Get Organized: Easily Plan a Command Centre | Virginia Noseworthy | Skillshare

Get Organized: Easily Plan a Command Centre

Virginia Noseworthy, Helping YOU "Create Something Every Day"

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5 Videos (18m)
    • Introduction

    • 2. 10 Easy Steps to A Command Centre

    • 3. Map Your Space - How To & Tips

    • 4. DIY Demo - Dry Erase Board & Chalk Board

    • 5. Step 8,9,10 & Project Time!


About This Class

Do you need to organize and simply your life?

Planning anything can be a daunting task. Planning to plan can be even harder to wrap the head around.  In this class you will learn how to plan a command centre that works specifically for you. What a command centre is, and how to create it, step by step. By learning how to map out the space you wish to use, and identify the objects you need to purchase or diy, you will be able to take your organizing to a whole new level. These tips will also enable you to plan a photo gallery wall or use to plan any type of wall décor. I will share with you tips and tricks and other ideas on how to upcycle items you may already have to use in organizing, like a picture frame dry erase board or a cookie sheet magnet board and a no mess removable chalkboard.

Does your home office, kitchen, craft/hobby room, child’s room, garage/workshop need a little help? Even if you use planners, bullet journals, an online calendar, or a calendar app, you can benefit from the tips in this class. Have you ever been in the middle of something, when someone, or several someone's ask you "what's for dinner"? It's a simple fix. Let me show you in the class.

Supplies Needed for this class

  • A Pencil, Pen or markers in several colors
  • Some paper – copy paper works great
  • Masking tape or Painter’s tape


Print out the Get Organized: Plan a Command Centre Workbook,

Found Here

You may also use larger paper for the Map on the Wall technique (brown shipping paper, roll wrapping paper, newsprint, etc.)





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Virginia Noseworthy

Helping YOU "Create Something Every Day"

My "Happy Place" is creating, whether painting, doodling or just baking something for dessert. You will find me doing or learning how to do. It is my wish to help guide you to doing what makes you happy. Giving you planning tips to have more time for doing the things you love, not spending time looking for something or trying to remember something. Work is great, but you also need time to yourself for the simple things in life. Let me help you.

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