a title, a quick description and your course files you can create your own sales platform using The process takes less than 15 mins. 

Supplement your own marketing efforts with the Discover program in Gumroad.

Watch step by step as a course sales page is built and then enhanced.

Course Content

  • Signing up on Gumroad
  • Setting up your profile
  • Creating a course cover image 
  • Creating your product page
  • Previewing from a client point of view -testing
  • Additional Product Options
  • Customer Service 
  • Setting up Affiliates
  • What is enhanced if you upgrade to the paid version of Gumroad

Use the class project to showcase your new course to other students.