Get Parents to Volunteer for School Events | Jen Cosgrove | Skillshare

Get Parents to Volunteer for School Events

Jen Cosgrove, School Volunteer Leader and Trainer

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7 Videos (13m)
    • Class Preview

    • Set Key Dates

    • Figure Out Volunteer Needs

    • Make it Easy to Say "YES!"

    • Spread the Word

    • Say Thank You!

    • Wrap Up & Questions?


About This Class


Learn how to get busy parents to volunteer so your next school event will be a big success!

Veteran school volunteer leader, Jen Cosgrove, will walk you through proven steps for getting parents to volunteer for school events of any type or size.

You’ll learn how to:

1 - Set Key Dates: Using volunteer-sign-up deadlines to motivate parents

2 - Figure Out Your Volunteer Needs: Creating manageable jobs for leaders and helpers

3 – Make it easy for parents to say “YES!”: Offering specific volunteer opportunities using online and paper sign-ups

4 – Spread the Word: Repeat a positive message across all channels

5 – Say THANK YOU: Appreciating your way to easier recruiting in the future

This class is for any new or experienced volunteer leader, like event chairs, board members, and volunteer coordinators, who need proven steps for getting busy parents to volunteer.





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Jen Cosgrove

School Volunteer Leader and Trainer

I’m Jen Cosgrove, and I create valuable resources for caring, hardworking school parent group leaders, like you. My goal is to help you do even more good for your kids and your school, with less time and stress.

I’ve served as a school volunteer leader for the past eight years. During that time, I've helped raise hundreds of volunteers for auctions, field day events, dances, enrichment programs, talent shows, community service events, fun runs, annual appeals, golf tourname...

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