Get Paid To Write Online [eBooks, CopyWriting & List Posts] | Venkata Phanindra Kumar Vepuri | Skillshare

Get Paid To Write Online [eBooks, CopyWriting & List Posts]

Venkata Phanindra Kumar Vepuri, Entrepreneur, Web Developer & Instructor

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8 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction What To Expect & What Not To Expect

    • 2. Generate Revenue With eBook

    • 3. Choose Your eBook Topic

    • 4. Create Your eBook

    • 5. Market Your eBook

    • 6. Copywriting Basics

    • 7. What are List Posts ?

    • 8. How To Write A Good List Post ?


About This Class

This course helps you to understand various types of writing that pay for your writings.

Please note that this course doesn't explain about direct article writing on making money using iWriter etc.

Instead this course explains about basics related to

  • How to generate revenue using eBooks targeting blog readers
  • What is Copywriting
  • How To Generate Revenue using List Posts etc.





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Venkata Phanindra Kumar Vepuri

Entrepreneur, Web Developer & Instructor

Phanindra is an Engineer by Profession and worked in INFOSYS for about 5 years in the area of Software Development and Technical Support.

Apart from his software job, Phanindra started his online journey working as a freelancer in 2007. Since then, he has learnt several strategies related to Affiliate Marketing,Blogging, & SEO. His strengths include ability to customize any template or wordpress theme using PHP, JQuery, HTML5 & other concepts.

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